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More and more we, Internet Business People, are dependent on social media. What is Simple Social Tools, can the Audience Toolkit Suite help us achieve more quality presence on Facebook?

Is basically an automation tool recommended when it comes to social media presence?

Questions about questions, as a conscientious online marketer that you are, as I am, we are interested in having answered these questions.

Let us dive into this topic and see what comes out of it.

Simple Social Tools with the “Audience Toolkit Suite” claims to allows us to build a targeted FB following and to maintain it automatically.

Content - Simple Social Tools Review short SST.

Some Words First.

Before I explore the Simple Social Tools Set with you, I would like to mention this. Since I am really interested in improving my social presence on Facebook, I have paid the fee of $27.00 for a month.

I discover here, in real time, try everything that SST has to offer, with a positive attitude :).

If I do not like SST after all, I should be able to demand my money back within 14 days.

The affiliate program, which allows me to earn 50% of the amount you would pay if you buy SST, I have not activated yet.

Before I do that I want to see if I can recommend the program with a clear conscience and if so, I’ll check a few of your comments to my report first.

What is Simple Social Tools? A Scam? A Bliss?


Nicht Empfohlen

  • Product Name: SimpleSocialTools
  • URL:
  • The Founders Names: Jacque T. Morris, Mike Reyes, Demetris Papadopoulos. (Sept. 2018)
  • Product Typ: Facebook Automation.
  • Price: $27.00/Month plus 3 Up-Sale Modules.
  • Good For: The owner and affiliate marketers.
  • In Words:  SST is a tool enabling to invite targeted FB users.
  • The Good:  You should get back the money for 14 days.
  • Recommended?  NEIN

A video about Sozial Media Marketing in general and SST

I have chosen this video because everything else that is currently available on YouTube related to Simple Social Tools is advertising.

Also, this producer wants to finally sell the product but at least he shares some basics of social media marketing with us and proof that success is possible.

What ist Simple Social Tools? The ugly truth!!!

What is simple social tools Google Chrome Icon
Google Chrome Icon

SST is a toolset, a Google Chrome extension exactly. You can therefore only use SST if you use the Google Chrome browser.

You set-up SST and get this Icon on the top right behind the Google search bar.

How to Pay and Install SST

The whole procedure until you finally land on the actual member’s dashboard is a bit tedious. In the beginning, of course, it’s easy to just press the sign up button and decide how to pay the $27.00 monthly fee for the first month. (At the moment I say $27, because the program seems to have cost $47.00 not long ago).

If the payment was successful, a new window opens on the SST website. Unfortunately, you are not there where it starts, but here is the first additional upsell program sold.

  1. Pay the fee.
  2. Up-sell 1 Video Affiliate Blueprint, $27.00. no
  3. Up-sell 2 Video 2 Marketing Bootcamps, $147.00. no
  4. Up-sell 3 Video Again Seller Partner Program, $297.00/year. no
  5. Keep clicking  “No, thanks …” then you finally get out of advertising. Press “Program Details”
  6. Short program explanation by video.
  7. Finally, you come to the member’s zone.
  8. First, check out the video on how to install and activate the Google Chrome add-on icon.
  9. Install the icon and insert code. (Works only with Google Chrome)
  10. Now everything is ready 🙂

What do you get for the $27.00 you pay per month?

All tools are now accessible by clicking on the icon on the top right. At the moment there is nothing more to do on the actual SST website than to maybe adjust your password.

What is simple social tools Send Invites

Add friends:

This first invite element is meant to invite people on your Fan Page, Business page, who either liked or otherwise responded to your articles.

To make a long story short, people responding to my business group page posts are only friends who already belong to my list.

For me, this tool is worthless. If I already had a name on Facebook and many unknown visitors visited my group, I could automatically invite them with this tool.

SST also talks about paid advertising posts, there you get strangers to like your posts but not for free. (That might work)

What is simple social tools Add Friends

Add contacts:

The second module, tool, that you probably want to apply is the Invite Friends tool. (Unfortunately, I must say that this module is identical to the first, above.)

With this tool, you should address people who might be interested in your offers. The idea is that you no longer ask any FB users to accept your friendship, but only potential customers.

How do you find those? You have to choose an FB page that is visited by people who share your interests. Depending on the niche, these are groups pages, fan pages, normal profiles or business pages.

I have chosen a Wealthy Affiliate FB Site, a site that is especially popular with Internet enthusiasts.

There I chose a post that caused 70 reactions. Likes, hearts, etc. I called up the names, clicked on the simple social icon and added all 70 names.

The processing time I set and started as recommended to 20 seconds. To my surprise, however, SST was only able to send 7 invitations. All these 7 have been sent successfully.

Another attempt, Neil Patel FB page. Since I have chosen a post that 475 Likes etc has, as before, all selected and started. Here I was able to send an invitation to 57 people.

The system works, so only that the numbers are not quite as high as shown in the video. How many of these invitations will be accepted will be seen in the next few days. (24Hours 1 new contact)

What I want to do now is to write a thank you message which will be sent automatically if someone accepts my invitation.

What is simple social tools Delete requests

Delete unresponsive friend requests:

Next, we have a really simple function here. Facebook only allows about 1000 simultaneously open friend requests at the moment.

So if you want to send more new requests you should delete those who do not respond after about 5 days.

The whole thing is a matter of seconds with the SST software. By activating this function, all existing requests will be deleted without exception.

What is simple social tools Like posts

I Like everything:

This is a risky maneuver. On the one hand, your friends will probably find it great to tag their posts with a like, but not all posts are formulated to make a like look good.

Overall, the last 100 posts will be tagged with a “LIKE” of yours. Regardless of whether it shows an animal tormentor or any survey you should rather respond to than just press a “like”.

In my opinion, this feature is not very trust growing. In addition, this automation program runs extremely slowly, remains stuck permanently and does not continue running when I am writing here.

(Crap, now I’ve just liked a pro-Trump post :() I have to stop this, that’s not good 🙁

What is simple social tools Automate Messages

Automated Messager:

Here are 2 different options. First, you can make a list of your older Messager friends happy with a copied standard message or just new friends.

New friends would be all with which no messages have been exchanged. You are connected to these people but neither you nor the other person has written anything in person yet.

You can write a selected number of different messages so that not everyone gets the same. When such an action is finished, everything you have written will be deleted.

So for the next session, you have to write new lyrics if you have not saved all of them somewhere. Where’s the automation, where the save time?

As we know, Facebook is somewhat sensitive to automation and above all wants to prevent unwanted spam messages. Therefore, the number of messages that can be sent at the same time is limited. (Max 40 for new and 100 for existing friends)

I’ll try again, I’ll write a welcome message to 10 new friends added for the last 30 days. The setting is for, “all new since 10:22:18”

I was able to successfully send 5 messages. I have not had any more new friends since that time or one of us has written something before.

The 2nd attempt is a message to all friends. I have chosen 50 in the number. Specific persons can’t be selected, only excluded.

7 Answers in 24 hours. All but one knew me and the one that didn’t, wants money 🙂

It works, also quite slow but that can also be my computer here.

Up-Sells by Audience Toolkit:

What is simple social tools Affiliate Blueprint (1)
Affiliate Blueprint (1)

Audience Toolkit Addition 1, Affiliate Blueprint.

I can not say much about these additional programs. Of course, the spokesman of this Affiliate Blueprint promotional video promises that he shares his 6-year experience in affiliate business with you.

That you learn what to do with your now “infinite” friends list, and how to make them your customers.

I’ve inquired, these people who have developed this program are members of a large network company and really capable and unscrupulous to sell anything that somehow makes a profit.

As the picture above shows, “here you learn to sell cold water to a polar bear” or something like that 🙂

What is simple social tools Marketing Bootcamp
Marketing Bootcamp

30-day Marketing Boot Camp:

The offer consists of two “Boot Camps”

  1. Social Media Boot Camp ($ 97.00)
  2. Video Media Boot Camp ($ 97.00)
  3. Together ($ 147.00)

1. Social Media Boot Camp:

What is simple social tools social media boot camp (1)
social media boot camp (1)

2nd Video Media Boot Camp:

What is simple social tools video media boot camp (1)
video media boot camp (1)

All this and much more. Now I can not say anything from my own experience but what I have heard, the inventors of SST are in this business for a long time.

But how much you can learn from their experience if you participate in these boot camps, I don’t know.

In my experience, you are overwhelmed with information and then left to yourself, to decide what you should use and how.

What is simple social tools Resellers Partner Program
Resellers Partner Program

SST resellers partner program:

Here you will become a member of those who want to resell Simple Social Tools. As you can see on YouTube, there are already a few hundred of them.

All of them have already read the program and are now busy doing exactly the same thing and taking each other’s chances of success.

I don’t want to say that a competition can’t be something good, but if I see that, I feel a little sick.

By the way, with this membership, you will get exactly 50% of the sales of SST products, not 100% how the add wants to make you think.

100% are promised for other YVZoo programs in the sales channel. But you can earn the same 100% if you sign a contract directly with YVZoo.

Compensation Plan:

To me it appears clearer the more I study SST, again this product was only made to create a further earning opportunity for the manufacturers and the resellers. (Sorry no real value for the users)

What is simple social toolsReferral Plan (1)
Referral Plan (1)

To me it appears clearer the more I study SST, again this product was only made to create a further earning opportunity for the manufacturers and the resellers. (Sorry no real value for the users)

Anyone who joins SST will have the opportunity to recommend the program and get 50% commissions on all sold SST products.

You just have to log in to YVZoo via SST. The product is not yet freely available even if you are a YVZoo affiliate partner.

It is not necessary to buy the third upsell though, you will not receive 100% for the sale of Simple Social Tools.

Too bad I can't recommend SST.

Because what you get just not enough for $27.00 a month. I pay about $30.00 a month and can build my whole internet business with it.

As I explained above with the different tool modules, only a few real simplifications are possible with this program.

You can send a lot of friend requests and easily delete them after a few days. In my experience, such requests have not got much success. One person accepted my friends’ requests from yesterday.

Many FB members, especially business people, are blocking friend requests from unknown people. And those who accept you anyway are probably just out to do business with you. (Or begging for money like the one I caught up with)

More than that, the other possibilities you get offered by SST are not really valuable, in my opinion, for that matter.

Social media marketing is, as the name suggests, a social issue. Nothing to do with automation. Anyone who realizes that they are being traded with automatically sent messages will not take you seriously or even delete you.

I’m sorry for myself, I put some hope into the toolset and as I said already invested some money. My last chapter will be, “Will I really get my money back?” 🙂 I wrote an email just a few minutes ago, to ask for cancelation and money back, we’ll see

I will announce what happened in an update.

Update: I got my money back without delay and discussion. Hands down for this reaction 🙂

Social media presence takes time and must be done with empathy, there is no shortcut. That is also in the interest of the Facebook operator.

Pros and Cons

Conclusion: What is Simple Social Tools?


Not recommended

What is promised cannot be kept. If you’re working with Facebook for 4 hours a today, you’re already a pro. You already know what is important and where you can make the right contacts.

What is simple social tools SST screenshot
SST screenshot

If you do 2 hours daily, as a hobby, on Facebook you will not need any additional costs of a minimum of $330.00 per year.

Facebook relationships are vulnerable like any relationship, do not break anything by manipulating uncontrollably.

"You want to be social, be personal"
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Stefan Vogt

I’m in the website business. Like yours, my goal is to make good money by having this website.

All I need is a single program. Websites, hosting, training, tools and sharing experiences with thousands of like-minded people.

Me, since I pay once a year, the whole package costs $356/year. (Right now, the Black Friday action is just $299/year.

How can I earn my membership contribution and more here at WA despite initial difficulties? I write comments and get paid.

Since Monday I do that this is what the numbers look like:

What is simple social tools Comments for money (1)
Comments for money (1)

Today is Thursday and my monthly fee for WA is earned. 

You must not forget, as the main occupation today I have created this article from A-Z. Today the German version and tomorrow it is translated 🙂

I’m still at the beginning of my success story, many are already much further. Success with WA

Check it out if you’re interested, you can now try it for free !!!

Thanks for looking in 🙂

It’s enough for today, that was a stressful day. Learned a lot, a little disappointed but happy with my life.

I hope you know SST a little better now and you can get an idea of what the program is useful for.

If you have any questions or want to get in contact with me write down a comment below, (unpaid 🙂

I’m looking forward to my next adventure, see you soon, Stefan 🙂