Michael Cheney’s Online Products Sales Licenses collection in one set. 7 Figure Franchise contains everything you need to make money as an affiliate marketer.

The big question is, is it worth spending $2,000 for this set? In any case, you get so much material that you can annoy millions or more potential customers with the pre-made emails or other sales material.

Michael has launched his first top tier product, 7 Figure Franchise, and hopes to bring it to fruition with your help.

Good that you’ve decided to read a 7 Figure Franchise Review before investing your hard-earned cash. After reading my report, you might think twice about the offer, it’s not about a few bucks.

I’ve recently been researching some “Make Money Online” programs, programs like Viral Studio, Daily Cash Siphon, 4NetJobs, and and and, so have some experience in this sector and would like to do this job for you.

Content: What Is 7 Figure Franchise (7FF).

7 Figure Franchise In one Look


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  • Product Name: 7 Figure Franchise
  • URL: https://commissionology.org/7-figure-franchise/
  • Name of the founder: Michael Cheney in 2017
  • Produkct Type: Affiliate Marketing Business
  • Price: $1997.00 + Upsell, “Insiders” $4’997.00
  • Good for: Experienced Affiliate Marketing Businesses wanting to take advantage of done for you sales material and sellers licences.
  • In words:  7FF includes license rights for 120+ Cheney online programs, offers all sales funnels, training on sales strategies and more.
  • The best part is: Michael gets really rich with this.
  • Recommended?  Not really

Why am I writing this report?

What Is 7 Figure Franchise What to think
This comment on Michael Cheneys FB page made me think…

Well, as you can see in my website title, I would like to help anyone who wants to become self-employed with the help of Affiliate Marketing or at least have additional earnings in mind.

On the whole, 7 Figure Franchise advertises exactly this offer. I came across the program searching the bestselling products in the YVZoo affiliate products market and after some research, I thought I should share my opinion on that as well.

I see it as my task to show people who are new to the online business industry what they can expect from such and other offers. So today and in the next few days, I’m busy with 7 Figure Franchises and take over this research work.

7 Figure Franchise YouTube Video Review.

I have selected this video because it shows quite detailed what you can find inside 7FF. The video maker is not overly motivated to spin the product, though he has paid $ 2000 to do just that.

On the contrary, he even points out certain weaknesses and makes it clear that it is not possible to earn money with this program without diligence.

Hands down, Reed Floren, and thanks for some important hints on how to use the program to work successfully.

What Will you Find Inside 7Figure Franchise And How Does It Work

What Is 7 Figure Franchise Money back

In short, 7FF is a complete business concept with everything that goes with it. Michael claims that he forces you to make money, in the following we will see how that is meant.

What Is 7 Figure Franchise Clicks
Look closely, a “sellers” snapshot, not as Michael wants us to believe an affiliate income prove.

The range of products that this business sells is enormous, over 120 small, affordable online programs that Michael has released in recent years plus, of course, the expensive main product, 7FF itself.

Your only job is to reach out to potential customers, be it through web site visitors, YouTube video ads like the one you saw above or, of course, with paid ads via SoloAds, GoogleAds, or whatever else is there.

7 Figure Franchise Components

For $2,000 you get a comprehensive product package. It contains almost everything except, the most important, of course, the customers.

The system consists of the following 7 components.

  • #1. 7 Figure Franchise Marketing. (Value $9,997.00)
  • #2. Premade affiliate promotional material. (Value $7,997.00)
  • #3. License and sales funnels for all Michael Cheney products. (Value $2,997.00)
  • #4. Training, access to workshop videos. (Value $9’997.00)
  • #5. Once again, access to all Michaela’s products. (Value $4,997.00)
  • #6. 1000 free visitors on your promotional campaign. (Value $1,997.00)
  • #7. 30 days 1-1 direct advice from Michael Cheney. (Value $4,997.00

(The named value is estimated by Michael Cheney and might not reflect reality)

Component #1, 7 Figure Franchise Marketing.

What Is 7 Figure Franchise 1. 7FF wiederverkauf

Well, this is probably the most lucrative part of the whole system. You can continue to distribute the 7FF package and get 50% for every sale. That’s about $ 1’000 every time.

To help you simplify the campaign, Michael has created all the sales funnels, as well as banner ads etc. for you. All you have to do is share the ads with the potential customers.

An advantage, of course, is if you already have an email list with hundreds of thousands of addresses.

I do not really know how often you can sell a $2,000 product that basically offers nothing but selling it’s self to more people.

I, for example, have a problem with that. Ok, I could use this review here to distribute the product. (Which I do not do). This would totally contradict my philosophy of helping “Affiliate Marketing newcomers succeed”.

So I would have to start from scratch, create a new website to not betray you, who you believe in my opinion.

On the sales page of 7FF you can see a lot of videos of happy customers who already made a lot of money in a very short time with the help of 7FF.

What Is 7 Figure Franchise Jeff Sollee
Jeff Sollee, a super affiliate seller.

I briefly checked out the profile of Jeff Sollee, one of them, pictured on the right, and quickly found out that he really does exist, but that he already is a capacity in the industry and you should not compare yourself to him.

As I said, some copies of the 7FF can certainly be sold but as a novice in the industry, you and I have little chance.

#2. Premade affiliate promotional material.

What Is 7 Figure Franchise 2. Für dich vogefertigtes Verkaufs Material

Pre-made sales material, which means if you ask me, that all 7FF sellers send exactly the same emails.

What I’ve learned so far, this strategy is only successful if you can confront a huge number potential customers with it.

Although it is said that these pre-made advertising campaigns are very effective I would not like to do such sales tricks.

Sure, we see it objectively, all of us are ultimately about making money, but I want to convey quality to my clients and not mislead investing in unsustainable make money systems.

#3. Sales funnels for all Michael Cheney products.

What Is 7 Figure Franchise 3. Kommissionen auf Cheneys Produkte.

In the meantime, Michael Cheney has produced more than 100 online products that sell more or less well.

Each of these products is identical in one respect, all have the primary purpose of enabling you to resell exactly that system or product again and again.

Those are so-called lead magnet products, very cheap deals with often extremely inflated value information that should seduce the customer to buy.

These products also serve the purpose of expanding the email list of Michael Cheney. Anyone who buys such a product must specify his email address which will not be added to your list but Michaels.

In the future, Michael will then try to sell more and more faithful products to these customers.

#4. Training, access to workshop videos.

What Is 7 Figure Franchise 4. Workshop Blueprint

These video workshops, each about 60 minutes, can actually be quite valuable. Of course, I did not look at them myself, I did not buy 7FF.

As you know though, as with any training, the success that can arise from applying the information depends 100% on the user. That’s why I find it way too expensive to spend $2,000 on a training series, especially if it’s not necessarily applicable outside of one program.

The included training modules:

  • A strategy to turn your business into a 6 digit income source.
  • My personal methods to move forward in the business.
  • My multi-million dollar program launch strategy.
  • How to become an “Ultra Affiliate”
  • My “Next Level” strategy.
  • Advanced Email Strategies.
  • The battle proved sales strategies.
  • Extra – The best way to get from zero to $10’000 a month.

This all sounds great, a little exaggerated maybe, but you have to be aware that in Affiliate business, nothing is fast from the start.

After some time, maybe 6 months or even 1-2 years, when you have experience and your business has grown to a respectable size, it can suddenly go fast.

I’m sure Michael Cheney is an old hand in business and has learned his trade. However, that does not mean that you can have the same experience from only watching his workshops.

For the membership fee of my #1 recommendation, $2’000 are enough for a whole 5.7 years and there you get offered a lot more than from 7FF.

#5. Once more, access to all Michaela’s products.

What Is 7 Figure Franchise 5. Zugang auf alle M.C. Produkte

I will not go deeper into this component because, in my opinion, there’s no difference to component #3. All I want to say here is that I find it odd that the same feature is listed twice.

# 6. 1000 free visitors to your promotional campaign.

What Is 7 Figure Franchise 6. 1000 free visits

Great, a unique offer that you should use very carefully if it should bring you any benefit at all.

What Is 7 Figure Franchise Free Traffic
Free Traffic, maybe.

I’m not sure though if that’s really easy. As you can see in the picture on the right, Michael does not express himself clearly but actually offers a step by step training to get free traffic.

As you saw earlier, a product seller needed to attract a whopping 13’410 visitors for earning $4’893. What does that mean for your 1000 free visits?

If the free 1000 visits are real potential customers, that is, people who are interested in buying an online program, you would have the one-off chance to pocket $364 along the way.

In my opinion, not really worth mentioning when it comes to a 7 digit franchise business.

#7. 30 days 1-1 direct advice from Michael Cheney

So with this offer, Michael Cheney, the multi-millionaire, promises that when you send him a screenshot that shows a problem you have, he personally tries to help you with another screenshot.

This offer is valid for 30 days. Whether you’re ready to make relevant campaign improvement within 30 days is pretty questionable. Within 30 days, most are still at the very beginning of business creation and what can be changed or improved is very basic.

In addition, 30 days are over quickly, so if you send a request after 14 days, wait 3-4 days for the answer, are not quite satisfied, then what, 20+ days are already gone.

Such a 1 to 1 care starts to be interesting if you’ve tried a few months and noticed that something is not working. In the case of 7FF you do not need to choose a niche and everything that follows should be, according to Michael, ready for you.

To realize where improvements would be necessary you must first gain experience.

I would actually be more interested in how it generally looks with help and support etc.

However, nothing can be learned about this, no Facebook group, no live chat, no active community that helps each other, as you would find at Wealthy Affiliate for example.

Upsell, "Insiders Edition", $4'997.00

What Is 7 Figure Franchise Wait, not enough

Well, the disappointment was big, I thought that with the purchase of 7 Figure Franchise all sales licenses of all Michael Cheney products are included.

That is not the case. The most profitable product, “7 Figure Franchise Insider Edition” is not included, you have to buy it separately.

A one-time commission of $2,500 for selling a single product is not bad, but can you really make that sale, I would’t be sure.

What else is included in the insider version?

  • Post on Michael Cheney’s private Facebook and Twitter accounts twice. Wow, a whole 2 times, hopefully, someone will see that 🙂 Michael claims these posts can get some visits to your ads though.
  • 180 days of direct phone support from Michael. Hopefully, he’s not constantly busy or enjoys his millions on holidays in the Fijis, because then the phone charges could be quite expensive lol. Well, in any case, there can’t be too many “insider” members, otherwise, Michael would be on the phone all day long.
  • Lastly, your ad will be published on Michael’s much-visited MMO Authority Blog for 12 months. This again makes me think there are not too many insider members.

So, all in all, very expensive adventure, which certainly forces you to make money. But not as Michael makes you think, but to bring your investment back.

Why I Don't Recommend Starting With 7FF

The first reason is obviously the price. With an investment of $2,000 or even $5,000, you do not get a real equivalent in my opinion, this is true, I think, for the vast majority of interested parties.

If you are already a successful affiliate marketer and know exactly what you do, have a long email address list etc. you can possibly make a profit out of 7 Figure Franchise by selling it to ignorant newcomers.

I do not like this business concept.

Another reason why I advise against spending your hard-earned cash on 7FF is that, as a freshman who starts selling 7FF or the other smaller products today, you do not have much chance against the existing competition.

You’ll see for yourself that the potential market for a $2,000 dollar product, that not only gets good reviews, is not infinite.

However, if you start at 7FF, you are forced to stay with the given products, you do not learn to build your own business, you only learn, and you only get tools to distribute Michaels products.

What Is 7 Figure Franchise Trends
It’s hard to predict how long 7FF stays on the market.

This is not like having a franchise contract with, for example, 7/Eleven or BP petrol stations, companies that still have huge opportunities in the distant future or even gain in popularity.

What if 7FF goes off the market in 1-2 years when Michael decides to make a better, more expensive, more up-to-date product?

This option is very likely and then you stand there with your shopkeeper, gave all the email addresses of your customers to Michael and he now advertises his new product.

Pros and Cons

  • Michael is a real person.
  • 60-Day money back if....
  • Quite some material that should help selling Michaels products.
  • No Training for how to build your own business.
  • Restricted business opportunities.
  • No support after 30 days.
  • Very hyped claims.
  • Not easy to apply for newbies.
  • Money-back guarantee connected to very hard conditions.

Conclusion: 7 Figure Franchise Review


Restricted Recommended

What Is 7 Figure Franchise I force you to make money

Michael Cheney forces you to make money. Well, that can be understood in many ways. I understand that you are spending $2,000 and are now under great pressure to get your expenses back.

7FF allows you to sell 120+ products, most in a price range of around $20.00. The main prize is the 7FF product itself, which allows a commission of $1’000.

With endless email templates, banners and whatever else there is, you can start looking for customers. Although it is explained how you can address potential customers, still, free traffic techniques need, as always, a lot of time.

What Is 7 Figure Franchise 60 day guarantee
Discount, Guarantee, Pay Now.

With a 60-day money back guarantee, coupled with conditions you’ll never meet as a freshman, Michael will entice you into a “risk-free” adventure.

In my opinion, investing in 7FF today is very uncertain, especially if you want to get started in the affiliate business. The competition is big, the number of potential customers is limited.

The default emails that are included are in my opinion spam, so they are not of high value as they will most likely end up in the spam folder of the recipient.

If you want to invest $2’000 wisely, I can show you an alternative that, although costing much less, will allow you to build your own business from the ground up, and choose from millions of products that you, your neighbors or your parents would buy for sure.

How I And Thousands Of Likeminded Learn Affiliate Marketing From Scrach

Is The Wealthy Affiliate A Scam What Is The Wealthy Affiliate University
What Is The Wealthy Affiliate University

It’s not without reason that Wealthy Affiliate has more than one million members and more every day.

The “Home Of Affiliate Marketing” project has been in existence since 2005 and is growing in popularity day by day.

You can check it out for free today to see what I’m talking about. In this program, you will learn to create your own website, online business, and how to earn a stately income.

I’m not saying that everything is done for you, but training, support, and all the necessary tools are there.

Just look at the comparison table.


Unfortunately, the prices are not apparent in this comparison, but as I said, you can start at WA for free, the first month costs $9.00, and for the following, if you pay annually, your $2’000 are enough for 5.7 years.

Enough of 7 Figure Franchise,

I have other things to do 🙂 I hope you could learn more about 7FF and make money online programs generally.

I think in order to stay in the business in the long run, you should commit yourself to quality products, ones that you would use as well, not just buy to make a profit out of them.

If you have any questions or disagree with me, please let me know in the comment section. If you sign up below you get all the latest and some bonuses.


All the best, to your success, see you, Stefan 🙂 asuperaffiliate.com