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Wanting to earn a little extra money is normal. What about paid social media jobs? Is this the right way? Learn how and who can benefit from this paid social media job database.

Youve already made a good decision by first informing yourself about a product before you buy it. All that glitters is not gold as we all know 🙂

The cost of living is high nowadays and a freelance online job is an interesting option to earn extra Dollars.

There are hundreds of online opportunities to do so, but it’s not easy to know which ones can really help you. I have made it my mission to check these sometimes good, but often bad services.

I’ve been working in this industry for two years and from my experience, it is a good idea to check some reviews before investing in a program that promises to provide you with extra income.

Is paid social media jobs right for you? Well, we will see.

(I have no interest in selling this program, if you buy in, I don’t earn anything.)

Table of content - What about Paid Social Media Jobs Review

PaidSocialMediaJobs Quick View

  • Product Name:  PaidSocialMediaJobs
  • URL:
  • Name of the founder: Annie Jones in 2012 (Not proven)
  • Produkttyp: Social Media Manager Training + Job Marketplace.
  • Price: $27.00. or $17.00 when you wait for e few seconds :)($37.00 Up-Sale)
What about Paid Social Media Jobs PSMJ logo
  • Good for: If you are interested in starting a social media job.
  • Rating: 2 out of 10 Points.
  • In Words:  There is a little training and some small job give and take.
  • The good part:  PSMJ is not a scam.
  • Recommended?  Not really

What can you expect from PaidSocialMediaJobs in Detail?

1. Training

The program claims to provide training on how to become a social media manager (more on this below). What is a social media manager? This is a person who manages the social media presence of a product, brand, or business.

These jobs include:

  • Create social media accounts, groups, business pages.
  • Create YouTube channels.
  • Create content, write articles and post.
  • You will create and publish social media advertising campaigns.
  • Contact and interact with your target audience to your employer’s and related company’s, customers.

The idea of an outsourced social media manager is to save the money a solid employee would cost. A lot of money, because this is not an easy task.

Today, over 50 million companies use social media to promote and sell their products worldwide. With this growing number of customers, it is normal for programs like Paid Social Media to spring up like mushrooms.

What does this training look like?

Module 1.

The first module deals with the questions of what is managed in social media and why it is important these days to understand these techniques and to learn the skills of a social media manager.

It also tells you how to apply for potential jobs.

After completing this “training”, you have not learned any skills you need for this job. The only thing you actually learned is how you could sell yourself better.

What about Paid Social Media Jobs Just some other cool words
Just some other cool words.

Module 2.

Here, you learn that what you read in Module One is really true and important in today’s business world. No additional skills, no real knowledge.

You will learn how important and valuable it is to work with PSMJ and how it can change your life.

What I miss in this courses is the training as a Social Media Manager. I’m just learning how important it is to be one of them haha.

The only thing you’ll notice here is the one skill you probably already have, opening social media accounts. If you did not know that yet, you’re not really interested in the job anyway.

In addition, it is recommended to create your own brand website, wow. Without training and information on how and where to do it. (How to build an online store with a website)

After finishing the second training, you still can not do any other jobs than just open accounts for potential customers, and you certainly will not get paid for this ability.

Module 3.

The main focus of this module is to explain who needs social media jobs and how to find them, and what the potential income might be.

In my opinion, it gets frustrating because I have not learned anything about what a future social media manager should know.

Training has so far contributed nothing to improve your job opportunities. I do not know where they teach the skills you need to professionally perform these jobs.

Okay, for $17.00 you can’t expect much, but in fact, this is less than nothing, and not what I expected.

Module 4.

In a lengthy and rather boring way, this training repeats the training of Module 1 in more detail, and in other words. Nothing new, but things that can not help you make money.

Finally, a bit of training comes into play. You get access to some free e-books where you can learn how to improve your skills in using social media like Facebook, etc.

All are targeted primarily on Facebook and say this is the most popular social media platform. However, I think that a good education in using Pinterest or the basics of publishing on Twitter etc. are at least as important and as promising, if not more.

The e-book add-on is now also recommended, for an additional $37.00 you can download Social Media Arbitrage. This book is likely to give more training, but my confidence in this program has already dropped to minimum levels, so I have not spent a single dollar on PaidSocialMediaJobs.

The job market

The second part of the program provides is information. By information I mean potential customers, companies that want to hire you as an experienced social media geek to manage their social media presence.

However, as you can see when you click here, jobs are offered as social media managers on the internet, and you do not necessarily have to have a broker to find them.

Look at a few possible PSMJ job tenders and what you could earn.

What about Paid Social Media Jobs Job Listen

As you can see on this list, the pay is not too high. For example, in the last line, a full-time media manager job for a media company, you get $800 a week.

This means that you are likely to get an uncontrollable amount of highly skilled labor, and at the end of the month, your share is $3,200.

Ok, that’s a lot of money, but you’ll be busy full time with this job, and a chance to raise your salary is unlikely.

Another example, # 1, you need to create a YouTube channel and upload 35 videos for a one-time fee of $130.00. That too is good money. But who says you get these offers every day or that you even get them at all? In fact, the chances of getting a good job quickly are very unlikely.

The program says that you do not need any special skills to start with them, but if that’s really true, we’ll see later.

I really hope these jobs are real. I do not think many companies like to work with a platform like this one. What can you expect, people without training who want to make money online? They can find them everywhere.

I honestly do not think you’ll find a job at PSMJ. Unless you have either good luck or learned your skills elsewhere.

3. Offer your service.

In the final section, you can promote your services to be contacted by companies, companies looking for someone like you. Of course, the companies are looking for real professionals, not newcomers, they want to have their jobs done in the best quality at the best price.

This is actually the only real training you can get here. You may learn how to sell your skills. But what skills can you ultimately sell after this training?

It is said that you find work only with the basics in social media. In the classroom, you will not learn any skills in social media management. So what do you want to do for your customers?

I really think it’s a joke.

What about Paid Social Media Jobs Get a Bonus

Annie Jones even promises to raise the pay you get for the first job by another $50. This makes the whole program even more questionable.

How can she offer training for a fee of $17.00, let you use a platform plus $50 extra for your first job? If everyone or even only 50% of their clients got a job, they would pay more than they earned. Nobody does that !!!

What are the advantages of using PSMJobs?

You can set foot in the social media management industry. Due to the online presence since 2012, PSMJ has a lot of experience, a certain reputation and certainly a reasonably large number of customers.

You should not expect to be an expert after completing the 4 training modules of PSMJ, but a basic understanding of the business is certainly possible.

It’s not entirely true that the mere knowledge of social media is enough to earn money on the platform, that would be too easy. You need professional skills before someone hires you and puts the entire online PR job in your hands.

Have a look inside the Program

Pretty much everything that PSMJ has to offer is explained in this video. The video manufacturer has an idea of what he’s talking about and has effectively worked with the program.

Why I don't recommend PaidSocialMediaJobs.

Based on my research there is actually no reason why anyone should work with PSMJ. Reasons why I advise against it, however, there are some.

Firstly, I am convinced that the training included in the basic price is worthless. You can not learn anything if you do not also buy the extra supplement eBook.

A social media manager is certainly a great job if you master it. Here at PSMJ though you do not have the opportunity to learn this.

I am not sure where you can find really qualified training in this industry. There are certainly those on the Internet to find.

With us on our platform, of course, various lesson modules are included, these you can check out here.

Secondly, the job market, well, you don’t really have to sign up for PSMJ. Such jobs are advertised on the internet and if you really have a professional education, you probably know where to find such jobs.

For example, you can check it out here at UpWork, as it already has over 6000 jobs as social media marketer.

Also, Fiverr has a portal where you can offer your services. All you need to do is publish a small add-on and on Fiverr, thousands of companies are constantly interested in Social Media Managers.

Long story short, in my opinion, there is no real use for the PaidSozialMediaJobs program. To recommend this, it offers too few advantages.

Proof for my claims

Proof 1.

Starting with the pricing. When the program started six years ago, the price was $77.00. It fell and fell and today you can buy it for $17.00 or less?

And why drops the price from $27.00 to $17.00 if you wait a few minutes before signing up?

It’s because the program is actually worthless.

What about Paid Social Media Jobs Price politics


A huge discount for members from Thailand lol. Why do I see this offer for every country from which reviews have been written?

Proof 2.

Counterfeit payout claims: What you see on the right is a PayPal account statement by Kate Jones. Interestingly, is not it?

No, not really, this can even be done by yourself or it could be real, but it definitely does not say where the money comes from.

What about Paid Social Media Jobs Paypal for what

Kate Jones could have paid the money to PayPal herself, or it could be the profit she made from selling PSMJ to clients like you and me.

Such an assertion proves absolutely nothing.

Proof 3.

The picture you see above is from the PSMJ sales video. They claim to have been in the news for a considerable amount of time haha.

It’s a fake, it’s a purchased newsfeed made by an independent video producer from Fiverr.

I could buy a news program about myself if I wanted. Click on the picture above and order your own Breaking News Video now.

4. Why not a free trial?

What about Paid Social Media Jobs 60 Day Money Back

Why so much effort with registration and payment of a fee, if you can get the money back for 60 days if you’re not satisfied? It is a waste of energy and a proof that the program is not sure that it will deliver what it promises.

If PSMJ is optimistic and absolutely convinced that their product has real value, they would let you try it for free. No company likes to pay the fees back after 60 days, it is not profitable.

To avoid these problems and also the loss of transaction fees, a legitimate program offers a free trial.

Pros and Cons of PSMJ

Conclusion to the Paid Social Media Jobs Review

If you are looking for a full-time or part-time income on the internet, it will take some time to achieve that. Like all online business models, it takes time and commitment to succeed. I think you can invest your $17.00 better than here.

As a website owner, I think it makes sense to learn the skills that a social media manager needs. However, here at PaidSocialMediaJobs you cannot acquire these skills.

If you are interested in working in this industry, I recommend checking the links above and training directly and delivering your services directly to potential customers.

Trying to profit from PSMJ is just a waste of time, time you can certainly invest better. I still think that a comprehensive knowledge in all Internet business models is essential to become really successful online.

To achieve this, I recommend that you first create your own website and there you can apply all the social media knowledge and also offer your services directly.

My recommendation would be:

Trust me, there are ways to make money online with social media, but you need to take your time to learn how it all works.

I’ve been in the online business for almost two years now and I’m still learning. The good thing is, I can earn while I’m learning. Another good aspect is, I have my own business here, my website. This is the best and most proven system for getting a passive income online.

I will publish more articles on how to use social media to generate income, but as I said, I am always in the learning process.

This week, I will expand my Pinterest campaign. If you are interested in watching over my shoulder, I would recommend that you sign up on my email list and receive the relevant articles as they are published.

You can also watch my free training, start selling online now. There are no fees, no credit card details required, just your email address and a name.

For the rest, I recommend, of course, to test the best website creation program. If you are interested in how I work from home this is the best alternative in my opinion.

You can immediately and for free create your first website and attend classes. A 7-day free trial, sharing experiences, chatting and more with over 1.5 million classmates.

I firmly believe that you are a serious businessman/woman and have just not got the right chance yet.

Try it, you have nothing to lose. Maybe you are soon a medium, big earner, like one of my young comrades, who was able to generate over $2000.00 monthly income after only 6 months.

As far as I know, today he has exceeded $6,000 a month and is invited to go to Las Vegas with the most successful members next spring.

Try it now, you can do that, click the green button below and in 10 minutes you’re going to create your own website 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this report.

Thank you for coming to my side. I will do my best to provide the most relevant content for affiliate marketers and generally people wanting to make money online.

You can be sure that I only recommend products that I use myself and behind which I can fully stand.

If you have a question or would like to share your experiences with PSMJ or the online business in general, please write a comment in the following section. We all like to read reader comments and I will reply as soon as possible.

I wish you a great time, best success in business and in life and hope to see you again.

Your Stefan 🙂