A quick money scheme like not many. A real 100% scam like not many. A cheap try to steal your money is what I call this “opportunity”.

Hi and congrats for taking the time for reviewing the product you think can change your life. The first step of making money online is for sure to make sure you don’t start with loosing.

What is the Free Ad Cash System, well in short, it is a scam. It is not worth a second thought and should actually be banned from being on the internet.

With the years of experience, I have made in checking out programs claiming to help you make millions, this scam is one of the worst.

See how I prove my statement by reading the following story.

Free Ad Cash System in short

  • Product Name: Free Ad Cash System.
  • Founder Name: Simon Green, Fake person.
  • Product Type: Binary options trading system scam.
  • Price: FREE, $250.00
  • Good for: Only the one you pay, the owner and affiliate.
  • Rating: 1 out of 10
  • In Words: Free ad cash system is a disguised option trading scam. The so-called ad flipping platform promises to make you a ton of money in no time.

The sad part is, it’s all scam and not free at all.

Recommended? NOOOOO, Real SCAM

See what I got


The claimed owner calls this system a secret “ad flipping” system. Buying and selling ads form I don’t know where to I don’t know who.

The ad flipping system is not a known business model as for what I found out. All you find searching the internet, related to ad flipping is another few scam products similar to this one.

The sales pitch is made very tempting though, Simon “the flipper” says he made $22’000’000 by using this system and now feels bad and wants to share it with only a few very trustworthy people.

How can you share something online, publicly with only a very few trustworthy people?

He also claims the system is absolutely free to use, but, and there is always a but with systems like these, you have to invest your first not $10.00 or $50.00 no, he tells you, you need to start with investing $250.00.

No problem he says, within 45 days you’ll be making more than $3’000.00 a day. Great isn’t it lol.

His claims are:

  1. Earn over $3500 a day, every day by using the system for free and follow the free training.
  2. Make $3 million within 3 months. That’s amazing, 10 times more than the first statement.
  3. He himself, claims to have made $22 million with the system, which I think is a bit poor when you think that making $3 million is already possible after three months lol.

Have a quick look at the sales video it is really worth learning what to be aware of. All sales techniques imaginable are used here.

What makes me angry the most.

This sales video makes real online money opportunities look very bad. The speaker says all other ways to make money online are a scam just his product is legit.

Exactly the opposite is the case. Niche website marketing is a proven success possibility, Blog posting can be made profitable and a lot more legit ways to earn a passive income online can be learned.

I know, the affiliate marketing is not an easy money scheme like many says, but if you have the right training it is possible to make a decent living.

I am a prove that the affiliate marketing system can work. I don’t have a regular job and my only income I make with this website.


How can I prove the program is fake?

1. Simon doesn’t exist!

No real person is known as Simon “the flipper” Green, all you find is a lot of warning reviews about the Free Ad Cash System.

Simon Green has no face, no email address nor any social media profile.

The online community is not that big, and very successful people are known and have at least one or two positive reviews posted on the internet.

They also don’t have to hide their face even if they share sensitive information lol.

2. His testimonials are paid!

All the persons shown in the video are paid product presenters. They work with Fiverr and offer their faces to sell everything a customer pays for.

It is a common practice for scammers to use paid testimonials. If you look at sales pages alike for a while you will recognize the same faces over again telling all kinds of programs made them filthy rich and help them find a new lifestyle.

Please tell me why should a successful and legit program have to pay for testimonials? They pay an affiliate payout of $200.00 per sign-up and if the program was really that good they would have free testimonials from many members wanting to get new members.

By the way, the fact that the program is able to pay $200 for one referral is very suspicious too. In the ad they say you have to spend $250 for a solid marketing foundation but how about this, $200 they pay out to an affiliate marketer that recommended you.

Although they before shouted out that affiliate marketing is not a way to make money. I still think the best shot on this program can be made by referring it.

I won’t do that though due to not wanting to earn anything from selling a product that I think is only going to steal your money with my help and pays me a commission of 80%.

3. The sales story is a fairytale.

The lucky guy tells that before learning about the ad flipping system he was in a very bad situation.

He was ill, lost his job and almost lost his house. Luckily his brother in law wanted him to help out with some contract business and at that time he learned that making millions with flipping ads is easy as pie.

Lucky enough his brother in law gave him the whole story, information hackers stole around 5 years ago from some geeks in silicone valley lol.

I don’t know what his brother in law now thinks after seeing Simon selling his secret idea to everyone that wants to know it.

It is the cheapest way that scam products like these are sold these days. Invent a dramatic story that many can relate to and share a secret system with a very selected group of people.

You can check the sales page, there are only four spots left today. This and the income prove are fake like the whole program.

4. Fake business model.

There is no such thing as ad flipping. You can check your self and you’ll see this business model doesn’t exist.

You can flip coins, websites, and domains but there’s no such thing as ad flipping. As I said before, all you find online for such a search, are warnings about this Free Ad Cash System program here.

These scammer guys are very good at inventing new scams all the time. They change their name and the product name.

They live off a few newbies to the make money online business, that doesn’t yet understand that all these quick millionaires schemes are all fake.

The only quick rich scheme is the lottery and there the chances are very poor as well. Other than that everyone that wants to make a decent living has to work for it. Is this online or in the real world.

The only user comment I could find is the one below. This lady wanted to try her luck but found out that the system doesn’t work. The comment is under a sales video and as you see, she never got an answer to her request.

Fake business model.

I hope this won’t happen to you.

5. Even the product name is telling a lie.

Free Ad etc. but in fact, you have to pay $250.00 to start using the program. Isn’t that proof enough that the operators are just lying to get in your pocket?

And how is it to be understood that an affiliate that is referring you to this scam is able to earn $200.00 for every referral?

Well, it looks that the “funds” you have to add to your account are used to pay the affiliate seller, $200 and the operator, $50.

For you, there will nothing be left for buying ads if there is a way to buy ads at all.

The limited spots are a joke too. I went to the selling page for several days now and every day there are 4 spots left, interesting isn’t it?

I think that’s enough proof. All these points are facts that must lift the red flag. The “Free Ad Cash System” is a SCAM.

Pros and cons:

Well, to be honest, there is only one pro, if you like to lose money for learning a lesson 🙂

Cons there are several.

  • No money back guarantee.
  • No owner to contact.
  • No Support.
  • No privacy policy. (Which means the website is actually acting against the law).

My five cents:

After reading this review, please forget the dream of making big and fast money with the Free Ad Cash System. I know it is hard to believe sometimes but in this case, there is no way you get what you’re promised.

I know, you are looking for a way to better your financial situation and I also think I can help you doing so but not with programs like this.

You can look how the real online business works. Making a website like the millions on the internet from millions of people. It’s not true that it’s impossible to make a passive income with a niche website.

What you need though to be successful is, you need a good training, good tools, and some of your precious time. The first two parts I can help you with if you check out my recommendation but the third part you’ll need to do on your own.

The system we use is actually easy and transparent. You only need to follow the proven 4-step system.

  1. Choose an Interest, Niche.
  2. Make a Website. Free or paid.
  3. Get Traffic to your site, publish great helpful content, use social media etc.
  4. Sell your products, be an Affiliate Marketer.

It takes time to get a website ranking well in search engines and get a lot of traffic and you need to learn the essential skills of SEO and other techniques.

Luckily you opened this website here and can now check out for FREE how all this works. You can join the training for a FREE trial and even get 2 FREE websites with hosting if you click the Banner below.

Don’t waste your time looking for quick rich schemes, they don’t work. Sign-up for a FREE trial with me, (no credit card needed) and start really build your own business today.

Thanks for visiting 🙂

That’s all for today folks, I still have a lot of work to do, research, to help you not falling into other scam traps.

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If you found this post interesting or need to know a little more about the Free Ad Cash System feel free to leave a comment.

I would also be happy to hear of possible experiences someone might have made with this or other quick money schemes.

If there is a working million dollar machine I’m the first who want’s to know.

Have a great time, see you, Stefan 🙂 asuperaffiliate.com

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