Complete and finished review articles with one click in 60 seconds. What is the WP Affiliate Machine scam? Make money without effort or destroy your website.

If this works as well as claimed my work as review and blog writer is superfluous. The WPAM plugin links your ZVZoo, ClickBank and WarriorPlus accounts directly to your website.

A software takes care of my work and the smart foxes just have to adjust some details and have a review that takes me a full day.

Be Careful, although it says there is a 30-day money back guarantee you’ll not be able to claim a refund.

Is WP Affiliate Machine A Scam? No Refund.

I bought the product extra for you to write a real review. At the moment I only had to pay $ 9.95. Since I am already a member of Wealthy Affiliate I have access to 25 “subdomain” websites which makes executing this project very cheap.

==> You can also run 2 such websites for free !!! <==

WP Affiliate Machine product review articles are all exactly the same, for you and everyone using the same program. Is that what we want as Internet users, is this what Google will provide us with in the future?

Good thing you’ll find out a bit before buying WP Affiliate Machine. I am still not convinced of this novelty but read on and see how my assessment develops.

Content: What is the WP Affiliate Machine scam (WPAM)

WPAM in short.


Not recommended

  • Product Name: WP Affiliate Machine.
  • URL:
  • Name of the founder: Ankur Shukla Jan 2019.
  • Product type: Plug-in, Review Post Copies.
  • Good for: The owner, affiliate marketers and bloggers.
  • In words: WP Affiliate Machine offers 30 pre-made online product review copies that you can publish on your website within 60 seconds.
  • The best part: Very cheap.
  • Recommended? NO

Why am I interested in WP Affiliate Machine?

Steff your online product expert.

Recently I got this email informing about that there is a new program now that publishes finished review articles on my website within a few seconds.

Did I read correctly or how should that work, I work here 6-8 hours on such an article and now that should be done in 60 seconds automatically.

I just had to investigate more closely, first, this could be interesting for me and second, what competition will I have to expect.

It is already not easy to get good rankings on Google, $9.95 is not much if a review website can be fully automatically populated with content.

In short, I’ve purchased the plugin and installed it on a newly created website.


In this video, you can watch succinctly how Ankur the inventor of the program installs, sets up and works with the plugin on a WordPress website.

The whole thing is so simple, there is not much to show and only the quality of the product reviews needs time to explain but of course, the seller of the program does not go into that too much.

What's behind the WP Affiliate Machine scam.

Who is Ankur Shukla?

WP Affiliate Machine Scam Ankur
Ankur Shukla.

Ankur Shukla was born in India and has dedicated his life to the Internet. Watching TV is a waste of time he has already noticed at a young age. You can also find him on Facebook.

Ankur has long been active in the online business. In 1994, he discovered his love for computers at school and started experimenting with them.

In 1998, he started programming his first games to sell them at his school.

In 2002, when the school was over, he started advertising. Creative work is one of Ankur’ passions.

2006 when he finished his studies, instead of choosing to work in a regular job he decided to push his website,

Next, he enlarged and kept changeing himself until he became a JVZoo top seller in 2015. (see details here)

Until today he has launched countless products on the JVZoo market and can live well from his 5-digit monthly income.

His products have pretty good consumer ratings, for me, WP Affiliate Machine is the first of his Programs I examine.

What is the WP Affiliate Machine exactly?

WP Affiliate Machine Scam Website Demo
Review Site Demo.

WP Affiliate Machine is a plugin that you can install on one or more WordPress websites. The installation is easy after you’ve purchased the product for $9.95 right now.

First, however, you’ll be guided through the complete sales funnel of peripheral products, OTOs. Details can be found below.

I scrolled down each OTO and chose the next page. After 7 such actions, you finally end up on the installation page of the WPAM plugin.

After you have downloaded the zip file to your computer you can enter this zip in the “Install Plugin” page on your WordPress website. The plugin will be installed and you have to activate it.

Then you enter the email address you used to buy the WPAM as ID. Now you have to set-up the settings.

Your JVZoo, ClickBank and Warrior + IDs are especially important. So if you do not already have these, you need to create an account with all these affiliate networks.

WP Affiliate Machine Scam WPAM Settings.
WPAM Settings.

You can then set a number of reviews that are listed automatically by WPAM daily or right away and choose whether the reviews are published directly or saved as a draft.

I recommend “draft”, because you should definitely make some changes to the content to make the reviews unique.

The following 12 elements are included in WP Affiliate Machine:

  1. Immediately Launcher: Install the plugin and then you can immediately publish your ready-made content. Very beginner friendly as everything can be done automatically and with just a few clicks.
  2. Multiple Income Sources: By simply using your Affiliate IDs from JVZoo, Warrior + and Clickbank, you can instantly benefit from any of these income sources.
  3. Prepared Sales Texts: Presumably, you’ve already noticed that writing good reviews is not easy and takes a long time. WPAM gives you 30 mandatory professional review copywriting.
  4. Videos, Images, Graphics, and Call to Action Fields: All of these components take time to be created and optimized. With WPAM you get everything included in every review.
  5. Social Media Share Feature: The Social Media Share Buttons are also included and ready to use. All you have to do is enter your URLs from Facebook, Twitter, etc. in the settings.
  6. Built-in program recommendations: At the bottom of each review page, there are 4 additional products shown that can also be recommended and sold.
  7. Mobile Friendly: Today, all websites should be easy to open and use for smartphone users. All reviews created by WPAM are therefore Mobile Friendly.
  8. Automatic Updates: For a full year, you will receive daily updates to the plugin and to the articles purchased from WPAM.
  9. Built-in banner system: Many sales are experienced through page banners. With the built-in banner system, you can easily promote 3 of your other products or websites.
  10. Sales Promoting Login Boxes: In order to increase the buying conversion rate, WPAM has created specially designed frames which are equipped with a call to action button.
  11. Full SEO Conformity: SEO is a very important element to get visitors to your web pages. Therefore, the reviews created by WPAM are SEO compliant.
  12. Simple Admin Dashboard: To edit every detail of your website you do not have to know much as all the settings can be done very easily.

Then start downloading. You can only download 30 articles with the basic version of WPAM described here. Not 30/month, but just exactly 30 in total.

WP Affiliate Machine Scam Dashboard.
WPAM Dashboard.

I did this immediately and all at once because now you have to request the Affiliate Referral Confirmation for every review. This will probably not be difficult as most of the 30 products are sold by Ankur himself.

Note: Again, almost all product reviews included in the basic WPAM module are Ankur products and all but one are offered on JVZoo. Whether this state changes with the OTOs we will see. 

Next, you should now change the ready-made reviews so that they are not considered as duplicates by Google and thus do not appear in search results.

So you get here an article with about 500 + Words, some pictures, and a sales video. The title and the URL you should change the same time.

Next, 500+ words are of course far too little to leave a good impression on Google. At the moment my reviews are over 3000 words and my mentor even recommended to write 5000 words.

The given texts have to be changed, not only more to write, each sentence should be unique otherwise you will be badly rated by Google and other search engines for duplicating.

So this work is not done that fast. You have to get to know the product a bit more in-depth to offer more details.

Either way, it is an advantage if you know what you are offering. To be taken seriously by your readers, you need to know what you recommend and have your own opinion.

In addition, you will, of course, have to insert your affiliate links into the given positions in order to earn affiliate commissions.

As I said, I have submitted the application for the affiliate links, but after 3 hours I have not received any confirmation (The next day they were confirmed).

While waiting for your first links you can start adjusting the content of the reviews and the links when you’re ready to publish the article.

How to create the whole website in detail I’ll show you in the next chapter, where I create my project the “Online Marketing Product Reviews” website.

My WP Affiliate Machine Website Project

So, everything starts with a wonderful website. I’m creating a free WordPress website with the professional SiteRubix website creator.

WP Affiliate Machine Scam Build a website in 30 Seconds
Build a website in 30 Seconds.

You can do that as well, you just have to enter an email address and off you go. Check here for more information.

The process of creating is very simple and only takes a few seconds. You have to think of a website name and the matching domain name, then choose one of the 6 themes, that would be it.

After the website is activated you should delete all existing posts and pages. To do this you have to log in to the website, where you’re in the WP editor dashboard, and also have to activate all the installed plugins.

WP Affiliate Machine Scam Affiliate Link approoval request
Affiliate Link approval request.

Once done, you install the WP Affiliate Machine Plugin and activate it as I described above. Now you can, as already described, download the 30 reviews and apply for the affiliate links.

Next, you should add the 4 essential content pages to the menu of the website, the “About me”, “Privacy Policy”, “Affiliate Disclaimer” and the contact page.

The About and the contact pages you have to create yourself, you can copy the two compulsory legal information pages at Wealthy Affiliate and adapt them for you.

You can use this free website indefinitely and you can participate in the full program for 7 days. The training you need to create your website and make it Google fair is also available for free.

So, I’ve done these steps, it took about 2 hours and now I want to edit my first review article from WPAM, so that it is classified as unique by Google and thus appears in Google search results.

My website so far: “Online Marketing Products Reviews“. To finish my first review I need at least 2-3 hours and I will only start when I have the affiliate link.

WP Affiliate Machine Scam Website Demo 2
Website Demo 2.

So by now I have an active website with the 4 initial pages, a menu and 30 Review Articles that are waiting to be edited. When I’m ready, I’ll complete this part of my experience report.

Now I want to do some research on a product review provided by WPAM. My first test is to see if there are some of these pages ranking on page one in Google search.

Ok, for the keyword WPAM uses, “TweetPush PRO Review” the first result is a changed copy of what you get from WPAM. The second is a self made review.

Google places the best result in second position because most people open the second choice. The third place is again a copy of WPAM and the third isn’t.

Not bad, now let’s check my keyword research tool and see if there are any searches per month at all. Not too bad, 40 monthly searches and only 37 competing Posts.

WP Affiliate Machine Scam Keyword research
Jaaxy Keyword research.

Let’s see why the number one post is ranked number one, also with the Jaaxy keyword tool. Ok, here I have the second post showing on top, this might be because I’m located in Thailand.

In this research, done from Canada, none of the WPAM reviews appear. The first one that shows up has 3000 plus words and over 200 Million back links.

WP Affiliate Machine Scam Search Analysis.
Jaaxy Search Analysis.

Try your self and check out what you get when you Google for “TweetPush PRO Review” and tell me in the comment if the no 1 or 2 result looks like the review I published here. (By the way, I haven’t changed my content yet and you won’t find my review in Google search.)

Who can take advantage of WP Affiliate Machine?

Well, besides Ankur, who of course, as you may have already noticed, can benefit the most from your purchase of WPAM, the following internet marketers may also benefit.

Affiliate Marketers:

If you are interested in getting good review templates at a very reasonable price since WPAM is very cheap, at the moment you can get all 30 templates at a price of $0.30 per piece.

Of course, you have to edit these templates, change text and add more text. Nevertheless, these templates can help you to understand how such a review page is built by professionals.

Internet Marketing Bloggers:

Even as a blogger, if you have chosen online marketing as your niche, you can benefit from simply downloading and editing ready-made review posts.

Writing a complete review with image and video content will take longer than to edit the pre-made templates so that they are not considered as copies.

WP Affiliate Machine OTOs 1-6

As expected, the WPAM package comes with various OTOs, which you should buy. Some are useful, others you do not necessarily need.

OTO 1, WP Affiliate Machine PRO, $50.79.

This OTO PRO is probably quite interesting if you choose to work with WPAM. You can add 8 more affiliate networks, have your content rewritten automatically, and and and.

  • WP Affiliate Machine Scam PRO

    Auto SEO: The PRO version automatically generates keyword tags. To get better search engine results, search terms are defined and used for each article.
  • Back Link Automation: Pressing a button will create backlinks to your review articles on the private blog network created by the WPAM operators.
  • Hot Pop-Up Box: To increase the purchase will of your visitors, even more, you can use the PRO version to create a pop-up with a picture or even video for each article.
  • Automatic Text Mixer: So that you have your own and not copied text, and still not lose hours with rewrite the PRO version now offers software that circumscribes your texts for you.
  • An unlimited number of articles: With PRO you can add an unlimited number of review articles yourself. You can add more affiliate networks and fill your webpage with X as many articles as you want.
  • More HTML Ad Banners: If in the normal version only 3 banners were possible you can now adjust the number of HTML banners to your requirements with the PRO version
  • PDF creator: In order to post your review content on social media more easily, it is advantageous to do so in the form of a PDF. With the PRO version, you can make PDFs out of your articles in one click.
  • Convert your reviews into videos: A built-in Video Creator lets you easily turn your reviews into a video and broadcast them on YouTube.
  • Create a Products Gallery: Related Products by Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Walmart, BestBuy etc are automatically displayed at the end of your review.
  • Integrated Opt-In Form: With the PRO version, you can easily link your website to the traditional autoresponders and use opt-in forms to work with your growing email list.
  • Affiliate Links: Convert any keyword into an affiliate link. To give the reader more purchase options, you can populate various search terms with affiliate links which can be clicked on.

The number of features you get with the PRO version is great. You still have only 30 prepared reviews but there are many ways to optimize your website.

OTO 2, Monthly Products, $27.00/month.

WP Affiliate Machine Scam Ten Revievs every month.
Ten Revievs every month.

This OTO is easy to describe, you get 10 new review articles each month for more top products you just have to customize. A website gets more successful the more content it contains.

30 articles are a great start, but if you have 150 reviews in a year, the whole thing looks quite different. Researching yourself and composing the whole picture, video and text material takes a lot of time.

WPAM OTO 3 wants to do a lot of this work for you.

OTO 3, Developers License, for 10 pages $39.00, Unlimited $42.00.

With this addition, you get the license to create customer affiliate websites. A huge number of people also want to earn a passive income with affiliate marketing.

What keeps them from doing it themselves is the incompetence in creating websites, creating content, technical details, and WordPress operation.

You can offer your services and make such websites easy for customers and sell them for $200 to $500, or even charge a monthly fee if you continue to upgrade the sites.

OTO 4, One Time Payment Hosting, $47.00/$67.00/$72.00.

WP Affiliate Machine Scam Hosting

This is a very special offer that can save you a lot of money if you run multiple websites. For a one-time fee, you can host 5, 50 or 100 websites.

Interestingly, these packages always include an SSL security certificate, domain email addresses, and email lists. You can create your web pages in their own content creator.

Additional features:

  • Create web pages in seconds.
  • Direct SSE space.
  • SSL, https: // pages inclusive.
  • Pro webpage creators.
  • Secure email accounts.
  • CP Control Panel.
  • 1 – Click Installer.
  • LiteSpeed Web Server. (Not light speed)
  • Built-in Page Catching.
  • Newest PHP, MySQL Technology.
  • SSH Access.
  • 24 – Hour Account Set-Up.

OTO 5, Done For You, $47.00 or $71.04.

WP Affiliate Machine Scam 5

This one-time offer gives you a completely created website that you can use right away to generate a passive income. The OTO 5 is available in 2 variants.

Variant Basic Site Set-up:

  • WordPress is installed on your website.
  • Themes and key plugins are installed for you on the website.
  • WP Affiliate Machine will be installed on your site.
  • WordPress will be configured, images, videos, graphics, and text will be importet.
  • Linking the website with Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines. Variant

PRO Site Set-Up:

  • Everything like the standard variant plus .
  • 3000 back links are distributed to increase your SEO presence.

So you can start soon, without bending a finger you’ll be a future website operator.

Creating a web page is not witchcraft if you understand how to do it. But the first time it takes a lot of time and only through a lot of experience and training do you understand what your webpage needs to work optimally.

OTO 6, Resale Rights, $67.00 for 50 copies or $76.04 for an unlimited number.

Now with this OTO you get 100% for every WP Affiliate Machine copy you sell. To optimize your campaigns you get all the sales tools you need.

  • Affiliate Marketing Sales Pages.
  • Good Converting Sales Videos.
  • All the Sales Copywriting.
  • Commissions from Additional Products.
  • You can earn up to $150 per customer.

That’s it, a nice selection of complementary products you have the choice here. I think if you want to make money with WP Affiliate Machine you should at least consider OTOs 1, 2 and 4.

My own thoughts about WP Affiliate Machine.


Well, you’ve seen, I do not value WPAM too well, with 2 stars and not recommended I want to say that you can enjoy the system with the copied website review articles with great care.

As you can see, I’ve already reached 3300 words in this review. In my opinion, a “review” should consist of facts, examples and an honest opinion.

To deliver this, you have to deal with the product and try to understand it. This is not possible if you modify some of the prescribed content and then publish.

In my opinion, a “Review” should be a customer service, that makes the decision to buy or not easier and not a promotional article as today ti is so often practiced.

WP Affiliate Machine Scam My Opignion.

90% of all reviews you can find on the net or on youtube, social media are not really reviews but quite simply sales pages.

You can benefit from the templates the WP Affiliate Machine delivers, the choice of product is done and some details on the review, some facts. You can save some time for research. But the main work, explaining the product, is still your job.

As I said before, I bought WPAM, it is not really expensive and I try to do something with the material I get supplied with.

Whether the website I’ve created, “”, will make some sales one day, we’ll see. I don’t know how much time I want to put into this project.

What I can already say is that I can not simply publish the reviews I get from WPAM.

In my opinion, Ankur, the operator of WPAM and of most of the products you’ll sell with WPAM profits the most. You buy his plugin here and with your work, you help him sell his products.

One more concern I want to mention. Imagine if one thousand people buy WP Affiliate Machine, they all promote the same 30 products and ranking on the first page in Google search is maximum possible for about 10 reviews, how do the other 990 customers make their money back?

WPAM Pros and Cons

  • 30 ready to use review templates.
  • Easy for newbies to build a first website.
  • Very inexpensive.
  • Athough they claim to have a 30-day money back guarantee you won't get your money back
  • Copied content is not usable as a business model..
  • Claimed success is far from as easy as promised.
  • Much more work involved than claimed.
  • Many extra products nessesary. (Hidden costs)
  • Most Products are created by Ankur and not the latest releases.
  • At least one of the 30 products is not for sale anymore.
  • Every customer of WPAM will try to sell the same products.

Conclusion: What is the WP Affiliate Machine scam?


Not recommended

WP Affiliate Machine Scam Conclusion.

In short, from WPAM you get 30 finished review articles that you can publish after editing using the WPAM plugin on your WordPress website.

The templates are executed with about 500 words, images, graphics, and a video. All texts have to be changed because every WPAM customer gets the same templates.

Without OTOs, 90% of the reviews offered are Ankur’s own and not very up-to-date product reviews.

You have to make sure that you change the affiliate links in your favor otherwise the whole merit will be fully in favor of Ankur. Editing the reviews is relatively easy as the whole system is built on WordPress websites. To get started you can get a free WordPress website here.

My #1 recommendation to start a sustainable online business.

Is The Wealthy Affiliate A Scam What Is The Wealthy Affiliate University
What Is The Wealthy Affiliate University?

If you’re really interested in affiliate marketing and passive income, I recommend you check in with Wealthy Affiliate. You can do that without obligation and free of charge.

On the WA platform, you will get an education that really enables you to set up an online business. You have hundreds of hours of training, webinars and experience reports available.

Tens of thousands of people have been involved in the Affiliate Business Model for many years sharing their experiences and achievements. There is a live chat that is active around the clock, just an example.

For sure to write reviews is an excellent means to offer products and to make possible customers willing to buy, this whole strategy you will also learn at WA.

But to become a professional you have to do a lot more than just customize templates and use affiliate links. Affiliate marketing professionals usually spend several years at work before they start earning a significant income.

If you start with programs like WP Affiliate Machine, you either lose a lot of time you could use to build a proper internet business, or you totally lose interest in online marketing because the promised results are not as expected.

In short, what I want to say, if you want to get an online business person the best way to start is with your free trial at Wealthy Affiliate.

Thanks that’s it!

I have invested too much time here again lol. Working several days on a product review that I can not even recommend.

I hope that my report has helped you better understand WP Affiliate Machine but if you have any questions I would like to answer them below in the comment section.

I’d also be very interested in what you think of WPAM.

So, see you soon, all the best, Stefan 🙂

PS. I will next write a review of the same product you get a review from WPAM, let’s see if I can beat the rankings of the WPAM reviews 🙂