Are you working with an MLM already? Are you tired of home parties? Bring your business to a higher level. Take advantage of billions of internet users. Great tools, Updated training, and a great motivated community help many top online earners for many years.

Without saying it is the best program in this industry I still must say it is very impressive. I am not a member yet and can therefore not earn commissions from referring MLSP.

My review is unbiased but does do a bit of comparison with the program I recommend as the #1

My Lead System Pro in short

  • Product Name: My Lead System Pro.
  • Founder name: Brian Fanale, Todd Schlomer, Norbert Orlewicz
  • Founded: 2008
  • Product type: Lead system software.
  • Price: Basic, $50, Prof. $150, Premium, $300 / month. (Yearly you have two months for free)
  • Guarantee: 30-day money back.
  • Good for: MLM marketers and Affiliate marketers, all online marketers.
  • Rating: 7.5 out of 10
  • In words: The MLSP provides training and tools to get your brand and products before a large audience. With landing pages, a blog and mailing list it is a strong tool to increase sales.
  • The good part is, it’s no scam at all.
  • Recommended? Yes

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My Lead System Pro REVIEW

The MLSP is a proven lead system that is working with three main steps. 1. Build your audience, 2. Engage your audience, 3. Sell your audience.

My Lead System Pro REVIEW

With great video training and tools created by MLSP, you learn how to grow an online audience. The focus is on building a brand and grow your authority in a niche.

MLSP is not limited to selling referrals but helps to get your already existing products in front of a huge audience. MLSP is not an MLM itself but as a member, you can, of course, earn a side income by referring the program itself.

There are three memberships offered at MLSP. We’ll have a look at these and what the differences are.

First, take a look at this interesting video of an MLSP member and affiliate. He lets you have a look at the backend of the program.

Standard features included in every plan:

  1. Training and education: There are over 47 training modules that help you succeed in the business. Marketing is an important aspect of every business and here you get valuable instructions.
  2. Newbie introducing webinars: For starters and people new to the program, there are in-depth video tutorials available showing how everything works.
  3. Global Support Desk: A normal 1-2 days replying support for all questions the community might have.
  4. MLSP Facebook Group: A group of over 10’000 members uses the FB group to support and motivate each other.
  5. Bonus Marketing Guides & PDFs: Tools that are meant to keep you focused. What are the goals in the 30 first days?
  6. Customer Relationship Manager: An integrated autoresponder software with really valuable features. Drive your leads directly to your email list and manage them easily.

And some affiliate features like:

  1. MLSP Marketing Campaigns: Ready to use but customizable giveaways. Website funnels offering valuable lead-generating training for your target audience.
  2. Webinar invite affiliate links: Invite your audience to weekly webinars through your affiliate link. If someone signs up you get a commission.
  3. Custom Team Media Sharing: Engage with your referrals and share your own created videos, audios. The referrals can use these capture pages and presentations on their websites and social media campaigns.

The Basic plan: ($49.97 monthly / $42.00 annually)

In the basic version, you really get a very basic service. I think this is a bit cheap and does almost force you to upgrade. Not being able to use a blog these days is not very optimal.

Your possibilities of engaging and building an audience are limited to the social media if you don’t already have a website hosted somewhere else. If you already have an up and running website I think the basic package can help get more leads and sales.

Besides the general features, you have some limited program access choosing the basic plan.

  • The Customer Relationship Manager, a very essential tool, lets you expand to 1000 customers.
  • 5 funnels, 1 custom domain.
  • Media storage of 200 MB.

The professional plan: ($149.97 monthly / $125 yearly)

This package is actually covering all the most important features to even start a new online business. You can operate your own internet blog and get organic traffic.

With the professional plan, you get reasonable access to features besides the general features.

  • 10’000 contacts can be added to the Customer Relationship Manager. (Autoresponder)
  • You get access to one blog on the MLSP site blogging platform.
  • You have 25 funnels and 2 custom domains.
  • Media storage is now 5 GB. (A huge difference from the basic 200 MB)
  • With the professional plan, you also have access to “Pure Profit Products” which is very interesting if you have MLM products that don’t sell that well. You can create a side income from this service.

The Premium Plan: ($299.97 monthly / $250.00 yearly)

This package includes the whole service that I would like to have for the price of a basic plan 🙂 With this plan, you can really start working and grow the business to the full.

I understand, every business wants to get as much profit as possible out of its products but the upsell system is something I don’t like that much.

My number 1 recommendation doesn’t work this way. You’ll see later that almost all features and even more you can get for a single price that is even lower than the one here at MLSP.

The extra features besides standard are with premium:

  • Unlimited contacts for your MLSP mailing software.
  • 2 Blogs for engaging on the internet.
  • 100 funnels and 5 custom domains.
  • 25 GB Pro Media Storage.
  • Access to Pure Profit Products.
  • Access to Premium Mentorship Training.
  • Access to live chat support.
  • Access to the MLSP training vault.

What I dislike about the MLSP system.

1. I already mentioned the up-sell strategy, I think a basic plan should include all possible features. Not for free but for a reasonable price.

2. The way MLSP makes you get a public personality. Not everyone, me, for example, likes to be on stage every day. I think the internet is a great tool to earn money without being exposed all the time.

Of course, if you want to compete with the top 20 in the industry you’ll be exposed for sure because the audience asks for it.

But to start off, exposing myself and showing my face in videos and stuff all the time, although I’m rather in a beginner state is not what I like to do.

3. No Affiliate program for non-members. I am actually one of the believers that think an affiliate program should be free. Ok, now this isn’t the case.

Up to them, I might have written a little more positive or at least wouldn’t point out as many negative aspects of the program if I could earn a commission without paying $50.00 every month.


How can I prove the program is legit?

1. The Owners exist!

The Owners exist!
The Owners Exist!

We got some real and I think hard working persons leading this program. They have live appearances and can be seen and checked out online.

The whole staff community is very transparent and this gives the whole thing a great personal touch and trustworthiness.

The guys started this project in 2008 and kept moving and growing. If the program wasn’t worth what it promised they wouldn’t have got that far.

Success is real
Success Is Real

They also can and do come up with believable success stories and successful people. Not many similar programs can come up with a hall of fame like the MLSP.

These guys are all for real and you can find them on websites or Facebook or where ever they operate. The money they claim to make is reasonable and for me totally possible to believe.

2. Testimonials from real money making people!

Testimonials From Real Money Making People!

Not like the scam programs MLSP can proudly show success testimonials from members. I watched a few sales videos and what they say is also realistic and not hiding any ugly truths.

It is said, that not the system works but with the help of the system you can make your business work. I think this is a fair quote because no system can work without you exercising what is trained.

The most successful members here though are not publicity shy at all. They have nice looking optical and performing appearance.

This makes me a bit shy because I don’t want to make movie after movie or stage as an FB show master in live events all the time.

3. The sales stories are realistic.

I take this member, Ray Higdon as my example now because I have also checked his website and watched his sales video. The guy is very natural and sympathetic. He points out how the system works and what most that are not successful do wrong.

He also points out that a total computer analphabet should first get some skills in using the hardware and some Facebook foundations.

What is worrying a bit, although his website is ranked on top in Google of all reviews, it is not possible to join the MLSP program from his site. I hope he’s fine and fixes the broken links sometimes 🙂

4. Working business model.

The business model is realistic, out of the question. Getting leads, referrals, and sales is what all internet marketers try to optimize.

The 3-step system is actually very simplified but in essence, it is how it works for all of us internet business-men and -women.

The fact that there is an integrated autoresponder software makes the whole system even more credible. The program I work with is not offering this tool so far. (The only thing I think they should improve).

Another prove of a working business model are the numbers of trusting members. At the moment there seem to be more than 117’000 people paying a membership fee to MLSP and work on their dream.

Also, the number of paid-out affiliate commissions is a measure of how good the business model works. Ok, on average these 17+ million dollars of commission don’t make everyone rich, $145 a person. That’s not quite as much as I make in my program 🙂

5. A working Affiliate Program, “Own Products”.

A FREE Affiliate Program

This was the point I was a bit disappointed. I made a search for “MLSP affiliate program” and quickly came to the site. Yes, I thought, a FREE affiliate program, the same as we provide for everyone interested.

But the disappointment was huge, after all the sign-up and log-in etc I looked at an “inactive affiliate account”, means they want me to spend $50.00 a month for possibly earning commissions for promoting their product.

Ha, who wants to pay for promoting something? I want to get paid for promoting and the hard work I do every day to get referrals.

Well, enough about that, maybe, once I have too much money I’ll join the MLSP just for fun and to try if I can reach better results than with using only the program I already work with.

Pros and cons:

Pros first:

  • In-depth and helpful training.
  • A good working autoresponder system.
  • Well worked out ready to use affiliate material.
  • Easy to operate blog website.
  • FB group that lets you feel like working not alone.
  • Good paying affiliate program.
  • Money back no questions asked guarantee.

Cons, there’s nothing without a con side:

  • Too expensive. Up-sell system.
  • No free trial.
  • No website for basic members.
  • Promotes public appearance.
  • No SEO training.
  • No free affiliate program. (it’s free for paying members)

My five cent:

I think it is a real opportunity but not a stand-alone solution. Either you are already an MLM marketer or involved in some other online marketing business, then you can profit from MLSP for getting more leads and sales.

Just to try and build a new business with the help of MLSP is in my opinion very hard and expensive.

For YOU who are looking for a way to get into the online business: I want to offer another possibility.

I work with a program that thought me all I do here on my website and enabled me staying financially independent for a lower price than MLSP charges.

I have a review for you to read here but I also want to share this little comparison table I created here. I work with Wealthy Affiliate, a program that is now 15 years successfully on the market.

I have contact with the owners and with a FREE trial you can check it out for at least 7 days your self. We get 2 free hosted websites without even upgrading for a premium membership.

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