What Is Auto Affiliate Machine - Auto Make Money Machine?
What Is Auto Affiliate Machine – Auto Make Money Machine?

Tired of writing blog posts? Focus on Social Media Marketing. Affiliate Product Review PDF Creator Software. What Is Auto Affiliate Machine? Check my review and see if it’s worth your time. An unbiased Review, of this new product.

I’m interested in social media automation programs, that’s why I stumbled over this rather new service. For little money, the creators claim to help you make up to $100.00 per day and more.

What you need is as many as possible social media accounts but skills they say are not needed. In the following review, you will learn if this program is something to start an online business career with.

Auto Affiliate Machine – Profile

  • Name: Auto Affiliate Machine.
  • URL: autoaffiliatemachine.com.
  • Founder: Billy Darr.
  • Launched: April 26, 2018.
  • Category: Social media affiliate marketing.
  • Price: $17.00 to $205.00.
  • Guarantee: 30-day money back.
  • Up-sells: Elite edition $37, weekly edition $27, done for you edition $27, reseller license $97.
  • Rating: 6 out of 10

Making money using only social media is an upcoming feature in the online business. Getting ranked well with written blog reviews and youtube videos is getting harder and harder.

Almost everyone is using social media today and the chances of getting a good reach out on those media seem to be pretty good.

The question is, is the reach really that good? In my experience, selling on social media is only possible to people that have gained my trust over years.

See what I got

Who are the operators?

Billy Darr and his two companions are already well known in the affiliate online marketing industry. They have successfully launched programs like Secret Traffic Loopholes or Instant Cash Machine etc.

Because of the experience and trust, these people gained over the years, you can confidently buy into their programs without being afraid of being ripped off.


You get relevant support from instructed staff. Not like many other programs, Auto Affiliate Machine has a real-life support and not just an FAQ section.

What is Auto Affiliate Machine, what does it help?

This program has specialized in providing a software that lets you build a “PDF Affiliate product Review Ad”. This Ads the program also helps to distribute on your own existing social media platforms with one click.

Additionally, the programs ads free bonus gifts in form of eBooks to your PDF review. This can add a lot of value for the people interested buying your products…

It is pretty interesting, how easy it is made for the user to create a good-looking PDF ad that can be distributed very easily.

You need to have your own affiliate products of course and you need a lot of social media profiles.

The choice of media profiles in the standard version is quite questionable if you ask me though. There are 5 of them but I actually use none of them.

5 Standard Social Media Platforms
5 Standard Social Media Platforms

These days I see loads of new Facebook profiles wanting to be friend with me. Most of them I’d call fake because they have no history and look very automated.

I guess these are the first signs of this more and more popular strategy to cover normal social media users with spam.

Imagine you open 20 or even more FB profiles, automated, and let them, also automated, look for new friends. It is enough to have like 20 friends per profile, like that you can be sure every one of them gets your spam promotion.

Let’s get back to the actual program though. For the initial price of $17.00, you get access to the PDF automation software and the one-click posting software that distributes your PDF to all your social media accounts.

You get access to the training video. The Idea is to create short reviews of products you are an affiliate partner with. They claim with just a few clicks you are able to finish your review, add bonuses, and product benefits.

True, with one click you open for example a bonus entry window but then you must look for bonuses with relevant content. Some bonuses are included in the standard version.

The same comes with the review, one click and you can start writing a review. To write the review though is still your part of the job and the content of this review is quite essential for being selling successfully or not.

In this video, you can see all the steps involved creating one of these PDF reviews.

Now the first problem comes up already. If you don’t have a running and traffic generating website you will have a hard time getting accepted by most affiliate programs.

If you think you can promote the Auto Affiliate Machine itself, you will find out, that this possibility comes with the most expensive upsell.

How do you get started?

After only five more or less easy steps you have your PDF Ad published. The more Social media accounts you have the better.

  1. Sign-up and log-in to the dashboard.
  2. Open the social sharing page and add all your existing social media profiles.
  3. Open the campaign tab and start a new campaign.
  4. Fill out the form with the specific information.
  5. Create the PDF and click post.

It really sounds very easy, but point four, fill in the information is easier said than done. The information consists of an affiliate product name, description, review, and affiliate link plus some more little details.

Pros and cons – judgment day!!!

Pros first:

  • Easy to create a good-looking PDF product reviews.
  • Easy to add affiliate links and call to action buttons.
  • Easy to post on some social media platforms.
  • Comprehensive and easy to follow training modules.
  • Many tasks can be done by the autopilot.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.


  • Not really suited for affiliate beginners due to not having access to good paying and selling affiliate products.
  • The social media platforms connected are not the most popular ones.
  • Reviews and other material has to be created.
  • No real affiliate program included.

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First conclusion

I think it does not deliver what is promised. I’m afraid you’ll not be selling from the first day as the promotion claims, at least not if you are a newbie.

I’m not a social media specialist but the given platforms are not very familiar to me and I don’t really know if the potential of selling really well on these platforms is given.

I am in the affiliate business my self as you see, and for me creating a website, get a following and gain trust over time and then start selling affiliate products is a much more proven technique.

Ok, they say it involves a lot of work but the way I see it, without work you won’t make money online, not with this program and not with any other product.

Let’s see what the upsells are all about.

Great Up-Sells

Very clever of the publishers of this program is, that the most important upsell is the last one and the most expensive one as well. They call their upsells OTO’s, I’ll do the same then.

This is again is a program that charges money for you to promote it. Ok, they claim to pay out 100% commission but this must be tested first at first hand.

Due to being very new on the market, there are not many user reviews available. As for now, all you see is reviews wanting to sell the program.

What I see with my keyword research tool, there are already 75 auto affiliate machine reviews out there. Only 96 people are actually looking for these per month so far.

I love quotes like these lol:

Nice Quote
Nice Quote

OTO1: The Auto Affiliate Machine Elite Edition, is sold for $37.00 and opens three new social media sites you can automatically post. I hope those are things like Facebook, Pinterest or Google+ but this is a secret. (Look Closer)

In this first MOM are also some more training modules involved that should help increase sales. There are always video and text pieces of training involved. The bonus gifts selection gets bigger as well.

OTO2: They call it the Auto Affiliate Machine $1k Weekly Edition, it comes for another $27.00. This upsell opens the door to a 20 video module training that claims to help make a $1000.00 a week. (That would be a raise of $1000.00 per month) (Look Closer)

OTO3: Called the Auto Affiliate Machine Done For You Edition $27.00. Now this includes tools like 50 landing pages, 49 emails prewritten (copy) and 1000 graphics with some more resources you can use for your social media campaigns now. (Look Closer)

OTO4: Finally, the most expensive one for $97.00, is the affiliate reseller license. You are allowed to sell 500 copies of the Auto Affiliate Machine program and keep all the 100% of profits to your self. (Look Closer)

How much the profits will be isn’t mentioned. The affiliate program I work with lets me sell as many referrals as I want and pays 49% for sure. Just saying 🙂

Of course, you can earn back these $97.00, especially if you start promoting the program now that it is still very new on the market. Also included in the MOM4 is further training specifically made for selling Auto Affiliate Machine.

This Is How The PDF's Look Like
This Is What The PDF’s Look Like

Now, here should come the great freebies you get if you buy into auto affiliate Machine.

Sorry, in this review you don’t get a bunch of freebies to go when you join up with my recommended program. I recommend a solid program that includes so many freebies and extras that this kind of baiting isn’t necessary.

My final conclusion.

Great FREE Bonus Gifts

I tell you the truth, I was actually right on the way to buying this product. $17.00 is not a lot and because I already have a lot of affiliate programs I could really take advantage of the automated PDF creator.

Why I didn’t buy it and therefore also not have the ability to tell you more than I told you already about the product is simple. I don’t have a PayPal account.

The complete financial transactions with Auto Affiliate Machine run with PayPal, from sign-up to pay out.

Before getting to the actual paying process I had another not very pleasant experience. On the AAM website when it comes to signing up after a few minutes comes a pop-up that says I have access to a discount coupon.

This discount coupon reduces the price for another $5.00 which leaves a price of $12.00. GREAT yes?. When I entered the coupon though it said it’s invalid. AAhh lol.

I also found the process of buying this product very suspicious, and it is the same no matter out of which website you try to buy.

The whole time you are reminded of some strange countdown, it is strange, because every time I opened the sign-up page new the count-down started new again too.

I don’t like this kind of busy makers, they are for nothing, only inexperienced customers would fall for tricks like these. Why would a good quality product need the use of these kinds of tricks?

At this point, I would like to introduce my #1 recommended program. It is a well reputed, 15 years long existing and a successful online marketer machine.

No, it is not a machine, it teaches you how you can make a website in a niche of your passion to be a money-making machine.


As I said before, there are no freebies involved, if you think 2 free websites, a 7-day free trial, an included keyword research tool and an affiliate program that beats most existing programs on the market, are freebies enough, then you might want to check this one out.

Thanks for visiting

By the way, to create this review took me about 5 hours, maybe 8 with all the research and fine-tuning. I wonder how long it takes to create a great looking and traffic creating PDF promotion product.

I hope you got the essence of this review and can now think for yourself if you want to get going with Auto Affiliate Machine. It is a cheap catch but if you’re an absolute beginner you’ll stand in front of a wall.

I’d be happy to hear what you all think of this and if you have questions please leave them for me or others to answer. Below the comment section is all for you and your interesting comments

I wish you all the best, see you, Stefan 🙂 asuperaffiliate.com

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