Passive income with affiliate marketing in just 30 minutes I WANT IT!!! What is Cash Magnets, can the membership on this website keep it’s promise?

My report will get to the bottom of it. To be honest, I would disqualify the program immediately. I am very suspicious of such quick cash deals.

But I have paid for cash magnets to give you a better insight into the members area. These $13.00 I through in and in an emergency there is still the 30 day money back guarantee.

After long research in YouTube videos and everything else I’ve found on Cash Magnet, plus the experience that I’ve made with this and similar products I think I can write an unbiased and fair review.

Take a look at the sales page of Cash Magnets and find out what I think about it and to what extent and to whom the product can help.

By the way, I’m sure it’s worth your time reading this review before investing in another cash magnet sucking your money out of your pocket.

As this is again a fairly comprehensive report, you can zap around here a bit and choose the chapters that interest you the most.

Content: What is Cash Magnets? (CM)

Cash Magnets Short.


Not Recommended

  • Product Name: Cash Magnets.
  • URL:
  • Name of the founders: Brendan Mace und Jono Armstrong, März 2019.
  • Product type: Video training for affiliate marketing.
  • Good for: The owners and the ones reselling it.
  • In words: You get a short video training in 5 different marketing online models.
  • The best part: Not expensive.
  • Recommended?  NO
What Is Cash Magnets logo

What interests me about Cash Magnets so much that I have to write about the program

Well, I work as an affiliate marketer so in exactly the industry that is taught here. To live from a passive income is also my goal. From my own experience, however, I must immediately anticipate that this never works as easy as many programs and also CM promises.

It would be super if only 20 minutes would be necessary to see the first few Dollars on my account. Today I know that only spending a couple or even many Dollars is possible in 10 – 30 minutes.

How long, for example, did it take Brendan or Jono to get to the point of their present success?

I’m not sure either but I think I can say that both of them have been dealing with the matter for about 10 years while building a name for themselves. (See below, Jono discovered Affiliate Marketing in 2004.)

Really, I would be very interested in training that will enable me to increase my income to 3-4000 dollars a month in no time. That’s why I have to examine every new offer that promises this.


The video here is an abbreviated version of what I wanted to show. Once again I tried to publish a live stream with “Octane” but unfortunately, it did not work right, again.

By the way, Octane is also a product of the group around Jono and Brendan. Since I am only allowed to publish a live stream every day, I have to start a new attempt in the next few days.

The video is originally from “affiliate tube” and actually quite acceptable. Chris gives a reasonably honest (after this research I should change this) about the quality of the product and also shows a few insights into the product.

What do you get with Cash Magnets?

So for the first time, I will describe what happens when you pay for the front end product of Cash Magnets. In addition, I want to show you in detail what the program offers.

The first step, this takes only a few seconds, you pay for CM and of course, you do not come right to the members Dashboard but it is trying to untie you even more money with the possible OTOs.

I will, therefore, continue with the OTOs after the presentation of the program creators. The front end product comes in third place.

Who are Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong?

If you’re interested in digital products, you’ve probably heard of both of them. For several years, they’ve been among the top product creators on portals such as Warrior + and JVZoo.

Today, both can benefit from their hard work in online business. But, as I said, both spent years learning, paying apprenticeship and coping with defeats and failures.

Brendan Mace

What Is Cash Magnets Brendan Mace

He is around 40 years old and was born in British Columbia. Unfortunately, there is not much to read about him but I think he lives in Colombia today.

He’s got his FB page here. He too had heard of a friend about affiliate marketing and after seeing some evidence with his own eyes, there was no turning back for the future Warrior Plus professional.

Since a couple of years, he also publishes his own books. He launches a new product almost every month on Warrior+ and those have an average rating of about 2.5 out of 5.

With Cash Magnets, he doesn’t seem to be outsmarting himself and just offers a meager supplied training sequence.

Jono Armstrong

What Is Cash Magnets Jono

Also in his late 40s comes from England and now lives in Indonesia. On his about me page I found on his blog website, he says that he started internet marketing in 2004.

He has had his experience mainly with un-transparent, semi-legal businesses on Amazon and eBay. Later he became uncomfortable and used his knowledge to create product reviews on YouTube.

In this segment, he has worked his way up to authority and today there are only a few online products that are not rated by Jono. (Unfortunately not objectively).

He himself is not active as a Warrior + products direct seller but at Cash Magnets he has also contributed his share of knowledge. Here you can find him on Facebook.

Upsells or OTOs 1 - 6.

Like almost always with such cheap magnet products, you will be offered some more or less valuable additional upsells immediately after buying the front end offer.

I recommend to read these descriptions here and take your time to get familiar with the front end Cash Magnets before buying more OTOs. There won’t be a return possibility for the upsells.

OTO 1, Done For You Magnets, $37.00.

What Is Cash Magnets OTO 1

What Is Cash Magnets OTO1 proof of lieing

With this again quite cheap addition, you are offered a set up of the first 5 sales funnels to work properly.

Actually, it is said on the front end sales page that setting-up a passive income with Cash Magnets is beginner friendly and totally easy, nevertheless.

On the sales page of this first OTO it is now said that with this purchase you can save a lot of time, money and your ignorance in the matter becomes irrelevant.

Included in OTO 1 are:

  • An idea of the 5 sales funnels given here. 5 Products Campaigns designed to give you a quick start.
  • 5 Sales funnels that have proven to work for Brendan and his friends.
  • All of these funnels contain the exact copy writing that should optimize a sale.
  • The optimal way to get good selling products before an audience without you doing much yourself.

What I can see from this information is that the creators of the Cash Magnets have lied from the start. They want to convince you that you can create a passive income with Cash Magnets within minutes without any problems.

Now it suddenly says that you need 100+ hours to boost the system, invest X dollars to set up the system and since you have no experience, you probably have to do it several times until you have success without the OTO 1.

As I imagine now, you are still far from your goal even with OTO 1. Let’s see what OTO 2 promises.

OTO 2, High Ticket Magnets, $197.00.

What Is Cash Magnets OTO 2

In this definitely quite more expensive add-on, you’ll get again set up sales funnels like in OTO 1, but this time they claim to make over $500.00 commission per sale.

Cheap deals have more competing advertising they say, that’s possible but certainly not without reason. Who spends $1,000 for online training or whatever, such customers are counted.

And who buys such expensive products from websites they don’t really trust? I think it would be quite a miracle if you set up a landing page or any promotion and after just a few days have your first sale.

It’s further said that you only have to sell one such product a week to have a decent residual income, so I have to tell you that, despite everything, that is not easy.

OTO 3, Advanced Secrets, $97.00.

What Is Cash Magnets OTO 3

Secrets are promised in this supplement. Of course, I can not give any details about them, otherwise, they would not be secrets:) The reason why you should buy these secrets, however, I can investigate a bit.

The whole thing is very strange now, it is claimed that only with the help of these secrets you can get really rich. What does this mean, you have already bought 2 OTOs that promised exactly the same thing?

Then, next, the artificial pressure is applied, it is claimed that only 100 copies of this upsell are sold, which of course is absolute nonsense.

I really start losing faith in Brendan and Jono completely. I first thought that this product can really contribute to my success but I have to increasingly find that this is another well-executed funnel scheme if not-to-say a scam.

OTO 4, Unlimited Traffic, $197.00.

What Is Cash Magnets OTO 4

In this addition, Jono promises in the video that he allows 100 members to use his 3 “Block Buster” websites as an advertising portal. Unlimited means actually unlimited but at least he speaks of about 300,000 potential customers.

That certainly seems to be a tempting offer, despite the relatively high price. However, I can not imagine that he provides you just the best place for your advertising on his website.

True, traffic, website visitors, are the hardest part of online marketing. As long as you do not have any visitors on your campaigns you also have no potential customers.

The traditional way to get traffic and this is also how I work is to publish good helpful and honest content as often as possible.

This system is work intensive and takes time, Jono and Brendan know this too and that’s why they always lure with shortcuts, simplifications that they did not even have when they grew in the business.

I ask you now, honestly, which links do you click here on my post, the ones I personally recommend or those that are also existing but not really relevant.

I personally limit myself to click on what I’m really interested in and what is recommended by the author, if I can trust him.

OTO 5, Business In A Box, $157.00.

What Is Cash Magnets OTO 5

Next up, you’ll be promised another all done for you, ready-to-go online business. However, only 80 people can claim to benefit from this offer.

What is the difference to the first all “done for you” offer? So with the OTO 5, you should get a complete website business. You just have to have your own website and autoresponder.

Business In A Box offers the following:

  • Landing Pages, these are sales-oriented promotional sites that are published on your website.
  • An irresistible offer, a product that is bought by many as it is either good Quality or just like Cash Magnets, promises a lot.
  • Traffic, potential customers who get your advertising to face.
  • Continuity Sequence, regular income, is the only way how I can explain this not exactly definable term.

All in all, I’m not convinced of this offer. No-one can guarantee success in online business, it’s even forbidden. Nevertheless, the claims made are very close to “guarantees”.

I do not know, but if it would be so easy to make so much money with the Websites offered here, why do Jono and Brendan still spend so much effort bringing new products to market? Just for fun?

OTO 6, CM Resale Right, $97.00.

What Is Cash Magnets OTO 6

At last, comes the usual upsell offer Brendan seems to like a lot. The reseller’s license for Cash Magnets. Not like normal affiliate links, which are usually free, you have to cash first before you can try to earn money selling CM.

You get 100% commissions with this licence, after the best selling period, the launch period.

Warning: All OTO offers are no longer covered by a 30-day money back guarantee. So be careful about what you decide on !!!

So, now I have beaten myself through the extensive OTO selection, which has cost me well over 30 minutes. Now let’s take a look at what’s included in the Cash Magnets Program.

What is Cash Magnets, The Front End Offer?

What Is Cash Magnets CM dashboard

First of all, I have to enter my email address again and create an account with Cash Magnets. Finally, as you can see on the dashboard image above, Cash Magnets offers instructions on 5 different methods of how to make a money magnet.

  1. Funnels, Email Funnels System.
  2. Reviews, almost the same thing I do here just do not actually write truth-based reviews, but in reality just promotional based reviews.
  3. Blogging, this is my method as well, in addition to my reviews, I write hopefully interesting content that can help you make a passive income.
  4. YouTube, everything you need to know about YouTube Marketing, Jono is the specialist.
  5. Adsense, Google advertising on your website for which you get a small amount per click.
What Is Cash Magnets Traffic Training 1-3
Traffic Training 1-3.

Lessons in Traffic, which of course would be the most important, 3 lessons in traffic. THESE DO NOT WORK !!!

Shockingly, what interests me most, as CM recommends getting more visitors to my website, does not work. The videos are irrelevant and the download links do not work.

Let’s see what’s coming up in these categories.

Funnels: Total about 39 minutes of video.

  • What Is Cash Magnets Funnels

    Welcome to the Sales Funnels, this is a short video that just talks about what the funnel system is and why Brendan likes it so much.
  • Create a Website this video is explaining how to use HostGator to build your website. In my opinion, this is a much too complicated option. Also, there is no free sub-domain website option. (Best Website Creator)
  • Opt-in landing page, in this video you can learn how Brendan designs a simple but well functioning funnel opt-in page. The task of such a site is to convince the readers to give you their email address.
  • Immediat Profit Connections, this chapter will show you how to connect your opt-in Landing Page with an autoresponder. Brendan uses AWeber to do the same thing, but it can also be done with GetResponse, MailerLite, or similar services.
  • Passive Income With Emails, here’s how to make the most of your email lists with the help of email follow up episodes. Brendan shows you how he does this with AWeber, what he’s paying attention to and what to avoid to get a good relationship with your email subscribers.

That’s Funnel, so you get 5 videos totaling about half an hour to see. The promised e-mail templates I have not found, as it is probably meant that you get them when you buy the resell license for various products.

Reviews: Total about 25 minutes of video.

  • What Is Cash Magnets Reviews

    Welcome to Review Magnets, in a 3min video Brendan tells you what it takes to create reviews and earn money. Even in the first sentences, I am amazed, because he actually claims that such a review can be done in two hours. I need at least a day.
  • Review With Bonus Strategy, in this slightly longer video, 23 minutes, Brendan shows you how he and Jono create their Bonus Review websites with “ClickFunnel” on the one hand and “CommissionGorilla” on the other.

Blogging: Total approx. 43 Minutes Video.

  • What Is Cash Magnets Blogging

    Welcome to Blogging Magnet, in just under 2 minutes you’ll hear a few insights into what blogging means. Bottom line, blogging is just for those who like to write.
  • My blogging story, for 12 minutes, tells Brendan about his blogging experiences. It shows how other successful bloggers work and gives hints on how to make these blogs successful and how to monetize them.
  • Create Quick Web Pages, the same video from earlier in the Funnel chapter on how to build your website with HostGator.
  • How to build your blog, by and large, Brendon repeats or refines in almost 18 minutes everything that is important to create a successful blog. An interesting detail is a description of how you can link back to your blog with good comments on third-party websites, YouTube videos.
  • Blogging Websites Design, an essential element is the look of your website. This chapter will show you how to use WordPress Themes to create a cheap but good looking website. (This website here is created with “SKIN”, a free WP theme and the free “Elementor” plugin.)

YouTube: Total about 43 minutes of video.

  • What Is Cash Magnets YouTube

    Welcome to YouTube Magnet, a very brief introduction to YouTube Marketing.
  • YouTube Channel Design, even your YouTube channel should be reasonably appealing, how you can do this with the help of paid work from Fiverr services or even do it yourself for free with Canva.
  • YouTube Keyword Research, in about 8 minutes you will find out about some techniques how you find good keywords, Video titles for your YouTube marketing.
  • How To Get Traffic To Your Videos, this is a relatively interesting video that shows the criteria YouTube is analyzing to decide if your videos should be shown in good positions in search results. This is something I can learn 🙂
  • Make Money With YouTube, a small course on how Brendan makes money with his YouTube channel.

Adsense: Total about 36 minutes of video.

  • What Is Cash Magnets Adsense

    Welcome, again a short introductory Video.
  • Create A Website, again the video on how to create a website with HostGator.
  • Simple Google SEO, very basic training on how to build your niche website so that it is Google SEO, Search Engine Optimized.
  • Search Term Research, another about 12 minutes long video training on Google SEO and keyword research with the help of Google Ads.
  • Outsourcing Options, if you have little time or want to get ahead faster there are various cheap options where you can let others write your website articles.
  • Make Money With Adsense, a 3.5-minute introduction to Adsense.

That’s the training you get. On the whole, very elementary. So you get all together about 3 hours of video training here, which by the way you can also find on YouTube for free.

And as I said, the training on traffic does not work yet. What I want to mention, here are 5 different ways to make money online, limit yourself to 1, 2, max 3 for now. If you want to use everything at once, you will not be ready in 2 years.

Who can take advantage of the Cash Magnets Offer?

What Is Cash Magnets one cash magnet

It has to be said, this is very basic training for affiliate marketing. Actually for beginners only helpful in choosing a strategy. However, with my 2 years of experience, I have learned 2-3 details.

With the help of Cash Magnets you can start an online business but what you learn in these training will not be enough for you, there are too few details and everything works way too fast.

What you can learn here you might as well research yourself on YouTube. The main advantage is that the whole set is already put together and you can save yourself the research work.

For Bloggers:

If you want to get into blogging business, again you can certainly gain some insight from the training that Brendan offers here. Basically, most of what is said is common knowledge but good to know.

A blogger needs a website and should know how to populate a blog with design and user-friendly content so it gets traffic. It’s good to have an email list and in a few words, this is explained here and also shown in some examples.

Next, a blogger should know something about monetizing a niche blog website, also about this topic you can pull some very fundamental information from the training.

Affiliate Marketer:

Affiliate business people can use the training that Brendan provides here. It gives an overview to inform yourself about which segment you want to start in.

Affiliate business is a mostly pretty long term business method, I mean it usually takes a lot of time to succeed. Most give up too early because the road is hard and the failures at the beginning are more frequent than the successes.

Cash Magnets can help you to work more purposefully, you can see the methods with which Brendan and Jono succeed today. For most newbies though it’s hard to copy the methods, as beginners you just do not know what the important details are.


Future YouTube video marketers can also learn the basics needed to make money in this industry. Jono managed to make a lot of money with YouTube reviews in less than 2 years (if that’s true).

Training is tight and you have to do exactly what’s being shown. However, how to make good YouTube reviews is not shown, and many other things you also need to learn with experience and training.

What is my opinion about Cash Magnets?

First of all, I’d like to say that I’m again very disappointed with the differences between what’s promised and what you actually get in the end.

What Is Cash Magnets New, real, easy

“Start counting your earnings in 10-30 minutes,” “easy, no knowledge required” or “one new system that works better”. All this we hear every day and yet no program can deliver on these promises.

Affiliate business is time-consuming and needs to be learned. No training in the world can save you these facts. I am disappointed that Brendan and Jono want to give you false hopes.

Otherwise, the training, the various methods of affiliate marketing to make money, in my opinion, is very poor. 3 hours of video material, of which a video is used 3 times.

I do not think that as a beginner you are well advised to use this offer to start a career as an online business person.

There is no support, you don’t have fellow members with whom you can exchange your problems, you are all alone there. There is not even email support where you can ask your questions.

In my opinion, the whole thing is just a magnet, as the title implies, a magnet that attracts you and then obliges you to many more costs.

I do not think I can claim that you can make money quickly or at all with cash magnets. After analyzing the program, I’m not even convinced that you will ever be successful with all the upsells offered.

I do not know, but for me, it is an important principle that I offer honest and conscientious information. What you learn from Brendan and Jono is to cheat people, to sell cheap stuff for profit’s sake only.

Whether this scam works, in the long run, I am not sure, I hope for all those who fall for their sales tricks that with time it will be public that these schemes don’t hold what they claim.

Well, the front end product is not really expensive, so you can buy it, check it out and later if not satesfied try to get your money back. True, there are some interesting details to be found, but I do not think these are worth the $12.95 I paid.

Still, getting back with the money will not be easy, all the links provided to contact Brendan do not work.

What Is Cash Magnets Kein Support
No Support!!!

Cash Magnets Pros and Cons

  • Light basic affiliate marketing information.
  • Low front end price.
  • No Support.
  • Totally exaggerated claims.
  • Very little training.
  • Too many OTOs
  • Not fully funktional.
  • Not easy if possible at all to claim 30-day money back guarantee.

Conclusion: What is Cash Magnets


Not Recommended

What Is Cash Magnets Done for you

In short, with Cash Magnets, you get a very basic based short video training in 5 different ways to build a business online through affiliate marketing.

The program is divided into 6 chapters each containing about 40 minutes of videos.

  • Sales Funnel.
  • Reviews.
  • Blogs.
  • YouTube.
  • Adsense.
  • Traffic. (Does not work)

Brendan and Jono, the producers of this program are very successful online business people today and want to show you in a few words how you can also succeed.

The videos are sometimes interesting but not detailed and the execution of the instructions is only using this training will not be easy at all.

Because it is not easy and Brendan knows this too, he wants you to buy several upsells, such as a “ready created for you online business.

What I can recommend much more if you are interested in entering the online business you can see in the following section.

Recommended for Affiliate Marketing

Is The Wealthy Affiliate A Scam What Is The Wealthy Affiliate University
What Is The Wealthy Affiliate University

In my opinion, to have an opportunity in affiliate business you need a deep and detailed knowledge of the subject matter.

3 hours of video training is, where I learn my business, about comparable to a day’s lesson of which over a hundred are included.

As a blogger, affiliate marketer, YouTube creator or social media marketer you need a website. With us you can create your first website for free on the first day, and much easier than on HostGator.

To get free traffic on your websites or YouTube videos, you need to know as much as possible about Google and search engine optimization. WA has integrated a complete keyword research program.

Well, my recommendation is focused on English language but to really make money online it is advisable to publish the website in English either way.

What I do here with the German version is a service that I as a German-speaking author can offer, but not the part of which I expect a lot of money to come from.

On my recommended platform, you work with thousands of like-minded people. We exchange tips and experiences and everyone can publish an additional training module that even allows you to generate internal revenue.

In the first place, WA is set up so that earning is in the foreground. Here you will learn how to build a steady online business, one that will still give you an income in 10, 20 years time.

Some succeed faster, some earn more but everyone learns the same skills and only how you use your knowledge and how much time you spend investing in your own business decides when you can earn and how much. (Success Stories)

Here is a comparison between the two affiliate training platforms:


Wealthy Affiliate is over 10 years old and so far over one million people have participated.

Countless websites you find on the first page in Google Search results are created by WA members. In my opinion, WA is the best platform to work as an online marketer.

The Home Of Affiliate Marketing” invites you for free, for a week you can try everything without commitment and if you want you can run and host two free websites for as long as you like.

==> Do the right thing, do not rely on empty promises, believe what you are see your own eyes!!! <==

That’s it for this time

I think now you’ve read enough to make your own informed opinion. Unfortunately, I can not recommend CM, it would be really nice if we could get rich in 30 minutes.

Everything is possible, and it all depends on from where you look at something. Of course, after 10+ years of hard work, Brendan can record first sales within 30 or even 10 minutes.

But you and me, as one of the newcomers to the business, are better advised not to go into a “quick money scheme” otherwise we will not only lose time and money but also the faith in online marketing generally.

I hope I have answered all your questions but if you still need to know something you can easily use the comment section below.

Otherwise, I wish you much success, a good time and hope you check my site out again.

See you soon, Stefan 🙂