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What is Builderall? An all in one affiliate marketing program, everything you need to start your business online. The free trial was the first plus that I noticed.

Again I strayed from the path. I’m currently investigating “Funnel Franchise,” a program recommended by “Profit Pilot,” which requires, among other things, you to join Builderall.

Builderall is a non-expensive program but still does cost $49.90/month, so worth looking into it before buying. Due to being a very intensive program I took the challenge to review Builderall for you.

Builderall has 2 main models. 1. For Consumers, the Digital Marketing Plan for $30/m. and 2. The Builderall Business Plan for those who want to use the Affiliate Program to generate additional income. ($50/m.)

I am positively surprised that I have finally found a system that offers websites as well as important services like an autoresponder program and everything else that belongs to it.

More free programs to test:

Nevertheless, it is a good decision that you inform yourself a little before you spend a lot of time and money in another program.

I try to find out as much as we can with the free version so that you and I can get a better picture of Builderall. I am already working with an outstanding all in one program though and therefore I will not change.

Let’s go, Builderall has a lot to study 🙂

Content: What is Builderall about?

Builderall Quick Check



  • Product Name: Builderall
  • URL:
  • Name of the founder: Erick Salgado in 2011 
  • Product Type: All in one Website building and affiliate marketing platform.
  • Price: 7-Day free trial, $9.90/month to $49.90/month.
  • Good for: Everyone wanting to create an online presence. From brick and mortar businesses to affiliate marketers.
  • In words: Builderall has everything you need to present your business to millions of people. From creating websites to email and sales funnels or E Business, you can do it all with this one product
  • The good part:  Free to try and recommended by thousands.
  • Recommended?  Yes


Check out what Dustin has to say about the program, the pricing and the earning potential of the affiliate program.

What is Builderall about - Some Details.

As I said, Builderall helps you build your own online business from A-Z. Of course starting with training, lessons and instructions how the whole thing works. (Very short Video)

The lessons are all video based and therefore only available in English. I have looked at a couple and have to say these lessons are short but very understandable and easy to follow.

Furthermore, Builderall offers its own easy to handle website creation platform that comes with many different good looking templates. Of course you have to get into the system a bit, but the video lessons are there.

If you start a trial at Builderall I recommend to start with “Quick Start”. You will be guided step by step in the direction that you find the best for you.

One of the modules is that you yourself bring Builderall to the people. A complete sequence is prepared to put this project into operation with as little effort as possible. (Still you need to work)


Builderall Tutorials and Training:

In my opinion, Builderall offers a very profound focused training. Everything in the form of videos, English, but easy to understand because everything is always shown by the expert.

You will find tutorials or training about each of the offered service parts, so the entire contents of the program will be shown and it will explain how to work with them.

I’ll just take an example, there are too many modules to show everything. Ex. the “responsive builder” in this tutorial only you find 22 video lessons.

From the basics to detailed application possibilities, each topic is explained in short about 15 minutes videos.

Of course, I have not been able to watch everything but I’m sure that there are weigh over 100 videos available.


This is where you create your online presence, a website or an app. The creator has 4 different platforms.

Drag and Drop Pixel Perfect: A web page creator for any business model with x templates to x different web page functions. (Example)

Drag and Drop Responsive Creator: Again the same but responsive for all sorts of business models, but this means that the presentation will be adjusted depending on the device that opens the page. (Example)

The First Mobile Drag and Drop Pages Creator: Same Templates and Possibilities but Specializing in Mobile Devices like Smartphones etc. (Example)

App creator: Here you can create your very own custom apps. I have to admit that this is not my field and therefore I can not say much about it unless it seems to work. (Example)

Mailing Boss Autoresponder:

Here’s what I think is the most interesting service part, a complete email automation, and list service.

Builderall’s “Digital Marketing” and “Builderall Business” plans include a complete email service program. The program offers the same services as GetResponse or MailerLight.

In addition for simplifying your work, the fact that MailingBoss is part of your online business creation platform it will automatically be integrated into all your products and funnels.

Sales funnels:

You can choose from 22 different such channels. Video sales funnel or product introduction or showcase etc.

These are very interesting because if you do that with a conventional autoresponder program, you have to create and put everything together yourself.

Here you just have to adjust the content, which also causes quite a bit of work. Me for example, so far have not brought such a sales channel in action, simply because this is a very elaborate work that certainly takes me a few days to a week.

However, such e-mail processes are very common today and, if properly executed, can be very helpful in dramatically increasing revenue from online businesses.

Other modules that are very interesting to successfully start a website business:

I have only added these screenshots of the remaining servises of which you can benefit from Builderall.

It would go beyond the intent of this review if I wanted to go into every detail. Builderall is also aware of this, so the program offers a free 7-day trial version.

Builderall has the following support forums:

Access Support Menu. Here you will be guided to an answer to your question by narrowing down your problem in more detail. For example, I wanted to find out how to use an existing domain name. The answer was satisfactory and all necessary data is provided.

Tickets. Even with the tickets, you have to narrow your question by clicking on various options. Tickets are actually like internal email correspondence.

I emailed a question asking if I could integrate my WordPress pages. After only 2 hours, I knew that unfortunately, I can not.

Roadmap. On this page, you will find comments on the various lessons. I do not quite understand why this is to serve, because the actual post is not visible or selectable.

Your Account Details. As the name implies, you can view and change all your Builderall account details here.

I have just seen that since Dec. 10 I have a test account that is active until December 17th.

There are Facebook Mastermind Builderall pages in different languages. You’re not welcome to ask technical questions there, rather exchange experience and sales strategies with one another.

The 4 Options to work with Builderall

Try it for 7 days:

You have the opportunity to test and try the whole range for zero dollars. I find this a great deal, no restrictions, no credit details needed.

However, what I would like to warn about is that if you invest a lot of time in this test, build a website and email automation, you will lose everything again if you do not switch to a paid plan within a given time limit.

The dashboard is available in different languages you can choose the language in your profile.

Web Presence:

This package includes only the actual websites creating and publishing offer. You have to buy a domain name if you don’t already have one and can build and operate one website at Builderall and host it.

It’s an interesting cheap plan for a small brick and mortar business because the website content creation platform is easy to use and you can achieve great results in a short time.

Not included is an SSL certificate for your website.

Digital Marketing:

Here you have of course everything that is included in the “Web Presence” plan and also the email service, autoresponder.

On top of that, you can host up to 15 websites with this variant and the SSL quality certificate is included.

Builderall Business:

This is the entire collection of the above services and products Builderall offers. I think that to truly benefit from this platform and to get the best product for the price, it is best to go with this plan.

The cheaper plans are also interesting but offer no real advantage, simply because of the price. With Builderall Business, however, you can save money because you get so much delivered that would otherwise be more expensive as a whole.

I’ll say it straight forward, I’ll take on this challenge. At least for a month and a week.

This only costs me $ 58.00 and if it really works, at least my membership fee will be taken care of.

What is Builderall about Income proofe

I started yesterday, December 11th. The concept is simple and very understandable explained. Yesterday I posted my first posts on Facebook.

There are 30 pre-produced Facebook posts that you can copy and customize. You need a domain at the beginning, which I bought right here for $ 9.30 per year and then you already have your own landing pages.

No one has yet joined in, but that’s almost impossible in just 8 hours 🙂 I will share my progress here and on my Facebook page.

Join in, let’s see what we can achieve. I will only invest time after I finish working on this site, that is a maximum of two hours a day.

What is Builderall about 90 day challange


Compensation Plan:

Well, as I said, Builderall is a platform that allows you to build a complete digital marketing agency.

The main objective of Builderall is not just to sell one product since is to so many affiliate programs, but to create a portal that helps as many people as possible succeed in the online business. (Video)

Builderall is not an MLM, which some may say even though you can earn commissions from your second tier. However, it is not possible to go further than two lines.

What is Builderall about Compensation

As a free member, as I understood, you receive 50% of the amount paid by every person you refer for the first month and 30% on all subsequent months. That would be my plan as I am up to now without Paid Plan.

As a Business Builderall member, $49.90/Monthly. For new members you have placed directly, you get in the first month, almost 100% of the fees paid.

That is, if someone chooses the Builderall Business Plan, you get about $47.00 from the $49.90. $2.00 are handling fees.

From then on you get 30% of the deposits your customers pay each month. that is, in the case of above 30% minus fees equals about $14.00 as long as the member stays.

Also included in the Builderall Business Plan is the second tier, where you get 30% from the second month on of new customers your referrals have acquired.

All in all, in order to finance your business membership, you have to provide at least 4 of your own customers.

Since Builderall is unique in this field, this should not be too difficult if you are willing to learn and work as recommended by Builderall.

Who is Builderall good for?

Web Presence, the $9.90 plan is intended for entrepreneurs who own a real-world business, that is, for example, an electrical company or a dentist or a fruit store etc.

For relatively little money, such companies can create an online presentation, a website that they can recommend to their customers to get news or get in touch.

Such a website can also offer affiliate products and generate commissions from their sale as additional income.

The second plan is suitable for the same clientele, for $29.90 an operator can set up a perfect and complete online advertising campaign.

With the website potential customers are addressed and with Email, sequences kept interested and entertained. You can automatically present the latest promotions and products to everyone.

The whole package, the Builderall business plan, is intended for people who are either already in the online consulting business or those who want to build a completely new business that specializes for competent help in Internet marketing in general.

I can basically recommend Builderall to anyone who is interested to create their future sources of income on the internet.

For me, who has already existing WordPress websites it is not the best idea to join Builderall because the WP sites are not compatible with Builderall.

Pros and Cons

  • Free trial
  • All in one affiliate marketing
  • Very comprehensive training
  • Integrated autoresponder
  • Not expensive
  • Newbie friendly
  • Most of the training is English
  • A little overwhelming when starting
  • No WordPress websites can be importet

Conclusion, what is Builderall about.



What is Builderall about Logo2

Well, I would say with Builderall you get a very interesting package. If you’re looking to get into the online business, Builderall gives you a great opportunity.

There are a lot of different programs teaching and offering tools for the website business and Builderall is certainly my second choice.

If I had not already heard of Wealthy Affiliate, I would definitely jump in at Builderall.

One benefit for selling Builderall at the moment is that Builderall has not been on the market for a long time in the US and Europe.

The program was created in Brazil, sold and used by Brazilians and is there for many years already. Only two years ago though, Builderall turned to the international market.

The prices per plan are comparably cheap and as far as I’ve tried the program is mature and user-friendly.

My still Favorite alternative.

Of course, there are always alternatives. I have been working with a similar program for almost 2 years.

Affiliate business is our business and for doing that you need knowledge, experience and a few tools.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you get the best training, work with the most experienced business people, and have access to the best tools.

An autoresponder is not included, but a keyword tool. Both these tools are important but when you start new with a website you’ll need the keyword tool right from the beginning.

Check Wealthy Affiliate and compare offers. Even with WA, you have a full week to test everything for free. (Wealthy Affiliate Review)

Thank you for reading 🙂

That was interesting again. It takes a lot of time to study such an extensive program. I took it and I am now 2 days behind.

I believe, however, that the effort was worth it and that now you and I are better equipped to decide if we want to invest time and money in Builderall.

I’m trying it out, not full time but still intense. It is a fact that no money can be made on the Internet without a corresponding effort.

I wish you much success with all your plans, have a nice rest of the year, see you soon, Stefan 🙂

PS. Please let me hear from you. Do you have any questions? Can you tell from experience? What do you think about these and similar possibilities?