Cyril Jeet has outdone himself. What is Traffic Jeet 4? A video marketing tool that places your YouTube appearances at the forefront using better SEO.

Congratulations, you are well advised to thoroughly inform yourself about any Warrior + product. Today I can reassure you. With Traffic Jeet 4 you got a winner.

Producing videos as a video marketer, e-marketer, blogger, or even for your real-world business it is the most important step, getting your productions to the widest possible audience.

Cyril has been working on maturing his Traffic Jeet program suite for the last 5 years and has brought his master piece to the market by the end of January 2019

What Traffic Jeet includes and what I think of it you will learn if you keep reading 🙂 .

Content: What is Traffic Jeet 4 (TJ4)

TJ4 in a few words



  • Product Name: Traffic Jeet 4
  • URL:
  • Name of the founder: Cyril Gupta, Teknik Force, Feb 2019.
  • Product type: YouTube Keyword optimisation software.
  • Good for: Everyone doing video marketing. Bloggers, e-marketers, YouTube marketers etc.
  • In words: Traffic Jeet is a very komplex suite of programs providing every aspect of SEO for YouTube.
  • The best part: Best price.
  • Recommended?  Yes

Why do I review Traffic Jeet 4?

Well, you may have read my last post about Traffic Xtractor Ultimate, which is also a small keyword research program by Art Flair.

Since I am already in the element I wanted to look at the competition product of Cyril Gupta, since it is practically the same price as TXU.

Both programs are offered on Warrior+ and are equally successful so far. Over 1000 copies have already been sold and the return quota is about 5% for both.

Unfortunately, I do not have much time to deal with video marketing but if so, I would certainly prefer this Jeet 4 traffic.


I just copied you the sales video here. I think that you can see better what traffic Jeet 4 has to offer and what you can use it for.

TJ4 consists of various modules which I describe below individually and each still offers a video.

Take your time and watch the movies, you can also learn how good videos should look like, because the task of creating your video still remains yours.

What is Traffic Jeet 4 exactly.

What Is Traffic Jeet 4 5 steps to success

This will be a bit long report as TJ4 consists of quite a few parts. Not only do you have a YouTube search term tool here but also some other interesting research tools.

Video marketing is known to be pretty top in terms of internet usage. After maybe social media, which also often work with videos, people today prefer watching videos to get information.

In order to profit from this fact, you can now, on the one hand, produce great videos, but on the other hand, you have to understand and optimize the SEO, “search engine optimization” for YouTube.

Exactly for this purpose, Cyril has brought out this optimized 2019 version of Traffic Jeet 4.

The product was first released as version “1” in 2013 and has greatly improved over the years. An unseen feature in similar products is, for example, the live chat support you have at TJ4.

Also, I can say that the program is fully functional even without you buying the offered OTOs.

The included 6 Elements of the Traffic Jeet 4 Suite:

  1. Traffic Jeet, the basic module to analyze existing YouTube videos.
  2. Tube Tracker, YouTube Ranking Check Tool for your and other videos.
  3. YT Ad Keywords, search term Search tool linked to Google AdWords.
  4. YT Best Keywords, Competition Keywords Spying Tool.
  5. YT Niche Finder, helps you to find the most visited niches on YouTube.
  6. YT Tag Finder, Lets you find and copy the tags of your competitors with just a few clicks.

Let’s go and dig a bit deeper before you buy.

Who is Cyril Gupta?

What Is Traffic Jeet 4 Cyril Gupta
Cyril Gupta

Cyril was born in India and has today 15 years of experience as a programmer and Internet expert.

He is CEO of Tecnikforce with Traffic Jeer and “arbi Mate”(coming out soon) and teacher with various pieces of training on Udemi.

He seems to put a lot of emphasis on quality, which is very nice to me. Not without reason, he is today a well-known personality in the online marketing community.

You can also follow Cyril on Facebook and get confirmed that he is real and active.

The 6 modules included in the TJ4 suite.

Each of the modules is its own program with its own dashboard. All, however, are integrated into one product, the Jeet 4 Traffic suite.

All elements can provide valuable information that you appreciate as a successful video marketer.

1, Traffic Jeet:

This module is what you will probably use the most. It is a built in YouTube keyword search tool and much more.

The menu contains the following features:

If you enter any keyword with “Keyword Finder”, you’ll get tons of related keyword combinations in seconds. Any of the suggested keywords can be examined here.

You can look at the snippets of the top-ranked videos on YT with your keyword, you can also determine whether a video with the same keyword already exists on the first page in Google Search.

The other features in the menu are direct access to the functions you have to look a little bit harder in the first feature “Keyword Finder”. Like, “Top videos” shows the videos, using your keyword, ranked on top on YT.

Or, “Alalysis Video” shows all details of a video URL you enter etc.

All in all a very helpful tool if you want to see your videos on the first page in Google Search and at the top of YouTube search results.

2, Tube Tracker:

What Is Traffic Jeet 4 Tube Tracker Daschboard
Tube Tracker click to see the video.

With this element, you get unique insights on the Google and YouTube positioning of your and your competitors’ videos. So far, there is no second tool that can provide this specific YouTube data.

You have two menu functions.

  • Keyword.
  • Competition.

“Keyword” is simply typing in the keyword your video uses and the URL of the video, and you’ll immediately see where your video is ranked on YouTube, how many visitors you have daily or in total.

Also, you can see the total number of visitors until now and where your video is placed on Google Worldwide. You can continuously add all your videos to the list and continuously query the data.

A special feature is that you can query local search data. So you know exactly how many video visits you have from your target country.

In the “Competition” feature you can enter your and your competitors’ videos and then continuously compare the ranking and visitor behaviour information.

3. YT Ad Keywords:

What Is Traffic Jeet 4 YT Ad Keywords
YT Ad Keywords click to see the video.

If you look at the video right you will see how great this element really is. However, to use this you need to create a free Google Ads account.

The first step is a keyword search on Google Ads. You then have to save the list you receive and then you can insert the document into the YT Ad Keywords module with one click.

On the dashboard you can then filter the results by <difficulty, <competition,

You can throw out uninteresting keywords and work with a list containing only optimal search terms.

4. YT Best Keywords:

What Is Traffic Jeet 4 YT Best Keywords Dashboard
YT Best Keywords click to see the video.

This feature is very easy to use and has only the function to highlight the best of the many possible good keywords.

You enter your 10-20 best keywords and press Start. Immediately, the unique software starts to analyze the words using YouTube data and returns your list, sorted from best to worst.

5. YT Niche Finder:

What Is Traffic Jeet 4 YT Niche Finder Dashboard
YT Niche Finder click to see the video

Here you can get new niche ideas for your video channel. The system doesn’t show any qualities of found niches but only a selection of different sub-niches.

Let’s say you want to target dogs as your rough niche. Then in “Harvester” you enter the options, how many sub-steps and how many recommendations you want.

After a short calculation, you get the selected results. Maybe “dogs” 1st sub, “hunting dogs” 2nd sub, “English hunting dogs” 3rd sub, “English hunting dogs breeders” etc.

Like this, you can choose a niche in which you can become an authority. And if you still use the Jeet Keyword analysis tool you can even choose a niche that is less competitive but very popular.

6. YT Tag Finder:

What Is Traffic Jeet 4 YT Video Tag Finder Dashboard
YT Video Tag Finder click to see the video.

The last module is again one feature tool that shows the meta tags of your competitors’ videos. All you have to do is enter the URL of a video and the software will immediately find the tags used.

As a professional or aspiring successful video marketer, you should also tag your videos. With this tool, you can save yourself the research work and just take over some of the tags from the competition and tweak them a bit.

Wow, you see, the offer you get here for less than $40.00 is immense. I have not yet seen an equivalent product for such a low price.

The fact, that Cyril likes it perfect, let’s me expect that there will also be up-dates when nessesary.

What Is Traffic Jeet 4 Buy now

Traffic Jeet hat 4 OTOs

What Is Traffic Jeet 4 Traffic Jeet OTOs

There are 4 OTOs to choose from. OTO 2 is only interesting if you want to make money with the sale of Traffic Jeet 4. OTO 1 must be interesting if you are really professional and therefore work daily with this valuable tool.

OTO1, Traffic Jeet Pro:

  • Unlimited keyword tracking.
  • Unlimited keyword search.
  • Unlimited position analysis.
  • Unlimited niche research.
  • Unlimited market analysis.
  • Re-sell license.
  • Working from several terminals.
  • 2 years up-grade inclusive.
  • Prefabricated sales page.

OTO 2, Traffic Jeet Resale License:

As an Affiliate Marketer, you get 100% of the sales price of Traffic Jeet 4 with this Upsell.

OTO 3, PlayTraffic Pro:

Create automated YouTube playlists, which will get you, even more, clicks, even from non-selected search terms.

OTO 4, TubeTraffic Pro:

Get more clicks on your videos with video comments.

What are my thoughts about Traffic Jeet 4?

What Is Traffic Jeet 4 YouTube Marketing trends

I have to say I am positively surprised. I’ve never seen such a valuable product at such a low price. If you ask me, Traffic Jeet 4 is a must for every video marketer.

For offline shops that also use videos to advertise for their products or services, TJ4 is such a bargain that it pays off even if you only pick it up every few weeks.

For bloggers like me, of course, it’s great too, especially if you, unlike me, visually expand your blog activities. I just do not have enough time to produce good videos, so I am currently refraining from buying the program.

Why I did not give the whole 5 stars rating? Sorry, I basically do not give 5 stars. There is always something that could perhaps be a little better.

The only point with TJ4, that bothers me a bit, is that you need the OTO 1 to access the program limitlessly.

It is not a real problem though, the set still costs a lot less than if you wanted to buy all these modules individually given they are available at all.

So the product is recommended by me, I am sure that you can optimize your video marketing campaigns significantly with the help of Traffic Jeet 4.

Pros and Cons

Conclusion: What is Traffic Jeet 4 Elite?



With Traffic Jeet 4 you get a package with everything important to make your videos YouTube SEO perfect. Get more traffic, more clicks, more money

With one product you get several easy-to-use keyword/niche research, ranking analysis, and competition analysis platforms.

As YouTube video marketing gets more and more dominant within online marketing, it is important to be one step ahead of the competition with the best tools.

With TJ4 you can spy on your competitors and choose your metadata even better. You can find the best keywords that are most in demand on YouTube so that you can introduce your great video to as many users as possible.

Since I have discovered no major disadvantages from buying Traffic Jeet 4, I am sure that you will truly enjoy this product.

What Is Traffic Jeet 4 money back guarantee

My No.1 Recommendation for Online Marketers.

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Thank you for your attention

I say goodbye for today. This Traffic Jeet review was really fun for once although there was a lot to research. I prefer to introduce good products but unfortunately, this is not always possible.

Such a bargain as Cyril offers here does not come up often.

If you want to tell us about your experiences or have a question regarding the program, please let me know below.

See you soon, have fun analysing, to your success, Stefan 🙂