Everybody is talking about it, thousands are doing it. What Is Blog Marketing – Is It Worth Doing? Millions Are Made By Doing it. Do YOU want to try? Learn HOW. Blogging is made for everyone. Let the world KNOW.

What Is Blog Marketing – Is It Worth Doing?

Welcome to my today’s topic. Blog and Marketing. In today’s online business world these two terms are getting more and more weight especially when connected together.

An online business world without blogs is unthinkable today and therefore opens great opportunities for people from all backgrounds to get a piece of the pie. (What is a blog post)

Blog marketing has opened all doors to passive income for people not being able or willing to offer themselves to the common job market.

Blogs can be established by everyone that has something to say or wants to say something.

What is blog marketing? Well, the basic concept of blog marketing is to choose a niche, write articles relevant to this niche and promote or recommend products valuable to the chosen niche. (Top niches 2018)

The tool we use to get the blog marketing platform in front of people is a website. We also use social media networking to reach as many people as possible.

Numbers prove blog marketing is holding a significant share of today’s business in general. With a turnover of billions of dollars per year.

Today even the public opinion is influenced very much by prominent blogs, as much as newspapers. People rely on blog reviews before buying products more than ever.

Who can use blog marketing and what for?

Actually, about everyone can take advantage of doing blog marketing. The following examples are a list of the most common users. In essence, it is a tool for communicating with a community sharing the same interests. Instead of just creating useful articles the publishes also have the chance to be rewarded with an income from sales made from the site.

  • Small and big Businesses
  • Privateers
  • Clubs and communities
  • News outlets
Blog Statistics
Blog Statistics

Big and Small Businesses – project presentation, product catalog, public identity

Blog marketing is a huge business sector for quite some time and should not be left out by any business trying to be successful today and in future.

Statistics show that companies not taking advantage of internet marketing, be it as self-promoting as well as affiliate partnering, have a much lesser chance to survive the competition.

Small businesses and local businesses use the internet blog opportunity to reach a greater audience and share products, events and success stories with likeminded people from all over the world which would not be possible without taking this action.

Blog posts offer an inexpensive platform for showing future and implemented projects, about us information with an illustration of inviting meeting locations, email marketing, and online stores.

Without using a website a business small or big misses out on the biggest customer resource (4.3 billion daily), the internet.

Privateers, housewives, travelers, unemployed, seniors and students

This is one of my websites 

For this big group of people, no matter where someone lives or how fit someone might be, there is a chance to create a passive side or full income.

Niche websites offer the possibility to reach a target audience of every imaginable interest group.

If a woman or man decides to be there for their children it leaves a big space to create a great income over the years.

This blog market one creates might allows a family to stay home altogether. Instead of being bored or meeting with friends for cafe one could be blogging and selling things from home.

I know there are lots of MLM companies try recruiting exactly in these circles. I tell you, entertaining a blog gives you the much greater chance and satisfaction to really make money with time. It is also much more convenient due to not being forced to buy products in advance.

My Thailand Website

Some very successful blogs are traveler blogs. Can you imagine sitting on a porch somewhere in the tropics, sipping coconut water and write about the latest experiences you made, add some nice traveling related products and receive a check at the end of the month?

Instead of sticking the head in the sand and hoping for better social money everyone could make a chance of being unemployed and create a sustainable own business within a few years, maybe even within a few months.

With the well-developed tools available and training a serious approach will carry fruits faster than ever.

Clubs and institutions

The most efficient way to communicate with members and recruiting new potential interested persons is by providing an online platform.

Again it helps to show activities and invite to happenings, makes votes easy and can create a passive income for the club.

Today you don’t need to be a computer freak to build a website, a first easy blog can be created within days without any prior knowledge and without a big budget.

Having a website automatically opens new connections and opportunities for organizations and fan clubs just to name a few.

News feeds and outlets

To rely on paper media and social media is not enough anymore today. A website is a sustainable source of information. It can be researched from all over the world at any moment of time.

Social media has a short lifespan, can be seen today and a bit longer. Facebook, for example, is very hard to navigate if someone is looking for a specific topic or article.

A real website provides the user with lots of search opportunities and each post allows to memorize tonnes of content as words, galleries and motion pictures. Again, a magazine or newspaper that isn’t operating a website has little to no chance to survive.

The possibility to monetize every article on a website also helps sustain the economic aspects of news outlets. Professional publishers work on computers anyway every day these days, so why not post the produced articles straight after edit and correction.

How do you get into the blog marketing industry?

Website building is made very easy today. There is a big number of website builders and training programs on the market. To find a program that includes all the necessary attributes is still not that easy though. Just to build a website and start writing blogs is not half of what is needed to make money with it.

Get Better Solutions
Get Better Solutions

In addition to the good content, you will need SEO knowledge, illustration material, affiliate partners and many more.

Are you interested in starting your own blog marketing website? Well, then you are in the right place to start the exciting journey. The blogging and website making is not your ordinary 9 to 5 job.

You are 100% responsible for how it works and how much money you make.

If you want to get a faster startup you need to choose a well-researched niche (very important) and need a competent and experienced training platform where you can produce and publish your website.

It is a very time-consuming patchwork if you go independent and want to learn everything by googling and asking friends.

I made that experience, I even had professional advice where to host my website and how and where to buy a domain. These are the easiest tasks, today I do this within a few minutes.

What no one could tell me though was what it takes to get my website attracting an audience, and with this, people willing to buy my products.

What does a marketing blog consist off? 

Well, as I said first you need a website. Preferably you want to create your own brand in a niche of your choice. There are several criteria to choose a well lucrative niche.

I would check Pinterest or just the internet in general and see what the most successful bloggers are blogging about.

Of course, I have a post dealing with choosing a niche but my chapter, most profitable niches, is not ready yet. You can get an idea of how to find a possible niche and for detailed support email me for the moment. (asuperaffiliate@gmail.com) or you can subscribe to my email list and get the newest post sent asap.

It is not of much use if you choose a niche people only want to learn in or read funny stories, they probably won’t buy many things from you.

There are some niches known for huge financial success, as the health, food or fitness niches but also the make money niche or some personal development and lifestyle niches are very popular these days.

Ok, you chose a niche, got hold of a website and created a brand, consisting of a logo and the name of your website. Next, you want to choose a website template, theme that somehow matches your niche.

Again I advise looking over the shoulder of some reputable authority sites in your niche to see how they present themselves.

The next thing is to create content. This part is going to be your biggest personal contribution to the blog. Here you can differ from other sites in the same niche.

Evey blog writer has his own style and attracts different people. With time you will realize you too have your very own style.

Comming with writing content is researching a good keyword title. This is important for search engines like Google and Yahoo to find your articles. Of course, there are tools helping to find very good keywords or you can go and research them your self.

A good keyword has to comply with some criteria. First, you want it to represent the content you are writing about in this post. You have to check and turn it around though to find search terms, phrases a lot of people are looking for. As important as the number of searches is the number of competing websites.

You see, it is not that easy to find perfect keywords without a good tool. I want to be straight here, I haven’t recommended any program or host, tool or anything yet because in my opinion there is only one program that I can recommend to you and this covers all.

This unique product provides everything that is needed to make a website. I will describe it better below or you can check it out here.

Now, what is the most important part of the money-making aspect of a blog? You need products or services you can write about and make them appealing to your readers.

These programs, products or services let you be affiliate partners. Means, they let you sell their product and pay a percentage or fixed amount per sale.

There are thousands of so-called “affiliate programs” out there available to apply and get a business partner with. You will get “affiliate links” you can insert into your blogs or widgets you can add to the outside of your text or below. An affiliate link is a code that when being clicked on, drive the reader to another website.

On the other website, for example, Amazon.com the reader lands on the exact product you want him to land. Amazon links, for example, have implemented your personal code of your account with them and like this, they will know who to pay the commission fee to. Sounds complicated I know but works very easy.

Affiliate Marketing Cycle
Affiliate Marketing Cycle

Once you have accomplished all these tasks and published your article you can sit down and wait for the money to rain on you 🙂

STOP sad but true it’s not that easy. There will be more tasks to successfully get traffic to your post. To have traffic is essential to having customers but still not enough.

You need to learn to make these customers buy something from you. This will be the topic of coming articles where I will discuss traffic increase strategies and marketing strategies.

In this article, I will only write a little bit more about the wonderful website building and training program I promised above.

What is Wealthy Affiliate and why do I recommend it?

Become A Supper Affiliate
Become A SuperAffiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is the most advanced and in-depth opportunity to build a website and establish it. It is highly recommended for beginners but also the best available platform to work on for advanced webmasters. WA combines every aspect of blog marketing, affiliate marketing, and web mastering. (See Pricing)

You can save reading this part and move right to the extended review I wrote for you. In short, though, Wealthy Affiliate is a complex package of:

  • Training, lessons (1000’s of training recourses) learn while doing and earning.
  • Video training (100’s of video lessons, adding more weekly) easy to understand and very detailed.
  • Website builder and host, incl. 50 Word Press websites (SSL) SEO high-quality product (1000+free themes incl.) Support reacting within minutes.
  • Content writing platform with image resource and optimizer (1’000’000 free pics), Template features, direct publish to the website (free to use privacy policy page).
  • Jaaxy keyword search tool, (the best on the market), with niche research tool, website analytics and more (worth $49.00/month)
  • Best support and community network (10’000s working daily) and contact platforms. Live chat, comment and question section after every lesson, a huge library of topic recourses, direct involvement by the owners.
  • One of the best if not the best affiliate program that lets you earn money from the day you sign up for your free trial.
  • And much, much more, better check my review for more details.

Thank’s a lot for your visit

This is almost all for today dear reader. You do me a great favor by leaving a comment. The quality of this website will grow with the questions you leave in the comment section below. Let me know what else you would like to know about blog marketing.

Did you find what you were looking for? Is there something I missed? Are you already in blog marketing and can tell us some of your experience? Do you know about WA, and can you recommend it?

Thanks for your time, have a wonderful day, hope to see you again.

Yours, Stefan 🙂 asuperaffiliate.com

Get Better Solutions
Get Better Solutions