Surely you have just heard of the Evergreen Traffic Academy. What is Evergreen Traffic Academy? Can you generate passive income with Stefan Ciancio’s proven traffic techniques?

Right now, I can congratulate you for taking the time to review Evergreen Traffic. Not every program that offers successful systems can provide these too.

What Is Evergreen Traffic Academy Intro Englisch

This product is actually a more or less detailed training which is very cheap compared to what you find in it. I spent hours going through the content but have to admit, I did not buy the product myself.

Why, that you will understand in the course of this review for sure. Creating a passive income with affiliate marketing is exactly what I do and what Stefan wants to teach you with his program.

With Evergreen Traffic Academy, there are three free ways to get customers, traffic to your affiliate offers. The concept works, but let me tell you, it will not be as fast as you might think if you read Evergreen’s sales page.

But let’s jump right into it and find out what you can expect from the Evergreen Traffic Academy.

Content: What is the Evergreen Traffic Academy (ETA)

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  • Product Name: Evergreen Traffic Academy
  • URL:
  • Name of the founders: Greg + Stefan, Nov 2018.
  • Product Type: Affiliate Marketing training.
  • Good for: People interested in learning skills in affiliate marketing
  • In words: The Evergreen Academy will show you how to use 3 techniques to generate free traffic through video training and case studies. With SEO, YouTube and Pinterest.
  • The best part: Very inexpensive training.
  • Recommended?  Yes

Why am I writing about the Evergreen Traffic Academy?

As said before, affiliate marketing is my business this is what I do. I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for almost 2 years, learning just that business model.

I’ve completed courses in Pinterest and realized, this alone is a half-day job. At the moment, I’m also working on expanding my YouTube presence, which can be done in just over an hour a day with the help of Octane.

And, of course, my main job is growing my website, creating content, and potentially getting traffic to my website, recommending my #1 recommendation.

These are all free methods to make money online but honestly, training is just one part of the work, running these methods takes a lot of time and experience.

I have been alerted to the Evergreen Traffic Academy by email and since the program is somehow related to the one I recommend I wanted to know what is offered.


This video was produced by Jono Armstrong and then legally adopted by me and broadcast live with the help of Octane, the program that Jono was actually involved in creating.

My rating of Octane was initially not so good, but it has been improved quite a lot and now works really satisfying. Jono is an authority in the industry and therefore knows what he is talking about when he explains ETA.

Of course, these “YouTube Reviews” show only the positive sides of the products, they are not real experience reports but sales videos.

What will you find inside the Evergreen Traffic Academy.

Well, in short, this program is as the name says an academy, a short training program, which, however, you can go through in 1 to 2 days or less. The execution though will take many months if not years.

What Is Evergreen Traffic Academy Traffic Infographic

You will be presented with three options that are proven to be successful.

You will get several video lessons on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), website traffic from search engines, how and where you can create and host websites, and how to search results using keyword analysis.

What Is Evergreen Traffic Academy Training example
Video Training Screenshot.

You’ll learn how to use Pinterest and Tailwind to bring visitors to your products and website. There are also a number of video lessons on this free but labor-intensive method.

YouTube Marketing is a hot topic today and much of the online business happens on YouTube. Creating YouTube videos can be a bit of a hassle, and to make those who are interested in your videos find them, you have to work more and more with YouTube SEO.

Who is Stefan Ciancio?

What Is Evergreen Traffic Academy Stefan Ciancio
Stefan Ciancio

It’s good to know that Stefan is a real person like you and me. He has made an online career and in 2015 he became self-employed, and apparently earns very well with the income strategies he uses and now shared with the Evergreen Traffic Academy.

You can find out a lot about Stefan when you browse the internet, including a Facebook page and a Udemi account. He also offers a free course that you can look at to see how he communicates and what he has to convey.

On JVZoo Stefan has already offered several products in the Affiliate Marketing Training niche.

The 7 Training Modules You get with the Evergreen Traffic Academy.

1. Overview and case studies, 4 videos a total of 16.5 minutes.

What Is Evergreen Traffic Academy Modul 1

You get to see a program introduction report and 3 so-called “case studies”. The first about YouTube Marketing, followed by Pinterest Marketing and SEO Content Marketing.

By and large, you’ll be watering with numbers and statistics that are possible and probably achieved by Stefan himself, but only achieved through hard work over several years.

I too like to see others succeed and it does sometimes motivate me to work harder.

2. Niche research. 3 videos, a total of 24 minutes.

What Is Evergreen Traffic Academy Modul 2

You can watch Stefan select a list of possible niches, refine them, look for profitability, and ultimately evaluate the best.

Choosing the right niche is pretty important to succeed with a website or on YouTube or Pinterest. In and of itself every niche is possible but some are better suited than others.

At Wealthy Affiliate, I often see that members are insecure with their niche choices and lose a lot of time deciding which one to go for. That’s why I’ve already written some articles on this topic.

3. Website creation, 19 videos, a total of 138 minutes.

What Is Evergreen Traffic Academy Modul 3

This work, creating the website is treated in quite a bit of detail. You’ll learn where to create WordPress websites, where to find a domain name, where to host, and then all the fundamental steps to make a website work.

In the Academy itself, you can only learn how to do it all and where to get all the services you need. I recommend, you will see in more detail below, that you create your website at Wealthy Affiliate, there too are all the topics explained but on the WA platform, you can even perform all the tasks without paying for other programs.

As I understand it, at the Evergreen Traffic Academy you learn how to build a small website, one which consists of only one landing page plus some informative content. I see a problem there, and that is that you can not cover enough keywords with some 10 posts to really get a lot of free traffic from search engines.

4. YouTube, 9 videos, a total of 82 minutes.

What Is Evergreen Traffic Academy Modul 4

Starting with creating a YouTube channel to how you produce great videos and offer them on YouTube.

This training is also quite detailed. As you may have already seen, I also started using videos to distribute my website articles. However, I do not have the time to make such videos myself.

Today, the competition on YouTube is huge and I think only with a large number of videos you can be known there and optimize your positioning. Of course, you also need good keywords, which ETA teaches you to find.

5, Pinterest, 12 videos, a total of 87 minutes.

What Is Evergreen Traffic Academy Modul 5

In these 12 videos, everything is explained what is to know if you want to work with Pinterest.

The account opening and how to make creative tall pins with Canva. Also, you will learn how to optimize your visibility, the number of people who can see your pins.

As with every module handled by Evergreen Traffic Academy, cost-sensitive additional programs are also suggested here.

6, SEO search engine traffic, 8 videos, a total of 63 minutes.

What Is Evergreen Traffic Academy Modul 6

Here are a few free and paid SEO research tools presented and shown how you can work with them.

SEO is an important factor in website business but not very complicated. It’s about helping search engines like Google, Bing, etc find your articles, websites and present them to the people searching the internet who are interested in your content.

Of course, there are already X articles on virtually every topic, no matter how narrowed down. Therefore, it is important that you create good search terms, good meta-texts, and good SEO keyword relevant content.

SEO also has many more facts that you can not influence, such as the age of your website, the authority you have in your niche and above all, how good your competition in your niche already is.

So it’s not enough to complete the training and to produce a website optimally to see such results as they are promised by the Evergreen Traffic Academy. To achieve this, you have to work actively in your niche, probably for years, and run your online business project professionally.

7. Earn Money, 4 videos, a total of 52 minutes.

What Is Evergreen Traffic Academy Modul 7

This last module will show you how to better optimize your earnings opportunities with the help of Email Marketing.

You will need to purchase another paid product, an autoresponder like Getresponse or Mailer Lite etc and apply a funnel strategy that requires a lot of time and knowledge.

5 Bonus Products are included.

Evergreen Traffic Academy offers for the minimal price not only a complete online business training center but also these 5 Extras. Because I don’t own the product, I can only continue to tell what Stefan promises us and later what I think of it. (Value details are quoted by the manufacturer and are up to his expectations.)

Bonus 1, Income Acceleration Software, (Value, $297.00)

What Is Evergreen Traffic Academy Bonus 1

This is an app that Stefan and Greg use themselves to optimize their sales. A so-called urgency app and what I mean by it is that you can use it to put a clock or a declining time/number indication on your web pages.

You give your readers the feeling that they should buy fast although the whole thing is just a trick. Exactly this app is used with this bonus and on so many other websites trying to sell you something .

It is said that only so many customers can enjoy this bonus. However, since I looked at this page for the first time 3 days ago, the remaining seats are still 39.

Bonus 2, Multiply your traffic times 10 Training, (value, $297.00)

What Is Evergreen Traffic Academy Bonus 2

There are 10 more platforms where you can present your offers. This multiplies the chances that your articles will be seen and viewed.

If you just start with your website however, when you are fresh in the industry and have 0 traffic, it’s not helping much having 10 times 0 traffic. This bonus can be interesting if you have a decent amount of articles on your websites or a reasonable number of YouTube videos published.

Each of these traffic strategies again takes time to implement and you’ll soon see that time is limited and has to be used carefully for your main free traffic system.

The more systems you use the more distracted you will be and the less successful will your business be. It’s a often seen phenomena, people try something for some months and don’t see the expected results.

Then they change the system instead of carrying on with the one system until it works.

Bonus 3, 51’000 views Case Study, (Value, $197.00)

What Is Evergreen Traffic Academy Bonus 3

This is again a unique training that you only get as an addition to the Evergreen Traffic Academy. Visits are important, but for you to earn money, such visitors must actually be interested in your product and not just interested in earning money by looking at websites.

Maybe Stefan talks about payed traffic here as well, I don’t know.

Bonus 4, 31’000 visits Case Study, (Value, $197.00)

Another technique for getting an additional 30’000 visitors per month to your site.

Bonus 5, Exclusive Mastermind Admission, (Value, $97.00)

What Is Evergreen Traffic Academy Bonus 4

This bonus gives you access to the FB page I have already linked to in the section about Stefan above. I have actually applied to get member there without buying the Evergreen Traffic Academy and was accepted already.

Who can take advantage of the Evergreen Traffic Academy?

What Is Evergreen Traffic Academy Google Analytics

Anyone interested in online marketing can certainly benefit from this low-cost offer. From total beginners to more experienced online business people can learn more or less new tricks from Stefan and Greg.

I know most of what this training is going through but certainly not everything. Any training that is shared by successful online businesses can benefit everyone and if it’s just to get to better know their competitors and their strategies.

Affiliate Marketers

If you’re interested in getting started with affiliate marketing or you already have an online presence, you may still be able to learn some tricks from Stefan and Mark.

Affiliate marketing is a long-term project that, as you may already know, can be refined and optimized with many different tactics. If you want to get started in the industry, the Evergreen Academy offer is very cheap to buy.

The Traffic Academy can give you a good look at what’s coming and what you need to do, step by step, to succeed.

Pinterest Marketers

You can also build a business with Pinterest. Many niches work well with Pinterest and if you like to spend a lot of time creating graphics, Pinterest is an interesting platform for converting them into money.

Of course, it is better to have a website in the background as well with this business model. In order to participate in affiliate programs, a website is often required.

ETA shows you how to use the tools to get the best results on Pinterest. Pinterest is not a traditional social media platform, it’s more of a search engine that people use to find the products they need and want to buy.

YouTube Marketing

Also YouTube is a popular marketing portal today. Many rely on Video Product reviews to make their buying decision. To place such reviews in the first places on YouTube searches, you need to learn how to create a good video and how to label it to make it visible.

All these techniques and with which programs you can do that the best is laid out by the ETA.

Local Businesses

If you only want to publicize your brick and mortar business on the internet, you can do that with a website. The Evergreen Traffic Academy can show you the essential steps how to set up a website and where they think it is a good place to do this.

I don’t want to say that this is the best deal in this sector but for the price, they are asking you will get plenty of information.

The Evergreen Traffic Academy Up-sells 1-4

What Is Evergreen Traffic Academy

Like most of these low priced deals, the Evergreen Traffic Academy also offers some more or less expensive OTOs, add-on products. You can only buy the OTOs if you already own the basic module of ETA.

However, you can take a quick look at what these additions offer and what they cost.

OTO 1, Additional Training and Case Studies, $27.21

What Is Evergreen Traffic Academy 1 Englisch

  • Look at how Stefan and Mark choose a niche as they find the most popular niches that still have little competition.
  • Learn how these niches are monetized and optimized for passive income. Learn additional secret magic tricks that the two apply.
  • And see how they drive traffic to these offers, how they guide visitors to the new niche pages. Also, you can watch, in real case studies, how these products are selling.

OTO 2, Made for you, $27.21

What Is Evergreen Traffic Academy 2 Engl.

  • 10 niches that are proven to make money. 10 Interesting niche proposals that you can put into action immediately to generate a passive income.
  • 15 Email Opt-in Gifts. To be successful in the online business you have to start to enlarge your email list. The best way to persuade people to join in is with free gifts in return for the email address.
  • 27 Success Proven Products. After choosing a niche, you also have to be able to offer a product that sells very easily.
  • A large number of images that you are free to use on your web pages. To make your content attractive you need Royalty-free images. This OTO shows you numerous sources of such images.
  • 15 Supertitles for your opt-in forms. Again, the money is in the list, you need to get as many members as possible for your email address list. These catching titles can be very helpful.
  • 500 Royalty free music tracks. You need a lot of time to find free music titles if you research then your self. With this list of 500 music titles, you can do whatever you want.

OTO 3, 100% Profit Funnel, $? .00


Sorry, there is no information about this OTO, it can not be seen on the website, so I can not help it say.

OTO 4, Fix and Finished Blog, $1’497.00

What Is Evergreen Traffic Academy 4

  • Part 1, a niche site completely created in the niche of your choice. A WordPress website with everything that goes with it, plugins, social share buttons, logo, 10 articles, 500 word SEO researched non-copied finished posts and professional branding.
  • Part 2, a Pinterest account is created and populated with at least 50 followers. Your profile will be created and 10 boards with 10 pins each. A total of 100 tall pin graphics to withstand professional standards.
  • Part 3, Pinterest Traffic Suite. These are programs that allow you to find new followers, find and join groups, and software that is good for making the graphics you will share on Pinterest.
  • Part 4, Detailed Blogging School. How to write a blog that wants to be read and asks the readers to buy your product. Plus a number of case studies so you can see what has worked in the past with Stefan and Mark and what hasn’t.
  • Part 5, 2 years tutoring. This means that for 2 years you can always ask your questions about content creation and traffic generation and count on helpful answers. It’s nothing more annoying than getting stuck and having no contact person.

My four cents about the Evergreen Traffic Academy?

What Is Evergreen Traffic Academy Traffic statistics

Well, I think that the program certainly has its justification, especially for the price that is being charged.

I would not say that it is the final solution to become a successful online marketer, in my opinion, you have to work with way too many extra programs to get this system to work.

The training and the tips are certainly valuable but, I must say unfortunately, Stefan and Mark are probably very interested in you to buy their recommended programs through their affiliate links and thus make them a large ammount of commissions.

I think the program here can be used as a booklet, a cheat sheet. It does not cost much, is easy and quick to look through and in many cases can provide interesting additional information.

As a website creation training platform, I would not recommend it, I think there are cheaper and more effective options.

You will find my recommendation below and you’ll soon see that all that the Evergreen Traffic Academy teaches but also all the necessary tools are combined in a very specialized program.

ETA gives about 410 minutes of video training in the basic module, at Wealthy Affiliate you get a lot more already in the free test Version plus 2 free websites with which you can practice with and a live chat, which is supported by all members, for questions that require immediate answers.

Pros and Cons

  • Good tips for little money.
  • For affiliate newbies a nice training.
  • Newbie friendly.
  • 30-days money back possibility.
  • Not too in depth.
  • Claims fast results which is almost impossible.
  • Far too many strategies to start with.
  • Requieres a lot of aditional Products to execute. (Expensive)

Conclusion, what is Evergreen Traffic Academy?



What Is Evergreen Traffic Academy Conclusion

ETA shows you in short but intensive video training modules how an affiliate business needs to be built and expanded.

The two creators of the training share their successful methods to help you create a passive income. You learn a little from everything, not too much detail, and will be introduced to a series of products that are “necessary” to set up a complete affiliate business.

The Evergreen Traffic Academy consists of 7 training modules that cover website creation, Pinterest marketing, and YouTube marketing, as well as traffic strategies for each of these techniques.

With a very reasonable price and additional bonus products, I can recommend ETA as an additional source of information in your software library.

My #1 recommendation for Affiliate Marketers

Is The Wealthy Affiliate A Scam What Is The Wealthy Affiliate University
What Is The Wealthy Affiliate University

So, I’ve been working in Affiliate Business for almost 2 years myself. I was lucky right from the beginning and found the platform that does this job, or better said, is fully focused to offer a platform where you can do this job.

I used the free 7 days and worked on my first free website after only a short time. I actually build my first free website on my second day already. This site is still active today and does generate some profits even though I have not done anything to it for more than a year.

Unfortunately, I’m a bit stubborn and did not make it easy for me to get started in the niche website business. I have chosen the wrong niche twice had to start three times, and am now with this site in my 13th month.

Luckily, I work with Wealthy Affiliate, otherwise, these errors would cost me a small fortune. I can host 25 domain websites here and 25 sub-domain sites.

I have a perfect SEO research tool available and can continue to educate myself to the level of experts. But check out this comparison table, ETA vs. WA.


Long list short, if you are seriously interested in sustaining increasingly growing passive income through affiliate marketing, then you are best advised with Wealthy Affiliate.

Have a look at it, the first 7 days are completely free, without any strings attached and the first month I’ll promise you for only $19.00.

You’ll find no second platform that you can use for less than a dollar per day offering website hosting, affiliate marketing training, SEO research tool, weekly webinars by experts, and a helpful active community and much more.

Thanks that’s it for today:)

I hope this report was able to help you better understand what the Evergreen Traffic Academy is all about.

It is often not easy to distinguish a good product from a bad one if you don’t have that much experience with the matter. I can claim to have some experience in the meantime and am able to make a reasonably fair assessment of this Evergreen Traffic Academy program.

I hope you have studied the various chapters a little closer help your buying decision. The facts are one point, my opinion a second. What the sales page tells you is usually not to be taken too objective.

So, I wish you good luck, success and hopefully see you soon, Stefan 🙂

PS. Comments and shares are always very welcome 🙂