“The” SEO Keyword Research Tool – Jaaxy Does It.

Are you looking for a Keyword Research Tool that ROCKS? “The” SEO keyword research tool is my favorite and the best you get for the price. SEO, Google Ranking, Selling Online, All starts with a good Keyword tool.

Hi you all, today I am going to talk about an important tool you will have to work with when getting your website SEO suitable. “The” number one SEO keyword research tool, in my opinion, is the Jaaxy search tool as it not only gives you the most of information about a keyword but offers a whole lot more.

Many of you, as well as me, are aiming to get our posts on page one of Google and such searches. There are many criteria involved but one very important one is the keyword we use. Jaaxy is the tool you want to use to find great keywords. You can try now for free.

In this review, I want to set a light on how to use the keyword tool and all the other tools and gadgets Jaaxy provides to make our website better or help us make them better easier. Keywords are something you will need all the time on the way of getting your website up successfully so it is well worth having the best tool available to work with

Jaaxy.com – A Quick Check

  • Name: Jaaxy
  • Owners: Kyle and Carson
  • Website URL: jaaxy.com
  • Keyword Search Tool: excellent, 9.9 out of 10
  • Alphabet Soup: excellent, 9.5 out of 10
  • Search Analysis: perfect, 9.2 out of 10
  • Brainstorm: great, 9.5 out of 10
  • Training: excellent, 9.5 out of 10
  • Affiliate program: perfect, 9,9 out of 10
  • Price: Starters Free (30 searches). Premium Pro members $49.00/month, Enterprise $99.00/month
  • ASuperAffiliate.Com says: “I do think it is the best comparable product on the market”
  • I give it a      9.6 out of 10

The Jaaxy SEO Keyword Tool, how can it help you?

This question is very easy to answer. It can help you find the best possible keywords for your website. You need a keyword for every post on your website, a title for your page, which is catching and informative, has a lot of searches on Google and low competition.

The easiest and fastest way to find a great keyword is by using the Jaaxy keyword search tool. You add a keyword to the search bar and click search keyword. Then you get the number of av search/month, the number of competition and SEO power plus a great list of optional keywords with analysis to chose from.

New Search
New Search


Like this, you can narrow down a great keyword, telling people searching in Google that they found what they are looking for, and telling you that there are a number of searches every month and the number of competing websites. This all sounds a bit complicated but in a few moments, you will understand all.

The Jaaxy can also help you so much more. For example, it has a Niche research function, the so-called alphabet soup technique. Usually, people do this in Google instant search slowly checking search suggestions keyword + a-z to find niche search terms many Google searchers use.

The Jaaxy alphabet soup function does this automatically for you and gives the bigger selection than Google its self. But this is not all, with Jaaxy you can also check your post’s Google rank or the one of your best friend or competition and analyze why the sites rank the way they do.

The creators of Jaaxy have some very informative and helpful videos that show every function Jaaxy offers. Below I will also go through all the functions and explain them more in depth.

You will see, in matters of SEO, search engine optimation, Jaaxy is the most sophisticated program you can find on the market.

How Do I Find A Great Keyword With Jaaxy

Google Trends Statistics

Well, first you have to find a possible keyword yourself. You can take a Google trend for example but I take the title of this post to show you how to do keyword research and show you all the steps it takes to find an excellent low competition keyword starting with the word “‪‪Jaaxy‬‬”



Keyword Jaaxy

Now you see, with only entering this single word I get a big selection of results already. I check the first row for average searches per month, the QSR is interesting and tells me the number of competing websites and the SEO number shows the SEO power of the keyword. On the right, I can also check if I could make this word a domain.

Now, this result looks not bad but as I am a young website I want to have a lower competition than 98 websites with exactly the same keyword. I try again with one of the suggestions below or add another word my self. No wrong, I think the word Jaaxy does not have to be among the keywords as I want people to find the best keyword tool there is, without knowing about Jaaxy.

Ok, I start new, with “best keyword search tool” This catches more requests.

New Search

I got fewer searches, more competition but a better SEO. Looks not bad but not good enough for me yet. I try without “best” to get more searches. Let’s go.

another search

Right, more searches but a lot more competition too. And SEO dropped down to 50 which is definitely too low, I don’t use keywords under 80 SEO power. What a good idea, I add SEO to the keyword search tool.

That looks a lot better. Fewer searches right but still a lot but less competition and a great SEO. I like to play with the word “the” in front. “The SEO keyword search tool” sounds like it is the best keyword tool. But wait, there I see an almost similar word but with much more searches! “SEO keyword research tool”. I try once more.

Now, this is what I like. The number of searches is a lot better but the competition is very low. I stick to this keyword. It satisfies all requirements. A tolerable number of searches per month, low competition, grammatically correct, and saying what to find in my article.

Now you have seen how I got my keyword with Jaaxy. Without this program, it would be impossible to achieve such a result in such a short time.


The Alphabet Soup – find a niche within minutes.

This search tool, already a bonus tool, you can’t find like this anywhere else. It can help you find narrow niches and keyword ideas as well. It is a long tested and approved technique to find sub-niches or long tail keywords. You can do the research without Jaaxy but it takes a lot of time and is rather boring.

Niche finding is an essential aspect of creating a new website, also for finding sub-niches for posts, blogs on existing sites. Click here to learn how to select a good niche.

It works almost the same as the actual keyword tool, you type a word, combination into search and click search. Then you see the search term combined with additional words beginning with “a” on top but going to “z”, even “1-7”

For each additional letter, you receive a list of possible combination of terms that are being searched in search engines as Google and such. You can then use such a term or do another alphabet soup research until you found something you like.

I again start the example, this time with “keyword search tool” I want to see if the alphabet soup finds my keyword. I enter keyword search tool and see what comes up under “s”.

Alphabet Soup Search
Alphabet Soup Search

And there we have it, in position 7 shows a suggestion, SEO keyword search tool. I can now either do another search here, paste SEO keyword search tool on top and search again or check the value of the keyword in the keyword search tool by clicking the words or in the back “search on this”.

I did another search here, just to see if it comes up with my exact keyword combination. I entered “SEO keyword search tool” and checked the letter “t” and again, there it was, all down at the bottom but it was there.

I have the light version of this program which comes as a bonus with the Wealthy Affiliate website building program. If you want a much greater number of suggestions you can upgrade to Jaaxy PRO or Enterprise.

Small Functions With Big Value

Jaaxy Dashboard

Next, on the Jaaxy dashboard, we have saved lists. These are lists you can create and name. You can use them whenever you need one. It is possible to save as many lists as you like and add as many keywords to them as you like. It is helpful creating lists holding keywords for different topics.

Another helpful gadget is the Search history. Jaaxy saves all your searches, whether done in keyword search or alphabet soup search. If you forgot to save a search result but remember you had something interesting you will always be able to find it again.

Search History
Search History

Search Analysis – Spy A Little On Your Competition

This is an interesting little feuter you can use to see which websites rank on top with your keyword. You can then open their details and discover why they are in the first place of Google search and what you have to do to beat them. I again check my keyword here.

search analytics

That is interesting, my biggest, and the most competing site has not my exact keyword. It is a post on the same topic covering the 5 best keyword search tools in their opinion and was posted in Aug. 2016. I see there is a word count of 4124 words which is a lot. I don’t want to write that many words here and therefore research where all these words come from.

After I opened the site, I discovered a not bad but also not that perfect website. At first sight, I don’t see that much content and to justify the word count I check the comment section. Right, there are almost 50 comments. Google loves comments and counts the words together with content and ranks them.

We now know the post is beatable. I have to write more content, 2000+ words. I have to be behind getting comments as well. This post was posted a long time ago, this is something I cannot change or beat but with time my post will get authority status and continuously rank higher and higher.

For you who is interested in analyzing and doing high tech SEO website work, this feature can be very valuable. For me it is more for fun but interesting at times I am not too busy creating content.

You Want To Sell Something Here, let Jaaxy help you find matching affiliate programs.

There is an affiliate partner search tool included here. It is reduced to the four biggest affiliate partner organizers and I must say I haven’t worked with this tool much yet. I am sure though it can be of help to you if you are looking for different sources of business partners.

Affiliate research
Affiliate Research

I am looking for results for shoes here. There are quite a lot only on Commision Junction. Many more I would find at link share or click bank. By clicking the light blue CJ button on the right, you are sent right to the JC homepage where you can join the program and apply for partnership with your selected suppliers.

Important before connecting with affiliate programs is to have a running website with at least some interesting posts and pages or you will be rejected. Click here to learn more about selling online.

Brouse Your Brain or see what is trendy today

Brainstorm By Jaaxy
Brainstorm By Jaaxy

The last exclusive main function of the SEO keyword research tool is called Brainstorm. It is a help you will not find in any other keyword search tools. Here it’s included and ready for you to use.

Not finished, Check Where Your Posts Rank In Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Once you have your website for some months, you might get interested where you rank in search engines. The Jaaxy site rank checker lets you do this quick and easy. You can do this on a regular basis and follow how your site is doing after doing changes you might try on your site.

Kyle has made a wonderful video here that explains exactly how everything works and what you can get out of it.

The Jaaxy Affiliate Program – big commissions

Affiliate Pay Outs

Last but not least, of course, there is an exceptionally good paying affiliate program coming with joining Jaaxy. It allows you to promote the program to friends and family and quickly use it for free.

As you see on the right, you’ll only need three referrals signing up for the pro version and already you earn more money a month than you have to pay your self.

Jaxxy is a program you can easily promote, due to its quality and uniqueness. I can fully stand behind the product and am sure it will be of great value to anyone working with websites. The commission of almost 50% is a very fair offer too. You receive your affiliate link right after signing up.

A Quick Recap.

  • Name: Jaaxy
  • Owners: Kyle and Carson
  • Website URL: jaaxy.com
  • Keyword Search Tool: excellent, 9.9 out of 10
  • Price: Starters Free (30 searches). Premium members $49.00/month, Enterprise $99.00/month
  • ASuperAffiliate.Com says: “I do think it is the best comparable product on the market”
  • I give it a      9.6 out of 10

Asuperaffiliates five cent

I would not want to work without Jaaxy. It helps me on an almost daily basis find my best keywords and get my site ranked.

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Thank’s for your attention and interest. This is once enough for today. I hope you got to understand the whole content of  “the” keyword research tool on the market. If you have any uncertainties or want to leave a comment, please do so below in the comment section. I will be very happy to hear from you and will quickly reply.

Have you found a fantastic keyword yet? Do you use another keyword tool, is it as good? Do you think you don’t need a keyword tool, tell me why.

I wish you all the very best and hope you’ll be back for more. Feel free to check out other interesting articles already published on this site.

see you, Stefan 🙂 asuperaffiliate.com

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