Nowadays, SEO and ranking in Google and other search engines become more and more difficult by using keywords only, so we need to pay more attention to website trust, domain authority, trust flow, and citation flow.

Manually it is very difficult to measure these data so companies like MOZ or Majestic have specialized in delivering such values. (Also Long Tail Pro)

When we work on these values, the trust-flow, and the citation-flow, we can give the impression of higher authority on Google, because Google measures these numbers to analyze our website’s trustworthiness.

For this, we need to know what these two details mean. What is “Trust Flow” and what is “Citation Flow” and how do they relate to each other.

Google search engine ranking algorithms change all the time but it is safe to work with the numbers below. As you see, linking can influence about 65% of how Google ranks your website. Although these dates are already 8 years old, they are still reasonably representative. (Information Copyblogger 2010)

Google Ranking Criteria
Google Ranking Criteria

What is Trust Flow?

The trust flow metric informs about the trustworthiness and thus the quality of your website. It is measured in the quality of links that link to our website. Getting links from authority pages is not easy. For this, your site must offer content that can help the already established site.

Therefore, you need to provide content that is useful for niche related websites, content that someone would like to share on such pages to offer their readers more quality information.

Such a link is worth more than 1000 links from just any page. In my case, I should actually get in touch with well-known Affiliate Marketing Niche websites and try to write a guest post for them.

The “Trust Flow” will always be lower than the “Citation Flow”. However, what is worth striving for is a good balance between these two numbers.

What is Citation Flow?

The “Citation Flow” is an indication of the number of links that lead from external websites to my site. To get a high CF, it does not matter where the links come from, as long as there are many. That said, these links may be without real quality.

Among them are also the most paid links you can buy. It is not necessarily positive to have a high CF number if at the same time the “Trust Flow” values are not correspondingly high. An example of sites with high CF but low quality would be sex sites. They get linked to from everywhere but most of the time the reader does not want to see this content.

For Google, quality is still more important than quantity and so you should be careful who you ask to place a link to your page. Generally, good links are those that come from niche-related sites and even better from respected authority sites of your niche.

Howย Should The Balance Be?

So it would be best if both are equal in value, for younger pages maybe 10: 10 or 40: 40, that would be a ratio of 1. however, this is difficult.

If you manage to achieve a ratio of over 1, say 30 TF: 15 CF then you have a 2:1 ratio and you are top in link organizer. But what shows a good average already is when you reach about 0.5, which equals 60CF to 30 TF.

Details From Long Tail Pro
Details From Long Tail Pro

Since I have not dealt with this topic yet my flow ratio is quite wrong, at 1:5, 4 TF to 20 CF which urgently needs to be corrected.

What can I do?

First and foremost, it is necessary to stop publishing my website URL where it has nothing to do. The fewer links from non-relevant sites, the less my CF increases and thus I can work on the relationship by organizing more links from niche-related sites.

Something that I always do and that does not cost anything is to publish all my articles on Google+ and to my Facebook group. These are also backlinks which target actually only interested readers.

What Neil Patel recommends is good alright, but to use the whole arsenal of tools I would have to spend a lot of money. I try to promote my website for free as long as possible.

To get high-quality links you can read what Neil Patel says. For me, it’s all very time-consuming. Let’s see how I get good links.

In the video Neil advises to produce infographics and to promote them, that is possible but also takes a lot of time.

Thanks And See You ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope this could give you some understanding of different kind of backlinks, trust flow,ย and citation flow. If you have any questions or comments please use the section below.

All the best, Stefan ๐Ÿ™‚