What’s wrong with my Website? Not enough Traffic!

Many of you working for not that long on your new website ask yourself the same question. What’s wrong with my Website? Why don’t I have more traffic or sales? I had a little burnout last week and asked myself the same question.

Writing post after post, doing SEO and all the things necessary to get ranked but still not seeing much improvement can, and for me is, frustrating.

It takes time

I totally lost objectivity over time and thought because I work so hard I should be much more successful by now. Fact is, success in this business takes time.

You probably saw my latest posts were mainly reviews of online programs and therefore I had to research all their sales material and programs themselves.

This can get quite frustrating because all of them say they have the best training, the best automation and with them, you can make money fast with a guarantee.

Although I know this is only the sales talk with no proof it still does influence my mindset and makes me think “what am I doing wrong”?

I had to take a break, get grounded again and find the peace and confidence in what I do here. I am creating a longterm and sustainable business. I’m not after selling cheap stuff by every means.

I will go back to writing reviews after I have done some changes to my site. Reviews are a good way to learn more about the industry and actually do reviews rank better than articles like the one you read here.

But still, it does take time. I can maybe write 10 to 12 reviews in a month at the moment and this is not that much of growth if you look at it realistically.

Some rank on page one but most hang around page two to four so far. Once I have written 100 reviews I can call myself an authority, an expert, and actually know quite a lot about the competition and how they work.

A little burnout

My burnout came in the middle of writing a review about an actually quite good program. It is recommended and established over many years. (The MOBE review is coming soon).

To write good reviews about this kind of program is very intensive because there are many good aspects to them and others that are making my No. 1 recommendation better.

I can’t just trash a good program only to be able to recommend my favorite, I need to understand the pros and cons and I have to explain to you, the readers what you can profit from buying the product and where you better chose another one.

This is very intense, especially with actually good programs. The most cons I see with good programs is normally the price. The price policy they have is very dangerous, for internet newbies, as I see it but all the rest has quality and has to be explained right and in-depth.

How do websites rank?

How to rank better

Ok, but back to the question why my website doesn’t get as much attention as I would like it to have.

I wrote that article about “how to get your website on the first page of Google“. It is a good article, many say, and I also think the strategy I recommend is useful but still, exactly that article is ranking I don’t know where behind hundreds of others lol.

To rank well with Google is not easy. Especially when writing in my niche, the “make money online niche“. There are people discussing the same topics since years and have got themselves authority status and a high ranking with Google already.

It is not only the “Keywords” that count, that would actually be very easy but it is the Google trust and the amount of time a post is published.

It is also that some of these high ranking websites have some posts on the first page and with those they get a ton of traffic. They become an authority.

They are brands by now and this is what takes time. To get a famous brand in this industry you need to write a lot of stuff and need to get seen by many people not only in search engines.

I truly don’t have a shortcut to tell you here. Some say social media is the clue, some say posting in discussion forums helps and others say writing posts as a guest writer does a part of the job.

I now also try to get involved with “Quora“. It is a help forum that allows members to ask questions and answer to others. In the answer, I add a link to my website.

Quality Content Rules

Quality Content Rules

So there is actually nothing wrong with my website at all. I just have to keep writing quality content and try to help people with better information.

I think I need to set the thought of earning money in the second row for the now and try to just focus on creating interesting content and get my autoresponder mailing campaign set up.

You know, all the twisting and turning doesn’t help if there’s no relevant text people like to read. I must focus on UX, user experience, this means my posts must be engaging too.

Can I create emotions inside people reading my stuff? Do you want to comment on what you feel about the topic and essentially does my post have helpful value?

These are things I have to concentrate more. It is not that I don’t have any traffic, there are people reading my articles on a daily basis.

To get more clicks and reactions I, therefore, need to achieve that people share my posts themselves because they like what they see.

I need to offer social media buttons that make it easy to share my articles on social media and I have to try to get people to write comments.

If my visitors write comments they are more likely to come back and see what I replied and possibly a real discussion can start.

What I do right.

What I do right.

Let’s look at the things we do right now, and follow this concept instead of trying to find mistakes we make.

I write quality helpful content on a regular basis. Two to four posts per week, not quantity but quality, will keep my visitors coming back for more.

Create engaging content, articles that make people feel something and make them want to give a feedback.

Make it easy to let people share my articles on social media and write things that are worth sharing.

Share every new article on social media my self with an engaging post.

Try to establish an Email list and get visitors signing up to the list. Create a freebie for signing-up to the list. And important, create an email campaign that is valuable and not just trying to sell things.

I’ll start my weekly newsletter again, where I mention all my latest posts and place links to open them. I also want to leave a weekly emotional and success statement in the newsletter.

I am a real person and people might want to know more about my life, in fact, it is quite interesting, and there are lots of pics I could show 🙂

Let’s see things positive.

Let’s see things positive.

Most important is that we keep seeing things positive.

My website is in a baby stage, it has to grow and get a known brand. Things are perfect and all I have to do is what I chose to do and this is keep working on my site.

I need to get a better balance between work and off time, I also need to work on the environment where I work in. Staying in an office for hours, days, weeks and months can get frustrating and is actually not what we want to achieve by working the free lifestyle.

That means, today I’ll work in the back garden for a change and on another occasion, I go work near the small lake on my compound.

This will surely improve my motivation more than just sitting in the same room all the time.

Now everything is well again, I have a plan, some goals, and want to better my life quality. I think this will help me a lot through the next few months and then we’ll see how things stand.

Thanks for reading my thoughts 🙂

That’s it for today, I’ll now go working on my autoresponder thing. Next week you’ll see a change on this website and hopefully, it is a positive one.

Please let me know what you think of this article. Do you experience similar doubts at times? Was I able to give you some answers to the question of what could be wrong with your website?

Thanks for leaving your thoughts below, I’ll reply asap.

Have a great day today, see you, Stefan 🙂 asuperaffiliate.com

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