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Hello, today I have to finally share my opinion about the new social media WebTalk with you. The program is currently still in the test phase but there is already a lot to report.

I myself have been a member for a few weeks and therefore it may be that I someday receive commissions if you use my link to sign up to WebTalk.

Good that you also want to inform yourself about the latest program that makes so much talk about themselves.

There are already some social media, the largest portal is Facebook, a more business-oriented is Pinterest or other well-known as Twitter or LinkedIn.

Google also has its own social media, Google+ but as you may have heard, it is quite possible that this will be off the market in the near future.

Like me, many Google+ users now think that WebTalk is a possible new alternative and promises to be a source of income.

At the end of this report, I will introduce you to a program that is not actually called social media but still contains most of its attributes.

About all this and more I will write here to evaluate whether it is worthwhile for you to invest time and possibly money in WebTalk.

This site contains the following chapters

WebTalk Scam in short:

  • Product Name: Webtalk
  • URL:
  • Founder’s Name: Not visible, CEO: Robert Garbowicz
WebTalk Logo
  • Product Type: Sozial Media, MLM
  • Price: Free plan or several premium plans.
  • Guarantee: None.
  • Good for: The owner and affiliate marketers.
  • Ranking:  3 out of 10 Points.
  • In Words: A new social media platform still in beta testing looking for new members with the help of a commission system.
  • The Good News: Free to start with.
  • Recommended?  NO

WebTalk detailed REVIEW

Social Media Component:

Another social media, at the moment still in the beta test phase and therefore probably not fully mature. By and large, you can compare WebTalk with Facebook.

Basically, you can divide your contacts, (at Facebook these are called friends), into two groups. First, business and secondly, private.

When you get a contact request you have different options. You can either delete them naturally, or accept them privately and or on business, or you can follow or just save the applicant.

By defining various settings, you can choose the importance of each contact, and with keywords, you can even create subgroups.

It’s best to watch this video for a moment, Robert Garbowicz explains in it how it all works.

What is not included is a chat feature. With the help of the above groups, you can set up something like a personalized post though. There is also a private mail function.

Otherwise, everything works pretty much the same as with Facebook, you can post texts, pictures or videos and if you enter a URL as a text it becomes a clickable link.

As I observed, all current members are only interested in bringing their products to this new marketplace. So little to no non-business oriented items are posted so far.

MLM or earning option component:

It’s a bit complicated to explain in detail how all these merit opportunities look like. What is basically necessary for you to earn something is that you have to recruit members.

Webtalk compensation plan:

The business side of WebTalk is handled via “SocialCPX”. WebTalk tries to generate an income through premium subscriptions and advertising fees.

The following are the known commission rates for WebTalk subscriptions and services:

  • 10% of premium subscription fees from personally-affiliated WebTalk members.
  • 10% of the advertising budget of personally mediated advertisers.
  • 10% of your member’s local services purchased through WebTalk.
  • 2% to 9% of the commission when a product is purchased through the WebTalk Newsfeed.
  • 5% of app subscriptions sold through an internal app store.


WebTalk offers compensation to its first 1 million members.

In order to qualify for these compensations, however, you will not only have to be one of the first 1 million members but also refer to at least one paying Premium Member.

Not counting here is your own paid premium membership.

The commissions at WebTalk are paid out via a multi-level compensation structure. (MLM or Multi-Level Marketing)

With such a compensation structure, you are at the top of your multi-tiered team, with each personally recruited partner placed directly below you.

In my WebTalk profile it looks like this:

WebTalk scam my referral list
my referral list

As you can see, the list goes over 5 levels. I have been able to recruit one “customer” so far.  If this one was somewhat more active lol, his referrals would be listed in the second of my levels and theirs in the third etc.

More in-depth again explains this video it shows how the entire compensation concept works.

WebTalk Premium Models: 

Free WebTalk members are limited to 50 Contacts/Friends, this is as it seems not yet activated, I already have over 70 contacts.

In addition to free membership, WebTalk offers the following premium subscriptions:

  • Pro: ($ 20.00 per month or $ 200.00 per year) – 500 contacts, 5 messages per month to non-owned WebTalk members, 5 email messages, the promotional banner will disappear from your site profile.
  • Pro Plus: ($ 30.00 per month or $ 300.00 per year) -Includes 1000 contacts, 10 messages per month to foreign WebTalk members and 10 email messages. 
  • Pro Platinum: ($ 40.00 / month or $ 400.00 / yr) – allows you to view member profiles unrecognized, look for members by age and gender, have an unlimited number of contact opportunities, 20 messages / Month to unknown WebTalk members and 20 e-mail messages.

    On the company’s retail site, advertisements are placed on the WebTalk network through “CPX Engine”.

    The advertising offered is both traditional, Internet, as well as internal search results.

    Become a member of WebTalk:

You become a free member when you press my button below. To recruit and qualify members to earn money, you must complete your WebTalk profile 100%.

In addition, as mentioned above, it is necessary to recruit and retain at least one “Pro Platinum Member”. If you are interested you should sign-up soon, the best deal you can get if you are one of the first million members. (I think it’s too late for that though :()

Video WebTalk about WebTalk

Robert Garbowicz introduces his latest program.

Within 14 minutes you will learn what WebTalk is, what it wants and how you can benefit from it.

The SEO is a good speaker and very convinced of his product.

My doubts, is WebTalk scam or really that interesting?

Of course, I also thoroughly informed myself about this product now. Opinions vary, but as I’ve noticed, some authorities in the field are not very convinced by WebTalk.

The opinion of

“The concept of an MLM social network is primarily questionable because nobody wants to be a member of a group of business people who are primarily interested in selling something.”

Kyle founder of Wealthy Affiliate says:

“I would be careful with social media products like this. It smells like similar schemes that came up and went down again.

It’s not a replacement for Google+ in any way. Our platform will not recommend WebTalk. Anything that promises to pay for social activities is somehow suspect.”

What I think is:

I, too, agree with these opinions that if someone associates a social medium with an MLM system, which I don’t like anyway, I quickly start to think.

As you learned from Facebook and other similar platforms, it is not a problem to make a lot of money with such a program (even without the MLM component). The members can indirectly make money on all social portals.

But if members have to be lured by a pyramid system is a bit questionable.

As I mentioned before, WebTalk is not really a social media at the moment, I would rather rate it as a free advertising portal.

Well, I’m not really interested in looking at morning coffees in detail all the time, but just advertisement is a bit boring too.

What also speaks against the operators of WebTalk is the fact, that many years ago, they already tried to set up the same system.

In 2010, they launched a social network called “YourNight“. It only took a year until YourNight disappeared from the social horizon.

At that time, many people had lost all their efforts. As well as investors and premium members did not see a cent coming back after the company was closed.

Right now, the guys of WebTalk are in Florida, in a luxury hotel and enjoy life as CEOs etc. Probably not funded by their own money.

Affiliate marketing is a wonderful thing and definitely a legitimate way to make money online but built-in into a social media program I find this a bit strange.

Below I compare WebTalk with a real and lucrative affiliate program that has at least as many social aspects, actually even more.

Pros and Cons of WebTalk

Conclusion of the WebTalk Review

In summary, I would say WebTalk is yet just another program that promises easy money.

Sure, the whole thing is built on a very profitable concept, the social media concept that is nowadays implementing billions. However, it is not clear if enough people jump on the train.

The last time it did not work and was a flop for all parties except probably the operators who have earned a golden nose with it.

I am, not totally sure why, also a WebTalk member at the moment, the temptation lures and when I joined I have not been too much informed.

I expect, however, no large passive income as that should be possible according to the operators.

I am an Affiliate Marketer and I live on selling products for a commission but the products that ultimately bring in money are mostly proven products with a high standard of quality.

WebTalk compared to a really good affiliate program:

As you may have noticed, I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for almost two years now. We are not really a social medium but the social aspect plays a big role anyway.

Social Media Aspect of WA

WebTalk scam WA Live Chat
WA Live Chat

The program actually contains all the features of a normal social media does. You can publish posts, and these posts all the 1.5 million members can see. (One of my posts)

You can leave your comments below each post, you can “follow” members and there is also an integrated Private Message portal.

There is even a live chat set up, which is actually active around the clock. All in all, you have more social contact opportunities here than with WebTalk.

Merit aspect at WA:

As a paying member, you get about 48% of the amount of your mediated client paid. This is an income that is safe every month as long as your referral stays.

There is, of course, no pyramid system, nothing MLM and the like. Your mediated members, like you, also get 48% referral fees and you have no profit from these sales.

You can also settle for half, then you do not even have to be a paying member. Unfortunately, there is no direct link to the program detail page of WA but in the picture below you get some idea.

WebTalk scam WA earning potential
WA earning potential

The main reason why people join Wealthy Affiliate:

As I said, we are not actually a social media portal. WA is a platform where you can learn how the affiliate business works.

In addition to the above mentioned social attributes, you get from WA everything you need to create your own business on the Internet.

A website, or up to 50 you can create and host here, the whole training, more than I had time in the 2 years to complete and various great tools that simplify the whole job and eventually help you succeed.

Take a look at my Wealthy Affiliate Review in detail.

What is included in:

Wealthy Affiliate


Thanks for taking a look 🙂

WebTalk is new and a lot of it is reported, I hope I could show you a bit what the interests of WebTalk operators are.

We all need or at least enjoy social media entertainment, also I am trying to optimize my online presence.

If this is possible with the help of WebTalk, which also promises to earn a living, you have to decide for yourself.

I hope I could help you a bit with this article and I wish you all the best.

Until then, Stefan 🙂

PS. I would like to hear what you think of the whole thing 🙂