The Top 10 Website Builders – How To Start An Online Business For Free.

Are you thinking about starting a new career in the online business? Find the top 10 Website Builders, Hosts, and the Best Website Building Programs. Some you can try for free some not.

Here I show you how to start an online business for free. All you need is a computer, internet connection and time to grow your business. I recommend the 11 top website Builders you can start using for free and learn everything essential to online marketing.

I know from my own experience and from listening to people on Facebook and other media, that the job market today looks pretty bad. Especially if you are not very trained or already older and overqualified. Let me show you how to get independent.

Making money with an online business is a chance everyone can take and today it is achievable within a few months. To make a ton of money will take time but to start earning can be done within 4 to 6 months. There are several training programs on the market helping you achieve your goal.

My website here also tries to give all the essential information you will need to come up with a great business idea and the necessary knowledge to get your website online.

An online business consists basically of 4 components

First things first you need to have a Business Idea

Do you want to sell products you own or produce your self? Do you want to do “drop shipping”? Do you want to provide a service online or connect people to services? No matter what you want to start your online business with, first you need to fix the idea and turn it into a so-called “niche”.

There are many ways to chose your niche. If you are a painter and want to sell your painting it is clear, your niche is art or oil paintings or contemporary are etc. If you want to sell things you like yourself, make a niche, let’s say, dog supplies, you can use Amazon and find related articles, sell them and get a commission.

There are hundreds no, millions of niches possible to choose from but you have to choose one yourself and be happy with it. I wrote a more detailed article about the why how and whats concerning niches. Please read this post first and get a better picture of the importance of the right niche and learn techniques to find your perfect niche.

If you start off with the wrong niche you might lose a lot of time and have to redo all the work you already invested. Content, text you used on a website you can not use on another or Google will punish you for duplicating so be careful with choosing a perfect niche.

You will choose a niche and build a brand. The best way to do so is to create your own website. Your brand will be your websites name and all you have to do is to grow the website and the brand. There are free websites available, subdomains, but if you want to be successful and professional you want to own your domain website.

A free website? Or better invest in a training and a private domain?

My Thailand Website

Free domains like,, or and many others you can get and have free website building and hosting. For a small, new business this is definitely an option. If you want to think BIG though you better pay some $10 to $20 per year and purchase your own .com domain.

These “free” website providers usually actually have paid, premium upgrades to the offer. Producing programs like that are very time and cost intensive and like you, they are businesses and in reality not want to give things away but earn money.

I tell you the truth, I pay money my self too. I work with a program helping me grow my online business, hosting my own domains, I have three at the moment, and providing me with tools in an amount and quality not seen again on the market.

You can start and try your new online business career for free for sure. It is even possible to achieve good results without paying a single dollar, also where I started working. But to grow, learn and create efficiently I advise to spend some money and save your precious time.

Check the options of the top 10 website builders

#1 Site Rubix Websites

  • 2 Free World Press Websites.        (
  • Free Hosting And 24/7 Support.
  • Many Free Themes and Plugins
  • Automated Backup
  • Free For Life

The SiteRubix option is the one I chose. You can sign up for free and have your website built within minutes. Site Rubix lets you create a website with, the most recommended and popular website building tool.

It is a part of the famous Wealthy Affiliate program which also helps you build the website out and get it ranked by Google. If you click here you get to my Wealthy Affiliate review, you can either read the whole review or skip it and click on the sign up now picture.

The WA program has been used by more than a million people, of which, many of them are still active today in the community and making a lot of money on the internet. The sign up requires no credit card information, just your name, email address and a password you create.

This option is perfect for newbies and advanced admins and is designed for blog posters. E-commerce websites are not the top priority at WA but you are able to do and learn everything there is to learn in the online business world.

In your free trial you get, two Site Rubix, Word Press websites with hosting, free limited training, free limited use of tools. No time limit.

#2 Websites

  • 1 Free Wix Press Website (
  • Hosting and Maintaining
  • Stunning Themes
  • Building Apps
  • Free For Life


Wix, I do recommend for advanced users though. You can get enough information on this website to know what to do and fill in when starting the website. Wix allows an easy sign-up as well, without credit card required and leads you to an immediate start build website page.

Wix has templates for all kinds of website types like blogs, e-commerce, shops, galleries etc. You need to know what you want right in the beginning when building your website with Wix.

This second option is one I have tried my self as well and if you click here you get to the review. Like before you can either read the review or just click the sign-up for free, button, there and start your journey into the exiting online business world.

The free trial package includes one free, Wix Press website with hosting, editing dashboard and support. No limited time frame.

#3 Google Suite Websites

  • Try 14 days for free one .com etc. site of your own.
  • Interesting for community websites, schools, companies, organizations.
  • Editing and hosting.
  • Themes and tools.
  • Support

Join the Google program for free and start building a website right away. You have a domain already, then use it or buy one here. Google lets you try its G-Suit program for free for 14 days. There are not many skills needed to set a website up that can be operated by groups or alone.

As I understand it, G-Suit websites are mainly designed to communicate within a specific community. I don’t see an SEO program which means these sites are not made to be seen as very public. Probably not what you want if you want to take over the business world lol.

G-Suit can be used free for 14 days, lets you entertain one website with hosting provides editing tools and domain outlet.


#4 Websites

  • Worlds most popular website builder
  • Get a 30-day free trial
  • Choose from 4 professional builder plans
  • Use your domain or get one here
  • Hosting, editing, SEO, all you need
  • Great support

Get a free trial for 30 days. I was a bit shocked but this Go Daddy asks for some heavy monthly fees if you want to join as premium. They let you start without using a credit card and build a website, provide a host and support. I am sure the Go Daddy is a very useful program.

Go Daddy is probably the most professional and popular website builder on the market. It is chosen by millions of users all over the world. Their products do cost some money but they offer a whole lot of experience, support, and products that will satisfy your needs.

You can start selling online right away. Choose the online store plan and receive money with every payment method. Up to 1500 products can be added and managed easily and you can offer a free shipping option.

The business plan updates your social media automatically and optimizes your customers reach. You get an integrated SEO, search engine optimation and an emailing system that works. Go Daddy offers 24/7 support which has won awards.

30-day trial, no card needed, full user experience, one website of choice, with hosting, online support.

#5 Websites

  • Get a free website.
  • Site builder and host.
  • SSL security.
  • SEO techniques.
  • Free for life.


Weebly websites are suited for every purpose. You have to choose your matching package, delivering exactly what you need. All packages let you host a privately owned domain, except the free one, with high SSL security set up.

Weebly sites are not Word Press sites and have their own drag and drop site building system. They offer loads of beautiful themes, animated effects, and video backgrounds. How all this sounds here, I assume it is advised to be some advanced user to get the full advantage of all this.

Of course, all these, only website builders, provide you with direct instructions for building your site. What they do not teach is the fundamental knowledge of how websites work and how ranking in google and other search engines work. I still recommend to do a year or two at the Wealthy Affiliate University and then you might choose a website like this or Go Daddy.

Make a free website and try how this works here. No credit card necessary, just an email address and username.

#6 Websites

  • All Shopify packages have a free 14-day trial.
  • You get hosted your own domain.
  • Shopify is a selling website builder.
  • Blogs are possible.
  • No SEO priority, PPC

With a Shopify website, you can manage and organize your existing business and reach new customers online. It has integrated paying systems you can use in your real shop and or for online customers.

Shopify websites are interesting but highly technical and are advised to use by professional administrators. If you are in charge of a small to even a bigger trading business and want to go with the times and sell online, it is advised to spend money and create an online store.

Once the website stands you can reach and use it by all media, phone, tablets and cash registers, you can link card readers and recite printers. The free trial can give you an insight on how things work here but within 14 days you won’t install a shop either here or anywhere else. Again not for beginners I say. Learn to be online admin or IP specialist but this is not a hobby.

Shopify lets you try for 14 days how its high tech website builder works. Very professional for advanced users.

#7 Website 

  • 1 Free Website, max. 10 Pages (
  • Training modules for starters and advanced.
  • 400 Templates to choose from.
  • SEO instructions and hosting.
  • Free for life

This program looks very sympathetic to me. If I hadn’t found Wealthy Affiliate before I would have been happy to find this. It is created with the means to help an amateur to get into the field of the website business.

Many topic lessons can be used even before signing up. These lessons are specific for the website building process but you can get a picture how they work and how much they explain. The free website with 10 pages is a fun thing to learn some skills but eventually far from enough to make business.

I work on this site today for 11 days and already have published 16 pages, this one not counting. The is an inexpensive alternative for starters. Not to compare with the volume of WA but still worth the money. Over a million websites have been built there by over 500 thousand customers.

Start today and build your first fun website. You need an email address that’s all. Or check out how they do it.

See what I got

#8 Websites 

  • Get a free website to start with. (Time unlimited) 
  • Or sign a premium version for 50% down.
  • All premiums get a free domain (first year).
  • Free hosting.
  • Drag and drop system.


Easy and professional. After signing in at SiteBuilder with email, Google account or Facebook (no credit card info) start building your website by choosing one of their many own customizable templates, themes.

You have to choose a plan, free, premium, pay monthly, yearly or for two years (the first contract is 50%off). SiteBuilder offers a domain for the first year. Included are hosting, themes, Email address, analytics, e-commerce and blog post writing.

SiteBuilder works with its own system, themes and drag and drop editing that lets you easily build a website with having drop-down instructions along the process. You will be introduced to SEO and mailing lists and can create online stores easily with direct payment options.

SiteBuilder is an established website building program for anyone to use. The monthly fees are reasonable, even low for the first year or two. You can cancel and ask for your money back but have to keep the domain and pay for it.


  • Get a 15-day free trial offer.
  • Top E-Commerce websites.
  • Free BigCommerce templates.
  • Charge free online payment systems.
  • One to one support. 

One of the most trusted e-commerce website builders. Top well-known companies choose to work with the professional BigCommerce portal.

Try for free and upgrade within 15 days or don’t and lose all you created. No credit card needed to start. I recommend to not try this without prior knowledge of website building or even better leave it to professional website builders.

BigCommerce is suited for small to big businesses trying to get a foot in the online market. For trying to get successful with affiliate marketing I think BigCommerce is not the right place. It is not thought to build a blog/post website but to professionally sell an already existing product stock.

Get your business seen on the internet and start selling online. Link your store to eBay and Amazon to get the biggest possible audience.


  • Low starter Month for $1.99, only hosting.
  • Free website builder tool.
  • Untransparent pricing policy.
  • Only recommended for advanced users or professionals.
  • SEO oriented.

To me, looks a bit like jump and try model. Unless you know what you can expect you will not be told much by them about the product.

It looks like a reputable and professional program but to figure out how much your website will cost in the end is hard. You will start working your way in from $1.99 and have to buy up-sales to complete a fully working website. offers a number of professional work help for up-sales like SEO advisers for at least $300 a month or design advisers.

Try the site builder and hosting for $1.99 the first month. Take advantage of an experienced and advanced program to build a professional website for you.

#11 Webs. com

  • Start an affordable website for only $5.99 a month.
  • 1 free domain included.
  • No designer or programmer necessary.
  • Easy to DIY
  • SEO oriented and optimized.
  • Low price Pro pack, only $22.99 provides a user-friendly for all to go website builder. There is no free trial or website but normally this is not that much use anyway. keeps prices low but offers good quality.

Log in and start building your website. Then choose a monthly plan. The four-step building process includes, set-up your site, build content, publish and share and get ready for SEO, visitors, traffic. I noticed the website is not SSL, https certified but this is something you have to check with the company.

I think is a nice way for the website business. For sure you will not learn all the root knowledge about website building but enough to set up a website on this platform. You can start a blog/post site or a shop, all is possible here.

Take advantage of a low price website building concept. Sign in and start building on your free domain.

Ok, these are the most attractive and popular website building programs. I am sure I could easily add another ten or twenty to the list. Probably every one of you knows another one I haven’t mentioned but enough is enough.

The decision on which one YOU want to choose is not easy already. Some preferences you can close in though.

  • Do you want to write a block/post website? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11.  
  • Do you want to open an online store? 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11. 
  • Do you want to engage professional, paid, employees? 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 
  • Are you experienced? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.
  • Are you a total beginner? 1, 3, 7, 11.
  • Do you want to be able to make a website your self? 1.

These are questions you have to ask yourself and check my recommendations for every program. I would not wait long and start at the first option I offered because there you have the most possibilities and even a very attractive price.

Thank’s for visiting

I hope you like my post here and can use some of the information I collected. If you are unclear about something concerning this article feel free to ask. Down below is the comment section where I will be delighted to see some of your thoughts or opinions and questions.

I would like to know, which website builder are you going to choose and why? Or do I need to display another product that I missed but is relevant? Do you have experience in some of these website builders?

Thank’s for visiting, I wish you all the best and hope to have you here again.

See you, Stefan 🙂

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