Why SEO is important for your website success SEO is often underestimated, learn how YOU can benefit from SEO.

Many website owners have trouble ranking their website well by Google and other search engines. Mostly, because they don’t know how important SEO is for online success.

In this post, I want to emphasize the importance of SEO and list the most important rules that must be followed to get a good SEO ranking.

There are also factors that have a negative affect on the SEO for the website. Things You Should Avoid As Online Business Operator If You Want To Be Displayed On The First Page Of Search Engine Search Results.

I share my experience on SEO, what can help you, and what harms a good SEO.

In the process of a basic website user experience, UX improvement for this website, I will also improve my search engine optimization, SEO, at the same time.

I start with this article here, user experience, visitor friendliness, are today, in 2019 and in the future one of the most important factors when Google rates our websites.

Google does not emphasize on keywords and backlinks as much anymore, today they want to offer the best user experience to their users.

Also, websites today must be mobile friendly, etc …

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Content: Why SEO is important for your online success.

Why am I writing this article on SEO?

Why SEO is Important for online success Stefan Your Expert
Stefan Your SEO Expert 🙂

I think for you as an affiliate marketer or website operator in general, it is extremely important that you know as much as possible about search engine optimization.

As I said, right now I’m improving the websites user experience and my SEO basics on this Website. In the process, I have noticed that this article here, which until now was only available in English, is quite well ranked by Google.

I have now selected this article to create an extensive SEO article for this website which contains everything I know about SEO so far. I will delete related articles, such as “how do you get your posts on the first page in Google search results“.

Because Google does not appreciate it when we offer several articles that cover the same topic.

SEO is an important tool if you want to succeed with websites. There are hundreds of elements that can improve but also worsen your SEO.

We talk about On Page and Off Page SEO methods, that is, things that you can optimize in your website articles and those that can be done outside.

In this article, I want to explain the most important SEO elements and also show with examples of how you can apply them yourself.

What is SEO and why is it important for your online business?

Why SEO Is Important For Your Online Success SEO For Better Ranking.
SEO For Better Rankings.

SEO, the “guru word” in the online business community. Search Engine Optimization is the technique used by search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc to give search engine users the best possible results.

All of these search engines have their own preferences, they speak of algorithms, how they rank and value a post or page published on the Internet.

We need to provide search engines with optimal properties and information to help them understand what we have published so that we can optimize our SERP results in search engine results pages.

However, the number and type of algorithms, criteria, are always changing, getting better, so that “perfect” SEO is almost impossible.

What is perfect today can only be 90% perfect tomorrow, and vice versa. It is therefore important that you inform yourself about the latest SEO updates. (Old SEO reports are dangerous).

But some main pillars remain the same and we can build and optimize on them. This report considers SEO algorithms until April 2019.

A short Video - Why is SEO important for your online presence

Without SEO no one will find your Website in internet searches, in short, this is the answer why SEO is important.

This short YouTube video is already quite old but the message is still up to date. We all want to see our website posts on the first page in search results and to achieve this we need to apply SEO.

The Most Important Facts for SEO 2019 YOU can Implement:

SEO on-page homework you should not forget.

As I said earlier, SEO consists of a lot of aspects that need to be considered when creating an article. The most important and timeless on page criteria I will explain in the following.

  • Keywords: Title and other places where they must appear.
  • Content: Quality and quantity.
  • User experience:
  • Internal and external linking:
  • Pictures and videos:
  • Involve your readers:

I think these are the most important and also timeless attributes which we should pay the most attention to. If these details are executed optimally Google can determine what your posts/pages are about and determine the value for the reader.

What you need to understand about keywords.

Why SEO Is Important For Your Online Success Jaaxy search
Keyword Research with Jaaxy.

First and foremost, search engines recognize your content by the keyword or keyphrase title. They do not read your content, but they have techniques to see if the content is relevant to the title.

To optimize this metric, you must first select a title that represents your content.

It is in your interest when you choose a keyword for your title that is often requested in search engines but does not have too many competing articles.

For the German version of my website, I do that manually, without any research tools. Therefore I think my German articles are not found too often 🙂

However, for not english keywords, you can use another search term tool. I once tested “LongTail Pro” and that works in German too.

What I’m doing without a tool is, I’m entering a Google search, looking for what I want to write about. For example, “Why SEO is Important for your online success”, with the apostrophe, then I look at what and how many results are shown on the first page.

For this keyword combination, there are over 4’400 results, many, however, are not very old, so I think I can compete. All articles are in the same style as I create mine, informative blog posts.

Of course, I also researched my English keyword with Jaaxy. Every month there are 242 search queries and 94 articles use the same search phrase.

My article is already on the 18th place in Google searches and I want to improve that now.

Where should the chosen keyword, key phrase occur?

First, of course, at the beginning of the article title. Then, in the first section of the article, this is often used by Google as a meta snippet.

And, if you are working with an SEO Plugin (“All in one SEO” or “Yoast“) the keyword should be present in the “Meta Description”.

Why SEO is important for your online success Title and snippet.
Title and snippet are not perfect, they will need a change 🙂

A Post title should not be longer than 60 characters, the Meta Description, not more than 160. The Post URL, which also carries the keyword, should not be too long either.

If you write a longer article you can repeat all or part of the key phrase about every 1000 words if it fits into the text. With this, you help Google understanding that the article really writes about what is promised in the title.

Google Page 1 Articles usually have more than 1950 words.

Why SEO Is Important For Your Online Success Position and word count.
How many words should an article have?

It is true, statistics say articles with more than 1900 words get ranked better. I’m currently even striving for up to 5000 words if the topic allows it.

My competition with this article here has less than 2000 words though, I think after I have revised my post, it has good chances of landing on the first page.

That does not mean that just writing a lot, wins, the main task still is, to cover the topic the reader looks for as detailed as possible but not boring.

This includes chapters, subchapters, bullet lists, pictures, graphic representations, videos, and all that is possible to make your content enthralling.

The article quality and words number also increase with the best possible comments. Try to get good comments for every post.

I know it’s not always easy to write long and interesting content. However, if you explain the topic in-depth, if you try to answer all the relevant questions, your article will be long and your visitors have no reason to search on other sites for more information.

For more help with article writing, I have written these two posts: “How to improve your writing skills and “How to write a blog post“.

UX, today Google wants to deliver the best user experience.

What Is Website User Experience Title

Today, in 2019, Google sets more importance in user experience than ever. That’s understandable too, the user is the customer and we make our websites for him.

Today SEO and UX are inseparable, most of what we do to improve our SEO actually serves the reader and UX. All of the SEO algorithms listed here are more or less related to the experience a reader has on the website.

I have just written a detailed article about it, “User Experience Improvements 2019“.

After someone clicks on your article, the first experience is, how long does the website take to load. I myself have not found the way to optimize this yet, but it’s more and more an important SEO factor.

During the research for this post I have now found a lot of information about this WP Rocket speed plugin, Check out the video here, I think I want to try that 🙂

The second impression is the first view when loaded, the above the fold section you should make as catching as possible and show what the article is about.

Google monitors how long a visitor stays on your article and with these data estimates the Value for the user. The longer a reader stays, the better it is for your rankings.

The whole user experience concept is again quite extensive, so I recommend you read my post about how I improve it. “My UX Updates 2019

Google likes to see internal and external links

Links are generally a great way to maximize the information a reader can find in a post/page. Instead of writing every detail over again, (which would be impossible), you link to additional articles on your own website or on others.

Internal Links:

These links lead the reader to another relevant article on the same website. Such links are very helpful for the reader and also Google appreciates these because of mapping the website.

With internal links, you can make your content even more detailed and they open up the possibility that your readers remain on your website, reduce “bounce rate“.

Like above, where I write about the UX and improvements, instead of again going into many details I set an internal link to a post about the topic.

So with an internal link, I expand the information and give you the opportunity to get more detailed information about subtopics.

External Links:

Google also likes to see external links. These refer to foreign websites which can help the reader to understand somethings better. I like to use external links on wiki articles to explain terms.

It is said that you should have at least one external link in each article. I have a lot more though. Of course, it is not necessarily beneficial to refer to a competing website article that treats the same topic but better than your own post.

But there are always details that are explained in more detail on foreign pages and would explode the size of my post. I am not stingy with external links, for me, it is most important that you can learn what you are looking for.

Also, YouTube videos are considered external links, even an interesting video can greatly enhance the content of your articles.

What does not count are affiliate links, anyway, these are not relevant external links for Google. These should not be on each of your posts/pages, this could be considered spam.

What’s left to say about external links, some of these links are “ugly”, meaning they are very long and incomprehensible. To beautify this I use the “Pretty Link” plugin it is free to use on WordPress sites and works perfectly.

Finally, if you use a lot of internal and external links, make sure they work. There is nothing more annoying than a link that says “Sorry, this page can not be found”.

Relevant pictures and videos improve a good ranking.

Why SEO Is Important For Your Online Success Images get ranked too.
Images get ranked too.

As mentioned earlier, I try to add a relevant video to each post. I search these on YouTube or use a training video from Wealthy Affiliate, the program where I learn everything.

A video has several positive aspects. First of all, your audience likes to watch a short movie with important information, second, they stay on your website for longer, which is also registered and rated by Google.

The best video practice is, of course, if you produce your own videos. With this, you can rank for the same keyword in two Google search engines, YouTube and Google Search.

Short website visits signal bad content, and that’s not what Google likes. Third, Google posts/posts pages with a video generally rank than without.

Images get also raked. Relevant pictures help the reader to easier understand the content and make it more varied.

But for pictures not having a negative effect, they have to be retitled, resized, and pixels optimized, and for Google, you have to insert your keyword title as “alt text“.

Why SEO Is Important For Your Online Success are alt tags important

Infographics have a high-value, these need some time to create but are very valuable. I’m using “Greenshot” for screenshots, “Canva” for image editing “Windows paint” to resize and retitle, and I love “Kraken.io” for optimizing the images.

Try to involve your readers.

And finally, a plus for your positioning in Google, are post comments. I ask visitors to comment on each article. I know this is not easy, many are lazy writers 🙂 and so far I just have too little organic visitors to come up with many comments.

Why SEO Is Important For Your Online Success Comments are important.
Comments are important.

Comments, on one hand, do increase the post word count but if there are good comments and interesting questions they can also optimize the informal content of a post.

At the moment I am using a comment exchange portal at Wealthy Affiliate because there I can order comments for each post. You can find such comment exchange forums on FB too but I do not know the names 🙂

Again, the longer your visitors stay on your website and the more they click around the better, the more interesting Google estimates your posts and the better the ranking gets.

However, all of these SEO efforts do not guarantee that your article will be shown at the top of the first page of the search results. The age and authority of your website are factors or whether you regularly publish new meaningful and quality content.

"Off Page" SEO Possibilities:

Basically, this is about so-called “backlinks” in the past, these were even more important than today, today you can actually get along without them.

What I can recommend:

  • Publish high-quality content your readers share themselves.
  • Share on social media.
  • Forum engagement and links to your articles.
  • Guest Author on reputed websites.

A backlink is a link from a foreign website that links to your article. So if you share your posts on FB you are setting backlinks on FaceBook.

However, the quality of these backlinks is important, backlinks from the normal FB profile are much less helping than for example from a niche related authority website. More about Google trust through backlinks here.

Since in the past Google has put a lot of emphasis on backlinks, there are still many programs and services that offer backlinks as SEO help. However, I advise against using such offers.

Most of them are very expensive and if you choose cheap programs you get unsafe backlinks which can even hurt your SEO. One such backlink program here.

Social media distribution of your articles is recommended in spite of everything, not because of the backlinks themselves, but to promote your website in general. See my FB group here.

Why SEO Is Important For Your Online Success My FB Group.

It’s true, free advertising for our website is not easy, it takes time. The recipients of your eg. FB posts must first get used to the fact that you have a website before they start looking at it. That can take years.

If you distribute your articles on FB, Twitter Pinterest, etc you should not forget your keywords. Often I find a Pinterest post of my article ranked higher in Google search results as the actual Post.

Engaging in Forums and acting as a Guest Author:

I have to say, so far I have no time to do so. To get active in Forums you first have to read them and then you have to provide comments that include at least 500 words, are very informative and interesting. There too it takes a long time to get recognized as an authority.

As a guest author, you must first have a reputation in your niche otherwise nobody lets you publish a post on their website.

With these off-page SEO strategies, it’s such a thing, everything takes a lot of time. I decided to invest my time in my website.

About a year ago I tried to get more website traffic from Pinterest, I designed beautiful pins, spend days and weeks creating appealing images. Without success, I have to say, unfortunately.

For FaceBook I always used to create a special picture for each post I could share. Again, nobody was showing much interest in my efforts so I quit doing it.

Now I choose the best matching picture, the post title and meta description of my posts and I share it on FB, Pinterest, Twitter, and Linkedin. No extra effort, just share, and the results are the same, if not better than with the huge effort previously.

Maybe when I’m satisfied with my website, get enough traffic, I can afford to spend more time in such social efforts. Until then I stay with my system, I work on my website 🙂

Negative SEO Practices.

If you don’t know better, you can do a lot to make Google dislike your websites. Here I would like to warn you of the most important mistakes that you can make in terms of SEO.

There are also negative SEO strategies that can be exercised by your competitors, so to speak, they are trying to discredit your website on Google.

I have not experienced this so far and thus don’t want to cover this topic here. You can read more about it here. This article is about showing you what you should not do.

My SEO mistake list:

  • Duplicate text content.
  • Title not relevant to the content.
  • Excessive use of the keyword.
  • Too many affiliate links.
  • Not complying with the positive SEO strategies.

Duplicated text and text parts:

It comes out very bad when you copy your own or foreign texts, even text parts and publish it on your website. Even if you use your own texts multiple times you very much harm your site SEO, Google will notice and punish you with a worse rating.

However, if you copy someone else’s texts it harms both websites. The owner of the copied content might file charges.

Why SEO Is Important For Your Online Success Grammarly Plagarism Check.
Grammarly a free Plagiarism Checker.

There is software, eg. Grammarly, to check the uniqueness of your articles, I do not use such a program because I customize each new article myself.

Sometimes I might have to use individual sentences more often, especially in the final section, the outro, but this seems, so far, has no negative consequences.

Keyword irrelevant content:

So if you choose a keyword that is often searched for and has little competition, it will only be useful if you also cover exactly the topic indicated with the title.

There’s no point choosing a catchy title for your post, but then write something completely different. Such a practice not only harms the article in question, but it can make your whole website, for Google and your readers, seem untrustworthy.

However, I have discovered an exception and I’ll talk about that in detail in another post, that’s the word “review”. In my opinion, this term is abused too often on the internet and used as hidden advertising.

I recommend that you first know what you are going to write about and then research the appropriate title, keyword for the post.

Keyword stuffing:

Of course, it is important that you repeat your chosen keyword in the title and elsewhere in the right places. It is damaging to overuse this keyword though.

I have seen articles that use the keyword all the time, in each sub-titles and also in the text. I find this annoying and it looks constructed. Google too does not like it.

It is much better to use keyword related words in the text, naturally, the same way you speak. Like here, in this article where “Why is SEO important” is the keyword, I can use words like Google, search engine, websites, UX, and so on, and all suggest that this text is about SEO.

Too Many affiliate links:

This too leads to a negative rating of your articles. On the one hand, not all posts on your website should contain affiliate links, and on the other hand, avoid posting too many affiliate links in the same post.

There is no specific rule about that, newer websites should generally save with affiliate links, otherwise, Google will see the website as a spam site.

Side widgets are good to promote a product but there too, don’t fill your sidebar with a ton of affiliate links, 4-5 are enough to not look spammy.

A good practice is to use affiliate links mainly in product reviews and link to them from informal posts like this one. I have to grab myself by the nose and remove some affiliate links from my posts: )

Yes, and that goes without saying, that if you do not use any of the SEO strategies mentioned above, your website will never be found by anyone.

Why SEO Is Important For Your Online Success What is organic traffic

SEO is important if you want so-called “organic traffic” on your website, which means your website should appear in internet search results.

Google SEO Tools.

Luckily Google and Bing want to help us get the best results in search engines. Both provide us with their free SEO tools. Google provides the “Google Analytics” and the “Google Search Console” and both I recommend you use. For both, I have written an installation guide.

Bing “Webmaster Tools” is also free and can help in getting traffic. There you also find a keyword research tool. The installation is covered in the “Google Search Console” Post.

I would first install Analytics and then the Search Console, like this you automatically connect the two tools. With a fresh website, you first need to work with the Search Console though.

Google Search Console:

Why SEO Is Important For Your Online Success Google URL Inspection.
Google URL Inspection.

This is a very complex tool that Google provides to help you better understand your visitors search data. You can also speed up the indexing process of your new or changed articles.

I do this for every new or changed post, I have the URL tested and if necessary apply for indexing. Like that my articles can appear in search results. I say, knock, knock, knock on Googles door 🙂

On the other hand, you have to set up a so-called sitemap, after you have activated the sitemap on your website you connect it with Google Search Console it reports all changes on your site over time.

Furthermore, the search console is interesting to analyze the ranking of your posts and to identify the articles that are best visited so you can optimize them.

Google Analytics:

This tool is used for visitor analysis The more you know about your website visitors the better you can serve them.

Why SEO Is Important For Your Online Success Analytics.
Google Analytics shows the number of visits on posts.

For new websites, the information you get from Analytics is, of course, meager because not many visitors are present. It is therefore not advisable to waste too much time with it.

However, over time it is interesting to know how much and what kind of visitors the various articles have. For example, I see that my German-language articles have rarely been visited so far 🙁

Conclusion: Why SEO is Important For YOUR Online Business.

The top priority of each website operator is to place their website content on top of the first page in search results. We use a technique called SEO, Search Engine Optimization.

Anyone who wants to get free traffic to his website needs to do his SEO homework properly. Things like keywords, content, but also Google trust are essential criteria and nowadays, user experience counts more and more.

First, we must understand that Google is a commercial, profit-driven organization and our websites are their product.

Without our websites, Google has nothing to deliver, but of course, they select the best products to show them on the first page in search results.

Our job is to provide a great product that helps Google increase in popularity and business. To inform Google about our product, website, we use SEO.

It would be easy if only a good keyword would decide if your post or blog post would appear on the first page of search results.

With billions of articles on the internet, you need to do a bit more. Of course, you have to have a good website title that represents your “niche”.

The further criteria that you should consider consistently in each article I have described in detail above.

In short, without SEO no success in online business. There are no shortcuts, the best way to succeed online is to do what all successful website operators do, they optimize their search engine presence.


The best way to get a complete insight into SEO, websites and affiliate marketing is if you, like me, join the most prestigious platform in the industry.

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Thanks, that’s it again!

I hope you could learned something, for me it is always interesting to deal with SEO.

Again, SEO is important for your online success, it serves to make you visible on the Internet.

If you have questions, if I forgot something or if you just want to share your opinion with us, please do so in the comment section below.

I would be happy to hear from you and if you want to be informed about the latest news give me your email address and you’ll always be up to date.

See you later Stefan 🙂 asuperaffiliate.com

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