Why SEO Is Important For Your Online Success - Get Ranked And Be Seen
Why SEO Is Important For Your Online Success – Get Ranked And Be Seen

Many people struggle to get their website ranked by Google and other search engines. Most often you don’t know why SEO is important to your online success.

Here I  want to stress once more the importance of SEO and list some of the rules that have to be followed to get a good SEO ranking.

There are also negative factors that impact an SEO website, things that should be avoided by blog operators if they want to get seen on the first page of search engines.

After you read this article I’m sure you have a better picture of what SEO is, what counts as positive and what hurts SEO.

What is SEO, Search Engine Optimation?

SEO, the “guru word” in the online money making community. Search engine optimization is the technique used to optimize the chance of good performance within search engines as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

All these search engines have their own algorithms as to how they rank a post or page which is published on the internet. We have to provide them with optimal characteristics for them to understand what we published.

The number and manner of these criteria change all the time so a “perfect” SEO is almost impossible. What is perfect today can be only 90% perfect tomorrow and vice versa.

Some main pillars stay the same though and on these, we can work and optimize.


How can you improve your SEO appearance?

As I already said, SEO is summary of several points that have to be taken into creating an article. The most important and timeless criteria I’m gonna explain below.

  • Keyword/phrase, title and more places that they need to appear.
  • Quality content, number of words.
  • Internal and external linking.
  • Imagery and video.
  • A user-friendly site ranks better.
  • Involve your audience.

Keyword-Title and other places where you have to use the keywords.

First and foremost search engines rank your content. They don’t read it but they have techniques to see if the content is relevant to the title.

To optimize this metric you first have to choose a title that represents your content. I personally use a well-researched keyword/phrase in the title.

It is in your own interest to find a keyword that is searched for a lot and has little competition. If your post/page gets ranked high it also needs to be looked up for, or you won’t have any traffic.

Learn more about researching a keyword in this post I wrote some time ago.

Ok, you have a keyword now and place it somewhere in the title of the new post/page. Next, you have to repeat the keyword/phrase within the first paragraph so Google sees the article is actually about the same topic as the title promises.

You can repeat the keyword/phrase about every 1000 words. Don’t overuse it or it turns into a negative attribute.

This same keyword/phrase should also appear in your meta description. This is the small text you see within Google search that explains what your article is about.

PosTitle, URL And Meta Description Snippet.
Post Title, URL And Meta Description Snippet.

In this pic, the top one, you can see what Google shows when you search for my post. The top 10 website builders is the keyword and part of the longer title,  “how to start an online business for free”.

Under the title, you see the URL in green and beneath that is what we call the meta description. In this case, I think Google mixed the meta description them selfs, they put the title on top.

Underneath you can see the same post published on Pinterest. In the Pinterest description I also use the keyword and the title, like this my article comes up twice.

Further below, it comes a third time published on Google plus also featuring the title and keyword.

If you have the all in one SEO plugin it uses the first paragraph of your content automatically which should already contain the keyword.

If you work without an SEO plugin Google chooses a meta description itself.

A powerful tool is to use keyword related keywords. For this post, for example, search engine optimization or SEO ranking are some. If your content is keyword rich it can rank for many keywords.

High ranking articles mostly have 1950 + words.

This Article Is On Top Of Page One And Has 3855 Words
This Article Is On Top Of Page One And Has 3855 Words

It is true, statistics say, articles with more than 1900 words rank better. Page one articles in Google search have a huge number of word count.

The post above I checked this week has almost 4000, so when I published my post about the same topic I wrote more than 4000 words.

The number will also increase with comments. Make sure to get long useful comments, Google counts and ranks them.

I know it is not always easy to write long content that keeps being interesting but if you explain the topic exactly so that everyone can benefit, I know most posts get longer than they often are.

Don’t make your visitors do more research on other sites, try to cover the topic you announced in the title as complete as possible.

I have these two posts that might help, how to improve writing skills and How to make a Blog Post

Linking in- and externe is something Google likes.

External links I often forget my self. I have videos in my content and think this covers the external linking. It is said to have at least one external link.

Use pretty links when you have external links. They look pretty and always have your URL in the title.

Don’t mix that up with affiliate links. Affiliate links are also external links but they link to a page where you want your audience to buy something and get a commission.

Google doesn’t like affiliate links on every post/page, it looks like spam and gets punished. You need external links that help your reader get an even better understanding of the subject.

I use youtube videos,  but Wikipedia links or other free product links are good too. You don’t need many, one per article is enough.

Internal links, on the other hand, you cannot have too much. Internal links are the links that bring the reader to another article on the same website.

Your audience, as well as Google, love internal links due to making the researching of information easier. Here, for example, I recommend reading my older post on SEO techniques with an internal link.

Make sure all your links work and are not broken links. There is nothing worse looking than a link that ends up saying “sorry, this site can not be found”

Relevant images and a relevant video get a good ranking.

As I already mentioned, I try to add a relevant video to every post. I look for these on youtube or I use a training video from the best program where I do all my learning.

A video has several positive aspects. First your audience will like to watch a short movie with important information, second, they stay longer on your site, which Google also registers and ranks.

The longer a visitor stays on your site, the better you look for Google. Short visits signal poor content and this is not what Google likes.

And third, as what I learned, Google generally ranks posts/pages with a video better than the ones without.

Cerry Huangs Comment On SEO Techniques
Jerry Huang’s Comment On SEO Techniques

Pictures, they are being ranked as well. Don’t miss out on adding the image attributes as a friend and co-worker at Wealthy Affiliate commented.

I always call my first pic, which is also the one I can use for Facebook and Google plus, the same I call my post. I use the title again and the keyword.

The pics which have added attributes get ranked by Google and can be separately seen in Google search.

Ranked Pics Found In Google Search
Ranked Pics Found On Google Search

You can see, my pics are ranked and can be seen by everyone that enters the right keywords. It is possible to get some traffic just from this little trick.

User friendliness is important for SEO.

The whole thing has to be looked at like this, Google is a big company and the product they live off are the websites we publish.

Now what websites is Google interested in showing first and what criteria are they ranking? Well If I was them, I would rank the best articles on top.

The best articles have to be interesting, helpful and easy to understand. They also have to load in a reasonable time for example. Don’t add too much fancy stuff to your website, if it loads slowly it will rank not very well.

Try to create your website in a way that when someone gets on a post/page, they see what it is all about. Don’t make a huge cover above.

See the top of my post here, when you go all to the top you see the title, a relevant pic and a description of what the reader can expect.

I too often I see websites, and when you open them you have to scroll first to see any relevant content. Many people are too lazy to do that and close the tab and move to another site.

Try to have a structured article, titles, sub-titles and bullet lists, this lets the reader quickly find what he needs and not look at other sites that are easier to navigate.

Write in an easy to understand everyday language. Write conversational, like talking to a friend. Don’t build walls of text that aren’t easy to follow. Use a big enough and clear font. (What is a good Blog)

Try to get your audience involved in your posts.

Please Follow My Pinterest Account
Please Follow My Pinterest Account

This is not that easy but try to get some kind of involvement from your visitors. Internal links can be an action they can take, or watching the video.

Most important though is to get comments from the readers. Comments are a signal for Google showing there are interest and involvement on your site.

Google ranks the time people stay on your site and the actions they take. If a website has no reaction for a long time, this also includes traffic, in general, it will not rank well.

Do whatever it takes to get movement to your article. I, for example, post them to my learning program, to get traffic and comments, or on social media.

You can check, there’s not one post on this site that has no comments, some more, some less but there must be some comments.

At the end of the article, I encourage my visitor to write a comment, if possible ask a question. If I can get a question out of my visitor I can answer it and increase the value of the post content.

Not to do’s for good SEO.

Keyword overuse. Don’t try to fill your post with keywords. Google sees this and will punish your site.

Irrelevant content. Don’ use a catchy title and write content that doesn’t match the subject. VERY BAD

Short content. Content with less than 1000 words can’t be ranked for good SEO.

No Headers. If you think a post can do without H1, H2, H3 headers you’re wrong, they are important for SEO.

No meta description. Make sure to have a well-written meta description for every post you write.

Too many affiliate links. If Google thinks your site is just for selling things, it won’t rank, it gets punished as spam.

Bad loading time. If your website has a slow loading time it will rank bad. (Check your page speed)

Broken Links. Detect broken links and fix them or unlink them.

Irrelevant posts/pages. Delete irrelevant posts/pages. Sales pages that don’t sell, outdated articles, etc. It’s better to have 50 quality relevant articles than to have thousands of filler posts that don’t help anyone. 

Duplicate content and titles. Make sure to not have any duplicate content or titles, Google lowers your ranking for these issues.

How can you check your SEO and ranking?

If you have a Google search console account you can see how many items, posts, pics etc are indexed by Google. The indexing is the confirmation that Google has found your publications and starts ranking them.

Next, also in Google search console, you can check the search traffic/search analytics statistics and click the position button. Then you see which position your articles are ranked in Google search.

You can also use the Jaaxy keyword tool, it has a site rank checker option. Oh what a surprise, my top 10 niche post ranks on the second place in Google search, yeah.

My Older Post Is On second Place In Google Search
My Older Post Is On Second Place In Google Search

If you want to get access to Jaaxy you can sign up here or get the full Jaaxy review.

I think this is enough information for now. I’ll be updating all my posts in time and let you know of my latest experiences and knowledge.

Try to implement the recommendations I wrote down here and you will definitely have a better SEO appearance if you haven’t already done all the SEO optimations.

I again want to say that most of the knowledge I share here, I have gained by using the most valuable website building platform on the market.

I work with Wealthy Affiliate and after one year I am still doing training I haven’t yet accomplished.

Get Better Solutions
Get Better Solutions

Thank’s for looking in and for leaving a great comment or question.

I’ll leave you now for the moment, do good work yourself and take care of Google. You can see, a lot can be done in a not too long time if you work hard and stay focused on what you started.

The most frequent mistake many people make is to get distracted and lose track of the idea they initially had.

In the online business, a continuum is most important for a steady growth, authority building and gaining trust.

If you have any questions please let me know. Below you can publish all your thoughts and opinions or experiences you have made yourself.

I wish you a wonderful and valuable time,

see you, Stefan 🙂 asuperaffiliate.com

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