The www WIX com – Review – Good For You?

Free WIX Website. The www WIX.COM review. Is it a good choice for YOU? I have made a Wix website and tell you how it went. Set-up, Support, Training. What it takes to make a Profitable Website.

Wix is today’s most popular website program, seen on youtube commercials and on Facebook

The www Wix com is used by 110 million users in over 190 countries. The program lets you easily build a free website and provides all the help to get it online and ranked by Google.

I think if you know what website making is all about and have a standing small business or a known brand name, Wix is a good partner for you to build a website. If you are an absolute beginner though and new to the business, I’m afraid you will make big mistakes right in the beginning.

I signed up for the Wix free website program and build a website there my self. In the beginning, it was easy and I thought I would be set up quite fast but the deeper I got in, the more things I had to find out and do and there are not really many explanations given if you don’t know what you are doing.

WIX.Com – A Quick Check

  • Name:
  • Founders: Avishai Abrahami, Giora Kaplan, Nadav Abrahami
  • Website URL:
  • Website builder: easy, 9.0 out of 10
  • Education, Training: doable, 8.0 out of 10
  • Support and feedback: weak, 5.0 out of 10
  • Website hosts: excellent, 9.6 out of 10
  • Offered Tools: great, 8, 8 out of 10
  • My success story: satisfying, 8.0 out of 10
  • Affiliate program: great, 9,5 out of 10 ($100 per premium sign up)
  • Price: Starters Free (no time limit). Premium $4.50, $8.50, $12.50, $16.50 or VIP $24.50
  • A Super Affiliate. Com says: I think if you have a brand already and want to build a website for your existing business it is good. 8.2 out of 10

Wix Is Not A Scam – Check What You Get For Your Money

Get your website built in 5 minutes for free (Starter Kit)

  • Join for free (no credit card needed)
  • Build a WixPress website for free
  • Enjoy free website hosting for one website
  • Work with different “apps” to build your website and get it SEO friendly

You fill out the sign-up form, no credit card needed. Next, you start to set up a Wix website. There is a choice of several different site types, it is not explained which site is useful for you, but underneath, on that page, you can check Wix blogs for relevant information on different topics.

From there you either let an automated program help you build your site or do it by your self. After choosing this option, you get dropped into the cold water and have to find your way through the many things to do. With up to 10 different apps you can edit and personalize your website.

For my site, I chose a business site. I have many apps like the Wix store, Wix booking, Wix blog, Wix get found on Google, Email marketing, Mailbox, Invoices, Contacts, Automated Emails, Roles, and Permissions plus two apps I can add, Site Booster and Visitor Analytics.

You now have to edit every one of these apps one by one. Within each app, you find written instructions to do so and some broad videos.

See what I got

When you start building your first website with Wix it leads you to the website builder right after the sign-up. You are asked to name the site, chose your niche and a website type suited for you. I found it a bit hard, especially because you are not prepared for all these tasks,

To chose a good niche is very essential and the Wix program assumes you already have one. If not, you have to leave the building process right during the first step. After checking the page I found forums suggested below the building section. You can check out Wix blogs, a section called launch or example pages.

The example pages look very nice and enticing. I quickly understood these websites are sites of already existing companies or celebrities. Well known brands that are looked up in google search by their names and therefore getting traffic.

Another forum you will notice is the “recommended experts”. You can hire an expert to set up your website. Within the blog forums, there is a search bar where you search for topics like “niche”, “keywords” and such things. If you are not familiar with these terms and the website business it will be hard to find your way through.

I am a bit spoiled due to working with another program that is set up totally different. There you build your free website within a lesson, with support, feedback, and step by step video tutorials and written instructions. Check it out here. Every possible question is answered upfront and if you have problems understanding you post your question below and receive an answer pretty fast. has its own page maker. They work with their own “Wix press” websites. The worlds most used website platform is “Word press” though. This fact is of importance due to possibly wanting to move your website out of Wix and let it be hosted somewhere else. It can be done but not easy and you lose many things like the stunning theme and have to overdo it.

Like everywhere you want to build a new website, there are loads of specifications and information you have to provide. As I mentioned above Wix solves this by letting you use different apps for every topic. Within the app, you have an automated guide that asks you to fill out forms with your specifics.

One of these apps, for example, is for SEO, search engine optimation. In this app, you are asked to call 5 keywords (what are keywords?). Sadly there is neither a keyword search tool nor mentioned where you find high ranking keywords or how a high ranking keyword is searched without a tool.

After adding up to 5 keywords you can let a Wix program check your keywords and receive a very broad result, only saying about how strong the keywords are. They offer a few optional, “better” keywords to choose from.

I checked them with my free keyword tool and found the first suggestion to be not bad at all but the second one shows 0 searches per month and will not be very helpful :(. Wix suggests removing my better keywords to replace them with one no one is interested in. OK…

As I said, I am spoiled by another program an miss motivating words within Wix. You work all alone, no community to exchange experience or ask questions or just to have a chat once in a while. You’ll never know how others are doing and what progress they make.

Get Help Search – 2 ways to find help.

Search for help gadget
  • The help search bar on top of the editor dashboard.
  • The support page, Wix Help Center.

I concentrated on searching information on keywords, the alpha, and omega in SEO and ranking with Google. The movie above is presented on the support page but more than that there is some information on how to use the keywords or not to use them but not much help in researching them.

In the help search, I found a duplicate of the text from the support forum, only that the video wasn’t featured. All in all, I find this quite poor support for an essential and success crucial topic. If all important topics are dealt with, the same way, you will have a hard time to create a successful business with Wix.

They are not even mentioning that there are keyword search tools available, some free some you need to pay monthly. I am disappointed at this stage. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely a bit more costly than Wix, but can be used for free too and offers the best keyword tool on the market and asks you to join the huge community and ask your questions.

Which Tools does Wix Offer?

  • Wix is providing the tools to completely build your website
  • ADI, the automated website builder
  • Websites and Hosting
  • An assortment of apps to build and analyze your website

ADI, artificial design intelligence is a tool that builds your website frame customized by your references automatically. You can choose from many different Wix “themes”, they look hip and are appealing and professional. Further, you can choose a website style, Business, art, shop or, or, or.

Once this is done you only need a name for your website and ADI builds it for you. This is done in minutes and leads you to the editor of your homepage and there the real work starts. ADI fills all content places with self-edited content and pics and titles. All this you have to change and customize your self now.

If you are a free Wix website user you get 1 hosted website with integrated Wix promo you can’t remove. To get your own domain, Like a .com, .net, .org website domain you need to go premium. The cheapest premium program is only $4.50 per month. You get 500 MB storage, can connect your domain but still have adds showing. This is ok if you want to be Wix affiliate marketer and earn $100.00 per premium sign-up.

The most common version is available for $12.50 a month, which still is quite cheap. You can connect your existing domain or get a .com etc domain for free for one year. You’ll have 10 GB storage and no more add appearing. You also get two free apps, worth $108.00. You have a 14 days money back guarantee on all premium packages.

==> Get your free Wix website here <==

How Wix Worked Out For Me So Far

My Home Page Dashboard

I have started to build a free website with Wix. I was a bit surprised how I was asked to deliver things like title, company name and other important information without being prepared. Also choosing the website stile I found confusing due not knowing the differences of the outcoming results.

I was able to move forward anyway and finally see the editor of my new homepage. Now it got really intensive. A lot of pre-knowledge about the website building process is needed to successfully and rationally fill out all the requests and parameters.

As I found out that hosting a .com domain was involved in getting premium and realized that it would take me days of work to just set up a test website I quit the experiment.

This is because I already am a premium member of another program. There I’m allowed to host 25 .com domain websites for the same price. I decided it would be a waste of time to do the whole thing here and after all the work, not even being able to transfer the website to my host.

Anyways, I would need to use my favorite program all the time to research good keywords and therefore would have to jump from one program and back all the time.


The Wix Affiliate Program Is Promising.

I will and you can as well make quite a bit of money recruiting new customers to Wix. I got affiliate partner with Wix which was actually the most guided and easy to do part of all I have seen within the Wix program.

They promise to pay $100.00 per premium sign up which is a nice deal if I think about it. The fee is confirmed after the 14 days money back guarantee time and will be paid out to my Bank account once every month. It is not a reoccurring paycheck as the WA referral program but the $100 in my pocket will feel fine too.

The big advantage of promoting Wix is their presence in all kinds of media. Most people have already heard of and are therefore more likely to subscribe. A lot of promotion for my product is already done. I just have to target a willing clientele and offer to join in.

Is Wix A Scam? No, It’s Not At All A Scam

Wix is a very legit program where you can build, host and publish your own free or paid for website. It does not promise things not holding the word to. It provides ways to get successful with your website and has more than others beautiful and active themes to choose from.

Everything has pros and cons – Wix is no exception

Cons first

  • No actual lessons included.
  • No ongoing live support forum.
  • No big help with keyword research.
  • Possible but rather hard to find essential SEO techniques tutorials.



  • Free website for a lifetime. Not better not worse than when going premium.
  • One year free domain for premium members.
  • Relatively low monthly fees.
  • Great looking free websites easily made.
  • A nice affiliate program.

==>Get your free trial now, no costs involved<==’s five cents

If I had to make a website for my existing business, I’d invest in an expert and join the premium package for $12.50 a month. I would get a super looking website at low longterm costs.

Me as an affiliate marketer, having started from zero, would not be where I am today with the help of Wix. Not enough learning material, in fact, nothing.

I think it is worth a try, make a free website and see how it works for you. I am spoiled from where I already work and would never change. (start here)

>>>Get a glimpse of how I think a website building program should look like<<<

Please tell me better if you have experience. I would like to hear your opinion. Have you ever used Wix, are you satisfied? Do you work with other programs I should know of?

Below is the comment section, you are free to tell us everything you like. I will respond within a short time.

Thank’s for visiting my site and please come back for more news on how to be a-super-affiliate.

See you, Stefan 🙂

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