Watch out! With Better Website User Experience into the next decade. UX and SEO are THE two main criteria in 2019, I want to update my website NOW.

Too many new posts but the old never get properly mucked out. Learn more about what my user experience updates mean in 2019 and what you can do do to improve your ranking.

I want to give a little warning here, there will not be many new articles on this site in the next few months. I am also a little bored with investigating new “junk products” on a daily basis.

I have found that Google wants to give me a chance to better my search engine search results. This comes as a result of that my recent articles are a lot better than the older ones.

Since I think that with the already existing material much more can be achieved I will dare the attempt and bring my website up to scratch.

That means, less new articles but updated more user-friendly articles throughout this website. If you are interested in completed updates and upcoming success messages you can sign up to my email list and every time an article is revised in both languages ​​you will get a message.

Content: What Is Website User Experience - UX & SEO Improvements 2019

Why am I writing all this?

What is User Experience, Stefan The Writer.
Steff, Your Writer.

First, I want to let you know why you might not get to see much new from me in the near future. Constantly writing new articles uses up all of my time leaving no chance for improvements.

Especially as you’ve already noticed, the detailed review articles like I’ve been creating regularly lately. 5000+ words per article, that takes a lot of time, But I do want to offer some quality within these posts.

I have found, however, that these long articles have often made it to the first page in Google search results and now I want to use this experience.

Another fact I have learned about, namely, that Google appreciates it more if we update our old articles than if we simply add new ones on the net.

And that’s the second reason why I start this article today, I want to help you too, so keep reading on, it’s not enough just to write longer articles, there are still a lot more improvements for better UX, definitely on my website there are.

User experience and SEO go hand in hand, and especially the UX, we as online service providers, should as always see as our No.1 priority. Detailed information, attractive websites and working links, just to name a few examples.

I have published almost 160 posts and several pages in the last 14 months. If all these articles would rank for multiple keywords I would have enough traffic with this website.

If you, my readers would stay on my site and look for more content I’d definitely be one step closer to make a profitable online business with this website.

Let’s do the work, there is much to do 🙂

How I Improve The User Experience On This Website?

What Is Website User Experience What Will I Do?
What Will I Do? Strategy, Concept, and Idea.

Right, only thinking of all this makes me already tired LOL. There are so many minor and major improvements needed that I did not know at the beginning of creating this website.

For example, I learned something about optimizing images, tried out a few tips months ago, and, as a result, deleted hundreds of photos permanently.

I then thought, think ahead, do not waste any time with these old posts, although I always use internal links, linking to them. Also, I thought so, later I will replace the pictures, etc.

Well, my traffic is a little on the rise and therefore I think it is high time to optimize all my useful articles.

What Is Website User Experience User experience.

My list of improvements for the next months:

  • Delete unimportant posts.
  • Doubly treated topics covered in one big article.
  • Good articles more detailed and updated to the new website’s branding.
  • Make the home page more professional.
  • Re-optimize all old images. (Loading speed)
  • Test all videos and replace if necessary.
  • Test and change all internal and external links if necessary
  • Publish all articles in two languages, English/German.

You see, I can be happy if I finish all these changes by the end of this year. In addition, I will soon have to go to Switzerland for a few months to make a little cash:)

Delete unimportant posts:

What Is Website User Experience Google search position

It is not necessarily important to start with this, but these superfluous articles must be deleted. Outdated stuff or items that are badly rated by search engines hurt the average rank.

At the moment, I have hundreds of search terms that appear on the first page, but thousands that are in the 2-300 range, what’s the average here, what does Google think of that?

If I only kept the 100 best ones, my rank would be 5-6 on average, but at the moment, despite the good results, my average ranking is somewhere around 44.

Unite doubly-treated topics:

In the beginning, I wrote several articles on how to make money online. These are all more or less the same articles with the main difference being that they have different keywords in the title.

Clearly, each article is different, for example, “How To Earn Money Online” or “Earning Money Without Degree” or “How To Sell Online” and so on. All of these articles basically have the same theme, “Affiliate Marketing”.

All of these articles are about 1000 words and none of them has ever been found on the internet by anyone. I can now use the Google Search Console to find out which of these posts ranks best and select that one to combine all the information they have on the topic, create one Good post and target free traffic.

Good Articles In more detail:

What Is Website User Experience Good Ranking Posts.
Good Ranking Posts.

Again with the help of the Google Search Console, I pick the posts that are ranking in the top 20 or less. I want to improve these. These have to contain 5000 words in the future and be very helpful and detailed.

Helpful internal and external links must be added. You may need to create a graphic or a better video to and add it to the content.

Also, SEO guidelines must be followed, is there a short post URL, the keyword in the title, the first section, and again once every 1000 words. The meta text needs to be checked and the images must be optimized.

A bit late but now I have started to check my posts on the smartphone. For example, I’ve noticed that until yesterday everyone got stuck as soon as my email pop-up appeared.

This pop-up could not be pushed away on Android so probably all those who visited my website via smartphone left pretty fast.

What Is Website User Experience 22.04 bounce rate
22.04 Bounce Rate.

You have noticed that I have also shortened the intro at the top of the page so that you, the reader have a better above the fold impression, quickly see the content selection. If someone wants to read the full version of the intro they can click on it.

The most important seconds of a website visit is the first 2-3 seconds. If the reader’s interest can be captured during this time he will continue to read, this also improves the “bounce rate”.

My Home Page:

Well, I’ve already worked on the home page several times but now I think it’s necessary once again. It seems a bit too dilettante to me. Well, the 4-step system of my affiliate marketing method is explained.

I would now like to draw attention to the various categories or the latest posts. I am not sure yet how the latest update will look but the old logo must definitely go away 🙂 I will have to look at a few role models to get a picture of a professional home page.

Fix and optimize images:

What Is Website User Experience Deleted Image Data.

How long have I researched how to get a handle on the problem of poorly optimized images? When checking my website loading speed always the images had the poorest results and caused a problem.

Now this problem has disappeared, I found a way to insert images so they don’t slow the website down:)

So what do I do today with every picture that comes to my website? First, when I save a screenshot, I give it a name of its own. I write the whole article before I start inserting pictures.

While researching and writing, I take appropriate pictures here and there, using “Greenshot” a good and free program.

Once I have all the pictures for the article, I next use “Google Paint” to set the desired pixel width. For images in the center of the text, I choose 600 pixels and the ones on the right 300 pixels width, the featured title image I make 700 pixels wide.

When that is done, all images are getting optimized with the free software from ““. Then I create a subfolder for the originals and download the optimized images into the folder named after the article.

Now I can finally upload all images to the WordPress Gallery where they are again optimized by EWWW Image Optimizer plugin.

Quite an effort and there are some who claim that you can make money online with just three clicks HA HA !!!

Check old videos:

Since I work with non-self-produced YouTube videos, that’s allowed, it may be that in the meantime, there are better ones available, or that the ones I have chosen are no longer working.

Of course, the best thing would be to make my own videos, but that’s not for me yet. I tried it, but the results are truly quite boring 🙂

There would also be video resp. slideshow automation programs that make videos from your posts. However, I have not found a satisfying program that I could use.

Check every link on my website:

Very important, especially if you’re still experimenting like me. Just this morning when I reworked the “What is a niche website” post I again found a link pointing to an old nonworking landing page.

I’ve been working with the “Pretty Link” plugin since the beginning, that can help if you want to change an affiliate link on all pages. If you have converted the Affiliate Link into a Pretty Link you just have to change the recipient address of the Pretty Link and all the CTA (Call To Action) buttons are already adjusted.

Google welcomes it when we offer internal and external links in our articles However, at the same time “broken links” are very bad for the UX and Google ranking and should be eliminated.

What Is Website User Experience Broken Link Checker.

There are plugins that detect broken links, but until today I have not worked with anyone. Today I will install and test the “Broken Link Checker” plugin. Let’s see how many of my links do not work:)

My website is Bilingual:

The last and probably most time-consuming task will be to publish all my good articles in two languages. Most website visitors use the English version but the German version of my articles is an additional service.

For this purpose, I use another plugin on this website. The “Polylang” plugin seems to me the right one and works great for me. Of course, I still have to translate everything manually myself.

With this plugin, I can set everything, content, page widgets and menu to the desired languages. This is also a bit of a hassle and has to be learned. But to appear professional and to make it easier for you to navigate, I think this effort is worth doing.

Essentially, I make this website for you, you are the main character in this theater and therefore the main goal on every website must be the user experience.

Video - Website User Experience Best Practices.

The video you see here is exactly the same that inspired me on the way to my UX optimization. Brian Dean is an SEO specialist with many years of experience and offers his service to customers.

Nevertheless, he lets us benefit from his knowledge for free.

A second video I can highly recommend is the video here from Ryan Steward, also an online business specialist with 10+ years of experience.

His video is not covering exactly what this post writes about but offers a very interesting better understanding of how user experience is related with Google rankings and shows with examples how you can benefit from a better UX and user understanding.

User Experience Principles, who can benefit?

I think everyone who has a website should focus on getting better results. For beginners, these tips can also be used and you can save some improvements if you start working better than me right from the beginning.

Learning to create web pages is actually quite simple, on the one hand, in order to have a chance over the endless competition we have to create them in the best possible manner.

In the affiliate business, you first have to make people visit your website, this can be done for free, but you have to adhere to certain SEO rules.

SEO, search engine optimization, what does that mean?

We’re talking about SEO when we’re designing our websites so that they appear optimal for search engines. Why? I can not repeat everything that I wrote in earlier articles about it but I recommend you to read my older posts.

Posts about SEO:

  1. Why SEO Is Important For Your Online Success.
  2. What’s wrong with my website? Not enough traffic!

Secondly, it is important for each of us that our visitors stay when they visit our site.

  • Your articles should be as interesting as possible.
  • Your articles should be entertaining.
  • Your articles should offer options for action.
  • Your articles should be detailed but not boring.

Good User Experience - Steps - Results - Updates:

In this chapter, I will show you the most important steps I took in the order in which I went. Over time, I will add updates about any significant achievements and further steps.

Step 1, Fix Broken Links:

First, yesterday I installed the above-mentioned “Broken Links” plugin. Luckily, I have to say, it has shown me several hundred such non-functioning links.

Important: I have found that not all broken links were found. So far, I think that links are not found on pages created with the “Elementor” plugin.

Despite everything, the plugin has listed many links that I have either corrected or completely deleted.

These included links like:

  • Broken links to images, (the ones I mistakenly deleted myself).
  • Defective links to websites that were attached to comment avatars.
  • Pretty links I spelled wrong.
  • YouTube videos that stopped working.

All in all, I’m glad that I’ve done this action, whether this is have any influence on my Google rating I don’t know, but it certainly makes the website user-friendlier.

Step 2, Optimizing the articles with the most visitors:

What Is Website User Experience Keywords that get clicks.

First I went to my “Google Search Console”, “Performance”. As you can see below, the statistic shows a list of search terms on which my websites visitors click.

My first goal is to optimize the best visited 10 articles. Actually, these articles can already be found on the first page in search results, they don’t necessarily have to be improved SEO wise.

But, since you have daily visitors on these pages, it is important that you satisfy these visitors. At the moment these pages are the most important material of your website.

What Is Website User Experience Better bounce rates since 4 days.
Better Bounce Rates after 2 Days.

So I change the top section, make it more interesting, made the chapter menu better visible and of course checked all affiliate links manually. I have also implemented basically the latest version of my article style.

Now let’s see if the “bounce rate” and the clickthrough rate to my products will improve.

General improvements:

Again, I have to do a few things. For example, at the bottom of the page is an old logo that does not work (already changed). Also, I want to translate the Banners and widgets for the German version.

Interesting updates will follow …..

Pros and Cons of Improving UX.

  • Visitors find Better Experience.
  • My Product gets Better.
  • Google will Reward my Effords.
  • Variety Makes Life Sweet.
  • I learn more about my business.
  • Less New Publikations.
  • A Lot Of Work.

Conclusion: What Is Website User Experience – UX & SEO Improvements 2019

What Is Website User Experience UX 2019

The time is right, my website needs to be optimized. There are construction sites in every nook and cranny, this needs to be cleaned up. Our website is our business and this should come along properly.

Especially in the online industry, it depends very much on how your business appears to your visitors.

For the last 15 months I have mainly produced new content, written and of course, made improvements on the way again and again. However, these improvements only work in the present and future but not retroactively.

However, all material on a website is important, older articles are already on the first page in search results and provide a majority of website visitor numbers.

Google also sees a website as a whole as well as your readers, not only the latest publications must work but everything. Old things have to be cleared out and gold pieces need to be cleaned.

Finally, I’ve decided to do that and if it takes the rest of this year. Nevertheless, at least one new article per month will certainly appear but my main focus in this last year of this decade I will dedicate to optimization.

Readers and Google are the main characters in this game, business and these characters I have to take into account. It can’t be that I’m just thinking about making money, produce reviews but do not help you get the best out of my content.

Quality over quantity, this attitude may come from growing up and being educated in Switzerland. But as one can see in the success of this principle, it seems worthwhile in the long term.

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Enough For Now 🙂

Now it’s time to work, today I have to translate this post and then the first steps are to be done.

As soon as I can I’ll show the first results. I will update this post and share all that happened and what consequences the changes show.

If you have any questions, please let me know, in the comments section below you can also share your opinion or other suggestions with everyone.

Stay informed, leave your email address and I’ll keep you updated on all the news. So far I do not have a newsletter but if interesting articles are optimized you will know it.

See you soon, Stefan 🙂

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