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Hi there, and welcome to my today’s topic. I want to talk about what a blog post is. In fact, this article right here is a blog post.

In my opinion, a blog post is one piece of a blogroll website. It is a statement written on a certain day followed by new blogs after and following older blogs.

A blog post can cover any topic regarding the niche a website announces. It could even cover topics not related to the niche but that might surprise the readers and not be at their pleasure.

A blog post is written in a natural language directed to the readers. It is not a scientific disclosure but somehow an easy reading with possibly helpful content.

Normally blog posts use about 1 – 5000 words. They are not too short but also not too long. They should be compact informative and focused. (More about writing great blog posts)

Why do I write blog posts?

I think the tool of a blog is the most efficient way to reach my readers. I can choose a new topic every day and quickly write something useful about it.

I chose the MMO, make money online niche and writing blog posts allows me to give helpful new information every few days.

I could write long and in-depth scientific articles as well, my niche covers topics that could be described long and deep over several thousand words.

I think though in today’s world people prefer to get small slices of content with a start and a finish that can be consumed within a few minutes.

There is always the possibility to read more than one post if someone likes my style or if they think they can learn more on my site.

On a website like mine, it is important to have a good user-friendly setup where it is easy to find older articles that could be important for someone.

It is important for a blogger to publish some 2 -5 posts every week and for me writing around 6000 words per week is an achievable goal.

Start To Be Great
Start To Be Great

Continuity is important for a blogger.

Continuity is important

If you decide to start writing blog posts and want to grow a community and followers you need to regularly publish new articles. It’s a little like a newspaper.

People, once like your stuff, will sign up to your mailing list and wait for your latest articles. It is easy to write a blog post every now and then, even when you’re not that fit and the product doesn’t come out perfect every time.

With blog posts, you can also target a lot of people. Every post has a new title and is targeting a new keyword. This means every new blog is able to drive a lot of traffic to your site.

Of course, it is not easy to get a lot of organic traffic to a website, most hard it is for a new website but if you constantly write around 12 posts a month the number grows and at the end of the year you can look back at 134 blog posts in total.

If you only get one average visitor per post and day, your visitor number will be quite large and monetizing your site is getting a possibility.

The chance of landing a super blog within these 134 blogs, one that really gets viral is much more likely than if you only write one or two excellent articles per month.

Another important fact about writing consistently is that you gain your readers’ trust. I don’t think my followers open every notification of a new blog they get by email but I believe they do open one once in a while and check out my website.

If they then find a choice of 6 new posts after two weeks I’m quite sure there is at least one they are interested in looking at.

With time goes by this turns out to be a ritual and you have a steady reader. This person starts to trust you and believe in your recommendations.

This person will be likely to buy products you promote in future. On the other hand, if they see only 2 or 5 posts after a month they’ll get bored an look for a better site.

See what I got

Can you write blog posts?

Can you write blog posts?

I think everyone that has something to say can write a blog post. There is no limit to what niche you want to cover, even without a niche, with a personal blog you can get successful.

If you can use the English language it is an advantage because of the larger reach, but also in other languages, everything is possible.

Maybe you get successful a lot faster in another language than English due to much lower competition. I chose English because I like the language and my mother language, Swiss German is not very popular.

I also think that my fellow Swiss are not that interested in what I have to say and the way I say it but I might be wrong there:)

There are very popular people writing blogs. Most of them were popular before they became famous bloggers though. To get popular in the blogging industry is again the result of continuity and persistence.

Don’t try to copy anyone, be yourself and believe in your self. With time you will be recognized by more and more people interested in blogs, using the media every day.

You don’t have to be a writer to write a blog post. Otherwise, there would not be as many blogs as there are. You only have to try to bring a message over in your own words.

Write like you’d talk with a couple of friends, not how you learned at school. Most blog readers want to have fun when reading a blog and don’t want to feel like being educated

I also read some posts of bloggers I didn’t understand at all. They were in English but in such an elite press style that I couldn’t follow.

What do you need to write a blog post?

What do you need to write a blog post?

The most important of course is to have an idea what to write about. Having 12 ideas every month is not that easy. It is important that you write a blog about something you like and like to learn more about.

The rest is very easy, actually, you only need a computer to write it on. Of course, you’ll need your own website. But to build a website these days is easy too and doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.

If you are totally new to the business, I suggest you use the learning platform where I build and host my website. Click on the add at the bottom of this post to see what I’m talking about.

To write a single blog post can be done in a short time. I do it in a few hours now and spend another one or two hours to get it ranked and shared on social media. (Check my post about getting your post on top of Google search engine).

If you want to monetize your blog post you’ll need to know some more tricks but these you will learn in the same training I recommend and use my self.

Happy blogging, see you later.

That’s it for now. My fingers are getting numb. This is the second post I write today. I hope it was interesting and could give you some more insight into the question of how to make a blog post.

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If you have any questions concerning writing blog posts or actually anything you’d like to let us all know, feel free to leave a comment below.

We’re all happy to see what you have to say and I will surely reply as soon s possible.

I wish you all the best, see you, Stefan 🙂 asuperaffiliate.com

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