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What is Funnel Franchise, that’s the question I want to answer today. I came across this sales funnel as a result of the Profit Pilot’s investigation. It’s free to join but does it deliver results?

Profit Pilot recommends Funnel Franchise and Funnel XROI with Easy 1 Up as automated sales channels. Since I want to provide you with accurate information, I must now also examine FF to find out if this product can keep what it promises.

As always, I congratulate you for taking the time to question all the products before investing your time and money to make them work.

I did not get good results with Funnel X and Easy 1 Up, but now let’s see what Funnel Franchise is all about.

Table of Content - Funnel Franchise (FF) Review

FF Quik Facts



  • Product Name: Your Funnel Franchise
  • URL:
  • Name of the founder: Mark Wightley (2016)
  • Product Typ: Sales Funnel and Training
  • Price: Free Membership or Elite: $470/$397.
  • Good for: Internet affiliate marketers.
  • In words:  Funnel Franchise wants to help you establish a respectable sales funnel, teach how to be a niche authority and find potential customers.
  • The good side is: It’s FREE.
  • Recommended?  Yes

Who is Mark Wightley?


What is Funnel Franchise Mark

Mark Wightley is, as we say, a normal guy. Born in Australia, he now lives with 4 children and earns his living from the internet business.

Since 2013, Mark has set himself the task of knowing and sharing his experiences publicly. He has been successful with various products and many of his students can live off what they have learned from Mark.

Some Worrier Plus Affiliate Programs by Mark:

  • Commission HiJack (Oct.2018)
  • The Tube Funnel (May 2018)
  • CPA List Domination (Jan 2018)
  • And many more.

What strikes me, however, and is a bit of a red flag, is that all of his products are labeled with “Make Money Online Easy and Fast”.

In my opinion, Mark makes his money by constantly bringing new products to the market that can actually help us as customers, but of course, are also there to generate Mark Affiliate commissions.

Here a short Video

Mark explains in his own words what it looks like when you join Funnel Franchise for free.

What is Funnel Franchise in Detail:

What is Funnel Franchise Facebook Messages


I’m sorry but again it starts with a too long attempt to impose the paid “Elite Membership” on me. Numberous congratulations messages, probably from Facebook, should convince me how successful the members are.

So, at the very bottom of the post there is the possibility to click to the next step.

Now I am to join the FB group. I can do that, it won’t cost anything 🙂 And what do I see, the first 10 posts are all complaints. Ads paid but does not work, GoogleAds did not accept my ad, I can not get my commissions.

Not very encouraging I have to say. (As an excuse, many of these members are very new and not familiar with affiliate marketing.)

Next, you have to join the so-called necessary programs. I describe these below under “Additional Products”

Product Sales-Funnel

What is Funnel Franchise Email Marketing

The actual product that FF offers you is a fully prepared sales funnel.

All you have to do to activate it is to sign up for recommended affiliate programs, they’re usually free and, most importantly, you need to create a Builderall Business Account.

Builderall is all in one platform where you can create web pages and use an email automation service. I’ve checked Builderall and I’m so happy with what I’ve learned so far. (Here my review of Builderall)

Since Funnel Franchise is free I have logged in and tried to set up the funnel system. Be cautious, you can do everything the funnel offers with paying for just one product, the Builderall.

Of course, you can invest more and get started with various “recommended” programs, but I do not recommend that at the beginning.

You can sign up below on my registration form and automatically get the entire sales channel as you and I get it from FF.

Setting up when you’re completely new to the online business can be a little confusing, but if you follow everything and watch the videos, you should be able to do it.

What is Funnel Franchise Training:

The Funnel Franchise Member Dashboard gives you access to 3 training modules.

  • Email Marketing Training
  • Blog creation
  • Free LinkWizard Tracking Software

Email Marketing Training

What is Funnel Franchise Correct sender address

The first module, Email Marketing Training, consists of 10 lessons. Of course, I did not look at everything but what I’ve seen is Mark presenting the lessons himself and illustrating all the tricks and tips with “screencast” shots.

From email list cleanup to repeated sending if a recipient has not opened your emails or well-functioning email titles, pretty much the whole program is handled.

What seems strange to me is that Mark himself does not work with the “autoresponder” he recommends. He uses GetResponse but recommends the MailingBoss that is built into Builderall.

I usually work with MailerLight and will see in the future if the MailingBoss works well.

Blog creation:

Again, the first thing I notice is that you’re being asked to buy a domain name from GoDaddy and host your website on GoDaddy.

Somewhat confusing since you have already bought a domain name at Builderall and there have a great website creation and hosting platform.

It doesn’t matter, the training introduces you to the website creating, a WordPress website. My site here is a WP site and I also recommend using WordPress, although building with Builderall is also quite interesting.

The problem with Builderall is that it has its own content processing software installed and you can not edit WordPress pages there.

On my affiliate marketing platform, you can create 2 WP websites for free and try whether you like the WordPress system.

Training at Funnel Franchise is pretty intriguing on the whole and probably includes just about everything you need to know to place your new website on Google or any other search engine.

Free LinkWizard Tracking Software: 

In this section, you will be introduced to a free link tracking program. You can subscribe to them with one click and apply immediately.

Of course, here is a non-free program in the background and these tools are really only the bait to enter the actual “FREE SOFTWARE FUNNEL BAITS”.

This is how the online business works today, you have to offer something for free to sell a product. If we, as customers, are well advised to participate in all these offers is more than questionable.

I still think the trick is to work with a proven system and stick with it until it works.

Additional Programs you need or are Recommended by FF

Domain Name by Uniregistry (Ca. $10/Year)

This is a domain name marketplace. You can buy and sell domain names at Uniregistry.

Prices varry between $6.00 to up to several hundred per year. I bought mine for $9.3year, “” which is quite ok I think.


GSuite ($5/Month)

GSuite offers professional domain email addresses and hosting. You can store up to 30GB and get access to several GSuite services like video conference etc.

Note: For autoresponder use it is not advised to use GMail or Yahoo etc email addresses, emails sent form these addresses tend to land in spam.

Builderall ($49.90/Month) TryFree

I do not want to write much about Builderall here again, I’ve written an in-depth review of Builderall that you can look into for details.

Essentially, Builderall offers a full line of service, training, and tools designed to build an online business.

The price is reasonable and the platform works flawlessly. I’ve done some testing and am doing a minimum 1.5-month challange in my free time.

At Builderall you can create a professional sales funnel with landing pages, email sequences, and all the trimmings.

Autoresponder: GetResponse oder Aweber

Both are qualified and long-established programs. But since you’re already a member of Builderall, you already have your autoresponder with you.

Why Mark recommends that you pay a monthly fee for either GetResponse or Aweber I do not understand.

Fortunately, he also writes pretty clearly that you do not have to sign any of these programs if you’ve purchased the Business Plan from Builderall.

What I recommend when creating an optimal FF sales channel is that you become an Affiliate Partner for the respective programs in order to collect any commissions when you set up your sales funnel.


Was Ist Funnel X ROI clickmagic price (1)
clickmagic price (1)


Check your clicks at a glance. This can be interesting if you have successful sales campaigns.

Determine what works well and what is not important so you do not unnecessarily spend money on advertising that brings nothing.

ClickMagic is recommended by many programs as an analysis aid. However, I think that only at some advanced point of time will it be necessary to take these monthly costs.

However, you can also test this ClickMagic for a full 14 days for free.


Udimi is a SoloAd program that offers paid advertising. So-called leads that come from people who have big email lists.

If you are interested check the video here

You can choose a Udimi partner that suits your needs. This then places your “Squeeze, Capture Page” in his emails.

Was Ist Funnel X ROI udimi offers (1)

Udimi advertising is relatively expensive because the success rates are quite high. A single click costs between $ 0.30 to $ 1.00 or more.

So far I have not used Udimi, to make it profitable you have to be very well prepared for such an ad campaign.

An important part of being successful here is how the promotional product you are distributing looks like and that you have prepared an email sequence that your leads receive when they join you.

You can join here for free and have Udimi work for you.

Membership Options and Compensation Plans

Free Member ($ 0.00)

What is Funnel Franchise Elite

  • 2 Sales Funnels
  • 10% for elite member referrals.
  • 7 integrated affiliate programs 100%

Elite Membership ($ 397.00 once or $ 49.00×10 months)

  • 4 Sales Funnels
  • 80% for elite member direct referrals.
  • 15% for elite tier 2referrals, elite members referred by your referrals. 
  • 7 integrated affiliate programs 100%

Who can tke advantage of Funnel Franchise?

What is Funnel Franchise Success

As the whole program is free of charge, apart from the Builderall membership, I recommend anyone who wants to set up a sales channel or learn how it works to test the program.

I think the whole thing is very well organized and makes you focus on making money on the internet.

There are some steps automated and done which makes the work a lot easier. In addition, FF works with a very good program, in my opinion, the Builderall which I can also recommend in good conscience.

The condition is, as with any online business, that you become active, that you work and activate and exploit the system, you are offered.

It’s not a get rich fast system, but if you commit yourself and take all the steps, you have a great chance of earning your first dollars with Funnel Franchise.

Log in to my email list below and you will see what exactly you get when you join FF for free.

FF Pros and Cons

Conclusion: What is Funnel Franchise.



What is Funnel Franchise FF Header

As I see it, this program can be a useful tool to generate recurring extra earnings.

You need to spend some time and some money, but I’m positive that you should see results within a month.

I’ve been posting on this website for a long time, and for the first time, I’m convinced, with this product it’s worth creating a second income branch.

I already have this website so it’s easier for me to reach customers with my side widget, that draws attention to the Funnel.

If you have nothing at all, no website serving the MMO niche and no Facebook or other social media presence, then spreading your campaign can be costly.

In the internet business, it is essential that you are ever credible, that people trust you before you come with great offers.

Builderall is not yet so well known in Europe and the US and so you have to make credible that the product you sell is good.

I found a really good video that explains how you can become an authority in your niche.

Let me show you how I started with the online business.

What is Funnel X What Is The Wealthy Affiliate University
What Is The Wealthy Affiliate University

As always, I can and must point out to my top favorites program at this point.

The whole business on the internet stands and falls, in my opinion, with the running of a website.

No matter which niche you want to be successful in, you must first become known, build trust and offer your help.

Running a website is quite a complex undertaking, especially if you intend to do so for commercial purposes. You need a lot of information and tools and you can get all that from Wealthy Affiliate.

So if you do not have your own online portal yet, I strongly recommend you to have a look at WA. (WA experience report)

It’s free, you can create a website today and start with the training to see how it all goes for you with WA. And if this is a possible starting point to a new lifestyle for you.

If you want to work from home you have to start sometime, you have to take action and do something. I only recommend quality products, programs I use my self and I’m convinced that they work.

You also do not have to worry that you will not succeed, you are not stupid, you are interested and you are ready to take matters into your own hands.

The whole thing does not require that you are an experienced programmer or computer specialist, I started as a total beginner and what you see here I learned in 2 years.

Great to have you here 🙂

Now is enough for today, I have to continue working on my emails, there are a few who have signed up 🙂

It’ll continue with product reviews for the moment, now I can finally finish the “Profit Pilot” report. 

I wish you much success, see you Stefan Vogt 🙂

PS. Please leave a message, I’d like to hear from you, questions, opinions, and experiences are always welcome 🙂