Hi everyone, today I want to discuss the difference between website hosting and building or where you get both and more. Everyone wanting to make a website needs at least one of the two or both. Now, let’s start at the beginning first though. 

I was in the exact same situation some years ago, I had a small business and wanted to make a website to get more attention. Some friends told me that it would be an easy thing, you just need a domain (website name) and a host. There you can build your website and publish it.

Build A Free Website Now

It did work, I can say that, but my website has vanished in some clouds and was never seen again. I bought a domain, you can get a domain at “NameCheap“, “GoDaddy” or “SiteRubix” or many other places. The domains only differ in price but there is no quality difference.

There are also some free domains available, these are “sub-domains” and will never be your property though. You want to buy a “.com”, “.net”, or”.org” domain. Then you come to look at where you want to host it.

What is website building and hosting?

The hosting company takes charge of your website data being stored somewhere and being published on the internet. They also give you a login portal to your website where you can build it.

Now the big difference comes up, and this is what makes your first website either a flop or a top. A  normal host does not care if your website gets seen by many people, whether it gets traffic or not, they host it and let you build it on your own.

A website building program, on the other hand, will host your website and give you training on how to do that and what to consider. My website here is a bit like a website building program only without the possibility to host your website.

Who is hosting

There are three big names when it comes to hosting. GoDaddy, HostGator and BlueHost. These all host WordPress websites. Of course, there are many more but the ones you will find the first are these. They are also about the same price.

Start A Wix Website Here

On these hosts, you can host one to x websites depending which program you choose. A quite new but famous host and website builder is Wix, there you build a website, not a WordPress one and get some idea of what is essential to a website and some training.

Now let’s say you want to build a website about your existing small business. You buy a domain and choose a host. This will cost you about, one yearly fee for the domain, $15.00 and a monthly fee for hosting, $20.00 or even less. That is how I did it.

There was no one to tell me that I need a privacy policy page for example or an about page. These website hosts all assume you know this and don’t even encourage you to check for more information. They say, build a website in just a few minutes.

Well, that is fine, you have a website, you might even sign up for free, but who is going to see this website? Wix, I tried them out once, they have some training and instructions but I would not say that I would learn about keywords and such much there either.

They have some tutorials and blogs where you can learn some of these things if you want. But how do you know what to learn if you are new to the business, how do you know what is important?

What do I need for a successful website

You now have a website for your small business, and start writing articles. Did you know that the article title is a very important factor in this post? Yes, the title is what people in search engines are looking for. I didn’t know that I had titles like “lesson one”, “first step” and things like that.

Nobody is looking for a first step on the internet. Me, looking at my website it was clear what I meant but for others, invisible. I tell you, I wrote about ten articles in two languages but didn’t have a single visitor, except one or two from Facebook.

You call your website maybe something like “Mc Jordan Jewelry and Design” and have a domain name like, “mcjordanjewlery.com”. These are good names but who knows them? Do you only want people to find your website that already know you?

Check Out Some Free Keyword Searches

Every post and page you publish has to target a new “keyword” title, so people interested in the theme the title promises to be about, look at your post. This is very important information you will not be told by a website host if you don’t ask.

Now the difference between website hosting and the building is big but the company hosting your website also gives you the opportunity to build your website. What I understand under building a website though is a bit more.

It’s like if you want to build a house. First, you need the land to build it on, this is the domain name. Next, you need the host, this is a city that provides infrastructure and stuff. Then you need a builder, he will build whatever you want.

Can you build it yourself

Do you see the problem? They all just want your money and don’t care if you can live in the building in the end. A very important factor is the knowledge of what a house has to consist of.

When I talk about a website building program I talk about a program that helps in every situation to reach the goal I have in mind. I want to create my website myself, I don’t want to pay more money for an architect, but I want to learn how to do so and which pillars are not to be left out and how much and what kind of content I need for a good foundation.

I want my website to be public, to be seen by as many people as possible, what else would I make a website for. I want my website to look nice and hear what others think about it. I want to discuss with people with the same interests as me and hear their opinion.

Website hosts and builders, in general, offer a product and after you bought it, you will have to learn how to swim. No, you don’t have to, but if you want to be successful you need to. Most websites land in the desert because people don’t learn or understand the importance of knowing how to swim.

Same But Not Same

Now, halftime over already, I guess you slowly want to know what the better alternative is. I know a program that hosts your websites, offers domains, lets you build a WordPress website, offers training, community, feedback and much more.

Get Better Solutions
Get Better Solutions

I work with this program, this website is hosted and built there and I have two more. I learned all you can read on this website from only this one source and I would recommend trying this same program too.

I am proud to say my teachers are multi-millionaires today, they have over a million students, they brought up many people making six-figure incomes per year and a lot more that can earn a living. We are a community reacting to each other on a daily basis.

Of course, not everyone will get rich from a website. Some have different goals, some don’t have the power to stay on track and again others give up before it get’s interesting.

The same goal we all have is to build a website. Most of us want to create a passive income with their website but some are here to just learn more and operate an interesting website.

I didn’t tell you the best part yet :), you can join for free, you can even build a free, no two free websites. You have the possibility to try this program out for as long as you want. You can ask others working there what they think of it and chat and ask anything you like.

I tell you, if you are new to website building this is the best way to do it. Of course, I am a premium member because there are too many features and tools and things I want to have access to. And this does not cost more than if I would do all the things at different places.

Watch a slow person build a website in two minutes 🙂

Look inside of the Wealthy Affiliate website building program

You are probably new to all of this and don’t yet know what is to come but there are some tools you’ll need to operate a good and trustworthy website. Here at Wealthy Affiliate, you get the whole package included. No searching the net for this and that, everything you need is here.

Two examples, this year we became a new keyword tool included, one of the best on the market. Also this year we became a royalty-free picture gallery with over a million images to use on our websites. Just these two specials can cost you more than what you pay here for the whole package.

Website hosting and building are the most rudimental parts of Wealthy Affiliate, you will enjoy a great easy to use, selection of all necessary features of website building and managing.

  • Site Manager, where you enter your website to work on it or look at it. Secured with a high-security password no one else can log in.
  • Site Builder, Where you build your new website within a few minutes.
  • Site Domain, where you check the availability of your preferred domain name and purchase it.
  • Site Content, where I write this text right now, add pics, get them formatted, get my text corrected, checked for duplicate content and directly published on my website when I’m finished.
  • Site Comments, a give and take platform where you share comments on your websites.
  • Site Feedback, a give and take platform where you share feedback to your websites, hear how others like it or what they would do better.
  • Site Support, something very important. 24-hour instant support. Write a ticket and get respond within minutes, often after a problem is already solved. (Our websites are stored twice, one for backup, unique in the market)

One more screenshot of my dashboard you might like to see.

On the right side, you see my WA search bar where I can write in any word or question and get either an answer or a training, several pieces of training or if there is really nothing there yet I’ll wait for someone to answer my question.

Below you see where I just write my content.

  • Activity Dashboard, I tell you the truth, it is the first time I looked at this now. A lot of training I’ve never seen before.
  • Get Started Here, is the normal training course to build a website. This is what you should enter when you start here for free.
  • Live Chat, says it all, don’t lose too much time there, we’re here to work lol.
  • Site Rubix, is the list of things we saw above.
  • Affiliate Bootcamp, is another training program for affiliate marketing.
  • Jaaxy, is the newly added keyword and niche research program ($49.00/month if not WA member)
  • My History, all the activities I’ve done.
  • Classrooms, 13 different specific classrooms to choose from.
  • Life Video Classes, literally hundreds of video classes produced by members and owners, all to be seen now or later.

Enough for today

And and and. I’m sorry but time is running out. There’s a lot more I could show you and say about Wealthy Affiliate. If you are not ready yet to give it a free trial, I suggest you check out my review, there I go a bit more into details, click here.

I hope the difference between hosting and building websites or a bit more is cleared out for you. I know it is all a very specific topic with its own terminology but when you are interested and start working with websites this all will soon be very familiar to you.

If you decide to build and host a website somewhere else than WA, you can still take advantage of the free training offered and get a better stat up than just by doing all by yourself. Most websites can also be transferred to WA at any time and be hosted here, this happens quite often.

Now I have to leave you for today, I wish you all the best.

PS. If you have additional questions feel free to ask below in the comment section. I and all other visitors like to hear your thoughts and opinions. Your experiences are valuable for all of us too.

I hope you start a successful website journey, maybe even a new career.

See you, Stefan 🙂 asuperaffiliate.com