Are you interested in Affiliate Website Marketing? Do you want to know what a niche website is for? Read it here. How to choose a niche. How to monetize your niche website.

What Is A Niche Website For - Monetize Your Niche
What Is A Niche Website For

A “niche website” is for servicing and providing useful information and quality products to a specific, “niche audience”. If you ask me, what is a niche website for, you probably want to build a niche website yourself? With this article, I want to help you find YOUR PERFECT NICHE.

Before even thinking about how to make a website and an online business, we have to concentrate on which “niche” we want to direct our focus and finally start providing help to an interested audience.

To create a niche website is a way to focus on a target audience for whom we have something to deliver. We want to deliver exactly what the targeted audience is looking for so we need to find the exact niche for the quality product we can deliver.

That means first we have to ask our selves “what do we have to deliver”


We can deliver our experience – everyone has unique experiences.

We all have many experiences, some come from hobbies some from our jobs and others from where we live or how we live. First I want to make a list of things I have experience in, (preferably more experience than every other Jim and Joe).

You, if you want to find a really good and lucrative niche yourself do exactly the same. We won’t have the same list but I will discover a moneymaking niche for myself here and you have to research your own. The steps are the same but the experiences and skills are different.

  • I used to ride offroad bikes when I was young.
  • Playing the drums in rock bands was my hobby a long time.
  • Electrician is my profession, I have diplomas and practical experience of 20 years.
  • I have skills as an all-rounder in renovating building interiors.
  • Traveling the world and see many countries is a favorite experience.
  • Living in Thailand as an expat.
  • Writing websites and learning internet skills, my current passion.
  • My wife and I were taking part in several courses for permaculture practices.
  • I am a father of an 8-year-old daughter.

Okay, that’s my list, as I can think of at the moment. Do you have your list? Do a brainstorming, that means you write down everything that comes to your mind without valuing and judging. You will ditch most skills anyway until you have found your perfect and lucrative niche

I think being a father of a daughter is nothing special and I want to through that one out right away. If I was educated in pedagogy it might be another story but father experiences are quite common lol.

Next, we have to dig a bit deeper into every topic listed above. Many niches’ can be involved in every skill we have and we now want to extradite the belonging niches’ for every point in the list.

I know, it is becoming to be some work here, but believe me, the result of these researchers, is going to occupy you for many, many more hours, months and maybe years, than you spend here defining a money-making niche.

Detect possible niches’ within “your” list of skills.

Brainstorm think think
Brainstorm think think

1. I used to ride offroad bikes when I was young.

  • Motorbikes

2. Playing the drums in rock bands was my hobby a long time.

  • Music
  • Drums
  • Bands

3. Electrician is my profession, I have diplomas and practical experience of 20 years

  • Tools
  • Planning, Engineering
  • Solar
  • Electrical Supplies (Lamps, Switches)

4. I have skills as an all-rounder in renovating building interiors.

  • DIY Renovating
  • Recommending customers and services

5. Traveling the world and see many countries is a favorite experience.

  • Traveling
  • Countries
  • Foods

6. Living in Thailand as an expat.

  • Thailand
  • Expats life

7. Writing websites and learning internet skills my current passion.

  • Building websites
  • Online Business

8. My wife and I were taking part in several courses for permaculture practices.

  • Permaculture
  • Gardening

Now before we go deeper into every one of these possible niches’, we are to determent whether there is a possible audience and demand for them, a clientele.

These are still very broad niches’ so far and will not be easy to compete with existing sites within a reasonable time frame. But before we research “under categories” we want to exclude uninteresting niches’, just to save time after.

Today I would recommend, you go for a stroll and check a newspaper agent. Ha, why that? In today’s world magazines and papers are very expensive, means, only topics that sell very well are interesting to produce.

For a free magazine, publishers have to spend a ton of money. A nice looking magazine is very expensive and they need to finance it with advertising.

You and I want to monetize our websites, so why not look over the shoulders of the big ones and learn something from them.

Take your “niche list” and see about which niches’ you can find a free magazine.

  • Motorbikes Yes/Yes
  • Music Yes/Yes
  • Drums No/Yes
  • Bands No/No
  • Tools No/No
  • Planning, Engineering Yes/No
  • Solar Yes/Yes
  • Electrical Supplies (Lamps, Switches) No/No
  • DIY Renovating Yes/No
  • Recommending customers and services Yes/No
  • Traveling Yes/No
  • Countries No/No
  • Foods Yes/Yes
  • Thailand No/No
  • Expats life No/No
  • Building websites Yes/Yes
  • Online Business Yes/Yes
  • Permaculture No/Yes
  • Gardening Yes/Yes

Great, I have now ten possible broad niches’ that have the potential for traffic and business.

The second search tool I used and that is the second Yes or No in every line is, I checked ““. They too don’t want to spend money on authors writing books about stuff no one is interested in. So do the second check on, in their online bookstore.

That leaves me with 7 potential money making “broad niches”. Motorbikes, Music, Solar, Food, Building Websites, Online Business, and Gardening. These are all niches’, themes, I like and have more knowledge of than the average consumer and have a huge crowd of potential customers.

For me, now I can ditch some niches’ because I already use them, Building Websites and Online Business are gone. Leaves me five.

Now I want to sell expensive stuff, I want to have a few reviews on my website with good quality and high-value products. My priority is to write helpful content and secondly write reviews about quality products.

Google likes websites with quality and helpful content that many people are looking for. They have more than enough Websites only concentrated on selling stuff.

See what I got


I have my Choice, Motorbikes or Solar

Both themes are familiar to me, I like to learn more about them, can stand behind them, can build a passion into the topic and don’t mind spending many hours researching helpful content and write about them. Now there is only one question left, are there any products available matching the niches’?

I am an Amazon affiliate (you will learn about that later) and now do a quick research on Amazon if they have related products for sale. You can do that too for your funneled niche results, log into Amazon. Com and find relevant products for your niche.

1. For “Motorbikes” they have: Model Bikes, Paintings, Decor, E-Bikes for kids, Rugs, some Biker Outfits and some Bike Parts. Down from around $1300. Dollars. That is not bad but the most relevant, most sold articles are the rather cheap ones. I am not very happy with this result.

I could ask real motorbike companies for affiliate partner contracts but for now, this is too time-consuming for me and for you as you are probably new in the business not the way to start off. The “Amazon associates” program as it is called by definition is easy to get accepted and has a huge assortment of articles you can sell.

2. For “Solar” they have: Lights, chargers, up to solar-powered refrigerators and roof panels for over $17’000.00. This is what I am looking for. Pricey products for a good deal that can earn me some good provisions. Loads of relevant articles in a price segment of $1-3’000 Dollars and interesting small stuff for less than $100.00.

Got it, I will look into the solar segment. There are far more articles available and the price level goes higher as well. It will be easier earning commissions as the solar business is a growing one and already highly rated.

Find a small niche, there will still be a ton of people

I now need to narrow down my niche. If I google for “Solar” I have 719’000’000 competing search results and that is not easy to deal with. “Solar system” already less, 184’000’000, still too much. Solar power, 87’800’000. Solar Power For Homes, 37’100’000. Solar power for homes best price, 8’960’000, still too much but much better.

Google instant search
Google instant search

All this researching is easy done, actually, Google helps me do this. I search on Google search with the instant search bar, the one under the top search bar, with the magnifying glass. (See Pic Right-hand side) I started with “solar” and enter.

Then you have the instant search bar field in view, there I put my cursor and click once at the end of the word solar and several results to choose from appear.

After I chose one, I click it and go on doing the same again and again until I am satisfied and found a good word combination.

Jaaxy Keyword Search Tool For Free
Jaaxy Keyword Search Tool For Free

From the result of the 9 million competing articles, I go into my keyword search tool and do some more digging. If you don’t have that one yet you can use Jaaxy* for free, for 30 searches. (use them wisely, only 30 for free).

Now I come up with a great niche, “XXXXXXXXXXXXXX”. From here I will direct my domain name and website name and build a brand. I should not make this too public, as it is a company secret, at least until I published the first posts.

* (Before you buy Jaaxy check my WA review, you can save a lot of money like that, you’ll see. It is the best keyword program but I have a cheaper way to get it).

I don’t worry much about industry espionage yet lol, as this website is still very young and I imagine not too many of you have found it so far. Once it is more popular and you as an organic searcher will find me, the business results of this project will already be visible and proven.

Go And Do A Search
Go And Do A Search

Sorry, no skills, too young, – no worries….

Now, this is how I do my niche research. I am 54 years old and have done quite some stuff in my life. Actually, my best niche would be the “what not to do” niche lol. But anyways, for you, the younger or just less experienced readers, don’t worry, there are other ways to find a niche.

Three interesting websites providing niche ideas I want to demonstrate now.

First Step Niche Research
First Step Niche Research

Clickbank .com is amazing. There are tons of broad niche ideas for you chose from. On the left, you can click a very broad topic, like maybe “green Products” or anything you like of course. With that, it opens a wide spectrum of possible smaller niches.

Take some time and check Clickbank itself too. This might be another “affiliate program” you want to work with. Them, like Amazon, have products you can promote and get commissions on your website.

Check for high commissions and products they say “convert” well. Check your chosen niche, what can they offer, how good are the chances to make a profit out of the effort of writing a “review”., is another interesting site for researching niches. You might have to log in for free but then you can explore what people are interested in and what you somehow relate to. You find fantastic website ideas from which you let yourself get inspired and get an idea what others present. is a public forum sharing articles about most popular things. Here you can get some ideas what people are talking about, things they ask questions about and even things they are looking for.

Probably now you know where I am getting at here, check every resource you can think of where you might find top interests of today. It can be FB, Google, Pinterest, or Amazon, even your friends and family are potential customers. Everyone has different interests but out of 4 billion people using the internet daily, there are interest groups that are bigger and smaller.

Having said that, within 4 billion+ daily users, I think there is not one single topic where you will not find a group of people interested in. Try out yourself, If you find a theme, topic and google it, I bet you won’t be able to think of one single example that does not provide a website.

Check my post about the best niches 2018 (click here).

Righty right, enough for this for now.

I think by now you know what a niche website is for. You also know how to find a niche where you can be providing help in. And you understood that before you create your first website, you need to have an idea of, in what niche you want to invest your time and effort. (Below you can watch a little video telling the same in other words).

Let’s move on. Next, I’m going to build a new website with you. I’ll do that with a program I haven’t tried before. I want to experience my self how working outside of Wealthy Affiliate feels like.

See you later Stefan 🙂

Ps, I would be very happy if you leave a comment below. Do you have a question? Did I miss something? We all would also like to hear your opinion.

Get Better Solutions
Get Better Solutions

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