I bought and tested Octane for this Octane review. What is Octane? Can you really optimize your YouTube presence, attract visitors and make money?

I have to congratulate you for taking the time to get some opinions about Octane before investing your time and money.

Too often such low priced lead magnet products are noth worth your time. In the past I have reviewd a lot of such bad apples and am quite happy to be able to introduce an exception today.

The whole setup process didn’t work out satisfying for me though. After the purchase, I had to go through endless up-sell sales attempts. Pretty annoying the whole thing and then I still could not log in. To log you have to check your emails, you will be directed back to the Warrior + page where you will find your login data.

I am now testing the program and how it works you will experience with me in the following.

Content: The Octane Review and Work Study

Octane Short.



  • Product Name: Octane
  • URL: https://app.octane.tk
  • Name of the founder: Victory and Team, Feb 2019.
  • Product Type: YouTube Live Stream software.
  • Good for: Making fast YouTube productions using existing content.
  • A few words: A small program that suggests YouTube videos for keywords that you can copy and customize. When that’s done, Octane can upload your video to YouTube as a live stream.
  • The best part: Very inexpensive.
  • Recommended? More or less.

Why did I choose to write this Octane review?

Well, as you may know, I’ve been researching some YouTube optimization products recently. The best I found was Traffic Jeet 4 but to work with that you have to produce your own videos.

Since I’m not good at producing video myself I thought now it’s time to test such a video recycle program.

One, that fakes live streams is just right. Live Vid Ranker is also a similar product, but is mainly specialized in scheduling as livestream.

I will now at least use the 30 day return guarantee time to see if the program is good enough.


There are not many videos about Octane at the moment. This is a review and shows how the producer works with the program.

How does Octane exactly work

The Octane Review Dashboard

First when you’re on the Octane Dashboard, I would finish the settings. You’ll need a Google Project API code and a YouTube account that’s enabled for live streams.

To get he Google API Code takes quite a few steps, but it’s very well demonstrated in a document with pictures.

You’ll need to create the YouTube account yourself and then activate the Live feature. Once all this is done you can start to go for Video Search.

I first selected an arbiMate case study and edited it with Octane. You can edit your video, that is customized length, the title, and description, add an outro etc..

When all that is done Octane lets you send the video as a live stream. As you see in my example, the first try didn’t work.

Who's the team behind Octane?

The Octane Review Victory FB Page

Octane was founded by the increasingly well-known team of Victory Akpomedaye, Jono Armstrong and Brendan Mace.

Victory & Co achieved great financial success with various online products such as VidZio, Adsmartly etc. that made them 6 Digit incomes.

Victory’s FB page is up-to-date and well visited. At the moment, of course, his main topic is the newly released Octane product.

What do you find on the Octane Dashboard

Octane is a Cloud-based software with a dashboard from where you can download, edit, and then stream YouTube videos to YouTube.

The menu on Octane consists of:

  • Dashboard.
  • Video Editor.
  • My Videos.
  • Settings.
  • Training.
  • Reseller Rights.
  • Support.

I recommend you to start with the settings so that when you have your first video ready everything is set to send.


On the dashboard, you can see at a glance how many videos you already have in work. Not too interesting this information though due to having all the features in the menu on the left.

Video Editor:

The Octane Review Video Editor
Video Editor

This is where the real service that Octane offers is done. Starting with downloading a video editing, to sending again.

The first step is to select a video. You can choose from YouTube or from the Octane video library (Stock Videos) or from your desktop.

The basic idea of ​​Octane is that you download a video from YouTube. You choose a suitable video, check if you’re allowed to reuse it, and if so, you enter the YouTube URL of the video.

You can test a video on reusability by entering your video search term in a YouTube search and filter the results for “Creative Commons”. Usually, there is a nice number of videos to choose from there.

After the URL is entered into the Octane search field, you can continue with editing or posting straight away.

At the beginning of the editing process, you have to define the length of the video. You have to enter the seconds, eg. from 0.00 to 340.00 that would be about 5.5 minutes.

Then render the resize the video, this process is quite boring, my video took about 14 minutes to resize 10 minutes. I also don’t much like the fact that I have to resize a video that I want in full length.

When that’s done, you can paste text, music, and logos onto the video, this is not necessary every time though, because these additions will be visible during the whole duration of the video.

So do not add anything and wait again until the new video is stored. Then, next comes the outro, to make the video not appear as a duplicate. Just hang an outro to it at the end, a few seconds with a message, call for action button or something.

Save again and then link the video to your YouTube channel and send it as a live stream.

For my 10-minute video, the whole process took almost an hour for all the rendering operations until I could finally send. The video is then saved in Your videos at least an can be reused another time.

My Videos:

Now, this would be your personal video library where you can find all of your Octane edited or unedited videos. Whenever you want to use one of the videos again you come here and choose the one you want.

From here you can either go straight to the share on YouTube, Facebook etc threads or you take the video and do some new edits.


As I said, this is the first menu you should visit. It may take 15 minutes to complete the whole set if you do exactly what is shown.

There are indeed some steps involved in the Google API Center. This was new for me too but since everything is really shown with pictures it is feasible.

If you have problems, you will find in the next menu item, the “Training” a detailed, spoken version of the instructions.

Next, you have to add your own YouTube channel. It also needs to be configured for live streaming, which will take about 24 hours to get confirmed by YouTube.

Once you have done that, you’ll link the desired YouTube channel to Octane, the steps will be displayed, and allow Octane to access your account.


The training platform will open in a new window and you have to sign in with the same login information as for when logging in to Octane.

In Training you will find:

  • The Octane Review Octane Training
    Octane Training
    Overview. (Not very interesting, associated with advertising for OTOs .
  • How to use Octane. Video guide to “Settings”. In this video, Jono explains all the steps you have to go through for getting your Google API. For some of you, it will be easier to understand the API process due to this training is spoken and shows all the screenshots from the inside of Google API.
  • Profit Training. There are 3 Lessons showing how you can apply Octane profitably. Starting with lesson 1, simple, showing how to promote ClickBank products up to difficult graduated.
  • Octane Additional Features. Here Jono explains all the extra features you can use Octane for. Very interesting I find for example how to make a GIF or how to create a short, local business promotional video from a stock video.
  • Bonus 1,2,3. These are another 3 video lessons on various related topics made by Jono Armstrong.

Bonus 1. YouTube ranking bonus course. The methods he is talking about in this video might be a bit old, 2017 but still work. He’s talking about expired web 2.0 from Tumblr. For me these techniques take too much time and they are actually cheating methods you have to pay for too.

Bonus 2. Create an account on Fuego Multiplaier. It doesn’t say what this would be good for though.

Bonus 3. Launch Jacking. Here you get a whole video training made of 10 Lessons. I don’t have the time to look at all the vids but the first one for example teaches you how and where you get free bonuses for your Product ads.

Resellers Rights:

Works only with the OTO 4, which I describe later. That means, if you want to resell this Octane product you have to pay $97 in advance which I didn’t do because the chance of making any sales is not too big with the firce competition trying the same.


The support system works with normal emails. If you have a problem you write an email and normally have to wait 24 hours at least. Since this is quite a long time to wait, I would try to first send a message on the Victory Facebook page.

So that’s it, there really are some useful functions available for one such low price. Next, you’ll see the Octane extra otional products.

Oktane Comes with 4 OTOs.

OTO 1, Octane Pro, $37.00 one time payment.

With Octane Pro you can post unlimited videos. With the basic version, you are limited to 15 videos per month.

For me, the front end version would just about be enough. 15 Videos per month, I write about 15 to 20 new reviews per month and I only create a viedo for the once I really recommend or can make money with.

OTO 2, Limitless Traffic, $197.00 one time payment.

With this addition, all those signing up from your Octane sales page will be added to your email list.

If you have an email list you have probably thought about the problem of losing all your customers once they sign up for a product. As I understand, with this upsell that will not happen with Octane subscribers.

OTO 3, $1000 Dollar Commission Solution, $197.00 one time payment.

Here you get a “done for you” solution which allows you to use their video ads and at the same time offer the $1000 commission high ticket product. All the hard time consuming setup has been done giving you time to focus on getting trallic and sales.

OTO 4, Resale Right, $97.00 one time.

The licence to resell the Octane software yourself.

How I think about Octane.

The Octane Review What I think

To begin with, I find it’s not entirely perfect to offer a product that’s limited in usability. Uploading 15 videos a month is not too much, just about enough for getting warmed up.

If you think, one video takes about one hour to get posted, if you want to do this as a real income provider you definitely need to publish more than 15 videos a month and with Octane this will definitely be possible.

Be careful though, live streams should not be posted more frequently than once every 24 hours. This still leaves us with 30 videos a month.

The second thing that disturbed my testing is the length of time it takes the program to make a video broadcast ready.

A 30-second video is done quickly, but can not be sent as a live stream, a minimum of 60 seconds are needed. My 15 minutes long video could not be processed, I tried to render it several times but it wouldn’t go.

So I cut it down to 10 minutes and had to wait for the resizing process for over 15 minutes. This is really long and boring because the whole laptop is involved and you can’t do much else.

To tell you the truth, I didn’t figure out how to live stream yet. I added a video as a live stream but as for today, it hasn’t been broadcasted. This is probably my fault, because I don’t know how this really works.

It is disturbing though because now this failed live stream is showing in searches, showing my name but doesn’t work and I can’t even delete it anywhere.

I then went to the video galery and used the same video again but published it normal, not as a live stream. This worked ok and the video is also being ranked quite well.

Too bad no one is clicking on it, I have to probably create a more engaging cover.

Generally I find the idea Octane is built on quite ok, editing a existing video just a little to make it unique and then streaming it live could help getting traffic indeed.

My videos are also ranked in Google search which also helps to get traffic, provided the live streamed video actually works.

The training sessions are actually quite interesting and deliver really qualitative content. You just need time to apply all the techniques being thought in these video lessons.

The whole application is generally easy to understand and to use. However, I strongly recommend to at least watch the first “Profit Training” so that you understand the program better.

Pros and Cons

  • No need to produce your own videos.
  • For little money you can start your YouTube campaign.
  • Very newbie friendly.
  • A lot of good training.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • You need OTO 1 for unlimited use.
  • Video processing is a bit slow.
  • Live streaming not easy.

Conclusion of the Octane review



The Octane Review Octane Title

In short, with Octane you steal ethically, where it is allowed, good videos, change them a bit, add your own affiliate links and post the videos as a new and live broadcast on YouTube.

The cloud-based software includes an editing center where you can cut the videos and add an outro. You can also add text, music or speech plus images andcall to action buttons.

The share functions work with YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. You should be able to broadcast your videos as a live stream.

With well-executed training, you can quickly learn how the program works and how to make the most profit with it. Many examples of monetization methods are shown and explain where you get affiliate links, get commissions and how to apply all this in your YouTube campaigns.

Live broadcasts are appreciated by YouTube and Google. How they react to fake live streams we’ll see in the future.

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Until next time 🙂

That’s enough for today I think. I hope my Octane review fit you and was able to tell you something more in detail what you can expect when buying Octane.

If you have something to contribute, share or have a question please feel free and let me know below.

For now, all the best to your success, see you, Stefan: asuperaffiliate.com