What is Web Siphon? Curate popular internet content, get viral traffic? The Web Siphon Review will clarify the quality of the product and all the OTOs.

Good that you take the time to learn a little more about OJ James’s Web Siphon before investing time and money. Not every JVZoo product lives up to its promise.

First of all, web siphon is not a scam, it does not promote too hyped, but you should still read what to expect when considering the different Web Siphon features.

I have been studying many similar programs lately to learn and share what is and what is not worth your money. If with this product your online business can be improved and simplified greatly you will learn in the Web Siphon review.

Content: The Web Siphon Review (WS)

Web Siphon in Short


Partly Recommended

  • Product Name: Web Siphon
  • URL: http://sales.websiphon.co/special
  • Name of the founder: OJ James and Team in Okt. 2018. 
  • Product type: Image, text and video content curating.
  • Price: $26.00/$27.00 + up-sells.
  • Good for: Online marketers in general.
  • In words: WS makes it easy to search, edit and re-publish existing Internet content on WordPress websites, YouTube or social media.
  • The best part: Not expensive.
  • Recommended?  Partly

Why do I write the Web Siphon review?

The Web Siphon Review Why The Web Siphon Review JVZoo
Why The Web Siphon Review JVZoo

As I said, I have recently examined quite some JVZoo products and presented them here. My interest in potentially helpful applications is, of course, great as an affiliate marketer.

and presented them here. My interest in potentially helpful applications is, of course, great as an affiliate marketer.

Unfortunately, I have to say that so far most have not done too well. Programs like 7 Figure Franchise, which are only there to earn money on ignorant industries newbies.

Or all those “fast easy money systems” that will only pull the money out of your pocket, distract you from the actual affiliate business and ultimately prove to be unfit.

Unfortunately, today the market is flooded with such programs and therefore I see it as my task to help you with recommendations.


Will YouTube be dominated by plagiarism in the future? Web Siphon facilitates and recommends exactly that.

Therefore, if you are looking for Web Siphon video Reviews you will come across at least 10 samples with the same video. Well, they are all top ranked but if you ask me this has nothing to do with quality.

For this I chose the original video, all the others are web-siphon-recycled versions of this video.

The Detailed Web Siphon Review

The Web Siphon Review 1-2-3 let's go

Web Siphon is a website that helps you to repackage and re-publish good online material such as articles, pictures, and videos, tagged with your name.

A well-known fact is, to get successful with internet marketing, the most important thing is publishing as much content as possible.

For many, the task of creating their own content material every day is too time-consuming or difficult. With Web Siphon you can edit existing content just a little and by doing so save much time.

The basic version consists of the following tools:

  • Interactive Dashboard.
  • Curation builder.
  • Keyword tool.
  • Image editor.
  • Social media.

Web Siphon Features

I would like to emphasize once again, if you want to use Web siphon for your website, you have to work with WordPress websites. I myself am convinced of WordPress, this is one such page.

To sync your website with Web Siphon you will get a plugin that you have to install.

Web Siphon Dashboard:

The Web Siphon Review Web Siphon Dashboard

Here, the team behind the WS has made a lot of effort to create a colorful dashboard with various interactive statistics.

Of course, the individual features, menu items are clickable but also various criteria of your campaigns displayed as statistics can be examined at the touch of a button.

Thus, you always have a full overview of what is going on and what can and should be improved.

Curation builder:

The Web Siphon Review Curation Builder
Curation Builder

The Curation Builder is the actual main feature of the program. Here you search with a keyword for relevant content available on the Internet.

For example, you enter Web Siphon in the search bar, then you can choose where to search, throughout the Internet, on various linked websites, on YouTube, Facebook or in image libraries.

Searching on YouTube would bring all those WS reviews you’ve probably seen. You choose the one that suits you best.

Then all you have to do is customize the title, meta description, and meta tags, and you’ll have a new post that you can share on YouTube, your website or on Facebook.

The whole thing is quite easy to use and the editing possibilities are simplified by suggestions.

Keyword Suggestions:

The Web Siphon Review Keyword Suggestions
Keyword Suggestions

To give your imagination a boost, Web Siphon provides you with software that displays a Keyword list of your given search term.

All you have to do is choose one of the many related keywords and you can quickly create a new relevant title for your post.

Select, highlight and insert. Thus, you can provide the same video with various titles and thus repeatedly broadcast under new search terms.

The same applies to website articles and Facebook posts.

Image Editor:

The Web Siphon Review Image Editor
Image Editor

Pictures you find, from wherever you want, you can here edit quickly and easily. Add text, change colors, insert shapes etc.

A built-in little Photoshop. The finished image can then automatically moved to the curation builder, where you define titles, etc. and publish the campaign or incorporate into your website.

Social Media:

The Web Siphon Review Social Media
Social Media

Social media presence can have big benefits today. Every article, every campaign should basically be shared on social media.

In the basic version, you can do that on Facebook. To work more efficiently it is possible to link a “Buffer.com” account with Web Siphon.

Buffer has a free plan that allows scheduling Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn posts.

Web Siphon Up-sells, OTOs 1 - 5

OTO 1, Web Siphon Professional Edition, $97.00, $30.00 Discount with Coupon if you act fast.

The first Upsell is a Pro version of the WS Basic module. You work with the same dashboard but have more and improved options.

Pro Edition features:

  • The Web Siphon Review OTO 1 Web Siphon Pro

    80 additional sources. Directly linked to search specified.
  • Giphy linked. Make your content more interesting with GIFs.
  • Amazon linked. Use Amazon User Reviews.
  • Automatic scheduler. Plan ahead when your content goes public.
  • Translation machine. Your readers get the message in their language. (English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Germany, Turkish)
  • 4 more social media portals. (Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Instagram), well, Google+ will be a thing of the past from April.
  • Quotes search function. Find the latest quotes relevant for your content.
  • Title Ideas. Suggests super relevant article titles to attract more people.
  • Link Shortener. So that your affiliate links are not recognized.
  • Products search function. Find relevant affiliate products from JVZoo, WarriorPlus, and Odigger.
  • Visual content creator.

I have to say, there is a lot to it for just an extra of $67.00. Not bad, if anything. But decide before you open the OTO page, the offered time until the discount expires is short.

OTO2, Web SERP, $37.00

The Web Siphon Review OTO2 Web SERP

In short, this is a plug-in that you can install on your websites. If activated, you have the option, to spy SEO metrics of the top 10 Bing search results from the title you use in your new post/page.

At the touch of a button, you can insert title, meta description and meta tags in your new article and customize as desired.

I would like to warn against using the data as it is, otherwise you will get in trouble. (Duplicated content is penalized by Google.)

OTO3, Linx Siphon, $47.00.

The Web Siphon Review , OTO 3 Linx Siphon

With this up-sell you get, as I understand it, the actual free Pretty Links plugin. If not, then one that can do exactly the same as Pretty Links. (This is a pretty link and costs me nothing 🙂

If you’re a WordPress website owner, and you have to be to apply this OTO, you can save your money. Sorry folks, but this addition is not appropriate.

OTO4, Web Stealth, $27.00.

The Web Siphon Review , Web Stealth

Another WordPress plugin. Web Stealth allows you to set up page specific pop-ups. So you can add a different pop-up on every page or post.

This may be interesting if you are fully focused on commercial websites. I’ve found that since I publish informative content, readers are not necessarily pleased to be disturbed by pop-ups.

Nevertheless, I have one as you see, but on each article, it’s the same and pops up only once every 3 days.

This OTO can be interesting, is not expensive and you have a 30-day money back guarantee. (Just keep in mind, too many plug-ins on your website make it slow down.)

OTO5, Web Azon, $27.00.

The Web Siphon Review 5 Web Azon

Now there is another plug-in, an Amazon.com affiliate marketing tool that will make it easier to optimize your Amazon product campaigns.

On the fast, I do not see much benefits. I have websites that offer Amazon products and I do not see how this plug-in could help me much.

On the sales side of the OTO, you can see two income proofs, I could show you some of them as well and you would not even know who they really belong to or from which website the income comes from.

With other words, they are meaningless, like most of the income claims you see on sales pages.

My Opinion about Web Siphon

Well, I think there features you can take advantage ofoff. The program is not very expensive but actually offers some interesting tools and is not like many others, only made for resale.

Do I like the idea of ​​using existing, copied content to attract more visitors to my website? I’m not sure. I won’t use my limited time with it.

Effectively there is a risk that you will not succeed with such practices. Duplicating content can have negative consequences that affect your entire online presence.

I would, therefore, be very careful and would take good care that this does not stand out.

As I’ve already pointed out in the videos, (see here), I do not think you’ll get much more video visits if you show the same movie as your competition.

On social media, that’s different, because you’re showing the posts mainly to your group or visitors to your fan page. A simplified production of good articles may help.

On your website, I would be most careful. If Google notices that you are using copied text, and eventually Google will find out, it can have fatal consequences.

Unless you come up with search terms that are absolutely unique, you are already an authority in your niche and edit the article sufficiently, you will never land with such methods on the first pages of the search results.

That’s my opinion, I prefer to go the cumbersome way and create my own content. Who reads a book a second time just because it is brought out by a new publisher?

The Web Siphon Review Other Peoples Opinions
Some Other Peoples Opinions

Pros and Cons

  • Can help quickly creating nice social media posts.
  • Can help marketing YOUR videos better.
  • You can learn from SEO metrics of experts.
  • You have a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • No Training.
  • Little Support.
  • Too high claims.
  • Not really recommended for newbies.
  • Without OTO1 not perfect.
  • Some questionable up-sells

Conclusion of The Web Siphon Review


Partly Recommended

The Web Siphon Review Conclusion Web Siphon

With Web Siphon you have access to a website that allows you to find, edit and publish relevant Internet content.

Without doing all the work of content creation, you can increase your online presence in a short time.

Since externally produced content is used, you must ensure that you do not violate the copyright law. Google also has its own plagiarism policy.

For only $27.00, you can buy the basic version and work with it. As an aid, not as a full-fledged business system, I can recommend Web Siphon.

Where to find the most recommended WordPress Website host and all the necessary skills to succeed online.

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What Is The Wealthy Affiliate University

As you’ve probably heard, an online business always starts with a great website. My favorite website content management system is WordPress.

To create a lucrative WP website you need a domain, a host, tools and the appropriate training.

All this and much more you get under one roof in the so-called “Home Of Affiliate Marketing”.

I work with it for two years now and would highly recommend the platform. If you want to know more about it, read my WA experience report here.

With us, you are in the best company of thousands of members, more than 1.4 million in fact. Wealthy Affiliate has spawned thousands of well-paid website owners.

Usually, if you Google for online product reviews like this one, you will find several websites of our members on the first page.

If you want to be on the way to success today, then do not hesitate, you can not lose anything, just win. Start your “Experiment Website” now, for free.

Thank you for your interest

I hope this report could show you a little bit what Web Siphon is about. I enjoyed the program because it has at least some valuable content.

I would appreciate it if you share your opinion with everyone and of course, be happy when you come back to read more product reviews or even helpful content for becoming affiliate marketers.

With this, I wish you best success, see you, Stefan 🙂 asuperaffiliate.com