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In the midst of various sales funnels, I assume you’ve come across Funnel X. What is Funnel X ROI can this funnel really help you make money or is it mainly a channel that wants to sell you Easy1Up and more?

Take care, well, good pick that you inform yourself here. Today I used half a day to take a look at this “free” offer. As a result of a product review of “Profit Robot,” I came across funnel X Roi.

Profit Robot is a brand new product and one of the first steps there is to sign up for X ROI.

The whole XROI stuff is a pure sales channel that should not make you much money but people like David Dekel the founder and people who want to make a living with hollow products and uninformed customers.

Table of contents - Funnel XROI Review (XROI)

XROI in short.


Not recommended

  • Product Name: Funnel X ROI
  • URL:
  • Name of the founder: David Dekel (2018)
  • Product Typ: Sales funnel.
  • Price: Free to sign-up.
  • Good for: The owner, cold-blooded sellers that can invest a lot of money.
  • In words:  Funnel XROI is a sales channel that wants to sell you various products. You can tune in to the same channel and get the commissions out for you. But you have to pay for a number of programs memberships.
  • The good part: It’s free.
  • Recommended?  NO

Who is David Dekel?

David Dekel, the Internet wonder kid if you ask him yourself. His career on the Internet began in 2013 with a first own website.

In 2014, he says, he has already made huge revenue and since 2015 he has been selling various programs to help you earn money on the internet.

What is Funnel X David Dekel
David Dekel

Products like:

When you look at the advertising for resellers of these products, you quickly realize that the only thing David wants is to make money, not to help anyone.

All of these products have one main goal to convince you to sign up to as many programs as possible for David Dekel to get commissions.

He always shows his income proofs, but these are numbers he earns from what he sells to you.

This is a short video review

This video shows you what you can expect from XROI. The boy clearly shows that XROI really only wants to sell products to “YOU”.

What's inside of Funnel XROI - Let's have a look.

What is Funnel X $300 PER DAY

If you are a beginner in the online business industry this is a little difficult to understand. What I can say is that you get an idea of what XROI is, is this.

If you come to the XROI site (this is my affiliate link, but it is not active since I do not participate in XROI) and you are following it, you will see exactly what you can sell yourself under your name.

David Dekel keeps repeating that if you want to succeed, you have to follow all his instructions with his system.

His instructions are mainly that you have to be a member of several products and of course pay for them.

Right at the beginning, David tells you that you can earn $300.00 soon, possibly the same day you start.

I tell you that you are 100% sure to spend more than $300.00 on the first day and that you never have enough time to install the system in one day.

What is Funnel X Step 1 sign up

To get started at all, means, the first step you need to do to set up your Funnel XROI, is to join Easy 1 Up.

That’s why I’ve examined Easy1Up the last few days and wrote a review about it.

In the video, Easy1Up is also described and not recommended but without buying yourself in there, and join Easy1Up, there’s no going further at the Funnel XROI.

As I said, Easy1UP is an older program that consists of reselling itself.You can get in for $30.00, but to make the most of it you need to invest $2200.00.

If you are ready to do so and have paid the amount, (this amount gets 100% the one who “invited” you to XROI), you can go on with joining products you need to use with XROI.

The Product, A Sales Funnel.

What is Funnel X 15 minutes

The actual product that you get “for free” from David is the complete sales funnel. You just have to buy all the prescribed products and the rest is prepared.

David claims that his product is currently free, but it could rise to the full price of nearly $2’000 anytime. All he wants from you right now is a video confirming that the program works.

Now, David says, you do not need anything to make money from the system. No website, no experience, no marketing knowledge, nothing at all.

Who on earth is supposed to hear about your products and buy them? Yes, you can and you have to do paid advertising if you want to use XROI.

David recommends using Udimi. Another product that needs to be paid. Essentially, Udimi works by getting your ads distributed by people with large email lists.

You pay something each time someone looks at your advertisement, clicks on a link. Imagine, all who participate in XROI send the identical advertisements.

What are the chances that you will sell something like that? How often do you open your emails and how often do you click the ads? I never.

Programs you need if to join if you want to play with Funnel XROI.


As I said, Easy1 Up is a product that offers nothing. It claims to be a learning program, however, is not recommended in this regard.

All that Easy1Up is about, is to acquire the right to resell Easy1Up.

David himself says, in a video, that learning the website or online business is not recommended but recommends that you earn money by selling exactly one such learning tool, (In the same video by the way).

Easy 1 Up is available for: $30.00, $110.00, $275.00, $550.00, $1100.00 and $2200.00 at the moment.

The higher product contains all rights of the cheaper products. You have to pay each product or the most expensive one only once, but have no return right or other guarantee.

This is an MLM affiliate program specializing in health products. A portal that offers products that you can resell electronically and earn a commision.

It’s a Multi-Level Marketing system with several income streams and a lot of valuable tools an affiliate can use.

Nowlifestyle is free and you can join them without using XROI at any time.

Click Magic

What is Funnel X clickmagic price
clickmagic price

This is a reputed platform that provides an overview of who, where and why clicked your products.

ClickMagic can be very helpful and interesting when your business really starts to sell. You can detect and eliminate badly going products or advertisements.

Or if you see what sells well you know which strategy you have to repeat, what works well with your audience.

Even without joining XROI, you can try ClickMagic 30 for free.


This program is also used by many internet marketers. It’s a lead generating program that works with Solo Ads, which means you’ll be helped to find potential customers.

Check the video here if you are interested

As mentioned earlier, Udimi works by placing your ads on email lists od people having huge lists. They include your ads into their emails for a profit.

What is Funnel X udimi offers

If someone clicks on your link costs from about  $0.30 – $1.00 occur, depending on the quality of the emails, resp. the success rates of those.

I have never worked with Udimi myself and therefore can not say how profitable that can be.

An important part of being successful here is surely how the promotional product you are distributing looks like.

You can join here for free and have Udimi work for you.


I have to admit that in this case, I’m not sure that you need to join GetRespose. What is 99% sure is that you need an autoresponder program.

I chose GetResponse because this is the most often used email automation program in systems like this. I myself use MailerLite because I can use it for free.

Using a system like XROI though you will not come around paying for an email service. I’m not even sure if Mailerlight will accept you as a customer if you run campaigns like these. 

You have to know, such sales strategies, like the Funnel X ROI run under “highly aggressive advertising”, you advertise, under the pretext to offer training in the online sector, various non-relevant products.

XROI Compensation Plan

As I have discovered there is a no very valuable compensation plan for referring Funnel XROI. However, if the funnel system actually works, this compensation is insignificant.

You will receive $1.00 for every referral that becomes a qualified member of Funnel X ROI.

Qualified means that so many conditions must be met. I do not go into detail because the main income that should be generated with XROI has a completely different dimension.

The actual goal of XROI is that you finally bring various products to customers that generate monthly recurring income.

Why I try to discourage you to join Funnel XROI

My main reason is that if you join XROI, you may not be able to earn $300 on the first day as promised, but certainly, guaranteed, to be relieved of a few hundred if not more.

It is possible that the system works for some, someone who is willing to invest money as much as it takes, including advertising expenses that are not calculatable in advance.

There is no quick-money-making system, but David promises that, and that’s enough reason for me to discourage his product.

Another reason is the simple fact that in order to get ahead at XROI, you will be forced to join Easy1Up, which I personally find very suspicious and a very bad recommendation.

Pros and Cons

Conclusion what is Funnel X


Not recommended

What is Funnel X Titel

Again, I do not want to lose too many words. If you have a lot of money on the side, $2000.00 or better $4000.00 then you can try your luck with XROI as a total beginner.

As I said I do not recommend this because you do not learn anything with this method about how the online business really works. Well, you have to learn to handle the various programs but that’s all.

You invest a lot of money in a system that may work. If it does not work, and it can easily happen because your finances are exhausted, you can not do anything with all your investment without proper training in this business.

In my opinion, Funnel XROI is a typical shiny object product that the more you invest in it the more committed you are to invest further or lose everything.

A little like playing poker, that you succeed, even if you invest so much, David cannot guarantee you.

There is an alternative I can recommend though.

What is Funnel X What Is The Wealthy Affiliate University
What Is The Wealthy Affiliate University

If you intend to make a living with the Internet in the future and I suppose that because you are interested in XROI, I would recommend you to start from scratch.

The same as David did many years ago and just as all the successful internet marketers did.

I have to do that as well and am now learning for 2 years soon. I’m not a perfect example, many are farther than me in less time, but what I know, I know, and I can build on that.

My learning goes on every day in fact, even by examining products like XROI. There is usually a certain part and truth and experience in such programs but the “recipe for success” does not exist, otherwise, everyone having a PC at home would earn millions.

I recommend choosing an “all in one program“, which can help you start with training to the final realization of your online business and always tries to convey the most cost-effective methods.

This means:

  • A good but inexpensive host. (Included)
  • Create and maintain web pages. (Included)
  • An all-inclusive training, 100th of lessons. (Included)
  • An SEO search engine optimization tool. (Included)
  • A community that helps each other. (Included)
  • Information about the latest news of the online industry. (Included)
  • A blog portal that is read by many. (Included)
  • A 24/7 help and support within minutes for any questions that may arise. (Included)
  • A chat that is active 24/7. (Included)
  • Collaboration in a team of industry professionals who like to share their knowledge. (Included)

And if you try WA for free for a week, you’ll discover much more which I can’t list everything here.

I pay once a year, can run up to 50 websites, and have access to the entire arsenal of services offered. It costs me less than $1.00 a day, that is $359.00/year.

As a direct entry gift, you get 2 free websites where you can start with the training right away. When you become a Premium Member you pay a fixed price per month, no extra cost no consequence products you need to have.

Try the real thing, don’t waste your money and time, sign up for FREE now.

Thank you for your interest

I hope that was not too boring but I have to say exploring this XROI was a challenge.

I hope I have not discouraged you with the result of this report, there are many ways to Rome but all are more or less the same distance.

Our computers may be fast but in the business, we are dealing with people and people do not like to get messed around and want a personal relationship and advice.

Unfortunately, these are all characteristics that our friend David Dekel does not find important.

Hereby I leave it for today. I wish you much success and a nice time. It’s almost the end of the year and we can look forward to a peaceful and hopefully restful time.

See you soon, Stefan 🙂

PS. I’d love to get some feedback from you. Did you like this Review? Do you think Funnel XROI can help you get rich? What are your experiences in the online business so far?