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Hi, just now I was invited by to join Global Money Line. I got engaged, wondered, what is Global Money Line, a leads system, a list builder, an MLM? The whole thing looks a little amateurish, but at first sight, I can’t say that it’s worth nothing.

You’ve probably heard of this “miracle opportunity” from a friend as I did. Good that you first inform yourself a little before you start with false expectations at the Global Money Line.

What convinced me to participate for free are various reasons. First, the person who recommended GML to me is very convinced of the program and also quite successful.

Second, the fact that I would rather try something that is at least free to test. I am now involved in various programs that are free, some only at the beginning and many I still use today for free.

Free programs to test:

The third reason why I also invest $20.00 with GML is that this is ultimately my business model.

I research programs, help people understand them, and give recommendations. Sometimes I get commissions for mediated contracts. It’s also important for me to get in touch with as many people as possible.

What will happen with experiment Global Money Line? I will show you below.

Inventory - Global Money Line Review

GML Quick Check


Not recommended

  • Product Name: MoneyLine
  • URL:
  • Name of Founder: Kent Anthony in 2016 (Not proven)
  • Product Typ: List, leads builder.
  • Price: Free to start with upgrades from $20 once to $1000/y.
  • Who is it good for: If you want to create contacts or sell GML to friends.
  • In words:  MoneyLine is a lead system with an MLM affiliate program. Most people use the MLM system.
  • The Positive:  You can check it out for free.
  • Recommended?  NO

Check this YouTube Video to understand what you get into.

I just want to clarify some details of this Video:

On the pic below you see, the “Dubble Diamond” member ($1000/Month) has exactly 8 sales up to the moment he made the video and 7 People who responded to his messages.

What is Global money line Screenshot of double diamond member
Screenshot Of Double Diamond Member

The image below shows a comment of another member.

what is global money line Comment on video

What do you get from joining GML

How interested people can harness GML falls into two categories. First, the actual product offered, the expandable contact list, and second, the not-quite-kosher MLM members referral program.

Product, contact lists for leads.

I start with the contact list options, as this makes the whole more or less legitimate. As already mentioned, you can get in for free. After logging in, you have a deadline to refer a new member so your account does not freeze.

what is global money line Keine Kontakte
No Contacts.

What I mean by that, in the first 24 hours, any new members joining you will be added to your list. To continue this process, you must either immediately broker a new member or at least pay the $ 20 Bronze membership.

I have missed this offer, I can not just recommend or buy a product that I don’t know myself.

Next, these new members, for me it was 2149, are now somehow on my list, but in order to communicate with them, I have to activate them first. The guy above has 50991 but none is activated.

This is done by sending a short message as a free member to each one individually or as Bronze Member 20 at a time. If this member responds to your message, she or he will be added to your active list.

Not so easy, it is up to them if they want to answer. I think that most of these 2149 members will not come back to the platform and will never see my message.

So it takes time like everything. A lot of time and you have to check the program regularly whether there is something to do.

Why is a list of GML members useful?

After all, I learned so far I do not see much benefit in such a list. First of all, there are people who want to make money themselves in the online business, that is, your competition.

And secondly, the messages are shown according to a hierarchy system. That means your free member or Bronze member messages are always at the bottom of the list.

For members with small lists that may still work but if someone gets dozens of messages daily, the chance gets vanishingly small that he reads your message and then also answers.

Your Active List can only grow very slowly.

The only interesting thing could be if you reach your own recruited members to encourage them to a higher level.

However, this is exactly what everyone in this news pool wants and as I said, the most expensive member news is shown first. So you have to ascend too.

What are the benefits of upgradeing?

Bronze Plan: $20.00/One time payment

  • Bronze members can communicate with anyone who later became a member.
  • Bronze members can notify 20 members at the same time.
  • Bronze members can only write to a person once/month unless they answer.
  • Bronze Members Messages are displayed in front of the Free Members Messages.

Silver Plan: $50.00/Year

  • Silver members can do anything Bronze can plus:
  • Write to 50 members at the same time.
  • Create special silver add messages that will be shown to all silver members.
  • Are shown before Bronze news

Gold Plan: $100.00/Year

  • Gold plan members can do the same as Silver but:
  • Send 100 messages at the same time.
  • Can create gold promotional messages that are shown rotating on the start page for newbies.
  • Are shown in front of the Silver news.

Platinum Plan: $250/Year

Same as Bronze but with 250 messages sent with one click.

Platinum News is shown in front of Gold.

Diamond Plan: $500/Year

  • The same as Platinum but with 500 simultaneously dispatchable messages.
  • Have access to diamond central lists organization tools.
  • Can place advertising on the start page of new entries, rotating.

Double Diamond Plan: $1000/Year

  • Everything as usual, only that the advertisement for this group is shown to all members.
  • Of course, double diamond messages are supreme in the display field.

7-Day Work Plan For Beginners.

what is global money line Where is the money
Where Is The Money Honey

Day 1.

To help you, a “7-day plan” for beginners is offered. Of course, the first step on the first day is to become a paid member.

Initially only a Bronze Member for $20.00. I stay with my free status for the time being and take the next step. I should look at my Money Line messages and press the blue button above.

Actually, there is a message. I click on this, answer and lo and behold, my first contact has been made. Of course, there are only people at work who want to sell their products. So it’s a pool full of competitors.

Day 2.

So, day two, I can not wait lol. Here I am to register as an official independent representative. This allows me to collect commissions for any sales.

Surprise! I thought so, that was almost too easy to be true. This Representative feature is associated with a $20.00 monthly fee which the program will withdraw from my account at the end of each month.

Well, without investment, there is rarely a profit. I agree with everything and allow $20 to be deducted from my profit at the end of the month.

If I add two Bronze members plus myself, I can start collecting 100% commissions. So from the third Bronze Member, apart from myself, I get $20 per contract.

That’s why I should also advertise a friend as a new member on this second day.

Day 3.

Today we can take it easy. Look at the news and answer the 5 most interesting, well, from members above me, not beginners like myself.

Then easy, convince another colleague that he becomes a Bronze Member and that’s it for today.

Day 4.

Today it gets interesting. Today I earn the first revenue. But first again 5 messages open and answer but then.

Now we have to give our bank details. Today we will already recruit the first comrade and get the $20.00 he pays himself.

Day 5.

It starts again with the communication with rank higher members. Share with them your joy that you have earned something.

In addition, today you are going to another friend and tell him about your success so that he also becomes a Bronze member. Bingo, again a twenny in the cash register.

Day 6.

Today we do everything as usual only that today we send so many messages. Always 20-packs at a time.

We choose a lucky one again to introduce him to our successful program. He will also become a Bronze member and we have the $20 for today.

Day 7.

As usual, a new member has to be found and with the existing 5 you can share your great experiences and have a little lunch.

For more, the money you earned this week is not enough.

Sorry, I’m not sure what to make of it. In the first week, it may still be possible that I can persuade a friend to join in every day but then my friends are slowly starting to run out.

$ 80.00 in 7 days, well, not a fortune, that’s $ 320.00 in a month if everything goes well. There are $20 left to pay for the sales license.

How to make this possibly profitable, click here.

GML Compensation Plan:

Well, here it gets a bit confusing. There are two different types of compensation on the MoneyLine website.

100% direct payments:

First, the direct payout of your mediated members, minus the first three. That means, over three referrals, including yourself, you get for each additional member that joins through your link the full $20.00 he pays.

If you rise to a higher plan you can convince members to ascend too and again you get the full amount from the fourth member including you.

From your referred members you can receive a maximum of 3 times the corresponding premium fee if they also mediate at least 3 members including their selves.

In the best case, in the example of 5 newcomers, it looks like this.

You => plus 5 new => you get $60.00

5 new => with 5 new referrals each => you get $ 300.00. All 5 Line two referrals also get $40.00 each.

You can now mediate as many new players as you can and for every additional member who pays $20.00 for bronze, you get $20.00 and if they have 2 referrals you get the $40.00 they pay to get a bronze member.

Assuming you are IR, (Independent Representative, $20.00/month), of course.

Extended MLM compensation plan:

Here in this plan, it is claimed that the compensation continues. It’s best to watch this video on the right.

What is not clear to me, where does all the money come from, if this should work for everyone.

what is global money line How to make $140 from $20
How to make $130 from $20

If this should work for every referral joining after you as well, Line 15 has to pay 50%, $10.00 for 13 Members in your line 🙂

You, plus 5 more, the plus 5 more and from then on it starts. In each new line, you should get 50% of the fee.

If we now say that you have 6 lines and get 50% in the sixth line, the 50% in the 5th line, 50% in the 4th line, and 50% in the 3rd line, then that is my calculation already 200%

200%, $40 will thus be claimed to be distributed but only $20.00 will be taken. How does that work?

Probably I do not understand something right here, please let me know if you already work with the program and have experience how this payout is really done.

Why I can't recommend Global Money Line.

I’m not sure, but what I’ve seen and learned these days as an explorer of GML, has not really convinced of anything.

The product itself, the list, not an email list you can use elsewhere, but a GML internal list managed by the program promising to help you get leads.

what is global money line Gold member, no contacts, 2 sales.
Gold member, no contacts, 2 sales.

In order to get in contact with members you have to have a higher plan than just bronze in my opinion.

But even with silver or gold, your messages stay way down in the message thread.

what is global money line Diamond Member Messages
Diamond Member Messages

Next, who reads your message, which is actually no different than any other, you claim to have an even more profitable business principle at hand.

Everyone writes exactly that, and who is believed more likely? A platinum, diamond member who at least seems to make a lot of money.

Well, with the list, I think you can achieve little to nothing.

Earning potential? Yes, but, as you probably know it is very hard to convince people to pay money for a program like this.

In my experience, everyone introduced to GML and such opportunities first turns up their noses. If you’re a good sales person some will possibly sign up for free but how many will upgrade?

How do you want to find your potential candidates? In the circle of friends it is quite difficult, there are not so many in question.

In addition, you may not earn the best reputation if you peddle this offer.

So there is still the social media or if you have one, a website.

I guarantee you that only to earn your Bronze Membership and the monthly Representative Contract you will have difficulties. I’ve been in the business long enough to put my name under this statement.

I do not want to completely talk you out of it though, if you already have an online presence, for example, a thriving Facebook channel or a well-known YouTube forum, or a frequently visited website, you may be able to earn an extra income with GML.

You can check it out for yourself, all the offers which you will find online, to join GML, are from already reasonably successful online business portals.

You will not be able to find a single ad from a beginner.

Global Money Line Pros and Cons.

What is Global Money Line - Conclusion.


Not Recommended

Well, I want to make it short here. Global Money Line is another program that sells a bad product and promises online business people a huge profit.

In my opinion, the whole thing is just to find new members. Not the product itself, the lists, the leads, and the news distribution option are in the foreground but only the marketing of GML.

In my opinion, here we have a disguised snowball system, which should actually be banned.

I have not paid my $20.00 fee after all 🙂

What I recommend doing alternatively to make an income online.

If you are interested in really succeeding in the online business, I recommend that you first learn the basics.

A website is a must nowadays. Social media presence is a must nowadays. YouTube video presence is also highly recommended.

If you can handle all of that, you can even sell programs like GML.

How and where you can learn this efficiently and get the appropriate tools you can check out here.

With my recommendation, you don’t make a safe one-off $20.00 on one referral but $23.50 every month – on one referral, exactly !!!

Thank you for your visit

I hope I did not spoil your day. Often it hurts to learn the truth. However, I think you were well advised to read this report before investing a lot of time and money into Global Money Line.

Making money online is a proven business model though, don’t give up, you can do it if you use the right tools 🙂

GML is a self-evicting system and therefore there are thousands who also want to sell so that their investment will pay off.

Practically no one likes to take my truth in the mouth or, but certainly those who claim the opposite are in the majority.

If you can prove contrary information, please do so in the comment section. Of course, I’m also interested in any kind of comment from you.

From me, Stefan, all the best, see you soon 🙂