Making money online is the big goal of many today and no doubt you are also interested. Push Button Traffic, that looks promising yes? At the push of a button, an endless number of visitors to social media to draw attention to your online business would be nice.

Billy Darr promises this and I think you’re smart to want to learn more about Push Button Traffic 3.0 before investing your time and money in this software.

What is Push Button Traffic, good question, I also wanted to know after several requests from some friends.

So, you’re promised that you’ll be able to increase website visits within 45 seconds or less of free and increase your revenue considerably.

What I’ve researched, however, is that for the to start with you spend almost an hour getting the program up and running while allowing the operators to do any business with your private data you give them.

How all this looks in detail, I’ll show you below.

Content: What Is Push Button Traffic (PBT)

PBT 3.0 Quick Info


Not Recommended

  • Product Name: Push Button Traffic 3.0
  • URL:
  • Name Name of the founder: Bill Darr Mai 2018
  • Product Typ: Social Media Automation
  • Price: $17.00 oder $12.00 + many up-sells
  • Good for: The owner and anyone wanting a ton of proportional emails.
  • In words:  PBT 3.0 is a clowd based software that posts your social media posts automatically. 
  • The best part: You get a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Recommended?  NO

Why I write this report?

As I said I received some requests from friends who wanted to hear my opinion about PBT. So got on with it and researched.

Not that I spent money to see the program from the inside, I already felt this was a waste, but I quickly read a lot of articles, watched videos and tried to get as much information as possible.

This is not the first social media automation program I’m investigating, for example, “Simple Social Tools“, which offers something similar. There I even paid the fee to test it myself. (After 30 days I asked the money back)

Now I know from my own hand that automated social media interaction generally works only in a very limited way.

As the word indicates, SOCIAL, that means that you should act mainly personally.

2 Videos

It was a bit difficult to find informative videos. I chose 2, to show you something.

The first is the official PBT video, I almost laughed as I watched it. Just press a button and the money will flow to your account. Such nonsense, who believes that is blessed.

The second shows the software from the inside, but there is not much to see. Which social media can be fed, most of which I do not even know.

In any case, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+, the three main ones, are not there, ok Twitter is there.

All the other videos that are on YouTube, want to sell the program to you. And with the help of even more bonuses, you should be persuaded to make a good deal.

Push Button Traffic Some Details.

What Is Push Button Traffic

About the product, there is not much to say. After you’ve registered all of your social media accounts with PBT, you’ll even have to reveal your passwords, you can start to add your posts.

However, you have to make these posts yourself, add pictures, text and links, this actually is the real work in social media marketing.

You also have to respond to comments and messages if they ever occur.

Everything you can possibly get from PBT is also available from many other providers who do not use the dubious practices I show in the following chapter.

Here you can try 2 programs for free which I find a lot more helpful than PBT. There you can insert affiliate links into a picture and then share the clickable image on social media. They allow free scheduling of 10 posts. Directly from your website using free software that you install on the computer.

Further PBT details I’ll describe, already run among the reasons why I dissuade from Push Button Traffic.

OTO's Or Chargeable Up-Sells

Like many similarly structured products, PBT is a so-called lead magnet product. With its low price, it only serves to bait you and bombard you with tons of other, more expensive products.

At PBT, this technique is operated to the excess. Not only do you have to go through 8 additional products when you buy the actual product, but as you can see in the next section, all your information will be resold to allow other providers to overwhelm you with ads.

What Is Push Button Traffic

  • The front end product, Push Button Traffic 3.0, $ 17.00/$12.00 after Discount.
  • OTO 1, Elite Edition, $37.00/$27.00 to Discount. (Alleged total, $7,767.00) Wow, super haha.
  • OTO 2, Automation Edition, $37.00/month, after discount $37.00 once. (Alleged total, $9,758.00) Total spike haha.
  • OTO 3, Done For You Set-Up, $297.00/$197.00 Discount. (Alleged value, $24,000.00) Well, haha.
  • OTO 4, 500K Affiliate Method, $27.00 no discount 🙁 (Stated value, only $4,920.00) Yo.
  • OTO 5, Reseller Edition, only $97.00, once and now you get the right to resell the valuable program to 100% commissions. (Alleged Value, Attention, $24,870) Well, that’s great haha.
  • OTO 6, 5X Software Bundle, only $27.00 for a product reportedly worth $7’064.00. Amazing not?
  • OTO 7, 100 Done For You Campaigns, $27.00/month, today only $27.00 once. (Stated Value, $13,561)
  • OTO 8, 1-1 Coaching Edition, $97.00, instead of a stated value of $4,997.00. 1 to 1, I wonder with who, I don’t think Billy Darr let’s you talk to him unlimited time for just $97.00 lol, that would make him the cheapest coach in the world 🙂

What Is Push Button Traffic

Wow, if I’d believe all this, today must be my birthday, Christmas, fathers day and my golden wedding all in one.

Somewhat more sobering thought, if you look at the second feature in the last supplement, in the 1 to 1 coaching, you see that the merit promises are less than if you did not buy all the additions, namely $3’000/month what again exactly $100 a day, which is promised from the beginning, even more.

Quintessence: Pay $12.00 and learn how to make $ 4’659 a month or spend an extra $548.00 to make a flat $3000/month. What’s wrong here, I think everything.

PS. A legitimate quality program provides all of these additions in the main program at the front end price.

But let’s get to the next point, the one that makes me the biggest concern.

Suspicous Privacy Policy.

Now, in the usual website privacy policiy, it is made aware that all collected data will NOT be disclosed and treated discreetly. Unfortunately, this is not quite the case with Push Button Traffic.

What Is Push Button Traffic

It is explicitly stated in the Privacy Policy that the data can continue to be used.

Aha, the issue has been moved, there is no Privacy Policy page on the PBT website any more (01.26.19). Yesterday it was still there???

Today it’s linked to a ClickBank site, very unprofessional, maybe the operators are just rewriting the PP page because of so many negative reports highlighting this shortcoming.

In addition, as I mentioned above, if you want to use PBT, you will need to provide your Private Login data to your social media accounts. With a privacy policy that confirms that the data is not secure, I find this extremely risky.

In such profile data, not only email addresses are stored but possibly also addresses and telephone numbers as well as age, birthday and much more.

For me, this is a 100% No No, not even my small finger, I’d put in the door of Push Button Traffic.

Something else very unprofessional what I noticed in this respect, the PBT website is basically not secure, it has no SSL certificate which is actually the norm today.

What Is Push Button Traffic

I don’t know any reason not to have an https: // website other a few bucks which may be saved or a possible breach back door.

A Lot Of Claims, Nothing Behind It.

Well, this is a very common phoneme these days, especially in the online industry. Most American customers are addressed by American companies and there, I guess, a big mouth is crucial.

Personally, I find it repugnant to promise, “with one click you can make a lot of money”.

What Is Push Button Traffic

I know, for example, just to make one image appear on my website, I have to do about 40 clicks if not more.

With one click I can’t even open the Internet lol.

Earning fast money easily is possible, if you don’t take into account all the years of preparation that went ahead. This is whether online or in real life.

No pain no gain.

PBT is again top in claiming promises. I do not quite understand why this is necessary. If the product really did deliver what it promised, people would rip it out of Billy Darrs hands and he would be a celebrated TV star all the period.

Enough, this should be clear to everyone by now, everything that is promised in these ads is false and lies.

Some Small Info About Social Media.:

If we are talking about social media and want to start with automation, we should already have a huge following. Apart from Pinterest, I generally advise against automated “SOCIAL” communication though.

I do not know about you, but I have the most friends and followers on Facebook and Google plus. And yet, these numbers are still far below the value.

I follow various big FB groups and sites, none of these portals work with automated posts.

I also think, rather only one post per day but manually than many from a robot.

As I said, I tried the Simple Social Tools Program for a while, but honestly, it did not save me any time nor did it generate any new contacts.

There are social marketing strategies that can be learned, but these are manual strategies that aim to arouse interest in our friends, build trust, and provide help. Respond to questions with valuable answers.

All this can not be achieved by automation. In order to use a good group, it should have over 10,000 members, which can only be achieved very slowly and with personal commitment.

Here are 4 articles about social media that may interest you:

Why I don't recommend working withPush Button Traffic

What Is Push Button Traffic
Sorry, I’m not Akbar, I can’t say “Absolutely Great” about every product.

Well, time is precious, and probably for you as for me only limited available. I try to invest my time as valuable as possible.

Of course, there is a small chance with PBT to increase somebodies success but I am not convinced that the effort is worth it.

Besides, I’m not interested in sharing all my private data so I’m not giving anything to anyone actively.

By the way, I have already found my working system, it costs a bit more but it’s worth investing time and money in it.

Pros and Cons

  • 30-day money back
  • Not a real time saver.
  • Social media platforms don't like automation.
  • Private data breach.
  • Too many up-sells.

Conclusion: What is Push Button Traffic.


Not Recommended

With PBT we have discovered another product that in my opinion is just out to lure your money out of your pocket.

Quickly, you’ll find out that you can’t do much with the $12.00 front end service. You will try to increase the result with additional up-sells, invest in more OTOs, and even more money is gone.

That’s the way these products are built. In the end, you curse on online businesses in general and are looking for another job on the normal job market.

I’m sorry, once again a disappointment. But believe me, as long as you are looking for shortcuts, believe in fast money making opportunities, you will be disappointed because they just do not exist.

I too can’t offer you such a fancy possibility. What I can do, however, is to show you a way that helps you build a successful business in the online industry with your diligence and your perseverance. (See below)

How I And Thousands Learn To Make Money Online.

Is The Wealthy Affiliate A Scam What Is The Wealthy Affiliate University
What Is The Wealthy Affiliate University

Affiliate Marketing, you’ve probably heard of it. The principle is to sell one or more products from your website, that you do not need to own.

Which products are up to you freely, there are affiliate products in every niche you can distribute.

Your task will be to create a website and fill it with helpful content. It can take longer or faster. This website, for example, is now exactly one year old.

What I can contribute to your success is, that I provide you with a platform that teaches you everything you need to know about this business and provides you with all the tools you need.

Are you interested in taking your future into your own hands? Then try it out today!!!

All you have to give is your email address and your name, no money, no credit card information.

First of all, you can test relaxed for 7 days, completely free. After that, you’ll get a full month for just $9.00, during which you can use the whole program as a premium member. After that period it’s just about a Dollar a day.

>>> Just click here and let’s go 🙂 <<<

Thank you for reading,

I think that’s enough for today. I hope you have a better idea of ​​what you would get involved with Push Button Traffic.

I hope you visit again, I write not only about scam programs, strictly speaking, I would like to write only about recommended products but unfortunately, there are not too many of them.

Let’s hear from you, comments, opinions and reviews are all welcome.

All the best, best success, see you, Stefan 🙂