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A new affiliate business training, Daily Cash Siphon Review can you really earn as much money with this “new” system as is promised? Which secret is behind it? Is there a way to make money online after only a few days?

I think it’s great that you take the time here to look at a review of the Daily Cash Siphon before you buy the product.

Not so that you should buy DCS from me and benefit from oh so valuable bonuses, but so that you understand what you may get involved.

It is promised so much nowadays, especially in this money online earning sector. I have been active in the business for some time now and would like to help you use your money and your time as productively as possible.

The affiliate business model is a long established and legitimate system of making money online but whenever someone wants to promise you that she/he has a quick fix ready, you should be alert.

Daily Cash Siphon (DCS) Review Content:

Short note upfront:

I did not acquire the program myself. However, I have taken the time to learn as much as possible about the DCS offer.

$37.00 as a starter is not in itself an outrageous price for a fairly detailed training program. However, I am already a member of a program that includes everything you can learn from DCS and much more.

Since the DCS program is still fairly new in the market, there are mostly positive articles and videos to find that are only out to sell you the program.

However, I would like to offer an impartial view on DCS.

DCS Quick what is it:


Not recommended

  • Product Name: Daily Cash Siphon.
  • URL:
  • Name of the founder: Chris Parker, Sept. 2018 
  • Product Typ: Affiliate Marketing Training.
  • Price: $37 + + +
  • Good for: The owner and possibly you if you don’t know anything about the business.
  • In words:  DCS offers you a certain amount of training (video training and tasks) to get started with a website. They also recommend ClickBank products that sell well.
  • The good side:  DCS is NOT a scam.
  • Recommended?  NO

Sales Video for Daily Cash Siphon.

What is demonstrated in this video could be true. However, what is completely unexplained is how and where the speaker has sold his ClickBank products.

But that’s the point. As I said, selling using a website, the so-called affiliate business is a thriving and long-tested business method.

But to sell something, you first need customers. This whole process is not mentioned in the video and this process can take years!!!

The Daily Cash Siphon Review - learn the details

The main offer consists in the training course. 10 topics with several lessons and related tasks. The goal is that you finally run a thriving website and offer ClickBank products.

10 Training modules consisting of more or less video lessons.

Basically, it can be said that DCS is a school where you learn “blogging” from the ground up. All important steps are treated and explained by video.

At the beginning, you will probably be asked to create a website. I did not find out where to do that, but there are so many options. (Build a free website here)

Daily Cash Siphon Review Training Modules
Training Modules

Then it’s about how you create a blog. What I miss here is that you will not be alerted to choosing from various niches.

This is probably explained by the fact that all those who use this program finally try to sell online programs. (ClickBank products, such as DCS or many of the same category).

My first concerns about the chances to succeed start now. This is a very limited niche and most of the products you find on ClickBank are not very high quality.

Products I’ve examined:

DCS is talking about brand new products and ones that are hard to find, but that becomes irrelevant the more people try their luck with DCS training.

For each training, there are tasks that you should constantly carry out. This is again a good system. When you put everything into action, your online business grows daily.

Daily Cash Siphon Review Training Detail
Training Detail

It continues with WordPress instructions, the website content creation program that I would also recommend. Also positive is that it explains in this program how you come to free website visitors. You will be introduced to the SEO techniques, keyword research. (Keyword search tools: Jaaxy, Long Tail Pro.

And so on, affiliate networks will be introduced and shown how to use them, email list creation is described and how to promote your blog to as many potential customers as possible.

As you can see, there are a few steps involved to just build the framework of your business. If you still believe that this is possible in a week, you can try 🙂

The second to final training element is called “Fast Fire Daily Cash Method”, and again, this is not something you do not get taught elsewhere.

  • The QFDC system.
  • Use ClickBank.
  • Link a landing page.
  • Plus two places where you can promote your website for money.

All in all, quite extensive but nothing new. If you’re a beginner in the industry, I think you can benefit from your $37.00.

You’ll see, it won’t be fast unless you spend a lot of money on advertising (which I do not recommend, no success guarantee).

You will also learn that you have to invest hours, days, weeks, even months and years to become successful with affiliate marketing as a freshman.

Up Sell Modules.

Up-Sell 1: $197.00

You will receive a finished created Daily Cash Website. Not that it contains a lot of content but rather consists of a sales page and in my opinion, because copied is not preferred by Google.

Question: Why should you do all the above work, even if you could do without it?

Up-Sell 2: $ 187.00

The same in green, a second own DC website that does not bring more than the one you bought in the first upsell.

Question: Why do you need two identical websites?

Up-Sell 3: 97.00

With this offer, you get further training provided. Training in optimizing your web page visitor numbers.

Question: This topic was supposedly already dealt with in the introductory offer, was there something forgotten?

30-Days Plan.

Daily Cash Siphon Review Sales Pitch
Sales Pitch

I could not find out anything about this 30-day timetable except that it’s another video.

What strikes me, though, is that a 30-day plan does not fit the statement in the sales hit, “Start now, under 7 minutes and with only 19 clicks” lol.

Offeres Bonus within the DCS Platform.

Daily Cash Siphon Review Bonus

This part of the program is actual DCS blog articles. I do not know why are called the bonuses, after all, it’s normal for a website to create and publish blog articles.

So far, there are 3 blog articles and 2 PDF instructions that you can download. This part of the program again doesn’t help me gain more trust into DCS.

First, as I said, many articles are part of a website, (This one is currently celebrating 101 posts) and secondly the question, why you need PDF training if you have already received a comprehensive education?

Help and Support

Daily Cash Siphon Review Live Chat
Live Chat

As support, there is the normal email traffic. This usually takes between 1-2 work days to get an answer.

In addition, DCS offers a chat support. Here you can select recommended questions and will automatically be guided to an answer.

Whether and how quickly a self-phrased question can be answered I could not determine.

However, what has been stated is that the person who is being referred to you in the chat as your personal success assistant is actually a freelancer at Brain Station.

Daily Cash Siphon Review Personal Assistant 1
Daily Cash Siphon Review Stock Photo

Affiliate Selling the DCS Program

The sale of DCS is proceeding as expected via ClickBank. If you are already a member you will find the DCS product without any problems otherwise joining is very easy and free.

75% commissions of the sales price are promised. There is also a dedicated website for affiliates of DCS.

Unfortunately, I also have to find out that you are being fooled again by showing a proof of income from the product vendor, not affiliate, so you think affiliate sellers can also earn $175,000.

Daily Cash Siphon Review ClickBank Offer
Daily Cash Siphon Review Resellers Proofe

Why DCS is not my choice.

There are too many improprieties in the game. In my opinion, too often they work with resources that are mainly used by scam products.

Daily Cash Siphon Review Wait, Best Offer
Wait, Best Offer

First, the totally misleading main message. “You’ll get to know the secret of the 30-minute-a-day method”, which is absolute nonsense.

You may be able to learn a business model that works, but if you join in because of the 30-minute mystery, you’ll never learn the whole concept.

Daily Cash Siphon Review Income

Second, the income proofs. Also in the first sales video, you can watch for yourself how the speaker after only 5 days records his first sales.

Only, this evidence was reached on a date since the DCS program was not even on the market, Decembre last year. So this is no proof for nothing.

Third, the incomprehensible Up-Sells. It is trying to sell you a far more expensive product, which should not actually be necessary if the actual product would be worth something.

Fourth, the cheating with the photo in the live chat and lastly, that’s enough for me already, the fraud on income evidence of affiliate sales.

Too much is too much. In my opinion, a good and really valuable program, product, does not need to advertise with all these or not even with one of these methods.

I advise against supporting such a project.

Pros and Cons

My conclusion of Daily Cash Siphon Review


Not recommended

If you’re interested in testing an inadequate education product then DCS is the place to go. The risk is low.

You have a 60-day money back guarantee and you do not have to invest a fortune right from the start.

If you buy the product because the promises of advertising convince you, you will find that all this is not possible. Not with DCS but not with any other program that you can try.

You can create a website and learn how to operate it and serve your clientele. Also, you will learn that if you use DCS you will need a lot of additional service programs for further costs.

Additional costs that apply monthly and which you can avoid if you listen to me.

Best selling alternative try FREE.

The verified recommendation is not so different from the idea that is taught at DCS.

The big difference, however, is that firstly, my program is already being used by 1.5 million+ members plus that you have all the necessary tools included. Websites and host, Keyword tool and content platform and professional plus community support all for one price.

That there are no sudden announcements, “now you have to buy that from us”, guaranteed no up-sells

My number 1 teaches you how to use all affiliate products available in the world (x millions). You can choose your favorite niche and build a website around your passion that recommends products that are important to you, that you know and stand behind.

Let me get to the point 🙂 Just start, for free. If you don’t like this, DCS does not suit you anyway.

Create your FREE WEBSITE now and start the training. 7 Days Free Training.

Nice to meet you 🙂

Well, that was another story. A cheap offer but unfortunately not what I had hoped for. It is a bit frustrating to be constantly bombarded by such questionable products, having to review them and find out that there is really nothing new.

I hope you got a better idea of what you are getting into with Daily Cash Siphon now. I don’t like the whole thing as I said.

If you have more questions about DCS or want to let me know your opinion, feel free to do so below in the comment section.

I say goodbye, for now, the next object is already waiting.

See you next time, all the best, Stefan 🙂