A new Art Flair product, the Traffic Xtractor Review discloses if you can find better search terms for YouTube videos, better Google ranks more traffic, more money.

Good that you take the time to learn a little more about Traffic Xtractor Ultimate. Too often, programs entice you with completely excessive promises that can never be kept.

Art Flair is a very prolific program creator and seller. With Traffic Xtractor, he and two colleagues created a lightweight version of a keyword search tool.

The last Art Flair product that I’ve examined, Profit Robot, unfortunately did very poorly in my rating. Let’s now see what Art and Co. offers us here with Traffic Xtractor.

Content: The Traffic Xtractor Ultimate Review? (TXU)

TXU Quick Summary.



  • Product Name: Traffic Xtractor Ultimate
  • URL: https://www.trafficxtractor.com/
  • Name of the founder: Art Flair, Feb 2019.
  • Product Type: Keyword research tool, software PC/Mac
  • Good for: Video Marketing Newbies
  • In words: A easy to use little keyword tool offering keyword suggestions and analysing YouTube search volume and YouTube competition.
  • The best part: Very cheap.
  • Recommended?  More or less

What drove me to write about Traffic Xtractor?

I came across the program by accident when I rummaged a bit on the Warrior Plus page. Art jumped in my eye and I wanted to know what he has new.

These online business professionals know their business, sometimes they make a fortune with it merely recommending other paid products, so-called “Sales Funnels”.

This time, however, the attribute keyword research tool coght my eyes. Search terms are very important for any online marketer and if there is such a cheap tool on the market I have to investigate.


This video is actually quite interesting as it contains an interview with Art Flair. Art describes and shows an example of how his new product works.

Of course, his statements are to be treated with caution, for example, he once said that you can also search terms, without “his” research tool.

That sounds like his product is the only keyword search tool, which of course is not the case at all. For example, my No1 search tool Jaaxy is much more professional, it does cost a bit more though. One that works for all languages ​​would be “Long Tail Pro“, also a professional search tool that I’ve tested.

Let's digg a bit deeper.

The Traffic Xtractor Review Dashboard
Traffic Xtractor Ultimate Dashboard

With Traffic Xtractor you can link your Google AdWords account to run keyword searches directly from the TXU Dashboard. It is said that this also applies to Bing keyword search but so far the proof is missing.

Important: Traffic Xtractor is only suitable for video marketing, not as a website keyword search tool.

With the help of these search terms, you can optimize your video titles, meta descriptions and meta tags, right on the TXU platform.

Here’s how this works again in this video. You can enter a keyword you’ve chosen, and then have the software display the competition on YouTube, and the number of searches for the same keywords.

  1. Search term suggestions from AdWords. You enter a generic keyword, in the video that would be Murcia, and the TXU program finds hundreds of related keywords.
  2. On this list, you can now show again the competition and the average monthly search queries.
  3. You can sort the list, after little competition or a lot of search queries etc.
  4. You can double-click a search term on the list and you will be shown the first 5 videos that appear on such a search on YouTube.
  5. There are filter settings where you can set a maximum or a minimum number of searches resp. competition. For best results, it is important that your video title is searched as often as possible, but has as few competitors as possible.
  6. Training how to achieve maximum results with TXU.
  7. Training how to create a video with “Video Scribe“. (Not actual videos but slideshows with text and music.)

You see, for if you are relatively new to video marketing and have not worked with any keyword tools so far, TXU is really a valuable, inexpensive tool.

Who is Art Flair?

The Traffic Xtractor Review Art Flair
Art Flair FB Page

Art is a successful online marketer. In my opinion, he is not quite the helper type, I think he rather likes to help himself.

He has been active in the online business since 2012 and has achieved that his products and his income from affiliate marketing make him a 7 figure income.

He claims to share his skills and techniques with you, bring the information in the form of his products to the people. But what I’ve learned so far is that he does not sell you programs that help you make money, but those that make him and his affiliate sellers rich.

Traffic Xtractor seems to be an exception. Ok, he still promises far too much, but at least his latest product really has a value, apart from selling on.

Included Bonus Products

Like so many programs today, TXU includes some bonus products. What they contain cannot be determined unless you buy the program. On the sales page are no descriptions.

  • Bonus 1, Cheat Sheet.
  • Bonus 2, Marketing Guide.
  • Bonus 3, Special Report.
  • Bonus 4 FB Mastermind.
  • Bonus 5, Tube Traffic Avalanche.

Honestly, I do not expect much from these bonus packages. It’s just there to make your buying desision a little easier.

XTU has 4 OTOs

There is not much to learn about the OTOs except that they are of course more expensive than the basic product.

  • OTO 1, Platinum Pack, $47.00.
  • OTO 2, Traffic Pack, $197.00.
  • OTO 3, Re-sell license, $197/97.00.
  • OTO 4, Additional Software, $37.00.

Amazing again this trick, you should pay to resell Art’s products. OTO 3, $197.00 is just the re-sale right of the TXU product, instead of getting something for your effort, you have to pay first.

My thoughts about Traffic Xtractor

The Traffic Xtractor Review Get traffic for free

First of all, I would like to say that the Traffic Xtractor software is not a scam. It can help you find good keywords that are not populated on YouTube.

However, this is not a guarantee for posting a bad video with just a good search term and have it in the first place on YouTube and get traffic and make sales.

It’s also not a guarantee that the search terms that you have selected with TXU on a low-competitive basis, appear on the first page in Google search results.

TXR only looks for the competition on YouTube, in search engines like Bing and Google, the results look very different.

The video, for example, with the keyword “quick money jobs“, Art shows in his Interview, is not at all made short and cheap. It’s a 10 minute professionally made video and actually does rank on top in YouTube but I didn’t find it in Google search.

I think it’s wrong to recommend you to make cheap videos, even if they can be found on YouTube, they are not very meaningful.


The Traffic Xtractor Review Not really 0 competition
Not really 0 competition.

The Murcia video, for example, links to a website that has not been updated, in fact, is a cheap video. However, the video was made 4 years ago by some uninvolved person, not as stated in the video here.

This Murcia thing has nothing to do with TXU, with Art or his colleagues. It is someone’s video that was produced long before, so to speak stolen.

The Traffic Xtractor Review David Kirby
David Kirby surely uses another keyword tool.

It’s a lot of work to get successful as a online marketer.

The Traffic Xtractor Review What top Marketers say
I’m sure he didn’t try it.

That’s why people like Art Flair are more concerned about selling new products making their websites lucrative or updating older products you might have already bought.

I too have articles on page one in Google search results, not using TXU but just because I follow all the SEO techniques I’ve learned at Wealthy Affiliate and create quality content that can help you solve a problem.

The Traffic Xtractor Review Position 1 in Google search
The Traffic Xtractor Review It is possible

Pros and Cons

Conclusion: The Traffic Xtractor Review



The Traffic Xtractor Review What you get

TX Ultimate is the latest version of the Traffic Xtractor 0.1 and 0.2 series. A little more is included in the program, the Bing search tool.

TXU allows you to find different keyword search terms for videos on one website, gives you the number of monthly searches and the competition using the same keyword for a YouTube video.

With the help of the many alternative keywords, you can construct nice meta descriptions and meta tags.

You get training in how to use the Traffic Xtractor the best possible way and a second training in how to build “videos” with Video Scribe.

For $27.00 you get a really nice deal here. Even if you use another keyword tool for Google SEO you can still use this one for only YouTube.

My No1 recommendation for Online Marketing.

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What Is The Wealthy Affiliate University

I think you are really interested in getting started with online business. Video Marketing is a division of this business model. However, if you look closely you will notice that all successful video marketers run a website.

The foundation is the website, the videos are the advertising medium. I have a platform here that you can use and get everything you need to succeed for one price. (7-day free trial)

It’s not easy to get a good start in this business. Too many half-ass offers are available. Building a thriving online business takes time.

==> Invest your time in a proven system, a system that you can work with for years and learn more and more, day by day. <==

Thank you that’s it,

Traffic Xtractor or not, I have other articles to write. I hope you have learned one thing or the other before considering the purchase of TXU.

As always, I’ve tried to learn as much as I can about the product, even though I didn’t buy it myself.

I hope you come back for more articles, and if you have something to tell me or everyone here, you’re welcome to do that in the comment section below.

See you later, to your success, Stefan 🙂 asuperaffiliate.com