Hello, and welcome to my 4netjobs.com review. What is 4netjobs.com, and can you earn $ 500 a day as promised? I understand that you want to learn more about the program, as it is very promising.

Let me reveal the truth to you here.

Today thousands of programs are offered online claiming that you can make a fortune with little effort and without investment. To tell the truth, none of these online services can deliver what they promise.

As a future online entrepreneur, you show the right attitude by informing yourself before buying any online product without reservation. Congratulations, if you do so you can go far and really generate a worthwhile income online.

Here’s a small list of more programs that want to steal your money:

Content: What Is 4netjobs.com

4NetJobs In Short


Not Recommended

  • Product Name:  4NetJobs
  • URL:  4netjobs.com
  • Name of the founder:  John Becker (Not Real)
What Is 4netjobs.com Scam
  • Product type:  It’s just a magnet page for Raiken now.
  • Price:  
  • Guaranty: 
  • Good for:   The owner.
  • Rating:  1 out of 10 Points
  • In words: If you click on any link you go to BuyRaiken.com 
  • The good part:  Now you know it’s a swindle.
  • Recommended?  NO

What is 4netjobs.com

Well, there is not much to check here. The homepage of 4NetJobs is very short and shows a meaningless video and a few links to a totally strange unrelated page plus some statements of “happy customers” that are of course fake.

The site does not contain a menu, privacy policy or disclaimer. You can look at an animated night sky and read a BIO that is fictitious. I could only see that the program was founded in 2014.

In 4 sections you will learn that the program operator knows how to earn $ 500 a day and that you can join the group of his selected members for free.

I’m not ready to spend a single penny on a program like this. What I researched is based on the online community and the sales page you are being sent to if you want to join 4NetJobs.

The first time I became suspicious is, of course, when I read that 4NetJobs promises to help you make $500 a day. It did not get better after I clicked on the link.

Ok, let’s try it:

There is no such program called 4NetJobs, it’s just a catch page linked to the actual program, today its BuyRaiken.com.

Just three months ago, it was different, with the target Program being 1K DailyProfit. (See my review)

This is a description of what they wanted to sell on this page 3 months ago. 

Anyways, after clicking on the join now button you land on the sales page of 1K DailyProfit. Here your daily earning potential has already risen 100%, now you’ll make $1000 a day lol.

You can watch a sales video now and learn how the system works and how John Becker and his friend Warren Buffy made over 100 million while the whole stock exchange lost 99.9% of their money.

Of course, you have to forget everything you ever learned about stock trading and as I think you must also totally shut off your brain to believe what the spokesperson is trying to sell you now.

It says you’re a very lucky person because only 25 people will be able to join the club 🙂 You also get informed, that in your country, 461 or whatever people are waiting to join the program right now. Poor fellows, only I and 24 other privileged have a chance.

Nothing But The Truth
Nothing But The Truth

I watch the video the second time now and must again hear that this is my one and only chance. If I leave the page without claiming my chance I’ll never have access again. I’ll try it a third time now, no changes at all lol.

“If you want to make a million Dollars a year get out of here,” the speaker says, it would be a lie to promise that, “but if you’re fine with $365’000 this year” you can stay.

Ok after some brainwash tryals from the speaker for several minutes he claims to do a real-time test of the program.

It is a personalized dashboard where you can follow the performance of your investment. You have to invest first, of course, a minimum of $25.00 but the example is shown works with $250.00.

What Is 4netjobs.com
Who Is This Guy

In just over 8 hours the speaker claims to have made a profit of over $1250.00. “The speaker”, I call him so, because no way this is John Becker, invites you to do the same, lay on the beach and let the program work.

The video ends with some “real” user testimonials. It’s really frustrating for me, a researcher, seeing these “real” customers making big money with every second scam program they appear on.

What Is 4netjobs.com
Fiverr testimonials

The guy above I have seen at least three times now, on different product sales videos. On all of them, he claims to have made a ton of money almost while sleeping.

He’s not even lying, he does make money with these programs, maybe not as much as he would like but for his videos, he surely gets some hundreds of dollars. Go to Fiverr.com and offer your service. There you have a legit “make money online” platform.

Today it’s Raiken and below you see a sales video for that.

Video Promotion For Raiken

This is a really lame advertising video for the program you get linked to from 4NetJobs today. This guy wants to sell you something he doesn’t even know. He did not even test the program himself.

Look at what you could see for yourself when you watch Raiken.com’s sales video.

Why I can't recommend 4NetJobs

Well, I’ve been in the business for too long that a sales strategy like this could impress me. I am sure that you too can quickly see through the dizziness.

First and most importantly, there is no program called 4NetJobs. Maybe there was one once, but I suppose it was just another rip-off and therefore doesn’t exist anymore.

As a result, I can not trust this program, BuyRaiken, that lures customers with a false landing page. A legitimate program that offers real quality doesn’t have to sell like that.

A working high quality online program can proudly present its own sales page and would never occur with a false name.

Nevertheless, I did delve into the Raiken program and wrote a real review. I find it sad how many nasty programs exist that are only interested in getting your money out of your pocket.

How I can Proofe theis is a fake site

What Is 4netjobs.comHomepage

Proof 1:

If you go to the start page of 4NetJobs you will see this animated picture. With a click of the button the say you can watch the program video. ($ 500 / day will be promised)

What Is 4netjobs.com


once you do click on it you end up on a totally unrelated site. It suddenly says you can make $ 239 an hour.

What Is 4netjobs.com

Proof No 2:

This and the bottom photo shows a “customer statement”. The lady tells that she has already tested so many lame programs and is now really happy to have found a real hit, Greetings Stacy.

Below it is “Mark Gonzales” who is so happy that he has finally found a system that allows him to earn a lot of money on autopilot.

This is all nonsense and invented sayings. There is no autopilot that makes you rich, otherwise everyone would be rich. What really is infinite is such rip-offs exist who claim they are not.

What Is 4netjobs.com
What Is 4netjobs.com

Again interesting,

you can easily find the same photos if you google them. They are so-called models haha. They give their picture for every prank if they get something for it.

I could show tons of such certificates, I’m sure Raiken does not practice any better. By the way, most video statements are also paid presentations by professional actors who live from the Internet praising any crap.

Mark Gonzales makes for 4NetJobs, Equikom, zcodesystem, and many other programs positive statements.

4NetJobs Review Echter Kunde Von 4NetJobs

Last but not least,

which has nothing to do with 4NetJobs but has to be mentioned.

The program to which you are referred, the “Raiken” thing, does not convince me in the least. You are told that you will receive learning material worth hundreds of dollars for a fabulous price of only $19.95.

In my opinion and experience, this software collection is not even worth $10.00. These are all empty promises and if you buy it you’ll find out that it’s not at all as easy as it is claimed.

Nothing comes from nothing and no programs or secrets or whatever can help change this reality.

This Steve Raiken may already have an idea of the eBay business, but it’s unlikely you’ll be able to mimic it without experience within a few hours.

Pros and Cons of 4NetJobs

  • Scam easy to detect.
  • Totally misleading.
  • 4NetJobs does not exist.
  • Money -back guarantee not sure.
  • Hyped claims.

Conclusion of the 4NetJobs Review


Not Recommended

What Is 4netjobs.com - Make $4000 Net? Scam?

Not often it is so obvious that you have caught a program that is not what it promises. I have been looking at this site for some time now and have examined it about 3 months ago.

It is clear that this main page is being resold and reused unchanged for new products. Nothing you can see on this page has a solid foundation.

I guess that in the next 3 or so months, I’ll find a new link that redirects to a completely different program again.

I’m disappointed that so many rotten apples are among us on the internet business. The credibility gets enormously questionable by such rip-offs.

Good that you do not believe everything that is written, it has always been said that paper is patient but that Google also proves such patience and everyone can offer everything is scary.

Fortunately, 4NetJobs is not the only online portal that promises to help you make money online. There is this possibility, but it is always connected with hard work.

In the next section, I briefly describe how I make an income from home.

My No 1 Recommendation for Internet Business

As you can see I’m pretty active on the internet. I am fortunate to have found an online education that does not preach empty promises. One of my classmates,  is already very successful after about a year, making about $ 4-5’000 a month.

What is 4netjobs alternative - join Wealthy Affiliate

A young guy, but he got the hang of it and is very hardworking. I already have my successes, unfortunately, I made several mistakes but I’m now well on my way to becoming successful.

One of my biggest mistakes is that I always think to know everything better. However, we have people in the group who have been working in this profession for several years and have been earning an income of 6 figure and more.

One of my mistakes I confess to you here is that I lost patience a few times after about 8 months in and started a new project.

Today I have 4 websites running, if I had concentrated all the energy on one my financial situation would be very good today.

What’s behind the secret?

As an intelligent, future high earner, you know for sure that you have to learn how it all works.

You build your own website and expand it continuously. I work on the same page every day and invest about 10% of the time in further education.

The business model is content marketing or affiliate marketing. All these swindlers claim that this is no longer profitable, but in truth, they do exactly this.

With us you have the opportunity to test the whole program for a whole week for free, you do not even have to quit if you don’t like it because you don’t need to provide any bank information to start.

Hundreds of courses and video training, member training and personal support of the operators will enable you to get an authority in the business of website marketing one hundred percent.

What can I say more, if you’re interested in becoming one of the 1.5 million members you can either read my WA Review here on this website or just sign up for the free trial.

Did I say that you get 2 websites for free and unlimited time? Take a break with further researches and check my free offer.

Just hit the green button below, then you will find me in my favorite program again. You can always contact me there so I can help you build a successful business.

Thank you for your visit

I hope I could help you a little, dodging a dizziness. Surely you would  have realized quickly your self that something is not kosher with this 4NetJobs site.

Unfortunately, there are far too many programs of this kind and my work to uncover them is far from finished. I would rather test only good deals but these are definitely outnumbered.

I hope to help you again and look forward to meeting you at WA.

All the best, see you, Stefan 🙂 asuperaffiliate.com