I understand having no job, no income is totally frustrating. Let me show you the easiest business you can start with no money. Come with me, from zero to X !!!

I want to show how you can start a real sustainable and legit business that can make you a lot of money if you stay put. It is an online business model, so future income is safe to assume.

The Easiest Business To Start With No Money- Form Zero To X
The Easiest Business To Start With No Money- Form Zero To X

Too Good To Be True? Not Here!!! You have to invest YOUR time.

Bills are waiting to be paid, family and friends are waiting to be taken care of, and somehow you want to help, providing your share solving these problems.

Jobs are not paying what you deserve and there’s no money what so ever to start your own business. I was in this situation my self but luckily I have found a way to get out of the hole.

Here we are, looking at the screen of a computer and looking for a solution. I can tell you, by just being able to look at my article here the possibility is given to start your own business.

I’m talking about an affiliate marketing website business. You ask me what the heck is that and why shouldn’t that cost money, like everything else?

I ensure you, you can start this for absolutely free. It is work, like every other job you do but you’re your own boss and how much you earn is all in your hands.

Affiliate marketing is in short, recommending other peoples products and earn a commission for every sale. (Affiliate Marketing) (Content Marketing)

Oh-No, you say, this is another pyramid or multi-level marketing scam, but no I say, it is not. It is your website and your affiliate account and every dollar you make is for you.

Why is it for free? I have the opportunity for you to build 2 free websites, have free hosting, training, and get access to an affiliate program that pays you $11.75 monthly for every upgrading referral you make.

It is also free to start selling any kind of products from day 1. You learn how to use affiliate links, social media, and websites to attract customers for your products or services.

I have created a small training my self, “how to start selling within 60 minutes“. It is not the final project you’ll be building here but it can show you some ideas for a jumpstart in the beginning.

An Affiliate Marketing Website What Is It?

An Affiliate Marketing Website What Is It?

Ok, the real thing, an affiliate marketing website is a website like the one you look at right now. I’m doing exactly this. I help people trying to find an income opportunity.

I write post after post with the intent to help people like me and you earn money online without spending any dollars, or at least as little as possible, for investment. Time Yes, Dollars No.

You can choose to do the same with any niche you like. You can start a headphone niche or a microphone niche and start selling headphones or microphones.

On the right, you see an add from my flip-flop niche website. (What is a niche website) (How to choose a niche) (Top 10 niches)

I’m sure you have heard of Amazon, you can start selling every Amazon product there is, 600 million products to say a number. All you need is a website to get accepted as an affiliate partner of Amazon and learn some skills in how to sell on your website or on social media.

Normally when starting a business you need to have expensive hardware investments. You need either tools, a vehicle and most often material to work with. Or you have a shop with furniture and a stock.

For starting a business in the affiliate marketing you only need a computer and an internet connection. The website you can get for free and the skills you can learn for free as well.

If you want to really learn how affiliate marketing works you can check out my website here and get training and learn about all the free tools you need to get successful.

How does it work?

How Affiliate Marketing Works

First, you have to think of a niche, a website niche you want to write about and want to learn more about until you are an authority. Selling might not be easy in the beginning but you’ll learn more and more about your niche and people start trusting in what you say.

The second step is to get a free website, a website that is hosted by a reliable company. A website you can gradually grow and get more and more professional. The free website is the first step, with time you invest money you earn in the business and buy a domain website.

Step 3 is to get your website filled with content. This is the main work you do in this business. You write helpful posts for people interested in your niche. In this step, you also learn how to imply SEO, search engine optimization, the technique used to get free traffic to your website.

And the last step is to sell products and earn your passive income. If you work hard you can be working on the last, 4th, step after one month already. Post on social media and create reviews for your website.

Take a good look at all the steps in the “get started here” menu on this website. But most importantly get the free membership of Wealthy Affiliate to get the free websites and the full in-depth starter training.

How to get from Zero to 1 Million?

How to get from Zero to 1 Million? Jeff Bezos Made It 🙂

To start with, I recommend you do this. You sign-up as a FREE member to Wealthy Affiliate and start building your free website. All you need to know you learn in the free training you get there.

It is not just a little bit of training, but 20 free lessons, all with video tutorials, starting with the introduction into the business and ending with you have set up a running website that can start earning revenue.

Wealthy Affiliate also offers the possibility to earn while you learn, the fee you need to pay as a premium member. Because of the very low cost of the premium membership but pretty high affiliate commissions you only need 2 subscribers to use WA for free.

It looks like this, for one referral you bring here as a free member you get $11.75 per month. Get 4 people to sign-up here you get $47.00/month. The monthly premium membership fee would be $49.00.

The first month you even get a discount if you do it in the right time frame, $19.00/first month. Once you upgraded you’ll get paid double, your 4 referrals will pay out $94.00/month so almost twice what you pay to be a premium member.

Do you understand? You start for free, try to get two referrals as soon as possible, upgrade to premium and start making a profit with every additional referral.

Or, start free, get two referrals, and then start with a niche website of your choice and make this to your main income source. Either way, you can start for free. If you can afford to pay the monthly fee, you can also upgrade to premium as soon as you know you like what you get.

The make money online niche might not be the thing you really want to work in for years, but it sure is the fastest way to earn your fees. Once you have the income to pay for your fees you can start a website in a niche of your choice.

You have to understand you’re building a solid business here, It won’t be done in a month, not in six months but if you work hard for a year you definitely see money coming in.

To earn millions of dollars will even take more time. Not everyone will reach this goal because you need to be persistent and stick to the plan. Do you remember Amazon, now most affiliate marketers work with this company, it is an affiliate program website, it started like you and me but the guy was persistent and knew what he wanted.

I love the image above, 1998 the founder Jeff Bezos tried something new, today he is one of the richest persons in the world. I don’t know if he had the chance to start for totally free back then but you surely have.

What More Can I Say, “Who Doesn’t Try Will Never Know”.

Wealthy Affiliate Internet Marketing University Success Stories Last Month.

Now it’s up to you, do you really want to work for your future and build something great? Today you don’t have to start with washing dishes, these times are over.

Today you have to work on your computer and be creative. The audience is huge, billions of people check the internet for stuff every day and every day more add to this number.

What are you worried about? Are you not sure you can do this? Well, it’s free to try, all you might lose is some time. But at least you’ll get a new experience and I can promise if you try working with Wealthy Affiliate you get a great experience and an in-depth view of the industry.

Come inside, meet thousands of like-minded people, 1.4 million in total, working 24 hours all over the world, all with the same goal. Being independent, earning a living form their own business and not willing or able to spend a lot of money to start with.

Don’t worry, click and try, you’ll need no credit card just an email address and your name. See you on the other side 🙂

How To Build A Professional Website For Free
How To Build A Professional Website For FREE

Thanks For Having A Look 🙂

I’ll be back with more soon. I have some great projects in mind and my next experiment is to make a YouTube video out of this post.

Making money online has a lot of faces, writing posts, creating infographics and creating videos, there’s something for everyone.

If you like to know more about the easiest business to start with no money just leave the question below in the comment section. I and others would also like to hear of your experience so far if you gave it a try already.

I hope you have a great time come back, sign-up for my email super news or if you want just get 2 FREE websites here.

See you, all the best, Stefan 🙂 asuperaffiliate.com