Earning commissions is a very modern and popular way to make a living today. An automated passive income would be everybody’s dream. Let an autopilot take care of 99% of the work is tempting. Free sign-up and free affiliate program. What Is Earn Easy Commissions you’ll see if you read this review.

First, thumbs up to you that takes your time to read some unbiased reviews and not just selling pages before investing your time and money.

Now I can reveal that I think the program is legit. In my opinion, though, it is actually just one product you can sell through an affiliate link.

The whole hype and automated all done for your stuff are the same you get if you sell a, for example, Amazon product or in fact any affiliate product at all.

Earn Easy Commissions in short

  • Earn Easy CommissionsProduct Name: Earn Easy Commissions
  • Affiliate URL: earneasycommissions.com
  • Founder name: Chuck Nguyen
  • Product type: Affiliate link with marketing tools.
  • Price: Starter FREE, VIP, $1000 + extern products
  • Guarantee: No money-back if not pleased.
  • Good for:  The owner, website operators with ongoing traffic.
  • Rating: 2.5 out of 10
  • In words: The free version lets you sell itself for a commission of $1.00 per referral. The VIP membeship provides 17 digital training modules in online marketing. You will also need to sign-up to several off site programs at an extra monthly fee.
  • The good part is, it’s not a scam.
  • Recommended? No.

Real Affiliate Marketing Opportunity
Real Affiliate Marketing Opportunity

My Easy Earn Commissions REVIEW

My Easy Earn Commissions REVIEW

The Easy Earn Commissions (EEC) is, in essence, a product that wants you to help sell itself and nothing else. The whole focus and effort and income possibilities come from selling EEC.

There is no actual added value to the people that join the program from the program it’s self. Ok, you get some few training modules if you join the VIP membership and get links to recommended online tools.

But after leaving the program with or without financial profit you’ll have nothing in hand. This program can only sustain as long as there are new members signing up.

Once you enter the program dashboard you are introduced to 5 steps plus a bonus. Step 1 and 2 are what the free membership includes.

The whole program though is built on one system. The only main difference between the different steps and memberships is the earning potential.

Check here, the get started here video and see for your self.

Chuck tells us there are 6 steps involved to create a huge sustainable income. 5 of these steps he claims are “Automated” I though think this is a bit of a joke.

Only one step, “Step 1” is what you have to do your self. Share your affiliate link and make people sign-up for an account with EEC. This is the most difficult part though.

The whole automatization, the rest isn’t relevant in the affiliate business but you as a beginner to the business might not yet know that.

My question is, how do you share your affiliate link? Well, I tell you, you need either a website or you can share it on social media. (Get a FREE website here)

Let’s have a look at the 5 automated steps, shall we?

Step 2. After your referral has clicked on your affiliate link he lands on the sign-up page of EEC. Here he has to register an account. I did this part and it was actually very easy. (Not easier than most online programs).

Your referral has to come from these countries: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia or New Zealand to be seen as a qualified member. Referrals from other countries, won’t even let you earn a commission 🙂

In my opinion, I don’t see any special automation process in this step due to every online program works exactly the same way.

Step 3. You get credit for your first dollar if the referral complies with all details. One dollar, payouts are made via PayPal after a minimum amount of $10.

Ok, if I let’s say, sell Amazon shoes on a website, this process is the exact same. The customer clicks on my link, creates an Amazon account, if he doesn’t already have one, and after he bought the shoe and it’s delivered I get my commission credited to my Amazon partner account.

Again no special automatization process that isn’t necessary for every affiliate program.

Step 4. Your referral takes the course and starts working with the program. Of course, he will do that because he signed up to earn commissions like me and you do.

The program set-up is organized exactly like so many others, a newbie almost has to upgrade to get any profit out of it. The first step though, getting signups, is impossible to achieve for a newbie to the affiliate business.

Again no automatization but it possibly leads to the 5th step.

Step 5. Once more, your referral has to act, not an automatization, he has to go through the process one step after another (Program steps, not the ones I explain here). He get’s to the point where he is asked to upgrade.

If he’s a newbie, he might even will. Now the big earning for at least Chuck starts.

No automatization just offering to buy another product.

Step 6. If a referral decides to up-grade you earn a 10% commission on the fee he pays for the specific upgrade. Chuck gets 90% and for every extra program, someone has to sign-up he get’s an extra monthly commission as well.

Now please, tell me, what is automated here what could not be automated? In every single online program are all these steps automated because otherwise, it wouldn’t work lol.


Included in the FREE plan. (Step 1 + 2 + 5)

Included in the FREE plan. (Step 1 + 2 + 5)

Customized referral link: You have access to an affiliate link. People clicking on this link land on your personal sign-up page. For every free signup from some few countries, you get a $1.00 commission.

1. For referrals that upgrade you get 10% of what they pay.

Access to a Paypal payout account.

Access to your referrals list: A list of all referrals, unfiltered for qualification of pay-outs.

Done for you marketing materials: 1. You can use a choice of 11 prewritten email swipes. Sales emails you can customize and send to an email list if you have one.

 2. 10 different sizes of Banner Ads, like the one you see on the right. These are square, horizontal or vertical banners you can place somewhere on your website if you have one.

These banners are not automated, means they don’t have an affiliate link linked to them. Now the programming already starts.

As you see the banner says “create free account” but if you don’t know how to do this, your banner will not have your affiliate link added. I know how this works an because of this I can use this kind of promotions.

No Affiliate Links Posting On Social Media
No Affiliate Links Posting On Social Media

3. Ready to use Facebook images:  Again you can choose from in reality 4 different Facebook banners. There are many more versions to click on but only 4 work.

Again these ads don’t have affiliate links added to them and if you post these pics to Facebook like this, people will have to look on other sites to sign-up to the program.

Using this kind of material asks for some skills and this is not automated at all. It is not really hard to learn but you have to get a training to learn even these easy skills.

In fact, I made a try on my Facebook page and as you can see above, Facebook rejected posting the affiliate link. It is qualified as spam. More skills are needed to overcome this hurdle 🙂

Support forum

4. Support forum: You have access to a support forum, consisting of three features. 1. The FAQ, 2. Ask a question and get prewritten answers. These answers are very vague, I asked, for example, “how much is the VIP membership?” On the right, you see the answers I got.

In essence, the answer I got is that “there are two VIP memberships”. Thanks, that’s not what I asked lol.

The third way is to submit a support ticket. I don’t even want to try that, I heard it takes up to two or more days to get an answer and probably it won’t differ much from the one I already got.

5. Last but not least you’ll get access to the private Chuck’s mastermind Facebook group. There, you won’t be allowed to ask questions or post any posts but you can read what the mastermind has to say and get motivation from comments of other members.

From all I learned so far is that the all automated part is mostly providing Chuck with a lot of value, cash. This is alright in a way, he published the program, he’s the inventor and the owner.

But the point that he wants to help us, the users, make $100’000 online is a bit of a lie I think.

The VIP Life Time plan: ($100 monthly / $1000 yearly)(Monthly currently not available)(Step 1-5)

The main intention of the program is to recruit new subscribers. After that, the focus is on getting them to upgrade. Because of the low earning potential with the free membership, the chance and temptation to upgrade is very high.

See the video about step 3, how to maximize earnings. Sorry, these movies are very long and very repeating.

You have seen now, the system brings not much more with the $1000.00 upgrade. Yes, you can earn more but the core work, getting sign-ups is still your task.

Free vs. VIPI recommend trying getting sign-ups with the free version first. If this works you can still upgrade. I even recommend doing the bonus step before upgrading to the VIP plan.

On the right, you see the benefits of upgrading to VIP. There are actually some 10 training videos involved but real support in getting referrals is not provided.

With the VIP plan, the pyramid system comes in. You have probably heard of pyramid systems. People above you earn money from every sale you make.

Here at EEC you can build a group and earn from referrals signing-up under you. You can share your strategies and knowledge with your group. Like this, you can increase your sales drastically if you can build a group.

The Bonus system plan: ($32 monthly + $97 one-time setup fee)(Steps 1-6)

The “Bonus system” plan is actually not different from the free plan. It is not even mentioned as a plan itself. The only difference is that you get introduced to an autoresponder system and a link tracking tool. See the EEC video here.

These two programs, autoresponder, and link tracking tool, if you know how to use them, can help increase sales. They are external programs and you have to join them at extra cost. The GetResponse, the autoresponder you are forced to use is $15.00/month for the light version. Click Magic is available for $17.00/month.

These are good working and professional tools, I use GetResponse myself. The managing and creating are not very complicated.

For the extra $97.00, Easy Earning Commissions sets up and connects your external accounts. You’ll also receive a lot of material created by Chuck and his team.

Bonus systemWith the Bonus system plan, you still have the same task to do. Get people clicking on your link. The only difference now is that they don’t land on your EEC signup page but on an email opt-in form.

Every referral you get to click on your link in order to sign-up for EEC has to first enter his email address to your mailing list. This is actually interesting because like that you will build a sustainable following.

The only questionable thing about your credibility is the program you refer to. I, for example, wouldn’t open a single follow-up email from an alike list I’m added to. I would also not put my name under hundreds of promotional emails sent to my visitors written by a stranger.

Chuck claims your email list is like your ATM, send an email with an affiliate link and earn commission, “earn commission from every email” he sais lol. If that was true I would be multi-millionaire by now.

Why I don’t recommend Easy Earn Commission.

The first reason and for me, a total red flag, there is no real product, no added value to anyone involved. The only thing that is sold here is the opportunity to sell the same virtual non-existent product again.

The title suggests something special, something easier than the total normal way of affiliate marketing. In fact, there is no difference between the old school affiliate business and EEC.

In the program I recommend, I get a monthly reoccurring commission of $23.50 for every referral and additionally, I am able to recommend any affiliate product I like. My program will cost me $1000.00 for about 2 to 4 years depending on how I pay.

My favorite website builder

How can I prove EEC is legit?

1. The Owner is real!

Chuck Nguyen

Chuck Nguyen Google search

The owner, Chuck Nguyen does really exist. He’s not in jail nor is he banned from publishing programs. He is a clever online businessman who learned all the strategies and techniques to create legit, “no scam” products.

2. Testimonials from real money making people!

Testimonials from real money making people

The list of “real people testimonials is huge. All of them posted on social media. I guess this is one of the main strategies to catch new referrals. (Maybe it is promotional material you get with the VIP membership lol).

Anyway, it is hard to detect if these pay-out prooves are real but let’s believe it.

3. Working business model.

The business model is surprisingly working. As long as there are uneducated fortune seekers there will be a market for programs like this.

The business model is actually the same I use myself, the only difference is in the product I recommend. I believe in recommending a real and sustainable quality I can stand for.

Quick or automated money generating machines are all short-lived and for the greatest part of members, just another failed dream.

Pros and cons:

Pros first:

  • You can start for free.
  • No credit card needed for signing up.
  • No need to upgrade to start earning commissions.
  • Low payout threshold. ($10)

Cons, there’s nothing without a con side:

  • Very low referral commissions.
  • No real product involved.
  • Pyramid system.
  • Very expensive upgrade.
  • Not usable by any other means than selling the program itself.
  • No money back guarantee.

My five cent:

I have joined up for the free version, not with the intention of creating a passive income but to have a look inside. I do not recommend spending time on this program trying to make a living off it.

If you want to get a foot in the real online marketing business I recommend starting with a real, 15-year existing website building program.

I know, Chuck says this is old school and not worth doing because it takes time and effort to get successful. But believe me, without spending time and learning many skills the EEC is also not letting you earn money.

The essential, not automatable step, the getting people click on your link is a hard to achieve task. It takes time and a lot of training to get people trusting you and buying your product.

You know yourself, how hard it is to convince you to sign-up for a new program and the more often you fall into the nonsense trap the harder it gets.

I am a convinced and finally successful website operator and this is the only real path to go online I can recommend 100%  so far.

==>Get YOUR FREE TRIAL here!!!<==

Thanks for your interest 🙂

Enough for now, you see, it does take some effort to write a review like this. This is what online marketing is all about. You have to have the intention to help the community and you have to be willing to give first before you get back.

The value of my website is teaching you all the knowledge you need to get a successful online marketer and recommend helpful products or warning from time-wasting opportunities.

I would happily read your comments below. Do you have a question? Or do you think EEC is the way to go? Opinions and experiences are all welcome. (Spam comments will be exposed)

I wish you all the success, have a great time, see you, Stefan 🙂 asuperaffiliate.com

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