Warning: Finished copied review campaigns seem to be in vogue. Check out my SuperSonic scam review? 12 finished sales pages that you can not use to make money online.

But now let us dive in and see what SuperSonic is all about.

Not long ago I reviewed and tested a very similar plugin, “WP Affiliate Machine“, a few days ago I wanted to claim my 30-day money-back guarantee and return the product. Failure, no money back!!!

I have now also bought a copy of this SuperSonic affiliate marketing program to test the function and the real value for you.

You have chosen to consult a review before investing your money and time into another promising fast money product. Right at the beginning I would like to warn you, don’t get too excited, as usual with offers that sound too good to be true this one turns out not to deliver what is promised.

Content: What is SuperSonic (SS)

SuperSonic Quicky.


Not Recommended

  • Product Name: SoperSonic.
  • URL: https://getsupersonic.net
  • Name of the founders: Anthony Mancuso und Paul Nicholls April 2019.
  • Product type: WP plugin and 12 complete affiliate marketing product campaigns.
  • Good for: The owner and vendors.
  • In words: SS comes with a plugin for WordPress sites. You can use a review template to create your own or the provided reviews. Some training is included in the bonuses.
  • The best part: Only $12.95.
  • Recommended? Β NO

Why do I write about SuperSonic?

Well, one trick to get visitors to an article is the so-called “launch jacking” technique, which means searching for new products and writing an article about the product and use the title as keyword.

SuperSonic came out a few days ago on Warrior Plus, my hope now is that a number of interested customers decide to read my review.

Furthermore, I am still interested in all new affiliate marketing related products, firstly because they may be of interest to me or because of you, who may be interested in my opinion.

This is also the first product out of the kitchen of Anthony Mancuso and Paul Nicholls that I am examining. Both are not unknown in the scene and to get more knowledge about my niche I have to get to know all these product creators and their products.


The video is a small introduction to the SuperSonic system. The first almost 11 minutes are about the program itself, the rest is not that important, because the creator shows his bonuses.

“Not taught at school” unfortunately does not test if the program works but in the following I will do it myself. Not taught at school should better say that such reviews are not credible.

That would be something that is not taught at school. The video is unfortunately just another example of misleading promotional reviews. It is scarce explained what the product should deliver, what it promises, but does not say the truth about the quality.

What do you get if you buy SuperSonic?

Who are Anthony Mancuso und Paul Nicholls?

SuperSonic Scam Review Anthony Mancuso und Paul Nicholls

These are also like you and me two normal people who realized at some point in their life that working for a boss does not bring what they need.

Anthony, like me could not work officially since he emigrated abroad to his wife and Paul’s key event was that he was unsuccessful with online poker.

In 2014, Anthony Mancuso got in touch with internet marketing. He says he spent a whole year learning as much as possible. Like all of us, he has had his negative experiences, has lost a lot of time and money by getting ripped off by various “fast money online” programs. (Like the one he wants to sell now)

With time, however, he learned how SEO works and his first money online, he has made with selling leads to Local companies in Denmark where he settled with his wife and child.

He has refined his system and then started to offer his first own courses. You can visit his website here or his FB page here.

Paul Nicholls is an ex-US Marine soldier. He started to get interested in online marketing in 2008. It took him about 5 years to become self-employed in the profession.

SuperSonic Scam Review Paul Nicholls Statement.

Today he is happy about his financial freedom and enjoys working without a boss from wherever he enjoys it. Of course, he also has his blog and FB page.

What is the SuperSonic front end exactly?

SuperSonic Scam Review SuperSonic Dashboard

Right here at the beginning, I must say, that I am very disappointed by SuperSonic and the operators.

  • The plugin does not work as described.
  • I do not get an answer to my complaint emails.
  • I have already lost hours with this crap.

Once you have you logged into SuperSonic you come to the SS Dashboard. Here you find a welcome video, 12 videos about the products that you can automatically publish and sell, (does not work). And a video of how to install the whole thing and a last video about the bonus offers.

The products for which you have a ready-made affiliate campaign and review page are all Warrior+ products and thus very short-lived products. I have examined 2 of them, both have been sold from last year and a total of only about 3000 times.

SuperSonic Scam Review Fuego Multiplier

SuperSonic Scam Review Blistering

The chance that you can make money with these offers, today with the increasing competition, since all the SuperSonic customers will want to sell the same products, in my opinion, is extremely low.

The following products are included:

You can download the review page and video, get the affiliate links and get the complete email funnel sequence.

  • Blistering.
  • Contenu.
  • Fuego
  • Multiplier.
  • Proximity.
  • EZ Passive Paydays.
  • SuperSonic. (this data is not available)
  • El Bandito.
  • Limitless.
  • Golden Ticket.
  • Compoundly.
  • Flipadom.
  • The Trinity.

With Compoundly or with SuperSonic I wanted to start a trial on my test website to see if I can make any sales. But since the plugin does not work, that does not work.

SuperSonic Scam Review Where

I do not really know what to write here anymore. The program does not work, that’s enough, in my opinion, to strongly advise against it.

The plugin I was able to install and activate but unfortunately, the insertion of the prepared reviews does not work as shown in the video. It does not work at all.

As a second feature coming from the SuperSonic plugin, you can use a review creation template. At least this seems to work.

SuperSonic Scam Review Selber Review erstellen

But what do I need this plugin when I finally have to do everything myself. As a beginner, you will have your problems only to understand what you have to enter into this template.

I, as one who has been creating reviews for a while, have my templates created already, those that represent my style.

All in all, I think this SuperSonic offer is a pure SuperSonic crash, I can only hope that I get my money back quickly.

oh, I’ve almost forgotten, there are still a few bonuses involved with SuperSonic. So, if you buy the SuperSonic basic package you also have access to the following bonus offers.

The following features are offered as bonus:

Bonus 1, Fast Cash Cheat Sheet: In 6 steps you will find out how to use SuperSonic. I think I’m getting fooled again, what’s that, a bonus? If you don’t get instructions about how to work with the purchased product, well then I do not know. 0 out of 100 points!

Bonus 2, Emergency Cash Booster: 5 modules plus another bonus set. Module 1, is a video about launch jacking created in mid-May last year. Very boring and incomprehensible for beginners.

Module 2, is a pay per call affiliate marketing training, I’ve never heard of it myself. You have to try to get potential customers to call your chosen company and get a commission for each call.

Module 3 is a Craiglist marketing strategy that Anthony used to do, but dismissed because of too little profit. Module 4, is a case study on niche websites, actually the most valuable thing I’ve found on this platform.

Module 5, this is about a search term strategy that Anthony uses, specifically, he appends the words “near me” in the search term and doing local marketing. (Nothing new too).

Well, that’s all well and good, but if his actual SuperSonic offer would be of some value you would not have to take these emergency cash strategies to heart.

Bonus 3, Step by Step Video Training: Oh well, that’s not a bonus because this video is included in the program LOL. Why is it on this list here?

Bonus 4, 48 hours, full case studies: In this bonus, you will be referred to another website, P1 Profits and this is actually a complete training program on the topic of affiliate marketing.

In my opinion, the Videos are not very professional, lengthy and repeat only some lessons in affiliate marketing, but have nothing to do with the actual SuperSonic Scam.

Bonus 5, SuperSonic Vault: (Included in the program)

Again, all in all, a very improvised and confusing compiled bonus Package that gives me the impression to be present only as a shiny object. Two parts are already present in the program, why have they listed again as titles of bonuses?

They have to offer as many bonuses as possible today so people will buy something.

I do not like all this mouse caching tactics. Nowhere has it been mentioned that you need your own Website to use SuperSonic, that might be more important than all the promises and bonus gifts.

Mein Test Project with SuperSonic

There is no project, sorry, the program is not working and I have no desire to wait any longer for a supporting answer from Paul.

I recently created an extra review website, first to test WP Affiliate Machine, you can visit the website here. The Affiliate Machine plugin worked, but what it has delivered is just as unuseful as SuperSonic.

At WP Affiliate Machine, I did not even get my money back, as the small print of the warranty statement says that only technical faults which can’t be fixed by the operators can be claimed for Warranty.

Who can take advantage of the SuperSonic Scam?

Again, I can not say too much. Actually, only Anthony, Paul, and all the affiliate marketers can benefit if you buy the product. As an end user, in my opinion, you can not benefit from SuperSonic.

The longer the more I notice, that for end consumers of products sold at Warrior Plus is not much value to start with.

Lately, I’ve been investigating some new products coming out of this affiliate platform. The bottom line is that the main purpose of these products is to make money by reselling them as an affiliate.

Unfortunately, this does not work for me I do not want to damage my reputation by selling junk to you just to earn a few or even a lot of dollars.

As you can see in the latest reviews I’ve published here:

Is nothing that I can recommend with a full heart. On the other hand, I can’t just rate everything with only one star. In part, some of the programs at least and have a certain value, at least if you think about what they cost.

Most Warrior plus front end products are very cheap for the first time. This is a sales tactic, then once you have bought the front end you quickly realize that what is promised cannot be achieved.

As a next step many customers don’t want to give up too easy and again believe the copy writing of the upsells and spend more and more.

Generally, I have to say here, do not go for “fast money systems” such systems do not exist, the only one who makes quick money with these offers is the creator of the program and the few super affiliates who specialize in selling such products giving false statements, mostly with YouTube video and website reviews and email campagnes.

I can at least benefit from such products by researching them, and then, when I write a detailed, 4-5 thousand words long review I can get some traffic to my website.

If I react fast enough and publish an article with the product name in the title I have a good chance to land on the first page in Google search results and I can publish a warning if the product is really that bad.

Unfortunately, this is a lot of work and I can hardly keep up with so many new products being brought to market.

SuperSonic OTOs 1-4

Also SuperSonic offers an additional products package for an additional cost. Right at the beginning after the purchase of SuperSonic, you will overwhelm with various OTOs that promise to improve the product.

I have also looked at these offers, only from the outside, because I do not want to risk more money and in the following, I write what I notice.

OTO 1, Traffic Explosion PRO, $37.00 once.

(It’s warned that the price is going up, today it’s only $27.00.) ???

In this upsell, you’ll be promised traffic strategies that are new and unknown and that should multiply your earnings fast.

Included in the product you’ll find:

  • An “over the shoulder” training that shows you how you can see great results with the traffic methods shown in the program.
  • 5 Traffic strategies that cost nothing and that you can use without any problems right now.
  • 3 Paid traffic strategies which are cheap and immediately attract visitors to your offers.
  • A cheat sheet that shows how you can use these traffic strategies quickly and catapult your earnings to $ 10’000 a month.
  • All of these included Traffic methods are beginner friendly, proven to be functional and show quick results.

SuperSonic Scam Review SS PRO

Well, as usual, all the world knows that generating Traffic is very difficult or expensive. Here you see another program that promises the opposite.

If you are new to the affiliate business and want to offer your products online to make money you need traffic, that’s right. But what’s wrong is that there are methods that make this much easier.

There are well-known online portals, YouTube, internet search engines, and social media. In all these portals, it is necessary to slowly build up a reputation and publish a large amount of content.

There are also paid strategies, of course, but who buys from someone he does not know, a product he already got offered so many times before?

I claim these methods and strategies do not work for you, they may work for experienced online marketers who already have a large email subscriber list and have regular traffic on their online presentations.

I can tell you if there were such secret methods I would know that and Anthony and Paul would not spend their time creating programs, but earning money using their own strategies.

OTO 2, Unlimited Traffic Siphon, $197.00 once.

SuperSonic Scam Review OTO 2

Another one-time traffic add-on, this time a siphon. With this upsell, you’re promised a method to generate even more and easier traffic.

Now you’re on your way to being a millionaire LOL, before you spent $37 to earn $10’000 a month, now, again $197 for, that must be at least 40’000/month, that’s huge πŸ™‚

The OTO2 includes:

  • Step by step training that shows exactly how to get results quickly with this unprecedented traffic method.
  • Traffic siphon cheat sheet so setting up this siphon is super easy and you can see tons of traffic in no time.
  • A case study to show how the SuperSonic team works with the Unlimited Traffic Siphon and earns a daily income of $ XXX.

I thought the OTO one was a guarantee that you could earn a XXX dollar income. That seems, as I said above, to not quite work. Therefore, you are now tempted to buy a really expensive additional upsell that promises the same again.

Stupid is who makes the same mistake several times, I think they want to sell you stupid. But apparently, such tactics work to sell things. It is reckoned that since you have already spent a lot of money, you do not want to give up and keep investing until success becomes apparent.

This is applied psychology in sales πŸ™‚

SuperSonic Scam Review OTO 2 nur 50

The urgency is now also increased by the fact that it is claimed that only 50 customers are accepted for this addition. These sayings are getting boring.

Of course, if you want to offer SuperSonic as an affiliate seller, nothing is said about the fact that only 50 copies of the OTO 2 are on sale because it is not the fact.

OTO 3, Done For You, $47.00, one time payment.

These “Done for you” campaigns seem to be in fashion right now. This is not the first program that promises to do everything for you so that you only have to count your earnings.

Here at SuperSonic the all done for you have 5 complete campaigns included. It is not said what the products are.

SuperSonic Scam Review Nur eine Kampagne OTO 3

In the picture above: It is claimed, however, that only one of these campaigns raised $14,264.20. But if you look a little closer, where I’ve drawn the arrow, you can see that there are actually 48 products that record this revenue.

You get that with the OTO 3:

  • The 5 Best Completed Money Make campaigns you can use it immediately for you.
  • Proven to work review sites with sales-boosting advertising.
  • The related review videos that are already rehearsed and thus already exist on YouTube.
  • 5 Email campaigns for the corresponding product campaigns. (Same as the SuperSonic Front End product for 12 products.)
  • Training to show you how to make $14,264.20 with the help of each of these 5 product campaigns.

In my humble opinion, these are just 5 more products coming to the collection of the 12 already received in the SuperSonic frontend, which does not work as well known.

A total hype, $47 for something you got in the beginning for about $5.00. That these products could bring a little more income if you can sell them is possible but not explicitly mentioned.

What should be so special about these products, I can not determine. In a Facebook post, I read that when you buy this OTO or the basic version, it was not clear, for ever you get always the latest products campaigns. (But I would not rely on that.)

SuperSonic Scam Review Bonus zu OTO 3

As an extra bonus, you will be given 3 bonus packages when you purchase OTO 3. What these include is not written anywhere, and if they are as valuable as the rest I’ve studied so far, it’s not worth the time to look at them.

OTO 4, Become A Super Affiliate, $397.00, One Time.

SuperSonic Scam Review OTO 4
Click the image to play the video.

Wow, that’s just madness LOL. Become a super-affiliate, I want that too, I already have the right website for it LOL. Oh, you not yet? Well, unfortunately, you will have to start from the beginning.

But I can confess that, although I’ve been working on this website for more than a year, I’m still far from being a super affiliate. If you think Anthony is able to teach you how to do this faster with his OTO 4, please try it.

I’m not convinced, the only thing what I have seen in this video is that you should learn how to sell bad products. Even if that works for some, the market is not infinitely large for such products.

Every day, more potential customers learn that such Warrior+ offers can not be relied on. Besides, I can say from my own experience, it is very difficult to compete with the existing top sellers.

My thoughts about SuperSonic?

Well, the name is good, SuperSonic, because you just do not think of a program that does not work. I wonder if this review is ever found under the search term SuperSonic.

What else do I think about this new supersonic money making instrument? Nothing good, nothing that I want to write here. Except that I want to finish this report as quickly as possible to get on and start my next review. By the way again a not too positive but I think interesting review πŸ™‚

SuperSonic Scam Review No Answer from Paul

I really wonder when the first bad letter comes from the guys I write about? So far, my website is only visited by about 30 readers every day but that can change quickly:)

All I can do is spend my hard earned money to test a product, money I never make back with the purchased service. If, as in this case, the product doesn’t even work I can try to get help from the operators. But when even this fails my review will certainly be very negative.

So what I think is, stay away from SuperSonic otherwise your money and effort and the time you lose trying to run the program economically is gone faster than supersonic speed.

And whether you or I ever see our claimed refund is very questionable by looking at the email response time I experience so far.

SuperSonic Pros and Cons

  • Some videos with possibly interesting content.
  • The plugin doesn't work right.
  • Only 11 of the 12 reviews are available.
  • Even if the plugin would work, you can't make money with copied reviews.
  • No Support.
  • Too many too big promises.
  • Doesn't save time.
  • Too many expensive OTOs.
  • The products promoted are outdated.

Conclusion: SuperSonic Scam Review?


Not recommended

SuperSonic Scam Review Title

Once again, a reprocessing program is offered, this time by SuperSonic. You should pay for helping the creators of various obsolete products to resell them.

You must have a website that uses WordPress to install the SuperSonic plugin. I’ve tried it, but at the moment it does not work right. Maybe it’ll work someday, then you can post 12, currently 11 completely created landing pages, sales review pages on your website.

So you get 12 pre-made review posts to which you can attach your affiliate links to earn commissions by selling these products. You also get the complete email templates for each product, a number of emails that you can send to your email list subscribers as automation.

In addition, you can use a review builder template installed on the plugin to create more reviews looking the way reviews are currently in vogue. Last but not least, there are some affiliate marketing lessons or information videos that you can consider in case of your failure with SuperSonic.

In my opinion, SuperSonic is a complete failure. I think no value is provided and the benefits you get are like none. Not only are copied website articles a very bad idea due to Google labeling them as a duplicate and will ban them far back in search results.

Also, the products you’re offered the copied reviews are already out of date and therefore hard to sell.

You will be shown various traffic methods because, without traffic, you can’t sell your goods one way or another, but these traffic methods are far more difficult to accomplish than promised or they cost more than you think.

In my opinion, the idea of ​​making money on the internet is basically a very good idea but with products like SuperSonic and all “shiny objects” a-like you have no chance in my opinion.

If I were you I would look for a program that teaches affiliate marketing from the ground up and provides the necessary tools. Come with me to the next chapter and see what I have to offer.

My recommendation, learn Affiliate Marketing from scratch!!!

Look, with copying 12 or even 100 reviews, that do not even tell the truth or really help anyone, you will not be successful in the long run.

However, you can become an affiliate marketing professional yourself by learning the business from the ground up.

Especially in the “Make Money Online” niche, the competition fight is extremely fierce, if you work with cheap shortcut promises you will never see a dollar.

I have invested in my business for over a year now, I’m still not there, However, what I have achieved during this time is that my articles are starting to appear on the first page in Google search results.

Where I got my knowledge, today thousands are very successful. Most of them are 2 or more years active already, but now they know how affiliate marketing and SEO really work.

We work with the least expensive methods to generate traffic. We have website hosting included and we have an SEO keyword research tool included.

If you are serious about getting into the online business, why not do it right? Try “Home Of Affiliate Marketing” for 7 days for free, on your first free website.

Forget all the tempting offers that get you started for a small starting price, followed by expensive upsells but eventually still can’t help you get successful.

==> Come and learn what everyone who wants to become successful online has to know, don’t waste time, time is money πŸ™‚ <==

Enough, Thanks

That’s it for today, the SuperSonic flop is not exactly what you need, I think. Do it like me and take your future in hand and become a professional affiliate marketer with Wealthy Affiliate.

It was interesting to see an extremely unpleasant product again. Sometimes I’m not sure if my reviews are accurate. In this case, I’m convinced that you best forget SuperSonic.

Let’s move on, next I write about the review website of a colleague, regardless of all facts, each new product he claims as “highly recommended”, even SuperSonic LOL.

Is this the future of reviews, I hope not and now I have to announce a warning about such “review” websites.

See you there, good luck, Stefan πŸ™‚ asuperaffiliate.com