Yoonla A Scam? The true story.

Have you heard of Yoonla? Great Money Opportunity is what it says or is Yoonla a scam? I have done the test. SEE WHAT I SAW and learn how You Help Them Make Money. Millions of people have joined already.

Hi, there I just quickly want to share with you what I experienced today. I read a review of Yoonla and was interested due to the fact that Reno, the owner, claims there’s money to be made without an investment. Is the online lifestyle with Yoolna a scam?

I have to admit, it’s not really a scam but it never provides what it promises.

Of course, there’s a hook to it as always. Reno tells us that we can make $2-5.00 or more per subscription even referrals don’t have to pay anything.

The fact is, to finish the subscription process you need to take your credit card into your hands not only once but twice.

Means to earn 2 to 5 bucks, your or my referrals have to spend money and that makes the whole process a lot harder than it seems first.

What Is Yoonla?

Yoonla is a “learning platform where you supposed to be learning affiliate marketing. It is mainly focusing on getting new referrals though.

  • Name: Yoonla.
  • Owner: Reno Van Boven.
  • Website URL: www.yoonla.com (at the moment under construction).
  • Website builder: Internal process specialized for selling Yoonla referrals.
  • Training: Video tutorial as far as I came, very clear as to getting the subscription process done.
  • Support: Not tested.
  • Website hosting: Yahoo small business site (Not included).
  • Tools: A minimum of tools helping to set up the website and an autoresponder and affiliate set-up.
  • Affiliate program: $2-5.00 per referral one time occurring plus % for upgrades???
  • Price: Free, (if we don’t look at the two programs you have to sign up to join).
  • My success story: Failed due not being able to use my credit card for paying Yahoo services.
  • ASuperAffiliate.com says: Disappointing due to too many promises that even at the starting process don’t add up.
  • My score: 3 out of 5

See what I got

Why am I disappointed?

Yoonla Is Disappointing

First, of course, because the sign-up process that forces you to buy several products to proceed. Luckily I only got as far as signing up to GetResponse and this was on my list for this month anyway. ($15.00/month)

The second product you’ll need to buy is a domain with hosting for a year. In my case, this would have cost $68.00 one time, which is not that expensive.

I was unfortunately not able to pay the Yahoo fee with my card so I had to stop the whole process.

I would have gone through the whole set-up just to see how things work and what the training is like. The first videos were very precise and easy to follow.

The last step and for me, the most interesting one is to get an affiliate link. This is not possible though if you don’t have a Yahoo website and domain and the autoresponder.

Most affiliate programs let you sell products on your website without all these efforts. I’m sure Reno is a clever boy and collects affiliate commissions for every referral to GetResponse as well as Yahoo websites.

He claims to pay us a commission for a free sign-up member but in fact, he is already making money with the process.

I am also disappointed by the fact that he always talks of a commission of up to $5.00 per referral or more but, in fact, it is $4.00 for US and some other citizens and only $2 or $3 for most others.

He talks very loudly in a video about having paid $3000 in commission for 5 days which is not really much when you think that there are over a million members and affiliates trying to earn some money.

Rather not talk of support.

Support Is Very Poor
Support Is Very Poor

I don’t know about you but if I get this kind of response to a help request it makes me think. The pic above shows the answers I received after sending a request to support.

Further support, I have found exactly 6 FAQ to the topic of affiliate and another 6 to general topics. The answers are pretty weak and show not one comment on all of the posts.

Either there are much fewer people active in Yoona than the owner claims or these people are very shy 🙂

12 FAQ Answers
12 FAQ Answers

Funny, I think, this answer is like an answer from a complete newbie who doesn’t have any idea of what he is talking about. As I understand it, on the website built here at Yoonla you can’t sell any other products.

The support obviously sends you to other programs to find a better chance to make money.

Enough of this crap.

Too much Hassle

If you are interested in spending time posting on Facebook and Instagram or producing commercial videos on youtube you might be right there.

There’s no real training as far as I can see. To learn how to be an affiliate marketer involves a lot of skills and not just copying prepared emails and paste them into an autoresponder.

Of course, like always I will collect the few interesting lessons that can be found on this journey. It had me installing GetResponse and create my first list.

I will use this knowledge and the GetResponse autoresponder here on this website and have nothing lost in the end.

If you want my advice, try to learn affiliate marketing from scratch. Join a real training program with a crystal clear price policy and a much better-paying affiliate program.

Yoonla is a money machine for the owner that is probably true and he is a clever guy and knows how to make a lot of money.

This doesn’t help us much though. If you were his first referral you might be able to make a lot of money but today, now they have over a million affiliates, you will have a hard stand getting a single click.

I stick to my plan, work on this website and try to drive traffic to the website by free means of SEO techniques.

In short what I think of Yoolna.

I think its a click bait for desperate people. You have to at least spend $250.00 to get set up and I believe you won’t be able to earn this much money in a whole year.

I don’t say it is a scam because it works with facts and tools that are capable to make money online but the way it sells itself is not comforting and not helping to build trust.

Thanks for visiting.

Sorry if I got a bit overexcited here but I hate being pulled into a promising plan and have to see how the promises are not being held the further I get into the process.

I don’t even give you the URL to try achieving a “digital lifestyle” there. If you don’t believe me find it your self.

I hope you enjoyed this short article and come back for more.

If you have other experience with Yoolna, please help me understand better. I am also always interested to hear your thoughts, opinions, and questions if you have.

I wish you all the best on your online lifestyle journey and say,

see you, Stefan 🙂 asuperaffiliate.com

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