The top 10 niche markets I recommend for 2019 and beyond. 

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The Top 10 Niche Markets, Billions of Dollars

  • Online Money Making.
  • Pesonal Finance.
  • Health.
  • Fitness.
  • Beauty.
  • Food.
  • Dating, Personal Development.
  • Pets.
  • Hobbies.
  • Gardening.

Content: What you find in this post.

Why I wrote this article.

Meine SEO Updates 2019 warum schreibe ich das alles?
Steff your Niche expert 🙂

Hello and welcome to my long announced article about the top 10 niche markets I recommend for 2019 and beyond.

I get asked a lot and the question is quite obvious, what niche should I choose if I want to make a lot of money. If you want to earn money online it is essential to choose a niche that sells well.

I already wrote an article about choosing a niche, this would be the first step in this research. But to optimize your chances the most lucrative niches will definitely improve the chance of having a successful website.

These top 10 niches are very broad ones and have to be broken down. Sub-niches can be mixed with niches you came up by checking your passions and the things you are knowledgeable about. (Choosing a Niche)

I also want to make sure you choose a niche that converts on Pinterest as this is the fastest and cheapest way to drive traffic to your website.

You will learn how to break down a niche you prefer, mix it with a top niche and find a small money making niche you can confidently invest your time and expect money and success.

Money Making and Personal Finance

The top 10 Niches Make Money
How to make Money

The first and most help sought topic is how to make money. It is the most researched topic online but also in the real life.

There are always millions of people looking for new and better ways to make money. Mostly they want that to be easier faster and more money than before.

Making money is life essential, it is not just a hobby or something possibly might help for life but uncountable numbers of people just don’t have enough money to survive and seek for help on the internet.

If you want to choose the MMO, Make Money Online niche there are tonnes of affiliate website possibilities. There are also ways to sell your own products if you have any.

Of course, if you choose a topic related to making money you need to have something to say. You either have experience or you need to research your sub-niche very carefully.

There are thousands of articles available online already, so make sure your article writes about something interesting and stands out for better and more information.

My niche is the affiliate marketing for beginners, that is the reason why I write about all these things newbies and advanced online marketers need to know.

I research how other successful websites go about the topic and try to offer a better article.

There is no use in looking for a niche that nobody hasn’t already written about. First, because you probably won’t come up with one and lose time searching for it but secondly and most important if there is one, there is probably no one interested in it.

Choose a popular niche, and offer a better website, better tips, better user experience and choose better keywords. You can also win traffic by having a better developed Pinterest show board.

Some sub-niches in the MMO niche are.

Online Marketing, Online Marketing for Beginners, Affiliate Marketing, Affiliate Website Marketing, Website Marketing, Blog website Marketing, Blogging for Beginners etc.

Websites serving these niches are in fact some of the most successful ones, at least in the blog and affiliate business. You can easily make from $500 to $ 10’s of thousands a month if yore persistence and work hard.

You have to learn as much as possible from different sources. Do your research well and provide in-depth and realistic content. You also have to choose well-converting products you want to recommend.

You will want to create a trustworthy brand over months, better over years, that will gain a following that buys your recommended products. Once you’re a bit better known you can start offering your own products like courses, success training and things like that.

Make sure to spend some time on Pinterest right from the beginning, This is where your website visitors will come from. Don’t underestimate this chance. To get traffic only from search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo is not enough. 

(Update: Today I must say, working only with searchengines is probably the most efficient way. I now concentrate 100% on my website, no social media, no email marketing.)

Online Investment, Crypto Currency Investment, Stock Market Investment, Peer To Peer Lending, Real Estate Investment. Commodity Investment.

These are the most common investment practices, everybody knows. Millions of people are daily checking the internet for news about these topics.

I think it is an interesting niche but I just don’t know enough about it and don’t have the time and will to learn more about it.

Like one of my knowledge resources said,

”Choose a niche you like and make money or choose a niche you don’t like and make no money or choose a niche, make lots of money and like it”

In the end, the niche you make lots of money is the one you like isn’t it, If you want to make money with your website, you have to help some of the 4 billion people searching the internet and that’s where your focus is going, and not what you like today.

Other sub-niches are How To Save Money, How To Get Rich, How To Get Out Of The Depth Trap, How To Make A Side Income etc.

You can imagine, there are hundreds other sub or sub-sub niches to choose from. Start with a smaller one, more concentrated on a small niche, You will be able to expand with time once you have traffic and some authority status within the niche.

Health and Fitness, Beauty and Food

The top 10 Niches, Fitness
Health and Lose Belly Fat

It is actually a mix, a specific mix of these four broad niches. In the essence health is the top factor but health providing beauty, coming from fitness and healthy food diets are the mixed niches most popular on the internet and on Pinterest.

Here you have a sector where most people able to afford it, spend a lot of money and much of it is spent on the internet. The BIO sector is growing for a long time but at the same time the fitness and lose belly fat sector is very strong.

People want to live as long as possible and the same time they want to look attractive and feel healthy and strong. Anyone that is able to help this audience achieving these goals will make a lot of money.

To break down these niches and combine them is no magic. Just focus on health and start creating mixing with fitness, beauty, and food.

Sub-niches that convert.

Health and Fitness, Health and Wellness, Health and Food, Health and Activities, Health from Nature, Health with Detox or Health and Stress etc.

Just one, the health niche can come up with hundreds of sub-niches. Let’s see what we can find under Health And Fitness.

Workouts, Losing Weight, Nutrition, Recipes, Health And Fitness For Women, Health And Fitness For Men, Health And Fitness For Teens, Health And Fitness Motivation etc.

Another step down to narrow the niche. We look at, Health And Fitness Workouts.

There would be, Bodybuilding, Challenges, Weight Loss, Flat Stomach

For Health Fitness Women it goes on with Over 50, Exercise or Life.

We can do the same research with all the for niches named on top and come up with lucrative sub-niches. For this short research, I used niche ideas, actually recommended search results form Pinterest.

You can either do this so-called alphabet soup technique as well withing Google instant search or on Pinterest or If you already are using my recommended keyword search tool Jaaxy.

Either way, you’ll come up with tonnes of interesting money making niche ideas. I have already explained the alphabet soup technique in my older post, You might get the details there.

You will agree with me, the above-mentioned niches and the next one are problems stealing peoples valuable sleep. Get ready to help them have a better life, that’s the best approach for launching a new website.

Dating, Personal Development.

The top 10 Niches, Relations
Find The Right Partner And Keep It

More than a lot of people are having trouble with relationships. Having partners or not there are always things that can or have to be improved. Humans mostly want to have partners and want to have harmonic partnerships. You can provide a lot of helpful information that many will appreciate once they trust you.

I guess if you say you have the know-how of a 100% working dating technique, you will be able to make a lot of money with that. If you only have some suggestions you will already catch a lot of interest.

What are the things people need to find in a relationship or even on a first date? Confidence, proper appearance, trust and for sure an entertaining and joyful experience.

These are all sub-niches you can use for your website. We all know how many people use social media on a daily basis just to improve their attractiveness, in the end, it all comes down to dating, family or at least not having to be alone.

If you have knowledge about raising children, solving conflicts during puberty for girls, boys or parents you will find a huge following. There is a lot of valuable literature you can sell on this topic, also online courses or even your own ebooks once you created them.

Personal development, there are millions of tips given to people wanting to improve themselves. I should think it is easier to offer good advice than to improve one’s self lol.

It is in the human genes wanting to improve themselves. Take the chance and start providing helpful tips in that direction.

Make sure you know what people want to hear, don’t write about stuff no one is interested, even if it sometimes can be annoying. But, to help, is to understand, and to understand, is to take people seriously no matter what we think.

These were the 8 most recommended niches.

They are the real runners. Billions of dollars are spent every year for products within these 8 niches.

Problems around these topics are the things giving people the most headaches and leave the most people almost desperate to get help. We, the help providers, have to be responsable working in these fields.

It is not good business in the long run if we abuse the needs of others, it much more helps us and them when we provide real and effective help to solve their problems or at least show ways to solve them.

Pets, Cats, and Dogs.

The top 10 Niches, Pets
Sweety Cat

It is well known, loads of people love their pets. Especially cats and dogs are man’s best friends. You will have a lot of website traffic if you write good articles on these topics.

Millions of people also spend hundreds of millions of dollars for their beloved pets. From food to medicine to toys and necklaces or carry bags etc.

You can start a website about almost all of these sub-niches and find a ton of followers if you do it properly. It all lives or dies with traffic. And traffic you get if you use the right searchterms, keywords.

The topic cats and dogs are filling hundreds of boards on Pinterest but only few I saw do the right pinning technique. It is not enough to show a pic of your lovely cat, you also want to make people liking your pic, visit your website.

You find more about pinning on Pinterest on my first but surely not the last article about Pinterest.

Hobbies, Entertainment.

The top 10 Niches, Hobbies
Hobbies Like Train Modelling

Now hobbies and entertainment are never dying topics. People having enough money for enjoying hobbies and entertainment will also spend that money on the internet.

Today it is convenient not to have to leave the house and shop everything you need online. An endless number of house workers, be it women but also many men want to stay at home and take care of the children and the house.

These people are on the internet reading about their hobbies and looking for new entertainment. They can often not leave the house easily and are depending on supply per internet.

Ordering games, movies, knitting instructions or again cooking recipes, all these people want to be entertained by us and will eventually buy our recommended products.

I have this website selling flip-flops, but it is not doing well. Normal, I should know by now, it is not a niche I recommend here lol. I made that website last year before researching what really sells.

I have a flip-flop board on Pinterest but again not many repins or website visits. What I learned though is, that if I search for flip-flops on Pinterest there are loads of pics of customized flip-flops. I might have to target that audience.

Sorry, that was not about top niches but still, It is about selling or at least how you don’t sell lol.

Gardening - Spirituality.

The top 10 Niches, Gardening
Gardening and how to grow tomatoes.

Well, I have already covered 11 top niches, but there are two more I want to mention, that could match your interest and also be good for business as well as on Google as on Pinterest. 

Gardening, a hobby as well a bit in particular gardening is enjoying great interest all over the world. That can be indoor gardening, rooftop gardening, balcony or whatever gardening.

People are crazy about gardening these days. I observed how private home gardens look more and more beautiful in Switzerland. People buy swimming pools and tiles and grow exotic trees.

I helped out a friend, a macon and most of the work we did was in gardens. People buy material on the internet and we had to build it or prepare the ground to build it on.

There are garden sheds, decor, furniture, flooring, shades, pools, fences and lots more to be put in a nice garden. All these products can hold for a lucrative sub-niche once you are some authority in the field.

It is very easy to find products here as well, these could be Amazon products or more lucrative ones found on many different affiliate platforms.


Last but not least, another growing niche for years, especially by elder people having the necessary cash to buy products or do courses.

This broad niche reaches into the health, fitness, yoga, meditation, astrology, even some food growing practices, and medicine or incent, candle accessory products.

You see again, it is not hard to find a sub-niche within this exotic topic.

Got the ingredients, now choose which soup you want to sell.

It’s no use to sell a celery soup if only 1% of all customers like celery, start with a noodle soup, this is the one everyone will buy and love as well. The chicken soup goes well too, maybe even better when you mix it with some noodles 🙂

Now, these are the niches you will stand a chance to make a lot of money in future. Don’t choose a niche totally unrelated to these recommended ones or you’ll have a hard time with your website. Don’t do it.

I researched this topic for some weeks now before I came up with this post and I learned a lot from many successful teachers. So let’s not invent the wheel again but follow the steps established marketers have proven lucrative and make their money with.

Check this post for further niche research techniques.

You have your top money making niches now, the next thing you need is a place where you build your future business. I work with a program that I can stand behind 100%.

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That’s it, my friends,

I hope you enjoyed my article and found some answers to your question. The niches will not change in the near future but more interesting news for you to get successful will follow soon.

My next blog will be about how you can improve your writing skills and make a ton of money.

PS. Please leave a comment below.

We would like to know what you think of this article, did I miss something?

What would you like to read about on this website, what are your most urgent questions concerning making money online?

Thank’s, have a great day, see you soon, Stefan,

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