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What is Earn Easy Commissions? They have a new version. New prices, new commissions. MLM, pyramid scheme and free accession remain the same.

Earning commissions is a very modern and popular way to make a living today. Earn Easy Commissions promises an automated dream. Let an autopilot take care of 99% of the work.

First of all, you’ve done the first step in the right direction, you take responsibility and take the time to read some unbiased reviews before investing your money and valuable time somewhere new.

I know there are so many temptations that promise easily earned wealth. I’m sure YOU will not fall into such a trap.

On the one hand, I have to say that this program is not a complete scam. On the other hand, I fear that you will only earn money with Easy Earn Commissions if you continue to recommend the program.

All the hype and automated features are actually the same you get when you sell an Amazon product, for example, or actually any affiliate product.

Table of Content - Earn Easy Commissions (EEC)

EEC Quick Overview:


Not Recommended

  • Product Name: Earn Easy Commissions
  • URL:
  • Name of the founder: Chuck Nguyen.
  • Product Type: Automated Affiliate Marketing.
  • Price: Start for free, up sales for up to $2200 plus additional charges.
  • Good For: The owner, affiliate marketers willing to sell low-quality products.
  • In Words: With the free version you can earn a commission of $ 2.00 per member referral. The PRO membership offers 17 digital training modules in the online marketing sector. To take full advantage of the offer, you will also need to sign up for multiple off-site programs for an additional monthly fee.
  • The Good News:  EEC is not a real scam
  • Recommended?  NO

Here An Income Proof Video

In this income proof video you can see how a Pro member earns about $ 40.00 per day with the marketing of the EEC program.

The whole thing looks quite simple but requires a lot of effort, what you do not see in the video.

what is earn easy commissions My Income From EEC lol.
My Income From EEC lol.

I am a self-employed, of course, free member of EEC, why, you will know soon and have earned exactly $1.00 so far.

This during a period of 4.5 months but without active advertising. I do not want to turn this program on anyone, because I’m not convinced of it.

My Earn Easy Commissions Review

Strictly speaking, no genuine product is involved with EEC. All you get is a training that shows you how to sell EEC yourself.

Various tools are provided, but you must purchase the most important tools at extra cost.

What is the EEC Product

what is earn easy commissions EEC Main Menu
EEC Main Menu

Earn Easy Commissions is essentially a product made up of reselling the same program, EEC. The entire focus as well as the expense and income opportunities result from the sale of EEC.

There is no real added value for the customers joining the program. Ok, you’ll get some training modules when you become a member plus you’ll be asked to follow links to recommended online tools.

Nothing remains when you exit EEC, after you have earned something or not. You can not use anything outside of EEC, no knowledge no websites, nothing.

And, the whole concept is worthless if nobody is interested in re-entering EEC. In the launching phase, so many interested people may be signing up, but over the years the pot has been eaten out.

As soon as you enter the program dashboard, you will be offered 5 steps plus the possibility to join the Facebook group of EEC

The whole program is built on one system. The only major difference between the different steps and memberships is the merit potential.

On the right, Chuck explains how the whole thing should work.

Chuck tells us that there are 6 steps to create a tremendous sustainable income. 5 of these steps, he claims, are “automated.” I think that’s a bit of a joke.

Just one step, “Step 1”, you always have to do yourself, publishing your advertising, getting the state that thousands of people sign with you. This, however, is the hardest part.

All the automation, the rest is not relevant in the affiliate business, but you may not yet know this as a novice in the industry.

My question is: how do you bring your affiliate link among the people? Well, I tell you, you either need a website, a YouTube channel or you can distribute it on social media. (Here you get a free website).

Step 1-5, What's behind the mask?

Step 1: Let's get started.

In the first step, you will only see the video you already found above.

You will be asked to join the Mastermind Group (Facebook) and you can press the link to the second lesson.

Step 2: The formuls to success.

Again, in the second step, you get to watch another video. First, it is explained in detail that this program is the best there is.

Then you will be introduced to the “self-brainwash”. For over 30 minutes, Chuck wants to convince you that you can achieve anything if you just have the right attitude.

If you have a problem understanding or believing this he sais, you should watch the video again and again. He also recommends a few books that probably reproduce what Chuck tells in the film.

Step 3: Get your system ready...

Again with film but now also in writing. In this step you have 3 tasks groups.

  1. You have to read and accept all conditions and legal bases.
  2. You must sign up to GetResponse and ClickMagic. These are two independent programs that pay Chuck a monthly commission if after sign up.
  3. Here you have to confirm all these registrations and connect them with EEC.

Without this complete registration, you will not receive a qualified affiliate link.

GetResponse is an email automation program, and not the cheapest. A free test version is available but will not be accepted by EEC. (Minimal $15/month)

ClickMagic gives you an overview of who and where clicked on your links. (A program used more by advanced online operators). (Minimal $17/month)

Step 4: Maximise your profit.

what is earn easy commissions Pyramiden System
Pyramid System

Here is a video to see that explains how you can earn better. Actually, no secret recipe is behind it, just the recommendation to become a Pro Member, a paying member.

It is said that if you are a premium member you will receive $5.00 per mediation instead of $2.00.

In addition, the pyramid scheme, MLM, is declared, which comes into force when you are premium and mediate other premium members.

In addition, hundreds of income proof pictures are shown.

Step 5: Training Portal.

In this last part, you get access to 4 training portals.

Website Preparation, Visitors: In principle, it is stated here that it is better to join the highest possible PRO membership. No word on how to get to customers, traffic, just how you could benefit better if you have them.

Facebook Marketing: 4 modules explain how to work best with Facebook. This training may even be real training.

Forum Traffic: Chuck recommends the “Worrier Forum”, explains what it is, how to publish articles there, and how to place Paid Advertising on Worrier. That can be interesting too.

SoloAd Advertisement: Last but not least, Chuck shows you a promotional platform that you have to pay for and from which Chuck receives commissions. Also in various subgroups, from the introduction of the SoloAd program to SoloAdX, another platform where you can buy paid clicks.

The whole thing is nice and good, but what I miss is an introduction to techniques of finding potential customers without having to pay, free traffic.

Do you still remember what was said in the beginning? Join for free, and now, if you follow everything that Chuck thinks is really necessary to make money, you’ll end up with a monthly bill that’s up to $1000 or more.

From a FREE Plan to VIP for 2.2K

Well, this is a bit difficult because the system has just changed. There are new prices and new payout basics.

As you’ll notice, Chuck mixes up the facts quite a bit, “Free” and “earn 10K” quite misleading and making us deliberately hold false hopes.

Free Membership:

First of all, if you enter your email address etc you will become a free member. In today’s version you can earn $2.00 per mediated qualified member.

As a free member you are not a Qualified Member, only those who complete the complete set-up procedure are considered qualified. (See step 3)

The free plan includes:

  • The complete training.
  • Affiliate Link, $2.00 per sale. (Qualified members)
  • Affiliate Link, $20.00 per PRO Member referral.
  • $100.00 earning per VIP contract sale.

Qualified Member:

To qualify, you must become a member of GetResponse, ($15/month) and ClickMagic, ($17/month). You have to complete paid contracts and register them with EEC.

After completing these actions, you will receive a new affiliate link.

Included in the qualified plan:

  • The same training as before.
  • Email list at GetResponse.
  • Affiliate Link, $2.00 per qualified member.
  • $20.00 per PRO contract completion with your link.
  • Affiliate Link, $100.00 per VIP member.
  • Pyramid Income (2 Linens), $20.00 per PRO member that gets referred from your second line in your group.

PRO Plan: ($200 Onetime fee)

Of course, to become PRO, you must first become a Qualified Member.

If you choose the PRO version, you have the complete range of services that EEC offers. Full commissions, fully utilized 2 lines MLM system.

What is with PRO thereby:

  • Training as usual.
  • Email list as usual.
  • Commission of recruited qualified members, $5.00.
  • Commission of self-recruited PRO members, $100.00.
  • 2t line commission, $50.00 per PRO member given by one of your at least qualified members.
  • Recurring referral commissions from GetResponse, ClickBait, and other programs you may be able to broker.
  • $ 100.00 per mediated VIP member.

VIP Member: (Pack 1, $550 onetime fee) (Pack 2, $2200 onetime fee)

Pack 2 includes a year of coaching from Chuck and a year of prioritised support. Pack 1 comes without these extras but otherwise is the same.

What can I earn in the VIP class?

  • Commissions for sold qualified members, $5.00/referral.
  • Commission for own PRO members, $100/referral.
  • Commission for PRO members who have been referred by the second line, $50.00/contract.
  • Commissions on all additional programs you mediate.
  • $ 500 or $ 2000 for VIP negotiations.

This looks quite respectable at first sight, which is not really true, ” For free you get almost nothing here”

However, if you are ready to invest all your energy and some financial resources there are actually some merit opportunities available.

Why I don't recommend EEC for you?

In short, the whole thing is too narrow for me. The system is focused on just one product and that’s EEC itself. If you do not find anyone interested in EEC, anything you invest here is worth nothing at all.

Chuck always talks about 1000 potential members you can reach every month. He claims if the number of sign ins is low, there will still be about 300 joining for free. These 300 watch the same training and are just as motivated as you. 

So you have 300 free members, 100 of them go PRO. These 100 PRO members will accomplish the same as you do, then there are already 10’000 Pro Members.

If what Chuck claims was true, these 10’000 would have also 100 refferrals in no time and those too, we would see 100 Million Members in a short time.

Chuck, this can’t be true!!!

Quite simply, that does not work, not without countless losers in the game.

I believe in a system that teaches to benefit from the whole pool of internet consumers. The concept is essentially the same, only you can choose what you want to sell yourself.

Not a product, that your customer immediately starts to sell himself, this won’t do.

Pros and Cons of EEC

My final thoughts of the EEC review:


Not recommended

If you are interested in getting into the online business and also want to have a chance of succeeding in it I do not recommend you to go into such fast-rich systems.

I understand that the temptation is great, the concept is actually applicable. But look, EEC has been on the market for several years now.

Ok, there still seems to be enough applicants that it seemed worthwhile to rework the whole thing. But if you ask me, today you are clearly too late to get on this train.

It may have been interesting at the beginning, when not many offered EEC  and the clientele was not exhausted.

But today, as you can see from my numbers above, I do not give much time to this program.

You are quite right to explore the possibilities of how to make money via the internet. These are still countless. But I say that in the long run, you are doing the best when you have your own website, your own business.

Even with EEC is certainly Chuck the best earner in the game. If you are ready to give it all in a few years, you can also sell your own program.

But you have to learn how it all works. This knowledge is exactly what Chuck does not want to convey. He is interested in you being dependent on his system, spending more time selling his product, and investing even more money in promoting his product.

Even with EEC, the years do not go by slower, but you can invest your time more valuable than just selling a program that is actually hollow and not able to sell anything else than its self.

If you continue to read, you’ll see what I do and what I would recommend to you if you have an online career in mind.

Don't give up, I got the Alternative Solution

I would like to be self-employed, I would always like to learn a lot more about the online market industry, I would like to build up my own future-oriented stable business.

I do not have to invest a lot of money. What I invest, is my time. But I do not build someone’s business but my own.

My expenses except electricity and internet connection are very low, $1.00 per day. I can pay that for a long period without much income.

I give you the opportunity to do the same as me. You can try it for free today. I’ll bet you’ll like it because after only a few hours you have understood the principle and are building your own website to build your own future business.

the super affiliate university Get Better Solutions
Get Better Solutions

I’m talking about the affiliate business, basically the same as Chuck offers, only with the big difference, in my system you can choose from millions of products.

You can create a website that you enjoy, one that pertains to your hobby, your online games, or your knowledge of any discipline.

Even with this system, it takes time for real money to come in, but if you join us, you will be one in a team of hundreds, of thousands who do not compete but work together to succeed.

Give yourself a push, try it, it costs nothing. If you want to know more details first you can find them here.

Otherwise, do it like 1.5 million others did before and start a new phase in your life, get to know the practically only really suitable, “Online Business all in one program”. (Only This Week, Black Friday Discount For YOU!!!)

Thank you for your interest.

I hope you can see a little more clearly what’s behind all this Earn Easy Commission stuff. Earn, yes, commissions, yes but easy rather not.

Unfortunately, there is no way that makes you money easy and fast. Like Chuck, you first have to work hard to get a deal going.

You can do that if you want, I’m not a genius myself but I can do it but what everyone needs is a good specific basic education, expert help and time spent on hard work.

The experience of success when the Dollars start to pour in is the reward for everything 🙂

If you have any questions or disagree with me, please tell me below in the comment section.

Otherwise, I wish you every success, check back, see you, Stefan 🙂