The third, I want traffic program of Billy Darr & CO is here. What is Viral Studio, a copy of Push Button Traffic and iTraffic X. Cloud Software for Video and Social Media Marketing.

Fast, easy getting great Leads is an internet marketer’s biggest desire, since you read this here you have probably seen a promotion for Viral Studio and want to inform yourself better now.

I have to congratulate you on this step because too often today products are offered that are not quite what they promise.

Unfortunately, I have to tell you right now that I personally do not believe in Viral Studio and its predecessors. But why, of course, will I explain below.

The previous experiences I made with other low quality programs you can check out here:  4NetjobsSocial Sales RepRaiken.

Viral Studio is now the third program released by Billy Darr and his colleagues. However, if you take a closer look at these products, you will notice that they are 95% identical.

  • Push Button Traffic, was released in May 2018.
  • iTraffic X, released in December 2018.
  • Viral Studio is the last of the series to hit the market on January 19, 2019.

Follow me through this report and if you’re interested, check out the previous articles each of them highlights something different about these questionable products.

Content: What is Viral Studio (VS)

Viral Studio Overview


Not Recommended

  • Product Name: Viral Studio Premium Edition
  • URL:
  • Name of the founders: Bill Darr + Co. Jan 2019
  • Product type: Social media and video marketing tool.
  • Price: $47.19 or $42.19 + several up-sells.
  • Good for: The Owner and resellers.
  • In words:  VS lets you copy existing YouTube videos or images, add your own affiliate links and descriptions and post them on various portals. 
  • The good part: 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Recommended?  NO
What Is Viral Studio Logo

What drives me to write this review about Viral Studio?

What Is Viral Studio dashboards

I’ve been researching these three products for almost a week now, I’ve already written about two of them and now I’d like to end the series with today’s report.

What amazes me most is why do these people make 3 practically identical products within 7 months? Why don’t they leave it with the first and update it like the normal programs do?

I know why, of course, it’s more interesting from a business point of view. Each time the program has a new name and each time a new product can be sold.

That leads me to conclude that Billy and his cronies are not really interested in helping you but that they’re just trying to rip off money from you.

I write these reports to warn you, I want you to get a real chance to improve your life, work from home, and earn a living through affiliate marketing.

YouTube Videos about Viral Studio.

What Is Viral Studio not reviews

Well, the first video gives a pretty good insight into the program. Of course, it is not a real review, but like all similar, a sales video with many tricks and gifts trying to convince you to buy the product.

It must be said that you can’t find any actual reviews of similar programs on YouTube these days.

The second one, I added to corroborate my statement, it is a video that praises hundreds of products with exactly the same movie. (Here’s another example)

Viral Studio, Some Details.

What Is Viral Studio menus

Well, it’s a bit stupid, I could now describe all the parts of this latest version again, but as I said I’m already 4 days on this topic and slowly it gets boring.

So I will confine myself to showing the differences to the precursors and describing details that I have missed so far.

By and large, the last two versions are the same, the colors vary a bit and 3 features have been dropped.

If you look at my iTraffic X review you will see that I have pointed out exactly these three features as particularly unsuitable.

  • The search term tool, no longer included in VS.
  • The video creator, no longer included in VS.
  • Resellers Panel, no longer included in VS.

For VS, a new picture sharing and a support feature have been added. Really, why these were not just up-dated into the previous version I don’t understand.

New Viral Studio Features.

Image sharing:

I do not really know what this should be good for. Here you can download a picture from various image providers, relabel it, attach an affiliate link and post this picture.

How much traffic, leads or sales you make is uncertain.

What I know is that my pictures published on Google Maps and Google Business for about a year have so far been viewed about 50,000 times.

However, I can not say that this jumped my sales into the sky.


Ok, this support, I did not try it myself. However, what I have seen in the video you can see above is, in Billy Darr’s explanation of the program, he does not go into details of this normally very valuable service, why not?

In my opinion, because not much is behind it. This is proof enough for me that there is no real quality, otherwise, Billy would point that out.

Yes, that’s it with the new features. Not really worth mentioning and therefore to launch a “new” program, I do not know.

Viral Studio Up-Sells, OTOs.

Of course, a must have, cannot be missing with Billy’s products, are the OTOs. Since the whole thing was actually only produced to make money for the owner and the resellers, various additional products must be attached.What Is Viral Studio best price

  • OTO 1, Platinum Edition, normal price $4,997, now only $67.00 (Estimated $84’955). Slowly I get scared to deal with such huge discounts lol.
  • OTO 2, Emerald Edition, normal price $2,997, now only $47.00 (Reputed $52,964.00 value) Well, that’s getting better 🙂
  • OTO 3, Ruby Edition, normal price $1,997, now only $47.00 (Reputed $35,973 value)
  • OTO 4, Ultimate Edition, normal $4,997, now only $47.00 (worth, attention, $75,970 lol). Actually, for me, “ultimate” means the last but there’s more to come.

What Is Viral Studio all done

  • OTO 5, Red Diamond Edition, $197.00, everything is done for you and you just have to control where you want all the money to go haha. (Worth an unbelievable $94,988 JACKPOT HURRA !!!)

I do not know what you think, but I think this business model works for Billy and his partners. The up-sells are becoming more expensive every time, especially the normal prices have just increased by about 300%.

The “now prices” are still the same as with the iTraffic X up-sells. I don’t understand, are there still enough people falling for these tricks.

Why I reccomend not to buy Viral Studio.

What Is Viral Studio one true statement
The probably only true statement of Viral Studio.

Well, there are some reasons. Why I did not use the 30-day free trial period? First because I would have to enter my private data and then Billy would already have part of what he wants.

Second, I do not buy a program that does not update but keeps launching new products.

The program where I work, for example, has been around for over 10 years, at the same price but with more and more features and, of course, tens of thousands of updates.

Thirdly, the idea of ​​using existing YouTube videos or images, re-labeling and providing new descriptions and links, then posting again on the various portals is not very effective in my opinion.

It seems to me that you are being alerted to a shortcut that you can apply now and then, but certainly does not represent a working business model.

Fourth, if you want to use the program at full power you have to buy all the accessories. This will be really expensive, although you’ll never have an effective business model.

You have to spend a staggering $448.00 Dollars to republish existing YouTube videos under your name.

My program offers far more, is a working business system but costs less for a whole year.

What Is Viral Studio Viral traffic lies

Fifth and finally, I basically can not recommend programs like “in less than 60 seconds bla bla” or “one push of a button and you start earning” or “we do everything for you, you can sit back and do that Earnings count ” That’s all BS, such a program does not exist.

If that were the case, the problem of global poverty would be resolved, but it is not. With programs like this, you and many others will get your hard earned money out of your pocket.

Pros and Cons of VS

  • There is a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Unsustainable business model.
  • False claims.
  • No privacy data protection.
  • Too many up-sells.
  • The Program is here today and forgot tomorrow.

So again briefly summarized. What is Viral Studio?


Not Recommended

What Is Viral Studio social media
Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+ are not included.

Billy Darr & Co publish a new program every few months. These programs are more or less identical and therefore you can be pretty sure that a new version of Viral Studio will be released soon.

In other words, once you’ve bought one of these programs, you can not count on Billy and the guys taking care of you. They prefer to deal with new products that he can turn to new customers again.

You will be asked to provide many details that Viral Studio uses commercially.

What Is Viral Studio Time pressure
The program uses time pressure to make you sign up.

The program only allows you to re-publish existing YouTube videos. You will not get any training on how to produce your own quality videos that may eventually become viral.

To get the full value, if there is any, you have to spend much more than originally stated.

In my opinion, Viral Studio is not worth a damn, I’m sure that you will be disappointed and after a short time, you’ll have to look for a new system.

However Affiliate Marketing, Video, and Social Media Marketing is a good business principle, read on and you’ll learn where to get real help to change your life and earn your income online.

What I would recommend to you if you are interested in making money online.

Again, affiliate marketing is possible and is one of the most common models of how money is made online.

But what you have to accept if you also want to be successful, this business model requires work effort, time and perseverance as every new business needs to get profitable.

What I can offer, is a program that helps you to succeed. It always depends on you weather that works but what you can get are instructions and tools that make things much easier.

What Is Viral Studio WA Dashboard
WA Dashboard

Wealthy Affiliate is the program where I also created this website. Everything you see here, I had to learn from scratch.

WA hosts my websites, gives me support, training, a keyword search tool and access to a priceless community of many thousands of like-minded people.

No matter how and where you try to get into the online business, WA members have an undeniable edge.

You will also recognize over time that many of the sites’ in Google search results are websites of WA members.

This is what brings traffic, this is where the money is.

You can now try the program for 7 days for free. I will be there too and make it easier for you to get started.

That’s it again.

Very interesting to see how some people use the internet to enrich themselves. I’ve learned something new with this review series of Darr products.

I hope you too understand Viral Studio and consorts better now and can make a more informed decision whether to buy or not. I don’t find these practices very likable, but of course, those must be too, what else should I complain about otherwise 🙂

If you want my latest articles via email and my free sales funnel training, sign up here.

All the best, see you, Stefan 🙂

PS. Leave a comment if you wish, questions, opinions and experiences are always welcome and I’ll respond as soon as possible.