Billy Darr and Co have launched another Social Media and YouTube Traffic Program. What is iTraffic X, a JVZoo product that is almost identical to Push Button Traffic and Viral Studio.

It’s amazing how fast this team brings new products to the market. The secret is perhaps that all these products do not differ greatly.

Good to have you here before you share your data with such obscure business people. See below why I am writing about iTraffic X and expressly warn against it.

Content: What is iTraffic X ? (iTX)

iTraffic X Quick Look.


Not Recommended

  • Product Name: iTraffic X – Platinum Edition
  • URL:
  • Name of the founders: Billy Darr, David Kirby, and Justin Opay. Dez 2018
  • Product Type: Video and social media automation.
  • Price: $47.56 or $42.56 + several OTOs
What is i Traffic X
  • Good for: To fill the pocket of the owners.
  • In words:  iTX offers a cloud based software that allows you to create “videos” and social media posts and publish them to different portals.
  • The best part: You can ask your money back for 30 days.
  • Recommended?  NO

Why am I writing this report?

Last week, I was investigating a product, Push Button Traffic by Billy Darr and Co., and yesterday, when I looked around at JVZoo, I found that there are more practically identical programs available from the team.

The latest, Viral Studio – Premium Edition, I will also investigate later but for now I stick to iTX because this is currently discovered and bought by many Internet business newbies.

I was quite surprised when I watched a YouTube video about iTX and realized that what I saw was exactly the same thing I saw in videos about Push Button Traffic.

I myself don’t dare to share my login data with all the programs of the “Darr” group, why, I explain later. So, let’s go, what is iTraffic X ….

iTraffic X - YouTube Video Reviews

As always, it is not possible to find unbiased videos of such new products. But you can certainly still see how this program works and what it offers.

You should understand, all the videos iTraffic X “investigate” are very positive, because the producers want to sell you the program. I would not call these videos reviews, but sales videos.

The 2nd, for example, is already a classic lol, here’s a small collection of similar ones 🙂

Also just to clarify, none of these videos are actually made with the iTraffic X software. Videos created with the program are not shown by YouTube for lack of quality.

iTraffic X Let's Dig In.

In my PBT review, I did not go into details about the included features because that program contains much less. Here, with iTraffic X, at least some aspects can be described and evaluated.

What does the program contain?

  • What is i Traffic X

    Search keyword: A keyword tool.
  • Campaigns: Here you can create video, or other campaigns. Also here you create “videos”.
  • Video sharing account: Here you can publish your videos on “Dailymotion and YouTube.
  • JVZoo Top seller: A link to the JVZoo platform, an affiliate product platform.
  • Social sharing: Where you can share your videos and other self-written social media articles on various social media.
  • Resellers panel: Is your iTraffic X resale dashboard.
  • Agency panel: No idea, nobody can really describe this 🙁
  • My profile: As usual, your profile information.
  • Training: Various video training to learn how to work with iTraffic X and other general information.

Let's Look A Little Closer At These Features.

Keyword Search:

Under keyword search, I understand a tool that helps to provide information about a particular search term or keyword combination.

What does the keyword tool of iTX do? If you enter a keyword combination a result comes up that either recommends the combination or not.

What is i Traffic X
iXT Keyword Tool

The recommendation is made only from the researched numbers of the size of the competition. You do not know anything about the number of searches performed on search engines.

Such a recommendation is useless in my opinion. Without knowing if anyone is looking for your keywords, it is not important to know how big the competition is.

What is i Traffic X
Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Compared with Jaaxy, a real keyword research tool the iTraffic X tool is a joke, even misleading.

Of course, a keyword that nobody is looking for has little competition, how good is that, but nobody is looking for it lol.


In this little portal, you create your campaigns. For example a video campaign or even a picture, text social media marketing campaign.

You read that right, “YOU create”, this is ultimately the big work, once such a campaign is created, it is easy to publish it as well.

Most programs that produce a good video (you can see a listing here) have already integrated the publishing feature.

The rather meager so-called videos that you can create with the iTraffic X program are again 100% worthless.

You will never find such a “video” on YouTube, so the effect of driving traffic to your website or product is not there.

What is i Traffic X
Comment under a YouTube iTX sales video.

Video sharing:

In the basic plan of iTX you can share your videos on exactly 2 platforms. On DailyMotion and on YouTube. I have never heard of Daily Motion before and I do not think that this is a very popular platform.

YouTube is very popular, but to publish there all you have to do is open a YouTube account and then you’re ready to go.

JVZoo Top Seller:

Yes, that’s interesting if you have absolutely no idea where to find affiliate products. As mentioned, I also looked at YVZoo, because I have an account and it is always interesting to find new or top-selling online products.

Do you need the iTX program? NO, you can save your money, just search Google for JVZoo and open an account.

Social sharing:

As with Push Button Traffic, you have to register your social media accounts, including passwords!!!

Except for Twitter, Blogger and Linkedin these social media platforms are unknown to me.

In fact, I do not have an account for any of these social media platforms, and therefore no visitors who might be visiting my website after using iTX.

You’re probably smart enough to know that if you’re new to an unknown social platform, there’s no way you’ll be able to make the first visits to your website within a few seconds.

Resellers Panel:

What is i Traffic X

To resell iTraffic X, you need to create an account with JVZoo if you do not already have it. You also have to add a PayPal account.

Furthermore, iTraffic X requires that you have already sold 25 products and or have an existing relationship with iTX.

So, if you’re new to the business, nothing will show up under the Resellers panel except that you should log in.


Various videos will explain how you can work with iTX. Only internal training that does not help you otherwise in the online business, so to speak an instruction manual.

In the following, I’ve seen various case studies, illustrated videos that show how people work with such campaigns and seem to have made money.

I do not care about such studies because they are in the interests of the sellers and are not necessarily true.

Privacy Policy Concerns.

As I already noticed with Push Button Traffic, iTraffic X has a very questionable privacy policy.

Unlike mine and most websites, the iTX Privacy Policy page declares that they take all rights to share your information.

What is i Traffic X
Privacy Policy

So if you give any data to this program, data such as passwords, addresses, telephone number or bank account data you can not complain if they are being abused.

What does abused mean? Of course, you have to expect tons of advertising in your email account. Other than that, I can not guarantee anything but can also not predict who gets your data and what those have in mind.

It is also striking that the iTraffic X privacy policy is not published on the iTX website, but as a PDF with an “” web address. ( does not exist), all very dubious and asking for caution.

What is i Traffic X

I definitely will not have anything to do with any of the Billy Darr + Co programs.

Why I don't recommend buying iTraffic X.

What is i Traffic X 3 simple steps
3 easy steps, that would be nice.

If you have read everything so far you can probably imagine. First, in my opinion, iTraffic X has no significant realistic value. 

I do not think you can get any traffic increases with the help of this program. The videos are useless, the keyword tool is for nothing and the available social media portals are irrelevant, except for Twitter maybe.

If you want to earn money with social media marketing but are still a beginner, this program can not help you at all.

If you already have experience with social media and YouTube marketing, you probably are not here to read what I have to say because you already know that there’s nothing to do with iTX.

In addition, your personal data will be resold which is reason enough to take long distance.

Last but not least I have not mentioned that until now, of course, iTX has a whole load of chargeable accessories in stock, which you should probably buy to unlock the full benefits of the program.

As there are OTOs at various prices:

  • OTO, up-sell 1, White Gold Edition, normal price, $1997.00 now only $97.00 (stated value, $79’946.00) that must be a great package lol.
  • OTO, up-sell 2, Rose Gold Edition, normal price, $997.00 now only $47.00 (worth value, $49’976.00) also here, a real bargain haha.
  • OTO, up-sell 3, Pearl Edition, normal price, $997.00 now only $47.00 (should be worth $28,976.00) well, that’s a little expensive lol.
  • OTO, up-sell 4, Black Sapphire Edition, Normal Price, $1997.00 now $47.00 (value, $56,970) Why are those so valuable products given away ???
  • OTO, up-sell 5, Pink Diamond Edition, now only, $197.00 (official value, $50,988.00).

Unbelievable, and whoever believes it will be happy.

I’m not talking about the exact contents of these OTOs, which is in my opignion of little value to you.

For the sellers though, they are a lot of value, so they also claim that you should buy quickly otherwise the price rises.

They also claim that only a limited number of customers are accepted, but this is total nonsense.

As with all products from the Darr Group I have looked at so far, turning on OTOs is a major part of the business method.

You’re attracted to a relatively cheap product and then realize that more products are needed to make the system work.

Pros and Cons

  • Within 30 days you can claim your money back.
  • Unqualified products.
  • Social Media no one knows.
  • Private data missuse possible.
  • Expensive up-sells.
  • Miss leading promises.

Conclusion: iTraffic X Review


Not Recommended

What did we learn, Dilly Darr, David Kirby, and Justin Opai are on a mission.

What is i Traffic X

They produce virtually identical products under different names that are of little or no value to earn a golden nose in 2019.

What is i Traffic X

What is i Traffic X

As an extra income, they still sell your sign-up data and will definitely make a profit even if you demand your money back.

What is i Traffic X

Heaven on earth is promised to you, results that are absolutely impossible, you’re put under time pressure and every possible sale strategy is used to lure newcomers the money out of their pocket.

YouTube and social media can effectively be a good way to earn money online.

In order to succeed with it you should however by no means lose your time with such shiny object programs but with substantial training.

Getting an online lifestyle involves a lot of dedication and works according to very specific rules.

  1. Attract an audience.
  2. Help your audience.
  3. Earn the trust of your audience.
  4. Suggest products to your audience that can help solve their problems.

Programs like iTraffic X say that all this is not necessary, that you can just come here, send a FB post and everyone is waiting for you and buys your shop empty.

Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. You have to deliver quality for a long time.

How To Find Your Entry Into Online Business.

Well, this review was probably disappointing for you, I can understand that well, I like you am interested in generating my income online.

It does not work with fast money programs, but I can recommend a platform where you can learn the whole concept from the ground up.

Don’t worry, you can try it for free. You can create 2 websites for free and attend the training for 7 days.

If you like what you see, you can work for an additional month for the special rate of just $9.00 as a premium member and test all the products.

Below is a list of items included with Wealthy Affiliate. (Here my experience report).

What is i Traffic X Wealthy Affiliate
Wealthy Affiliate

I recommend you to stop looking further for now, take the decisive step and try it with this established program that has helped many thousands for more than 10 years to succeed.

See you later 🙂

I hope this article has helped you a bit. It is a pity that I have so many negative reports to write but that’s the way it is.

Incidentally, this is also a business branch in the Internet business, you will learn that if you participate in WA.

I wish you all the best, give you the necessary jolt then see you soon.

All current articles plus my little training you get when you sign up on my email list. (Your data will be treated confidentially by me)

All the best, to your success, Stefan 🙂

PS. Comments are always welcome. Please help me and other readers with your experience and your thoughts about iTraffic X