Automated money generating software is getting viral these days. Easy to use programs promise a lot of money. Get your hands in the 70 billion Dollar market share, by sharing your own or other peoples YouTube videos. What is Viral Cash App, will it work for you?

Use a prebuild domain website and share viral videos with copied written content. Share your affiliate links and make commissions from every sale coming from your site.

Buy the program for a down sale of only $10.00 to find out that the up sales you “need” will be in the hundreds. This program is promising a lot but what reality shows you can learn here.

Thanks and congrats for taking your time to research Viral Cash App before buying. This post may contain affiliate links that allow me to earn a small commission to finance the work I do. (This will not come at any extra cost to you. Further info @Affiliate Disclosure)

Viral Cash APP in short

  • Product Name: Viral Cash App
  • URL:
  • Founder name: Mathiew Neer.
  • First launched: March 2018
  • Product type: Marketing software incl. training.
  • Price: Sign-up down sale $10.00 / up sales up to $460.00
  • Guarantee: 60-day money-back by ClickBank.
  • Good for:  The owner, affiliate marketers.
  • Rating: 1.0 out of 10
  • In words: You buy a starter pack of software that automatically creates a blog post for you where you can share videos, content, and affiliate links.
  • Recommended? NO

My Viral Cash App REVIEW

I’m sorry to say, but I think Viral Cash App is a product to only satisfy the sellers. The owner and people trying to make a dollar from so-called “online fortune seekers”. This is a group of people searching the internet for easy fast money making opportunities.

The program provides no real value to users and what is promised in the sales video is all just talk. The business model, sharing viral videos on a website might work but not the way Mathiew claims.

It all starts with the actual sign-up page. You are asked to sign-up this great app for only $47.00. If you are not convinced and want to leave the page you’re offered a down sale for $24.95.

Not enough though, if you still want to leave, you get an even cheaper offer for the same service. Now you can purchase the Viral Cash app for only $9.99.

I think this should already make you think a lot. This is worse than on a Moroccan street market. The actual price is still enough to make the owner a profit although he can discount almost 80%.

My Viral Cash App REVIEW

And why you think that is? Because once you signed up you are pushed to do up sales for a total of almost $460.00. Only by buying all these up sales you can enter the “members area” it claims.

Fact is though with all these up sales you still have to work with the exact same product.

The pic on the right is from the ClickBank affiliate program page and shows all the details of the sales funnel. In my opinion, this program is a 100% scam because it is not providing what it promises but only wants your money.

What is the plan? ($47. – $10.)(Up to $460)

Post Videos On A Website

As already mentioned, this is actually the only plan. All the up sales are only there to make more profits for the owner and affiliate marketers. You get some more training on how to use the not working system but that’s all.

The Idea is to post videos on a website and share this website on social media. The app does provide a software that makes these tasks very easy.

You sign-in into your account and your not unique, domain website post is being created by some few clicks.

You in fact only add posts to one big website. As you can see on the right the videos shared have almost no views and no engagement at all.

Nothing Viral On The Syndicator Site

Ok, you can create posts with the app, add affiliate links if you have any and post this thing online. The problem is, the viralsyndicator website has no traffic.

The only chance you have to get traffic and clicks on your post is by sharing on social media. We all know though unless you are already a Facebook star you have no chance to get a lot of viewers via social media.

The image on the right prooves, the video really did go viral. Not on the Viral Cash App members site but on the original Youtube channel.

The viralsyndicator is not a viral website nor is probably your social media account. (Or you wouldn’t have the urge to earn money online with a program like this lol)

So what the strategist, Mathiew tells us, that we can generate a huge income from viral videos is just not true.

Inside the backoffice of Viral Cash App.

Viral Cash App Back Office
Viral Cash App Back Office

As you see, you have a lot of features you can work with. There’s a but though, again. Let’s see:

“Quick Start”, “Training”, and “30’000 foot training” are features you can use. These are training and necessary just to start the program.

“Your Viral Money List” is also free to use, here you can check how much you earned so far.

Google AdSense” Is the Google intern advertising program which you have to get accepted first. I can tell you first hand, this is not possible without a website with traffic.

Amazon and ClickBank” are also two affiliate networks you have to apply for and without a website, you will get rejected.

The rest is technical stuff and won’t be able to help you at all if you don’t have any affiliate links, no affiliate partner contracts to work with.

As for the free website, worth $1995.00 they claim to give to you, I can tell you a website only costs about $20.00 a month incl. hosting. Ok, there is work to put in it but then you have a property website, not like the one you can use at VCA. (Build a FREE website Here).

With the VCA it is like with all of these make quick money online schemes. The base idea works but the promise that there are shortcuts is a not fulfillable promise.

The software he created is actually quite clever and I think with his skills he would be able to create a valuable program. The problem is, the market for easy, fast, viral, and million dollar making secret opportunities is very big.

He can’t resist the temptation of making easy dollars. With his system of launching new not working programs for a low price he never runs out of customers.

Why I don’t recommend Viral Cash App.

Well, I think you already know if you read what I wrote so far. The system doesn’t work, that’s why. There surely are ways to make a lot of money with youtube videos, with websites too, with affiliate marketing and with mailing lists.

All these statements are true but the way Mathiew puts them together into a catching automated system is worthless. Better, click below and take a free ride in the real online marketing business.

But see your self and watch the sales video if you have the nerve.

Viral Cash App Sales Video


How can I prove the program is legit? (Although I think it’s a scam)

1. The Owner is real! (YES)

Mathiew Neer is a real person. He is well known in the industry. Actually, he would better not be known that well because he is known for throwing trash make money online products on the market.

Since 2016 he launches one product after another, 14 so far. All these products promise the same thing, fast and easy money. Why in the world would he have to do all this work if one of his products would actually work?

He himself is actually making quite some money but not by working with the programs he sells but by selling them.

He even shows his income statement, claiming it is from what he made with the program but in fact, these numbers show how much he earns from selling them.

The founders of the program I work with launched 2 products in the last 16 years. They both are millionaires. One program is the Wealthy Affiliate, the place I build and operate this website and the second one is a keyword research tool, Jaaxy that is too a very high quality.

If I was a program launcher I would try to use this trail too, good helpful and working services that I can sale for centuries for a reasonable price.

2. Testimonials from real money making people! (NO)

Now, I haven’t found any of these. In the sales video are some people claiming to have made a fortune with VCA but to tell you the truth, since this program was launched just two months ago, I don’t see how people have been able to change their lifestyle in this time.

3. Working business model. (NO)

The business model of posting videos on an unknown website with no traffic and on their own social media is not working. At least not for a looong time.

4. It can be sold.

The only verification I found is that the program is actually possible to be bought. If it was a criminal act it would be taken off the internet.

4. It can be sold.

If someone wants to spend money on products like this it is their problem. It is the same in the whole business world. As long as people are willing to believe in what advertising and sales material shout out, and buy these products, no one can stop them.

Obviously, it is legit to sell not working products. Whether they are a scam or worthless is up to the users to decide. I won’t get affiliated with this program though, I don’t want your money from selling sh.. like that.

Pros and cons:

Pros first:

  • At least there is a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Cons, there’s nothing without a con side:

  • Not possible to make promised income.
  • Very low-quality website.
  • Only good for affiliate marketers and the owner.
  • It’s not Viral, there’s no Cash coming in, and it’s not even an App.

My five cent:

I’m glad to be done with this review. It’s frustrating to see how people are misguided and ripped off their money. The only reason I do these reviews is to add one more warning article. And to give you some tips that might help you find a way to earn money online.

I know this is actually why you came to this site. I’m sorry to dash another dream but that’s how things mostly end in this business.

The good news is, it is still possible to make a living by working from home on the laptop or where ever you like to work from. The only thing you need is a real foundation, a training, your own website and a topic, niche, you like to write about.

I feed my family like this and live my dream. Not yet very exclusive but it still is my dream. I can live in the most beautiful country, Thailand, in the middle of nowhere and work with my lovely family around me all the time.

No traffic jam, no pollution, no noise, just plain peace:)

==>I am interested in trying this 4-step system for free.<==

Thanks for your interest 🙂

I hope I was able to give you some insights into the Viral Cash App. (noViral no Cash no App would be better lol).

I’m off for now because there are still a ton of other goodies and badies to review. If you like my site feel free to add your email address to my list and get notice of new publications automatically in your inbox.

Make me happy and leave some comments. Questions, opinions and other statements you want to be seen by all my readers are very welcome, below in the comment section.

I wish you great success, a wonderful time, and hope to see you, Stefan 🙂

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