What Should I Write About – 9 tips for bloggers

Are you a Blogger? How I find 40+ blog ideas in four months. Do you need New Post Ideas many times of the week? What should I write about is a question I hear a lot lately. Learn my 9 Strategies for finding Ideas for New Articles. 

I sometimes have this problem my self and therefore researched some peoples tips. I also found some ideas my self. Actually, there are quite a lot of ways how to find new ideas for new articles.

Some are easy and some take some time to research. We as bloggers talk about post ideas and also the connected important keyword idea.

Often I have a post idea but find it hard to come up with a good keyword. The keyword is essentially what drives traffic to our articles.

I use the Jaaxy keyword tool to find great keywords to every post I write. I want about 100 plus people looking for the search term every month and possibly less than 100 competition.

Most important though is that I choose a keyword, title that showcases what my article is about. I don’t want people to search for a topic and find my post writing about something totally else.

That is why I now come back to the topic of this post and start with my first strategy how to find new post ideas.

9 blog topic research tactics.

The first two techniques are involving comments to my published posts. I think these are the most relevant idea sources due to coming directly from your targeted audience.

The existing visitors are your most valuable traffic and what these people like to read should lead the direction of where your blog goes.

Of course, we want to address millions of people if possible and some of my tips will help you target the most popular topics in your niche.

1. Look for relevant questions in comments.

Relevant questions in comments.
Relevant questions in comments.

The first technique is the one I used to come up with this post. On a recent article I published, I had a lot of comments stating that they have problems finding ideas for new posts.

Of course, I replied to the comments and questions but at the same time, I thought this question is worth writing a new post.

If more than one commenter is asking for help on the same question, I think it already has good potential for creating a new post.

At the moment my website is not very popular and comments come in at a rather low rate, so I have to use the few questions there are.

But still, I think these questions are representative of a larger audience.

Ok, tactic one, go through your post comments and look for questions. Instead of writing an FAQ post, write an article about every relevant question.

You can still make an FAQ post/page with short answers .


2. Check comments about subtopics of the actual article.

Another way to use comments for finding new post topics is to find out what people actually comment on your post.

You might have written about something in general but see that many comments only talk about one specific chapter of the post.

If this chapter allowed to write an interesting long and helpful new article so why not do it? People usually comment on the part of the article they were touched by the most.

3. Check others peoples blogs in your niche.

I happen to work with a program, hosting and getting training for my website, that provides a give and take comment section.

This most interesting feature allows me to not only get comments but also gives me the task to give comments first. I choose articles to comment on that are in the same niche as me.

Many post ideas I already got from there. Not only is it interesting to see what my competition is writing about every day but also reading their comments and replies.

4. Check most popular blogs in your niche.

Learn from the best. I use youtube a lot to find new blog ideas for my niche. I search for a topic related to my niche on youtube and always find a load of great videos to check out.

I choose the ones with the most views and watch them. Most often already the title of the video can give me an idea of a new, copy written blog post.

What I mean by copy written is, I create a new title with the same meaning within my keyword search tool. I can add words or leave some out.

We cannot invent the wheel new, today almost everything relevant is already published but what we can do is write it in our own words and maybe add some valuable details we have learned.

I also check out my training platform, Wealthy Affiliate has over a million users and here I can find most popular articles, pieces of training and use them as post ideas.

With this technique again you can learn a lot about your niche and what readers of your niche like to read. It is important to write articles people are interested in, so look at the numbers of likes and comments.

5. Check queries on Google search console.

5. Check queries in Google search console.
Check queries on Google search console.

This is a technique that I learned from an old website professional, also in the training platform I work with. It is not only a source of new keyword titles but also a way to boost the rankings of existing posts.

You probably by now have installed Google search console. If not check this training here. If you open the Google search console, you go to your website you want ideas for, and open search traffic.

Search analytics is the tab you want to open now. If you look at this page now it shows your top queries for keywords.

The one on top is the post that has most views and traffic on your site. You now want to write a new article on this same topic.

You probably see a lot of different keywords that people use to find this top post. Choose one, go to your keyword research tool and find a good keyword title but not the same you already used before.

Then you only have to write a new post relevant to this new title. The last one is already ranking well so read it first and try to make a different one, a better one.

Me, for example, have to write another good post about top niches, this is what people mainly come to my website for. I already have three posts about this topic though.

Therefore, I will use one of the other techniques to find a subtopic I could write about.

6. Check out forums and groups in your niche.

Check out forums and groups in your niche.

On the internet and on social media you can find lots of forums and groups related to your niche. Find them and learn what people are discussing most and what you could provide them with new helpful articles.

In every niche, you’ll find thousands of interested people discussing and answering questions in these forums.

On social media, Facebook, for example, these are groups. You should join some of the bigger groups and observe if they have a lot of traffic.

If you find traffic you can also get involved in discussions and add helpful comments right there. With time you can promote your website there or even products you sell.

Just watching what the most frequent questions are should give you more ideas what you could write about on your website.

7. The Skyscraper Technique

This is a technique involving again top bloggers but digging a bit deeper into the matter. To find out what articles of the most famous bloggers in your niche attract most people with and how to beat them in rankings.

First, you do as said above, find the highest authority blogger in your niche. Then you want to find out which of his posts has the most traffic.

For this, you can use a tool called WebSite Auditor. It is a free tool but I personally haven’t worked with it so far. It is said to “start a project searching for most popular posts” of your chosen authority website. 

Once you have found these, you go to back to Jaaxy and do a search analysis on the posts you found. There you find out the number of words you will have to compete with.

Next, you read the top posts and write them in your own words but better. Easier said than done but possible.

My top post about the top niches was made in something like this style and in fact, it has ended up my most popular post so far.

8. Check keyword suggestions from Jaaxy.

Keyword Jaaxy

You can get inspiration form your electronic keyword research tool. I already mentioned that I use Jaaxy because of its many valuable features.

If you use the Jaaxy keyword tool, you probably have already seen that this tool does not only analyze the keywords you enter but also offers a lot of suggestions related to this keyword.

If you take your time and go from one suggestion to another and check for good keyword criteria you might end up with a totally new topic and a matching keyword for the title.

This happened to me quite often already, searching for a certain keyword and ending up with ten different possible post ideas with good keywords.

I then save them all, and when thinking about new articles to write I go and check my saved lists and always find something worth writing about.

9. Google alerts.

Last but not least  Google offers a great tool called Google alerts. You find it easily and there you can add several topics you want to get an email alert if something new is published on the internet.

I used it for my Thailand website and get informed of every article including words like “Thai festivals” or “Thai news”. I got a whole lot of alerts every other day.

Conclusion. Can’t say I have no idea what to write about.

I know, it is always involving work and a lot of time researching. But I always say if you want to publish a good and successful website, blog it will be a lot of work.

Hours and hours we stay in front of that screen and the smallest amount of time often actually takes the writing of the articles.

Researching here and there, what to write about and what the content should contain. New techniques and new technologies.

I think this is partly the most valuable part of operating a website, the learning and collecting new information from people from all over the world.

I think if it was only for the writing, it could get boring pretty fast. But because I am passionate about this affiliate marketing thing and blogging about blogging it is a new adventure every day.

Thanks for your visit.

That’s it for today again, I hope I could give you some ideas how you can find new topics for your websites.

If you have other great ideas how to get inspiration for new articles please share them with us below in the comment section.

Also, questions and opinions are always welcome and can help me and all readers learn more about the business.

With this, I leave you, wish you a great time, and see you soon, Stefan 🙂 asuperaffiliate.com

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